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Honda Odyssey Future Models



  • mochisushimochisushi Posts: 126
    You need a 15 passenger van. :o)

    LOL...Don't you know it! However, with an Ody 8-Passenger and our Sub, we have room for 16...and they are less likely to roll over. I think that a 7-Passenger Ody + the Sub will be fine. But the "President" has VETO'ed that idea, and I don't have 2/3 majority in the house to override (my three sons votes are not counted...and none of them are named "Chad"). I am allowed to get in the the last words, though... "Yes Dear"
  • mochisushimochisushi Posts: 126
    fbear and anyone else that didn't see the article...Go to for the article. I have a feeling that it is Edmunds that removed the post and not Money...However, I could be wrong.

    Also, the article came from Do a search within CNN/Money for Odyssey. You'll see the article header dated 9/01/04 (YES, September 1st). You will need a subscription to view. I don't have one, so I am assuming that the person at odyclub does and the post is accurate.

    Can you comment?
  • sbrandonsbrandon Posts: 24
    scan up a few messages for what should be the picture.
  • fbearfbear Posts: 117
    Mochisushi- I agree- Money would not have the capability to take the post down but a reputable outfit like Edmunds would not want to be party to the premature leaking of a copyrighted, yet-to-be published article so I expect they would take it down themselves. (and certainly if Money asked them to) Maybe Karen can will comment.
  • fbearfbear Posts: 117
    Forum administrator at odyclub says that Honda politely asked them to take down the Money article, which he did, but people seem to be re-posting it there as fast as he can take it down.

    I was able to retrieve it for myself by using the back button on my browser, but I do not feel it is right to re-post something Edmunds has deleted.
  • Karen_SKaren_S Posts: 5,092
    The post with that article was removed because it is copyrighted material. Please check the Member Agreement for clarification.

    We will allow a few sentences of a copyrighted article with an appropriate link to the actual published piece (not another copy/paste elsewhere), but a cut/paste of it in its entirety won't fly.
  • ateixeiraateixeira Posts: 72,587
    Just get a used school bus and be done with it. The newer ones even have seat belts now! ;-)

  • The current Money magazine has a bright red cover in case you want to take a peek on the newsstands, go to page 147 I think, don't have a copy my desk right this second.

    The article also had a few pictures of what appeared to be a silver/black leather Touring with NAV/RES. They didn't have a picture of the whole van, though, just a rear shot, a partial side shot, small crops of the interior, and no frontal picture. The 60/40 3rd row split is the opposite of the Sienna's - larger portion on the passenger side.

    There was definitely a mention of an 8th seat only available on the EX trim, that could fold down into a table, then be removed and stowed into a floor well.

    VCM is available only on EX-L and up, so if you want the 8th seat, no factory frills for you :(

    Article also said the 05 Odyssey's curb weight was 4700lbs - hope that's just a typo and that it's really 4400lbs. Competing with Kia for the title of heaviest minivan is not a good thing.
  • mochisushimochisushi Posts: 126
    Not a good idea...Don't want my kids having to live with the stigma of riding in the "little school bus", if you know what I mean... =)
  • jsvanguyjsvanguy Posts: 14
    I am interested in the eight seat option for the 05 Odyssey, but wonder if the size of the second row chairs would small and uncomfortable as compared to the 2nd row captains chairs for a 7 passenger version?
  • user777user777 Posts: 3,341
    Side curtain airbags and the vehicle stability control safety features? Wow.
  • mochisushimochisushi Posts: 126
    Looks like Orlando wasn't hit too hard by Charley. I hope that you and your family/friends are doing fine. Looking forward to discussing Odys with you again...
  • matmechmatmech Posts: 12
    Just defending Bamaboy. He did say that there was going to be an 8 seater and the 8th seat was an optional accessory across the line.
  • matmechmatmech Posts: 12
    Bamaboy repsonses 615, 670, 714. That guy was excellent. Give him some credit.
  • mochisushimochisushi Posts: 126
    I never knew about bamaboy as I wasn't in the forums back then. It is impressive how accurate his posts were back then...pretty much confirms that he is (was) in fact an employee. The question I have is: Where is bamaboy now? His last post was in April...Wonder if Honda got wind of an insider and put stern reminders about confidentiality...or they found out who he was...
  • Thanks for the message numbers. His 714 does confirm the 8th seat, which on some models will be a dealer-purchased option.

    I guess it was the woodgrain trim he said wouldn't make it into the '05 Ody.

    But then, most of the speculation about the '05 Ody on other sites was also "accurate" about upping the ante and competing with the Sienna.

    Go figure!
  • hansiennahansienna Posts: 2,312
    Not a good thing but Honda engines are much more efficient than the gas-guzzling engines of Kia: More power with better fuel economy.
         Even if the 2005 Odyssey has a curb weight of 4700 pounds, the performance and fuel economy would be MUCH better than the gas guzzling, "small-on-the-inside" Kia Sedona.
  • phankanephankane Posts: 57
    Right at this moment I lean toward Toyota a bit, because it is more quiet and sophisticate than the Honda. Sophitication is very impotant for a person like me; I am going to be a chauffer for a long while.

