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2013 and Earlier - Mazda6 Prices Paid and Buying Experience



  • housethouset Posts: 36
    I wanted everyone to be aware that I would first and foremost check with the company you work for. I did, and found out they had an agreement with ford for discounts on all types of ford cars, including mazda, volvo and jaguar. I bought a mazda 6s, redfire metallic with sport package, moonroof and bose for 22,697. The only downside was I had to order it..
  • ustabooustaboo Posts: 3
    The best price I found in San Diego was Cush Mazda in Escondido. That's where I bought mine.
  • ian2ian2 Posts: 168
    Thanks for the tip! I got a call from them a couple of days ago and they still want MSRP on the ones with sport package the reason being Mazda has halted the production on the 6. There's a shortage in supply yet they're halting production? Doesn't make sense to me. Hopefully they're just retooling to produce more sport package cars.
  • My wife and I had been shopping for the 6s for about a month and a half, while we were waiting for our house to close. We were looking for a 6s w/ AT, Sport Package, leather, moonroof, comfort package, sport grill and Bose with the speed yellow. Since we qualified for the S Plan, we figured it was going to be about 23,800 or thereabouts. After looking at one that had everything we wanted except Bose but with the mirror and homelink, the salesman told us it was on sale for 21,945 (there's some law here in OR that says the dealer has to disclose this since the newspapers only carry stock numbers). With registration and fees it came out to about 22,400. Needless to say we took it. And then got the graduate rebate.

    Trade-in didn't work out though. They only offered 11,500 for a 2001 loaded Mustang GT (leather, Mach 460, Traction control) in excellent condition. Drove home with both cars. So now we've got a GT for sale.

    BTW the stock radio doesn't sound too good, the rear is non existant until you set it to about R6. I'm going to check out the accessory thread to see if anyone has recommendations. Other than the radio, this car is great; handles better than the Mustang in the twisties so I don't miss the off the line acceleration too much.
  • hc_spookyhc_spooky Posts: 3
    I've ordered a car on apr.20.
    I was gived a order number and a VIN already.
    I've called my dealer. He told me he has already different order nu,ber and also a different VIN.
    On my order no. the car should be ready on jun.9 and the dealer is telling me a date on the end july.
    what might have happend ?
  • 168168168168 Posts: 1
    Bought a MAZDA6i last Friday. Only option was the
    4 Spd A/T. MSRP 19,990, paid 18260 (200 below invoice) and got the $1000 loyalty rebate also.
    Total 17260.
    Hampton Chevrolet-Mazda, Hampton VA
  • 1wiseguy1wiseguy Posts: 120
    I got mine for 2300$ below MSRP. I bought it the last Saturday of April. V6 5MT with GFX (spoiler, side and front ground effects, optitron, moonroof, premium audio, etc. No leather)

    It took a month's worth of research and going dealer to dealer.

