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Chrysler 300/300C



  • garnes1garnes1 Posts: 33
    I just checked out a 300C at a dealer. Didn't drive it - just sat in it and gave it a good look over. My overall opinion of the interior materials and the fit and finish was that it was excellent. The leather was incredibly soft and smooth. The power tilt and telescoping steering wheel movement was smooth as glass. Very nice. The seats seem to be terrific but you really need an extended drive to know how they really are. I'm 6'-3" and they seemed great. The back seat was very roomy too. I've been in the high buck imports and this car should be giving them fits - Lincoln and Cadillac too. It's all there - luxury, monster performance, bold good looks, high quality. And to know you can get one in the mid 30's (without the nav and such - no thanks for me anyway) is incredible. I can think of some "luxury" V6 cars (think import) that are pretty much just very nicely appointed versions of their mid-sized family sedan - and they are in this same price range.

    Overall, this car is very impressive.
  • garnes1garnes1 Posts: 33
    Oh yeah. I don't know if anybody here is very familiar with Corsa exhaust systems. They make the best systems - mostly GM, but do have one for the hemi in a truck.

    I have their system on my Aurora and I can't say enough good things about it. No, it's not loud. It's the sweetest sound you'll ever hear from a V8 - and it's all strait through - no baffles at all.

    Anyway, I e-mailed them about the 300C and the Magnum and they are very interested in providing an aftermarket exhaust for the car in the future. For those that like that sort of stuff you need to check them out at

    Keep them in mind.
  • stephenstephen Posts: 131
    For example, in 1961, you could order a Cadillac in any of these colors:

    Olympic White
    Platinum Silver
    Aleutian Gray
    Bristol Blue
    Dresden Blue
    York Blue
    Nautilus Blue
    San Remo Turquoise
    Concord Green
    Granada Green
    Laredo Tan
    Tunis Beige
    Fontana Rose
    Pompeian Red
    Aspen Gold
    Shell Pearl
  • xmf314xmf314 Posts: 154
    I remember those days. The choice of interior colors was also much greater.
  • I have never been a chrysler fan due too all the problems related to their transmissions and the overall build quality of their cars. For the last three months I have researched this vehicle and with the help from the information found in the Town Hall discussions, I decided to purchase the 300C. My test drive was in a silver 300 Touring Sedan with the 3.5 engine. This car handled beautifully, when you press the gas pedal the car responds instantly. Road noise was minimum and the cabin area was comfortable. Overall it appears Chrysler is beginning to build a quality car.
  • coronet68coronet68 Posts: 18
    I was able to find and test drive a 300C this week (although beware that some dealers had "hold for premier night" cars listed in their web inventory down to being able to see the window sticker - but when I called the car was still a few days away). I should state that as a 300m PHP owner, I'm looking for this as a sports sedan that happens to be a large car, not a luxury car/family car that happens to have a big engine.

    Overall I liked it a lot and felt it lived up to its (pretty high) billing. However, I didn't have the urge to put in my order on the spot.

    * 5.7 Hemi - "A/A-" It was very strong engine, very smooth, had a good (but somewhat muted) power sound to it.
    * 5 Speed AutoStick - "A" - This was great - had excellent ratio's this time, 1->2 at just under 40, 2->3 at around 70 - perfect for 0-60 and launch. Autostick action was also very good.
    * Handling - "B+" - Seemed very secure and solid, generally good, didn't push it much for the test drive.
    * Brakes - "A-", Seem very solid on a quick test.
    * Exterior Styling - "B" - Definitely kind of cool and different looking. Its growing on me but is is still boxy/squarish and I don't love its styling like the current 300M styling.
    * Interior - "B+" - Very nice overall, not sure I love the tortoise shell on steering wheel, but like that they kept the 300m style gauges (but it still has only the basics). 300C speedometer goes to 160 (see tires).
    * Wheels/Tires - "C-/D+" - I'm not at all crazy about the highly spoked 18" chromed wheels (look heavy and busy to me). I'm even less crazy about the "touring tires" as the only choice on the 300c - these are only "H" rated and as I was worried about...It was reported in the Motor Trend review (is this confirmed by the other reviews?) it is speed limited to 126mph! Not that I'm necessarily planning to go above that, but when you buy a car with this much capability (and speedo bumped to 160) it is annoying/silly to have it limited by this poor tire choice.