    Is the level of noise the same on CE, LE and XLE?
  • lynnwlynnw Posts: 119
    Thanks for thinking of us. We are all doing great right now. Lost electricity for about a day but thankfully property damage here was minimal (I am only speaking for myself though, lots of nearby damage). Lost 2 trees on my property and some shingles and my back fence is half gone, but glad no windows or serious roof damage occured. My parents live in Poinciana (south of Kissimmee) and they still have no power. My sister came over for the night last night since she had no power either, but just left after they got it on at 3:30. It certainly has been an experience. No school til Wed., darn it!!!! I need a Nanny I think ;) But my sister came in her Odyssey ('03) and told me they finally recalled her tranny so the Odyssey subject was still being thrown about here, hurricane and all :) Her lease is up in a year and she says she will definitely either get a new one or buy the one she has if they fix her problem. In the letter she received it stated her mileage was over the repair limit and needed a replacement tranny. Boy I hope the '05's dont have any of these types of issues, please please please. I am also watching the Olympics (now that I have power that is) and hoping to see a Honda commercial showing us what we have been deprived of all this time.
  • texasmomtexasmom Posts: 114
    I plan to buy either an '05 Sienna or Ody before end of '04. I decided that I liked driving the Ody better than the Sienna, but the Ody's road noise was a big problem. I need the road noise as low as possible for conversation with my kids (or to eavesdrop on their conversations with their friends) and would sacrifice Ody's driving pleasure for being able to hear better.
    Looks like '05 Ody is going to have all the safety and luxury features I want but will it be any quieter? The only way I'll know is to drive it. So, does anybody think that dealers will let shoppers test drive the '05 models before the end of this calender year? I remember when I was buying a 2000 minivan in late 1999 and couldn't test drive an Ody--not even in early 2000. Ended up getting a T & C Ltd. (Sienna was too small at that time.) I won't buy a car I can't test drive!
    What about those places that do "sound deadening" for audiophiles? Does anybody know if they could get an Ody to be as quiet as some of the luxury vehicles? How do luxury vehicles get so quiet anyway?
  • mochisushimochisushi Posts: 126

    I don't know if you got to read the Money Magazine article, dated 9/01/04, that was posted for a short time here and at (Looks like problems with Odyclub as I haven't been able to get connected all weekend). Anyway, below is what they said about noise.

    "Road noise, a modest flaw of the outgoing model, has been solved with generous sound-absorptive materials."

    So, it sounds like they have improved it...How much and if it is enough is purely subjective.
  • Any of you guys out there who live in the New York Metropolitan area can see the new Ody on August 26 at the Honda ride & drive being held at Giants Stadium in the Meadowlands, NJ.
    You will not be able to drive it (only dealers and their employees) but it is usually held in the surrounding parking lots, so you could certainly drive by.
  • texasmomtexasmom Posts: 114

    Thank you for that information. Please, let it be true this time! I remember reading reports that Honda had seriously reduced noise when a previous Odyssey model year was being introduced--can't remember what year it was.
    Do you or anyone else think there is much chance of test drives being possible during 2004?
  • dizneediznee Posts: 3
    As an avid lurker on odyclub and since they have been down for 2 days, I just have to share my excitement somewhere! My friend was at our local dealership picking up her new 04 ody and a big truck pulled up with the rear boxed in. As they opened it up and proceeded to drive the vehicles off she thought nothing of it till one stalled (having run out of gas) in the dealer lot. Then she got a closer look and realized it was the 05 ody I have been sending spy pics on for months, and it was sitting right there in front of her. Luckily she had her camera ready (much to the dealers dismay) and managed to snap a few pictures. I uploaded them onto a website and since odyclub is down figured I could share with you guys :)

    Go to

    Username ody05

    Password honda

    You will see honda listed as a child (sorry only free site I could think of using to host), then just click on thumbnails. You can click each image to enlarge. Enjoy!!
  • diznee, thanks for posting your pics. just a few quick thoughts... those are the best photos of the 05 ody to date. no spy camo - you can see everything including all the chrome accents around the windows. it looks like you nabbed the EX model - without leather. you can see the radio (in place of the nav screen) more clearly now. I still think it looks like an afterthought. just looks kind of out of place.

    diznee, thanks again for being so vigilant and posting all those great photos.
  • What a beautiful baby diznee! Thanks for sharing. :-)

    Have to agree these are the best pics to date!

    Not sure I'm crazy about the all black dash and the front end is still growing on me. The side shot is very nice and the rear is definately okay.

    Looks like I'll have to check one out as soon as our dealer has one!

    Not sure if I'll be interested in the Touring model (the run flat tires may not be as quiet and sound expensive to replace). If I can have the high end 6 CD audio as an option on an EX-L I think I'd be happy!

    Once again thanks for the great pics!
  • gjay1170gjay1170 Posts: 67
    Dizne, Thanks for the great photos. How did you get to take the pictures inside? I think we're all obsessing about the '05 Ody. I go on Edmunds and Odyclub everyday to check new updates and pictures. My husband is getting sick of waiting for the '05 and said he's ready to get the '04. No way. I want the new stuff. By the way, the exterior isn't that much different from the 99-04. The side profile is similar, the front and back is a little more different, not to drastic. I think I'll like it. I can't wait to show the pictures to my husband. Thanks so much for sharing your pictures. It made my day.
  • gjay1170gjay1170 Posts: 67
    Where did the Odyclub website go? It's been out for the whole weekend?
  • pluto168pluto168 Posts: 44
    diznee, thanks for the great photos. From all the info I've been reading from various forums, I'm excited about the new features (such as 8th seat design & the stardard safty features) but not sure if I like the dash design - kinda plain. I guess I just have to check out one in person and hopefully can test drive one. It's gonna be a tough call between Ody and Siena for me.
  • mochisushimochisushi Posts: 126
    I believe that it is a Transmission problem...Data Transmission, that is... ;-)
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