    Had it almost 3 weeks and love it so far. Cant wait til the break in period is over. Already found myself driving 160, though. (kph)
  • Wanted to know if anyone got a good deal in the Phoenix area? I'm looking for a 6i Sepang Green, 5-sp w/sport package. Have tried a couple of dealers, no luck. Any help would be great.
  • sjg35sjg35 Posts: 18
    does anyone have experience buying in canada for use in the us?
  • ian2ian2 Posts: 168
    I talked to Mazda Canada about such purchase and they told me the car is still covered under warranty, but the period is shorter like in the US. They can provide you with a compliance letter for emission and safety. I'm unsure if you have to show Canadian residency or not, but with the weak US$, it's pretty much pointless to buy the car in Canada.
  • Anyone have experience with no or low interest financing? I suppose they get you by not dropping the price as much as with conventional financing or cash purchase?
  • kayla4kayla4 Posts: 1
    Here's so good advise:
    I'm a Canadian living here in the US, I own a 98 626 which we purchased in CAN. In 99 when we moved to the US, I crossed the border & drove the car here to AZ. When I crossed immigration told me that my 98 could not be imported at the border due to immissions but I was allowed to have it in the US for one year. (If you have the proper paper work from Mazda Canada they will import your car at the border.) Check this out before you cross. Since I didn't, I said sure, anything to get in, the family was already here. They also told me that if I wished to have it imported into the US I could take it to an importer in AZ to have it converted.
    In AZ I checked this out and the price came to about $1500. So I decided to wait. After one year I had to get AZ plates so I took it to an immissions depo and of course it failed. So off I go to an immissions shop, they said no problem, show me the slip you received from the immissions depo and for about $50 US my car later passed and we got AZ plates. Remember, take the car back to the shop so they can undo what they did.
    Now I have the car into the US with AZ plates, however immigration can come looking for the car if they wish but they are much to busy for that. Also the first time you take a CAN. car to an immissions depo they do more tests than normal US cars cause they are req'd by law. The next year I took the car to the depo with AZ plates they did less testing and the CAN. car passed with flying colors.
    Sorry, I'm getting long winded so I'll sum this up. So 4 years later we are ready to buy a new Mazda & I find out that the dealers will take a CAN. car at trade, no problem and they will convert it to US standards themselves, no cost to me, just hand over the keys. And if you don't decide to trade right-a-way keep your car & remember to read the speedometer in mph instead of km or the tickets can add up!
    So, if you are buying in CAN. don't feel you cannot keep it here cause you can. It just can be a slight pain in the butt if you don't know the ins & outs. However I suggest buying here if you can.
    I believe some cars now made in CAN. will pass US immissions standards no problem. Check this out whenever you purchase in CAN.
    Hope this helps.
  • aprilnapriln Posts: 25
    My husband and I just got a great deal on the base model 6i - which was exactly what we wanted. Mazda6i, 5MT, no extra options, glacier silver/gray int. MSRP $19,270, we paid $17,076 out the door, all fees/title/tax included ($15,238 base price for car + dest). Way less than invoice!

    We got the $1000 Mazda loyalty rebate and a $250 rebate for using Mazda financing. We used the 0% financing for 60 months, and used the rebates as the down payment - so we drove off the lot with no money down!

    I don't know if they would have dropped the price any further for this car - the sale price was pretty low (the ad must have been to get people in the door - but we actually wanted the base model!). Also, there wasn't a cash-back option for the MZ6, just the 0%. We wanted the 0%, so we didn't ask about other pricing schemes.

    I highly recommend Oak Tree Mazda in San Jose, CA. There was no pressure, our salesman pointed out the ad price right away even though we didn't know about it, and they made the ad deal for our car even though it wasn't one of the 3 cars included in the ad. We were a little nervous, as this was our first new car purchase - but the sale was a million times easier than we expected.

    I've only had the car for less than a day, and I already love it. Zoom zoom!
  • ashutoshsmashutoshsm Posts: 1,007
    Anyone who recently bought a Mazda 6 on an S-Plan, how much did you get charged for accessories installed by the dealer - including standard Mazda 6 accessories?

    I'm wondering whether there is a fixed installation price laid down by the S-Plan, or if the dealership can basically quote whatever number they normally charge from any other buyer.

    For example, using the following format
    (Accessory: Invoice : Quoted Installed Price by dealership)
    - Fog Lights : 200 : 398
    - Sport Grille : 140 : 242
    - Autodim/Homelink mirror : 200 : 460
    - InDash 6 CD changer : 400 : 656
    - Cassette Player : 160 : 300

    Also, I was quoted for each of the following aftermarket
    - Moonroof : 1059 (Invoice for factory-installed 560)
    - Leather seats : 1059 (Invoice Invoice for factory-installed 688)

    Essentially sounds like an attempt at a rip-off, what say?

    Rich, I'd really appreciate a comparative quote for what your dealership would charge for these accessories on an S-Plan purchase!
  • uvacheuvache Posts: 3
    I just bought my Mazda 6 on S-Plan and I added an autodim mirror without Homelink to it. Basically what my salesman told me was that mazda has assigned an amount of time the installation of every particular part should take, and then multiplied that by the current labor rate (75$/hr). Just for comparison, I got the non-homelink mirror ($150 MSRP I believe), and the total installed cost was $205. The prices you've got posted look high.