    Also, even with these tires it does very well in specification comparisions with the sports sedans (g35,..) and sports coupes the Pontiac GTO/MB compora's in the same motor trend. Some decent high performance, stickier rubber could only help it be even better on accel., braking, and slalom times.

    So I'm still very tempted to get it and to try to remedy the wheel/tires situation as much as possible (anyone of the touring/limited buyers interested in upgrading to 18" 300c wheel/tires?) but its very annoying to not be able to get a better package out of the box.

    As stated in some other posts, you have to believe they are holding out for a more aggressive performance package or Dodge platform to better utilize the Hemi - and is it worth the wait?
  • soozpksoozpk Posts: 205
    I never had any problems with Chrysler transmissions. The old 3 speed 727 Torqueflite was one of the best. I have 121,000 on my Lebaron's 41TE transaxle, and last year the only problem I had was when Jiffy Lube decided to use Dexron II with an additive. I've never owned a Mercedes so I not familiar with the 5-speed tranny going into the 300 C. It's certainly not new, so that should be a plus for having all the bugs worked out. With this new 300 C, I'll probably just let the dealership do the 3000 mile maintainence, and forget about outfits like Jiffy Lube. Too much of an investment to play screw-around.
  • kvilleboykvilleboy Posts: 45
    Yesterday I was able to spend 30 minutes with a 300C without a salesman along. This gave me the opportunity to really find out what the car was about. I was impressed. I liked the firm but never objectionable ride, the quietness, the roomines, the amenities and of course the performance.

    Performance wise I can only say wow. Auto downshift to 1st at WOT occurs at about 25mph and it really pushes you back. WOT acceleration from 40-45 is not as strong (gearing) but still very impressive and the thrust, although as I said is not neck-snapping, keeps growing and growing. The ride is taut with some thud or slap over sharp bumps or ripply pavement but the sounds seemed subdued. I suspect there is ample insulation in the floor pan. WOT still does not create a ferocious exhaust note, but it is a note that nevertheless is authoritative. There was a slight metallic "fluttering" sound at WOT that I didn't hear on the "C" that I drove previously, but it wasn't really annoying. Steering seemed tight and precise and turning circle was very acceptable. I took a nearly 360 degree onramp at well, above the posted speed, and the car really stuck great! Brakes are great! Strong with a wonderful feel.

    Also: the rear windows go all of the way down (those that go only half way really annoy me). The "C" has carpet on the inside of the trunk lid and there is no trunk lock cylinder, you have to use the key/fob combo or inside release button, but this makes for a cleaner appearance from the rear.

    On the down side, there can be an issue with vision. Not so much out the sides, but the front side pillars are quite thick and can create a slight blind spot. Also, as someone said previously, because of the windshield configuration you may find yourself craning your head forward a bit to see the traffic light if you pull up too close (easy to learn not to pull up close though). Rear visibility is a guess! Youi see traffic out of the mirror OK, but the window is so high you have no idea where the rear bumper is. An owner would eventually learn - but I compensated by ordering the ultrasonic rear park assist :)

    Another slight annoyance is the 160 mph speedometer. When driving at legal speeds nearly 3/4 of the speedometer graduations aren't used. 80 mph is at 12 o'clock and 60 is around 10 o'clock. It is hard finding the most commonly used speeds like 35 or 40 or 45. Why are they all scrunched together? 160 sounds impressive, but I believe that the car is electronically limited to 126 mph. I think a 140 mph speedo with a better spread of numbers would be more appropriate.

