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  • jayeshgkjayeshgk Posts: 1
    Hello all.
    I recently purchased a CPO 2003 2.5i z4 from my local dealer. In the deal I got him to order 18" sport wheels for the car. The wheels haven't arrived yet.
    The dealer will install the wheels for me. But I am curious of what changes are required for a wheel size change? Does DTC and DSC change? Do ABS settings change? Will these changes be possible in the 2.5? Comments anyone?

  • I have had my z4 3.0 (with sports package) for 18 months and I drive in southern California.
    Four times in 18 months the front "nose" has become dislogded - twice ripped off by the belly pan dragging along the freeway.
    Apparently (it must be my fault I am told) parking in a regular parking lot against those concrete wheel stops rips the low profile air dam.

    I am a cautious driver - you would be after $1,800 in repairs - but this last week it happend again. This time it is costing over $2,000 to repair.

    Am I the only person this is happening to? That is what my dealer is saying.

    Also, be prepared to slow down (real slow) before entering a gas station, going over speed bumps or pot holes or rain dips (or pregnant bacteria).

    It seems to me that other cars like the corvette have a piece of replacable plastic material under the air dam that is sacrificed and can be easily replaced.

    Anyone else had this experience?

  • I've had this problem 4 times in 18 months. The dealer (Crevier) tells me that the car is fine - it must be me. The costs are sky rocketing to keep fixing it. I drive it like an old lady around LA becasue the roads are so bad.

    Anyone else suffering?
  • ragazzoncragazzonc Posts: 4
    Hi all--
    The following link is to a product offered by roadster solutions... it's a sacrificial plastic strip that fits under the airdamn. I'm thinking of getting it... anyone out there tried it?
  • patb1patb1 Posts: 1
    Own 2003 $ for almost 2 yrs. Skirt is not as pretty as new, but worse than that, I damaged some electronic gizmo under there that cost me $500 to get fixed.
  • patpat Posts: 10,421
    BMW Z4 Coupe Coming
    BMW executives admitted as much during their Frankfurt auto show press conference: The Z4 Concept Car on stage is headed for production as the new Z4 Coupe. Like the recently introduced Porsche Cayman, the Z4 Concept shares its fundamentals with a roadster, in this case the Z4. While it has a roof and luggage area, the Z4 Concept shares the Z4's 3.0-liter, inline six-cylinder engine with 265 hp and 232 lb-ft of torque. BMW says it will take only 5.7 seconds to accelerate from zero to 60 mph and will hit a top speed of 155 mph. Electric power steering and more powerful brakes are expected to make it into the production version of the Z4 Coupe when it arrives in the 2007 model year.
  • Thanks for the info.

    I like the looks of the Z4 coupe but I LOVE the looks of the Cayman S.

    Any word on an M version of the Z4?
  • While I'm a big Porsche fan, I can't get into the Cayman S's looks. BMW has slated an M version of the roadster for 2007, using the current M3 engines in their final runout (the next M3 will be a 400-bhp V8). I've heard no news on an M version of the coupe, which makes sense when you consider the original version hasn't been released :) Why cut into their sales by encouraging people to wait for a faster model?

  • bc05bc05 Posts: 1
    Has anyone else had problems with Z4 fuel pumps?

    I have had 2 new ones installed in a 2003 Z4. The first time the car had less than 5k miles on it. They said that the screen on the bottom of the pump had collapsed, gutting off the gas flow.

    Last month then engine died again, acting like a fuel pump problem. I had just topped the pass above Price, UT - elev about 7500', temp about 75 degrees. After 20 minutes on the phone to the dealer in SLC, I was able to get the car started again and baby it into town. They looked at it, and checked with BMW, and were told to install a newly designed fuel pump. The story was that the older design could have problems under certain elevation and temperature conditions. Since I live above 8000' and the temperature had been above 90 degrees at home, it is hard for me to understand why the problem would manifest itself at a lower elevation and temperature.

    Anyway, I got the new fuel pump. But... I'm more than a little nervous about a car that is on its 3rd fuel pump in 40k miles.

    Is this a problem with the Z4 in general, or did I get "one of those" that just has problems? I worry about what happens when the car goes off warranty. FYI, they have to remove the fuel tank to get to the pump, so the change is not trivial.
  • nyccarguynyccarguy Stamford, CTPosts: 11,596
    WOW! I've always loved the aggressive styling of the Z4 roadster (especially in 3.0i w/ Sport Package guise), but am completely infatuated with the Z4 coupe. Autoweek had a great write up this week along with some nice photos of the Z4 Concept Coupe. I can't wait to see these cars out on the road. Autoweek says they'll be on sale this summer.

    2001 Prelude Type SH, 2015 Infiniti Q40 AWD, 2017 Honda Pilot Touring AWD

  • cucocuco Posts: 36
    Here is some information that may be related to the Z4 and too close to the ground deal.

    I'm leasing a 2004 Z4 currently at 13000 miles. The other day, I started feeling a thumping with the suspension. I took it to a BMW dealer and guess what ... The 4 Rims are bent. You heard that right, 4 rims bent.