    I dont think buying on SPlan saves you anything on might get the part at invoice, but you still have to pay the pre-determined installation cost.
  • caligirl94caligirl94 Posts: 24
    When I bought my 6, I had the dealer install the Auto-dimming mirror with Homelink. I was told I would get the part and labor at cost since I had wanted a car with it to begin with.

    In the end, I paid $393 total. It was $50/hour for labor (times 3 hours) and I was told cost on the mirror was $243. He said they normally charge 75 an hour for labor. The cost they quoted you does sound high, but compared to what I paid and since I know I got it at discounted prices, that might be right. Hope this helps.
  • ashutoshsmashutoshsm Posts: 1,007
    Zoom Zoom!

    There - had to say the obligatory two words!

    I was out negotiating with another dealer when you guys posted these - but I also got the feeling the first dealer (who quoted me those numbers yesterday) wasn't being too fair on the numbers by charging MORE than he would a non S-Plan customer (or so it seemed!)

    Anyway - mine ...
    - 5 Speed (Yeah!)
    - Lapis Blue Metalic
    - Grey Leather
    - Appearance Package (2-3 other dealers implied they wouldn't do S Plan on the App. Pack as it was 'almost' the Sport Package, but this one agreed!)
    - Premium package
    - Rear Wing Spoiler
    - Moonroof
    - Chrome Package (Can I REMOVE this? :)
    - Comfort Package
    - Wheel Locks
    - Floor Mats (no charge - couldn't even see it int he list anywhere - but they're in the car! I guess its just become standard policy?)

    For the S Plan price of 21xxx (my head is still hurting, and I don't have the inclination to look at the paperwork - this was the printed SPlan price on the dealer's invoice) ). Of course, also 0% for 60 months, and 1750 down payment (1000 Mazda loyalty rebate, 500 recent graduate rebate, 250 Mazda Credit rebate). NOTHING outta my wallet :D

    Total "Fees" came to 100 (100 for advertising, which they added into the invoice, and claimed was the regional Mazda fee - mostly legit from all the other messages I've browsed, and 25 for documentation instead of the usual 100+, or so they claimed. I didn't raise a stink!)

    Options (for 1100 installed, after MUCH haggling, screaming, tearing of hair out, back-slapping, theatrics etc - was kinda fun - yeah, I'm a glutton for that kind of punishment!)
    - In Dash 6 CD Changer
    - In Dash Cassette Deck
    - Moonroof Wind Deflector (I might change my mind - someone please point me to some photos of this - I may HATE it s looks!)
    - Autodimming mirror with HomeLink and Compass

    So, basically, Invoice on the car and less than MSRP PLUS less than standard labour prices on the options. I know people in other regions have done better on the base price (below invoice) but I set mysself a target, reached it, and quit, ending it semi-amicably with the dealership (for whatever that's worth!)

    Still hasn't sunk in. I went with a couple of friends - one whose judgement I trust to help with the delivery inspection/test driving/number crunching/voice-of-reason role, the other for moral (and driving) upport :) We stopped for dinner after picking it up, and I had NO appetite! I couldn't wait for them to get done and drive the car onward (home) ;)
  • mazdafunmazdafun Posts: 2,329
  • dinu01dinu01 Posts: 2,586
    Congrats buddy! Gotta post some pics soon (please)!

    See my message to Todd on the M6 board.

  • ashutoshsmashutoshsm Posts: 1,007
    Sorry - I'm about 2K posts behind real time on the M6 board - was planning to ctach up before I bought a car, but the deal and the timing and specials and the stars all were perfectly aligned - so I pulled the trigger last night :)

    Of course, I'll take photos over the next few days - but things are going to be hectic with packed weekends and my upcoming (local) move.
  • clpurnellclpurnell Posts: 1,087
    Was this an S or I car?
  • I'm a new buyer with no experience whatsoever!