    Seats were comfy and they DID have the "Chrysler Wings" imprinted at the top of the seat back. It was very smooth leather, not the pebble type. Between seat adjustment, power peddles, tilt and telescoping steering wheel I am sure anyone can find a comfortable driving position.

    Went back to dealer today and ordered. After MUCH debate between Satin Jade and Brilliant Black, I went with the black. My reasons came down to wanting to look more "mean" than "luxurious" - both beautiful though. I ordered HID headlamps, Sirius satellite radio, U-connect, Navigation with sound group II, power pedals, sunroof, and the protection group II. Interestingly, the HID is also supposed to include high pressure headlamp washers. I wonder how they're mounted. Sticker $38285. Dealer estimates 6 weeks - yeah, right. Although after premier night maybe things will speed up.

    The wait begins....
  • kvilleboykvilleboy Posts: 45
    The May issue of "Automobile" magazine has a nice article (6 pages) on the 300. They liked it! They got 6.1 0-60, 15.2 0-100, 14.7 @98 in the quarter. MPH in gears: 1st-47, 2nd-73, 3rd-115, 4th-126, 5th-100.

    Steering 2.8 turns lock to lock, with a turning circle of 38.9ft.

    They also said that Dodge WILL get a sedan (Charger? - it is 300 based) Fall of 2005.
  • The 300C received a very good rating from the speed channel. Two minor cons , the chrome wheels and the choice of tires. I agree that wheel choice would have been nice option, however, I'm satisfied with the stock wheels and will upgrade to better tires when I get the allotted miles out of the stock Continentals.
  • 307web307web Posts: 1,033
    The new 300 is a good looking car. However, since neither Chrysler nor Mercedes have reliability ratings that are very good, it might be good to wait to see how the quality and reliability turns out.
    The first people to buy are taking quite a risk paying at or near MSRP for something with a question mark for reliability and resale.
    Does anyone remember the V-8-6-4 engine from GM?
    If you wait a couple years, you will be able to buy for less after discounting (assuming you still want it at that point) plus first year bugs/recalls will have at least had a chance to have been taken care of.
  • seminole_kevseminole_kev Posts: 1,722
    and looked at a base 300 model that they had parked out front. I'm only interested in the "c" version, but I haven't had the chance to sit in one yet. The salesman went and retrived the keys.

    I looked around and was generally impressed on layout and fit-and-finish. Wasn't as nice inside as I'd like, but again, this was a base model and I'm hoping the the added items of the 300c will address that.

    At any rate, was just a quick look over, but I did have one issue. I think the salesman was trying to steer me away from the 300c. I told him I was aware of how much it cost (as equipped the way I'd like, it would run 35K MSRP), but he kept going on and on about how expensive it was and how they were going to add an additional dealer markup (excuse me, in salesmen talk an "addendum"). I think it may have been because I'm (relatively) younger and maybe he just didn't think I had the dough for it. I'm 28, but I work in the IT field and pull down a decent living. Enough to easily swing this car. I haven't been treated like that at Lexus or Audi dealers before. Maybe I just got a bad apple of a salesman.

    Oh, he mentioned there was the premier night April 22nd, but never invited me or gave me any information about it. Is it just an open house type of event, or should there be an invitation?

