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2013 and earlier-Acura MDX Prices Paid and Buying Experience



  • Just thought I'd post my closing deal here in the DC area. I used the tactics from and was able to bring the price down on an 09 tech package to 38,700+TTL. I think I ended up paying 41000 with maryland taxes and fees. With the 2010s coming out around the corner better deals are to be had here in DC. Many of the dealers in the area were within a few hundred of this number. Base models were out there for 34K.
  • Any particular dealers that you know where at $34K for the 2009 MDX Base?

    How come the dealers in DC and VA are around $34K for the base and up here in NY, no one is budging much below $36K?

    I don't understand at all.
  • The dealer sold extended warranty is usually too high. If you feel you need the warranty, you can find it cheaper online (I'm talking about the same AcuraCare rather than some generic third party warranties). For example, you can check the prices at odSXiVLQ

    You can try to get the dealer to lower the price to match what you found online, or you can ask them to cancel. A word of caution, though. I once tried to cancel an Extended Warranty bought from a dealer, and it took over a year for me to eventually to get my money back. The finance guy at the dealership apparently tried to stall it by not sending the cancellation form to AcuraCare. Hopefully your dealer will not use the same tactics on you if you try to cancel it.

    Another thing is that your car is covered by the factory warranty for the next few years. So you don't have to decide on purchasing the Extended Warranty now. You can always buy it later if you feel you'd need it.

    Hopefully this helps.
  • thx weakestlink from va, my brother bought it for the price ur friend bought at : )
  • Can someone please clue me in as to which dealer in VA is selling these cars so low? I have emailed weakestlink and posted here, but no luck.

    I want to buy today, so please let me know ASAP.

  • Alright Folks, after doing lot of search and speaking with couple of dealership – Finally, I bought 2009 MDX Tech/Entertainment Black/Ebony from VA for $39421.00 (including destination & processing/doc fee) + TTL.

    I'm from NJ but nobody could beat this price and I went all the way to VA to buy the MDX. I know VA is 200 + 200 miles from NJ but worth saving good chunk of cash. Also, better experience driving back on MDX !!

    Thanks to weakestlink for providing information ($4000.00 dealer incentive) about the dealership and the Salesperson. The buying process was very smooth, we did all the negotiation on the email and Purchase order was faxed to me. Salesperson was really Amazing ! He helped us extra miles to make everything so convenient and pleasurable experience.
  • What dealer (and salesperson) in VA?

    If there's some reason that can't be posted, please email it to me ASAP to [email protected]

    I would make the same trip for $2K. Curious, how did you get down there?

  • lexluthor, I've just email you all the details.
  • ynroyynroy Posts: 3
    Thank you Roungview,

    I think you are right , I am thinking of canceling about it and will do it tomorrow.
  • Hello Jain26, can you please let me know what dealer and sales person gave you this deal in VA on the Tech/Ent. I am from NY and am looking to buy/lease this same vehicle, however, the best price I am getting is $41,689. I am willing to travel and I am in a rush to get it this week.

    My email is [email protected]

    Thank you!
  • Hi,

    I am in the Dallas TX market and looking for a deal on the 09 Base or 09 Tech Package.

    Can someone tell me what numbers I should be going after? I am open to leasing or financing.

    Here is the offer that i have from a dealer on a tech package:
    36 months, 10K miles per year, 2000 down $580 a month

    Not sure if this is a good offer or not.

    Please let me know...
  • Hi sleepy1906, I've just email you details.
  • I am also in the VA area and interested in the dealer info if you could email it to me as well - [email protected]

    Your deal is great!

  • Yes, please let us know what dealer in VA and sales person you guys used to get this low price. The best I have gotten on tech/ent is 41,689. Thank you.
  • Jain,
    Can you please email me the dealer name/sales person in VA?
    [email protected]

  • Hello Jain26 ,

    I am thinking about buying the MDX with the same specs a you did and live in VA too. Could you please help me out by sending me the details about your purchase , delaer name , sales person etc.

    I would really appreciate the information.

  • Jain26, Thank you! You are awesome! I just called him and we are working out a deal.
  • I just bought a 09 MDX Tech Pkg in MD for $39400 out the door for VA
  • memonmemon Posts: 3
    Can you please email me the dealer information too.

    [email protected]
  • Thanks weakestlink and jain26.

    2009 Acura MDX Base (w/wheel locks) $34,099+TTL.

    I just paid my deposit for the dealership in VA.

    On Saturday, I'm going to take Amtrak from NYC to DC, DC Metro to VA and the dealer will pick me up from there.

    Tax savings on the $2K discount easily pay for my round trip.

    So far, very easy to work with.

    Thanks again!
  • Could you guys please send me the name of the dealer and sales man that you used . I would really appreciate it .
  • memonmemon Posts: 3
    lexluthor or weakestlink or jain26

    Can you please email me the dealer information on [email protected]
  • Hi Jain26, can you pls also send me all the dealer/salesperson info. as well? Much appreciated!
  • Jain26, thank you so much for the info! You Rock! I just purchased a tech/ent for $39,421 + TTL in VA. This forum and website are awesome!
  • sleepy1906, where are you coming from to pick up the car in VA?

    Amazing deal and the salesman was a pleasure to work with.
  • Hi sleepy1906,
    Could u pls send me the info of the dealer & the salesman.
    I am looking for MDX with Tech.
    My e ma il is C A P R I C O RN-70 AT HOTMAIL . COM
    Higly appreciate the help.

  • Hi kewl_car

    Could u pls share the dealer / salesman info.
    Pls email to C A P R I C O R N - 70 AT HOTMAIL.COM

    Appreciate it.
    Thanks in advance.
  • Me too looking for the dealer, please let me know their details, my id is [email protected]
  • Jain26 - Jaihind. I am NJ too and willing to go to VA to pickup MDX. Can you please email me the information zambo2013 on yahoo
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