    From MSRP $21525 I am given $19525 without taxes/fees/trade-in. Maybe it sounds cheaper than some but it's already July outside and this is for pretty basic model i. Just 4 speed AT,premium package,wheel locks. Within is ungodly $795 fee they charge here for "appearance" that includes paint sealant and some other funny things.
    Soooo... do you think it's better to grab it or wait till December or a new model?
    Thanks everybody!
  • dinu01dinu01 Posts: 2,586
    Forgot to mention it on the other forum:

    DO NOT PAY ANYTHING FOR DEALER ADD-ONS!!! If they don't wanna give you the car without it there must be another Mazda dealer that would. And let them know that right away, as soon as these charges come up.

    When I bought my Protege a dealer quoted me $1300 CAD over MSRP b/c they already applied 3M film on the hood/headlights and sprayed ScotchGuard on the interior of their cars. Oh well, their loss - I never asked for it and I won't shell out a penny for it either. Needless to say I didn't buy from them.


  • Maybe in Toronto you have a dozen different dealers who you can dispute this with though I agree and that's why $2000 off. In Northern FL the next closest one is 100 miles away and is the same guy who has monopoly on this model.
  • dinu01dinu01 Posts: 2,586
    I'm not a dealer as your subject seems to indicate, just a guy that caught the "Mazda Bug" - once you drive a Mazda, many other cars seem... how do I put it??? -> not there yet :) It's a feeling that cannot be explained by citing 0-60mph times or how many cubic feet a trunk has (although the M6 has a pretty large one), but only by the smile one gets from a Protege, Miata, M6, RX-8 (wishful thinking)...

    You're right in that fact that there are over 20 Mazda dealers within less than 1hr's drive all over T.O.

    Some people that have bought the M6 have travelled out of town to get theirs. Don't forget that the warranty provided my MazdaUSA is honoured at every Mazda dealer in the US (and in Canada if you came on a trip let's say), so you might be able to get a better deal somewhere else, fly and drive it back all in one day.

  • mes58mes58 Posts: 21
    OK I did it. I took delivery of my new Black MZ6i MT on Friday and have been enjoying it all weekend. It was equipped with 16" alloys, ABS/TCS, mats, and appearance package. I got the dealer to add cassette, moonroof, and lip spoiler (spoiler is still on order). I have S-plan and did not have to huggle on price which worked out at $20,299 (excluding tax and title). On top of this, I got $1250 cash in loyalty and financing incentives which I used as my downpayment. I financed at 0% for 5 years.
    I wanted to wait for the Hatchback but I thought this deal was too good to pass up. Incidentally, the configuration I ended up with is non-standard but the dealer added the extra options I wanted basically at S-plan cost without additional charges like labor!
  • dinu01dinu01 Posts: 2,586

    Please join us in the M6 sedans board.

  • milkman1milkman1 Posts: 80
    I have read M6 board for almost a year now. I just bought my car over the weekend before the sales tax went up here in Ohio. I got a 6S with auto, Bose (which means the airbags too), sport package, wheel locks, and cargo net. I didn't want the net and whell locks, but they wouldn't bargain on it. I did want a Sport Grille, but they wanted sticker for it, so I will just buy it with cash sometime later. It turns out I like the cargo net for all my sports gear so I am cool with the situation. They gave me the car at invoice! I traded in a Neon and the value was over Kelly Blue Book, but under what Edmund's listed it at. They were trying to stick me on the interest rate since this doesn't come with the 0 for 5, but I talked them down to 4.75 over 5 years. Their were no tacked on fees, but they did have some leeway in the financing as it turns out. They agreed to swap down the rate further in exchange for an anti theft policy and two years free maintanence. The payments were the same and the other loan would have had a penalty for early payoff. They said this actually makes more money for the dealership. Anyway, I am a happy man. So far I the only thing I noticed was the high pitched noice the air conditioner makes when the blowers are on really high. This will almost never matter to me since I am a music nut and can't hear it with the stereo on.

    I will keep you posted.
  • jitkljitkl Posts: 8
    I was wondering what sort of fees, if any, aside from Tax, registration, title & license, you all paid on your Mazda 6's.
  • they asked in most Mazda places $249.90, in one place $299 and the highest I heard today was $594.50!!!
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