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BMW 5-Series Wagon 2004 Redesign



  • kejacokejaco Posts: 3
    After seeing pics of the '04 5 Series, I traded my '99 528i for an '03 530i with SP, PP, manual trans. I am sooo happy with my decision.

    I saw the new 5 Series in-person at the local auto dealers show last weekend. It looks a little better in person, but not much. Too many lines, angles, etc. I really hate the new interior. I will never own i-drive (I hope). The BMW rep said that I was the only person that criticized the new design. That's hard to believe.

    I plan to keep my E39 until Bangle wakes up or moves on.
  • merc1merc1 Posts: 6,081
    Oh I agree, I find the Passat wagon to be the best looking one on the market. So crisp and clean, yet functional.

    Mercedes' wagons haven't looked good since the old W124 E-Class model back in the eighties to mid nineties. The new one looks a little better than the just discontinued one, but it's no Audi/VW.

  • i always like angel eyes on the 5 series and am wondering when did this feature first came on the 5 series? i am looking for a used 540i and would like to get zenon and angel eyes. thanks
  • merc and ateixeira -- i don't know if you've seen the w210 e55 wagons ('00-'03). they look beautiful with the amg bodykit and superfast too.

    i do like the audi wagon but only with the rs6 designation. the regular a6 looks too bubbly.

    the passat does look good especially the most recent model ('03-'04).
  • spfoteyspfotey Posts: 131
    are they still selling them? the new one doesn't work for me.
  • bmwmrcbmwmrc Posts: 66
    Based on your post, I guess you responded to me regarding the central locking system and the rest of your post was directed toward me and everyone else?

    Anyway, I could NOT find the central locking system! On my 2003 5, it's laid out plain and simple on the center console. I am due to test drive the car on Friday, so I'll notice it then. So thanks for the info.

    Now, as far as one's comments regarding the new 5, (whether one likes it or doesn't like it), that's what a forum like this is for. Only speaking for myself, if I truly "loved" the new design inside and out I would be singing the new car's praises. I don't. I think the new iteration of this vehicle is disappointing. For me, it's not even the so-called "radical/controversial looks." I find the looks and the interior to be boring, and a follower in the market rather than a trend setter. I don't think BMW has ever been a trend setter with its designs. IMO, they're a trend setter in their engineering. I am however, willing to have an open mind and I am looking forward to test driving the vehicle this Friday.
  • nkwazi2nkwazi2 Posts: 17
    Hate the new 5 series. It looks muscular. but that it.
    I picked up a 2003 525 3 months back and love it. the interior of the 03 is far better than 04. Moreover, i think the rear of the 04 5 series resembles a Subaru model . I believe it is the WRX. Just my $.02.
    I am glad I picked up a 2003 5 series.
  • bmwsellerbmwseller Posts: 200
    The sport wheels have been the main attraction on the 5's (E39 '01 530 is the best)until now. Now it's the technology and I'm disappointed by the looks of the sport wheels on the new 5. I think the wheels are crucial component of eye appeal and I don't necessarily prefer the sport wheel to the standard wheel now. But, sport packages are hot right now and the immediate availability is extremely low. If you're stuck in the past with a recently purchased E39 than don't try look at the cutting edge 5 just yet, it might be too far ahead to see clearly.
  • I'm gonna chime in as yet another one of those who bought the E39 after looking at pictures of the new 5. If the new 5 had kept any of the understated elegance that drew me to the E39, I would have waited and bought the newer model. The new 5 looks almost gaudy to me- I guess, as Bmwseller suggests, other cars will have to assume more of a Liberace-inspired look in the future before the new 5 can look understated to me again. So much for cutting edge....
  • There is something very elegant about wagons. And they are very versatile. If BMW brings the 5er wagon here, I believe it will look better than sedan because the wagon deletes the ho hum trunk. Plus, Mercedes needs some real competition for the 04 E wagon.
  • bliragblirag Posts: 4
    Like most, I was not impress when the photos of the new 5 series first started appearing but having not only seen but rode in one, I must confess I fell in love with the new model. Photos do not do justice to this car. I looks much better in person.
  • bliragblirag Posts: 4
    Oops I meant IT looks better in person not I
  • Kirstie_HKirstie_H Posts: 11,042
    Hi all - Since the Sedan version is no longer "future," but the wagon is, I've changed the discussion title. This discussion is also now shared with the Wagons board so that other members who are interested in talking about the wagon can join us.

    The active BMW 5-Series discussion on the Sedans board is the best place to talk with other 5-series sedan owners & enthusiasts. Thanks!


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  • ajitpkajitpk Posts: 7
    I've owned a 2000 5 and am buying an 04 545. Drove the 530. IMO the new 5 makes the old one look plain old.
  • merc1merc1 Posts: 6,081
    Since they didn't sell the E55 wagon here, I've only seen a E320 wagon dressed in AMG wear once. It does help the car quite a bit, but those taillights (my main problem with that wagon) remain.

  • ateixeiraateixeira Posts: 72,587
    blirag: maybe you're just no photogenic?! ;-)

    Saw my first new 5 in person. There is good and bad.

    Good news is that in the Silver color I saw, the eye brows are less noticeable, at least with the lights off. The front is acceptable, but I wonder how it would look lit up; things could get ugly. I would not choose a color that had a sharp contrast to those eye brows.

    The trunk becomes the sore spot, IMO. Still looks hump-backed to me. A wagon could address this, though.

    A Silver wagon could actually address both my beefs with the design.

  • carnaughtcarnaught 'zonaPosts: 2,422
    white new '04 530i. The new body style looks quite nice in white.
  • My wife wanted to get a BMW wagon for almost two years, now. We waited to see the new 5 design once the redesigned 7 came out. We are GLAD we waited...

    BMW has done EXACTLY what it needed to do - come up with a cutting edge design that generated a LOT of talk. The old models were SO outdated. Kind of like Lexus - they make a great car, but the design is OLD.

    When I see a new BMW on the road, I get EXCITED. I haven't felt that way about a car in a long, long time.

    Can't wait to get our (it's "ours" now, not "my wife's" since I like the new design so much!) new 5-series wagon in '04.
  • Kirstie_HKirstie_H Posts: 11,042
    For you enthusiasts, here's our new "Generations" article that takes a look at the history of the 5-Series: e.html


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