    At any rate, I was turned off by the dealership and this is part of the negative image that I have had of Chrylser in the past that I'm trying to ignore as I am really interested in the 300c.
  • seminole_kevseminole_kev Posts: 1,722
    but to clear up my comment above about the interior not being as nice (meaning upscale) as I would have liked...For the 23K pricetag on the model I looked at, it was just fine. I wasn't actually expecting the $35K interior on a $23K priced car. Just want to sit and see what the 300c's interior looks like.
  • dale48dale48 Posts: 72
    Stopped in at my dealer and test drove a silver 300C.
    Lots of power, great braking. Not as tight and bumpy as I expected from reviews. Smaller inside and out than I imagined. The unit I drove had a sun roof, plenty of head clearance. Nice size opening. Plastic base on front seat looked a little cheap and was large. Overall I'm very pleased.
    Middle rear seat has plenty of width for 3 but no room for legs, will be fine for a child but not an adult for any long rides.
    I did not spend too much time with it because my salesman told me my 300c would be delivered 4/13-4/15. He said I could pick it up Wednesday if it arrived Tuesday! I do not have to wait to the event on the 22nd.
    Having ordered sight unseen, I have no regrets.
    I will be pleased to have avoided the initial crush of interest and the salesman said he suspected ordered vehicles would go near sticker and any on the lot would go for at least that.
    He also told me I would be the first from their dealership to take delivery. The unit I drove had a notation to hold for the Premiere event on 4/22.
    He said mine would arrive with my name on the sticker and no such notation. When I placed my order on 2/16 he told me they had already ordered 2 for customers, those apparently are not scheduled for delivery yet.
    Anyway, if anyone has a specific question about the car I would be happy to try to answer it.
  • seminole_kevseminole_kev Posts: 1,722
    The battery is located in the same space as the spare tire. It is to the right of it. I didn't pay any attention to how it may be vented though.
  • riker2riker2 Posts: 36
    Took a drive to Metro Chrysler in Philadelphia this morning. I currently drive a 2002 300M. They had a Black 300C out front. We were allowed to sit in it, but no test drives until the 22nd.

    Anyway, for those who own a 300M, every aspect of the interior and exterior fit and finish is superior to the outgoing model. I was actually surprised at how much the quality of materials have improved. There are countless little details that were never attempted on the 300M. The knobs have chrome bezeled edges, and the glove box is lined and damped. The air vents are close flat and flush, with tiny chrome accents on switches. The gaps between various surfaces are very tight.

    The leather is softer than the M, and the upper dash material is superior.

    When I got back in my car to leave, I felt like I was wearing an old suit!

    I can't wait to get mine. My only dilemma is the same as another poster; Black or Deep Jade dash. I'm leaning toward the Jade at this point
  • kvilleboykvilleboy Posts: 45
    Does anyone know for sure whether the 300C comes with a limited slip rear end or not? Thanks.
  • joecanukjoecanuk Posts: 13
    kvilleboy, the headlamp washers are mounted on the front bumper fascia . They are visable all the time .
  • soozpksoozpk Posts: 205
    A BIG applause to both Kvilleboy and Dale48.....Kville for placing his order, and Dale48 for happily getting his vehicle next week....finally. Dale, I expect you to show everyone a pic of your Hemi C in Jade Green. A 300 in that color seems to be a rarity.
  • dale48dale48 Posts: 72
    Is it possible to post a small .avi file or .jpg?
    If so how do I attach?
  • upsetter1upsetter1 Posts: 205
    There is a Chrysler event in SF next week. I registered to drive 300C on performance track.

    The Art of Driving will be at Treasure Island on April 17, 18, 2004.
  • tom2tom2 Posts: 12
    Would you please post the info for the event in SF. I'd like to participate and or observe.