    I asked the dealer how can 4 rims be bent and he said potholes. Are these alloy rims on the Z4 just soft or is the suspension on the Z4 just not made for potholes in NY and NJ?

    Three of the rims can be fixed at about $150 each. The fourth may need replacing a dealer cost of about $450.

    Has anyone experience problems with Z4 Rims?
  • addiaddi Posts: 33

    Does anyone have a handle on approximately what the base price will be for the Z4 coupe?

    Thanks. Addi
  • I’m looking for advice on the Z4 wind deflectors sold by BMW. BMW sells a mesh wind deflector ($185) and wind deflector w/removable center piece ($373). I’m seeking advice or reviews from anyone who has purchased both of these wind deflectors. Is it really worth paying $373 vs $185? I’m not sure which one to get. Thanks for any help given. :)
  • I have the $185 version and it works well keeping the cabin quiet. My only concern to date is the fact the the raising and lowering of the roof rubs against the deflector. There has been some slight wear along the top edges of the deflector. Nothing big, but it is a tight fit.

    P.S. I had the dealer install it at purchase.
  • Thanks for the info. How is the visibility through the rear view window and does it keep the wind out of the cabin? I thought the $185 was removable with an elastic mesh and the leather (which covers the roll over bars) could be slid down to (not requiring deal install)? Thanks for any info given. :)

  • Here is the image from my last positing. Sorry.
  • Has anyone heard any scoop on the pricing of the new '06 Z4? I've sent emails to BMW Usa and BMW International and can't seem to get any hard, factual info when the updated online pricing will be available. I know they've done away with the 2.5 model. For'06 they will offer a 3.0i and 3.0si model, both available for Spring delivery. Has anyone got any additional info?
  • Here is some info from BMW USA which has the pricing for the 06 Z4!
  • Thanks very much. That website gives me more info than any dealer in my area.
  • Exaggie,

    Dealers are usually not up to date because they are concern in only selling cars. I usually find out all the info online and when I talk to them, they are usually surprised. These forums are a good place to find info. Good luck!
  • droptopz4droptopz4 Posts: 10
    I currently own a Z4 3.0i and decided to buy a new M Roadster after getting into one at the NY Auto Show. I couldn't resist all that power!
  • nyccarguynyccarguy Stamford, CTPosts: 11,596
    I saw the the M roadster at the NY autoshow too. I've read nothing but great things about it. I saw one today on I-95 South headed toward Del Ray Beach, FL in Blue...It looked great on the road. We exchanged thumbs up as we passed him in my friend's '05 M3 Convertible.

    2001 Prelude Type SH, 2015 Infiniti Q40 AWD, 2017 Honda Pilot Touring AWD

  • txranger1txranger1 Posts: 5
    I just got my Z4 3.0si Montego Blue / Beige leather interior and I love it! Plenty of power and drooling looks from everyone. BMW lease terms were off the charts great in June. It seems like it is attached to the road as you drive. I got this car for my wife, but she already knows who will be driving it more than her.

    Even my 18 year old admitted "that car is 'off the charts' in cool".
  • Karen_SKaren_S Posts: 5,095
    A reporter aims to speak with anyone who has owned a vehicle and found its controls to be complicated. Please respond to by Monday, July 17, 2006, and be sure to include your daytime contact info and a few words about your experience.

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  • trt333trt333 Posts: 4
    Hi, I'd appreciate some advice. I just leased a 2006 Z4 and I'm having a problem...when I stop at a red light, after about 7 seconds, the car downshifts, causing an appreciable jolt. Has anyone else experienced this problem? At first the dealership stated that this was NOT normal, then after a "software update" was unsuccessful they stated that this was a feature of the new motor called neutral idle control. Does anyone have any insight? Thanks
  • hilltop6hilltop6 Posts: 1
    I've had my Z4 for almost 2 years w/no problems. Last month, it wouldn't start - that is, it starts, but stalls. As if it's not getting gas. I've been towed 2x to BMW dealer who can find nothing because apparently after it sits for while, it's fine. I live in the Mid-Atlantic states so it's summer temps, but not outrageous and no altitude issues. Can you tell me exactly how you determined it was a fuel pump problem? Thanks.
  • alp8alp8 Posts: 656
    also, it would be great to hear how the mpg is

    my commute is mostly at 75-80 mph, and I am hoping for over 30 mpg
  • ClairesClaires Chicago areaPosts: 1,222
    alp8, as you noticed, we've only had one member weighing in with 25 MPG in our Z4 MPG: Real World Numbers discussion, but I hope more members will share their numbers there.


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  • Have a slight rip in the roof of our Z4. Are we best to have BMW fix it or do we have other options?

  • I would look for a good local trim shop, more than likely the dealership body shop is going to sublet out any soft top repair and then tack on 30% for their effort. Good trim shops will use oem spec materials and can replace a single panel on top vs reskinning the hole top.
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