    I was in Oakland today and saw a Silver 300C getting prepped for test driving for Monday. I was loaded with nav, protection II,sunroof, pedals, etc. The salesman was stating that he thought $8000 over MSRP was the goal. anyone willing to say how much over MSRP they're paying for per-orders? I know of one HOLD car that is $1400 over MSRP. Available to be drive from lot after premiere night.
  • dale48dale48 Posts: 72
    1) Any new car takes a 20% hit the day you drive it off the lot. Advantage 300, which is a 2005, you get a free year of depreciation.
    2)Do you remember pc's from 20 years ago? 360k floppys and a 10 mega byte hard drive? The GM 8-6-4 was in a different time. It didn't come with an in dash 6CD and Navigation system either.
    3) I bought a 94 New Yorker the first year the model was available. I bought the 100k warranty and now have 183.000 miles on it. I had a reasonable number of problems but, the car still looks and runs great. I love it but its time has come. The 300c is a bargain if it meets your needs. If not, pay an additional $10 G for a Lincoln or Caddy or $10-50 G for a Lexus BMW or MB.
    You can also buy a demo, rental or leased car from someone planing on turning the vehicle in after a period of abuse. I prefer to buy a new car, maintain it and drive it for 10 years. My wife and four children put 150k on a 1987 Camry 100k on a 94 Honda accord, 90k on a 1998 Saturn and 52k so far on a 99 Camry. If you can afford it, the extra money spent for the depreciation driving off the lot is more than offset by the value of proper maintenance.
    Finally the features on todays cars blow away cars from a few years ago. I paid $14k in Nov 87 for 88 Camry LE it had manual windows, air and an am/fm radio, 12 years later I spent $19k in cheaper 1999 dollars and got air bags, cd, anti lock brakes, power windows and seats and locks, bigger engine, etc> etc.
    Same story with the 94 NYer. Paid $26k in Nov 93. Ten years later with cheaper dollars paid $35k for the 300C with additional features,side curtain air bags, 6cd stereo, HID lamps, moonroof, V8 vs V6, back-up radar, 5sp vs 4sp auto t, 18 vs 16 wheels, heated seats, dual front climate and rear, rain sensing wipers, satellite radio, etc. etc.
    $26k inflated at 3% per year from 1993 to 2004 is $36k.
    What a deal.
  • dale48dale48 Posts: 72
    $8k over sticker may be the goal, but they will be salesperson of the month. I paid $1400 under sticker on 2/16. Anyone who can wait 6-8 weeks should be able to get the car for sticker or less on an order. I can wait another 8 weeks if someone wants to pay me $9,400. BTW my dealer said my car will be in 4/13-4/15 and I can pick it up the next day.
    It would not surprise me to see the sticker get adjusted later this year.
  • 307web307web Posts: 1,033
    Not all cars depreciate at the same rate. A Taurus depreciates a lot more than a Honda Accord and the 300c will likely depreciate much more than a Lexus ES330 or Acura TL.
    Also, the car will "depreciate" a whole lot more if you pay MSRP or MSRP plus extra dealer profit addendums as one of the first buyers compared to if you paid invoice many months later.
    It will be worth a certain value after two or three years. If you overpay when you buy it new, that's more money you're losing at resale time.
  • emaleemale Posts: 1,380
    how big a hit this car is over the next few years will determine its resale value. i suspect these new LX cars will be holding their value much better than the old LH sedans...
  • dale48dale48 Posts: 72
    You make a good point and I agree. I risked ordering in February without ever having seen the car so I wouldn't have to overpay.
    Low interest rate promotions on new cars have hurt resale values as well. Financing on a used car at higher rates can make the monthly payments the same as a new car.
  • dale48dale48 Posts: 72
    Re trunk lock cylinder, I noticed that too but I could not find the inside release, it was not in the glove box as far as I could tell.
    Did you see the car in Black? I'm sure it will look great. I went with the Satin Jade, partly because the road salt here won't show as bad.
    Good luck with your order, I skipped the Nav and U connect otherwise the same. I think the U connect can be added later?
    You mentioned the sticker price, do you mind if I ask what you paid?
  • ajjvtljpajjvtljp Posts: 3
    I received a cryptic mailing from Chrysler about a month ago saying that I would receive a follow-up invitation to something big. So far, no follow-up mailing. Can anyone give me info about when the Dallas/Plano premier is scheduled, and how to get an invite?
  • dale48dale48 Posts: 72
    Same thing happened to me. I called Chrysler, they said to call my local dealer. Call your local dealer, they are all having the event on 4/22 from 6pm to 10pm. They are giving out one ounce American Eagle silver dollars in a case.
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