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Mercedes-Benz E-Class Maintenance and Repair



  • tk45stk45s Posts: 5
    Mine is an 05 wagon with 5000 miles. Recently I noticed this:

    Put the car in P position and with engine running. Put hand on the gear switching knob. Whenever I push or release the brake pedal I can feel it through the knob -- almost like something hitting it.

    I understand that there is a safety feature, i.e. without braking the gear cannot be shifted from P to any other gear. However I think it should work silently and internally, and do not disturb my hand and mind. Now I start to worry if this car's brake or gear will break unexpectedly.

    How does your car behave in this case? Please let me know. I won't talk to my service adviser yet until I'm pretty that this is indeed abnormal.

    Thanks a lot!
  • nickyvnickyv Posts: 1
    I have a 94' E class. I'm very satisfied with the performance of the car apart one issue.THE A/C
    When i switch on the a/c it works sometimes and then trips of till i off the car and restart.If the car is not switched off and only the aircon is switched off and then back on still dosent work.I have checked the gas it's allright.
    Any suggestions or similar issues??Please send me an email.
  • My mother picked up her car today. The service department claims the
    mechanic only took her car overnight (drove it to his home Friday and
    returned it Saturday), which is simply *fascinating* to me, considering
    the mechanic put 150 miles on the car. In addition to the incredible
    additional mileage they put on the car for "test driving" it, the cream
    interior was filthy with grease marks, several personal items (a mini-mag
    flashlight and a CD) were missing, and there was a crack in the
    windshield. They promised to repair the windshield tomorrow.

    The service department claims that the transmission problem was due to
    low transmission fluid. I really find that hard to believe. And they
    needed to take the car off the premises and drive it *150 miles* in order
    to determine this?!

    The car seems to be running okay for the moment. We'll see what

    Incidentally, the dealership where her car was serviced was the Rusnak
    in Arcadia, CA. If you get your MB serviced there as well, please
    beware. After having read the Rusnak website, I had to laugh.
    Number one in service? More like number one in serving themselves---with
    *your* car.
  • mbzlvrmbzlvr Posts: 14
    Oh my, I always thought Rusnak Arcadia was shady but not that shady! I was at the nearby gas station and I watched the mechanic fill up the tank of a new C class (complementary gas, you know) with regular grade. When I asked why he was filling up with regular since I thought the C class used premium, he said "no habla ingles". Yeah, sure.

    Also, when I got my current 2005 S430, they told me that they would take care of returning my E320 to the lessor. When I gave them the keys to the old E320, they told me that they were not taking any responsibility for the car so it was best that I returned it to the lessor myself. Of course, this was after I signed all the paperwork.

    As expected, they kept on calling to make sure that I gave them the survey forms so they could fill it out correctly. I never got to send it in, though.

    I think they try to take advantage of the large Asian customer base that doesn't speak English but carry thousands of dollars in cash in their pockets for spare change. I'm Asian but I don't have the kind of cash they assume we all have.
  • I just took my car to the dealer yesterday and found the same problem - transmission slipping!!! My car is also a month old ONLY and it's already having such a big problem. The service advisor said that they need to replace the whole transmission and they need to order it from Germany, and of course it will not get here until three weeks later!!! So they told me to leave the car there until they get the new part in, but then they would not give me a loaner car!!! I called the dealership where I got the car at right away and asked them if they could give me a free loaner if I bring my car there (this is Calstar at Glendale). I spent more than half an hour talking with this lady on the phone and she was trying to tell me not to bring the car there. At first she said all Mercedes Benz dealers should give free loaner cars, but 10 minutes later she told me she could not guarantee that she would give me one. She was even trying to scare me away by telling me that if I drive it to them now, the warranty might be voided. What the hell?! A brand new car needs a brand new transmission! And the dealer who sold the car to me is refusing to take it in and give me a loaner... how ridiculous is that?!

    I have never heard about a mechanic taking a client's car home. That does not sound right. Are they replacing your transmission also? Did they say how they are going to fix your car?!
  • I'm really worried now, just bought this great looking wagon on thursday after extensive test driving (including 110mph on the interstate) and I went to run an errand. I pull up and hear a bump like I hit the kerb except theres no kerb so I back up a little and turn off. When I start up it's won't shift into gear, no forward and no reverse... you can hear something turning, like a driveshaft and it changes from F to R but nothing at the wheels, car won't move. Also got a brief BAS/ESP warning earlier today so maybe that has something to do with it. Anyone have similar issues or heard of this problem. I don't want to put $4500 into this car right away!!! I just bought it!!! :mad:
  • Quick follow up, just looked under the car and there is a smallish puddle of fluid, can't tell if it's engine or tranny but looks/smells like tranny so I believe it's sprung a leak and is low on fluid thus won't engage. On passenger side quite far forward if anyone has any ideas. Also can't check the level because there is no dipstick, right :mad: :mad: now I have to tow it home and find where it's leaking...
  • Hi. I have a 92 E300 3.0. I had a similiar problem where the car cut out when external temp. where high. they had to replace one of the relays. I dont have the bill in front of me but can tell you if you dont know what im talking about. cant remember off the top of my head.
  • eliaselias Posts: 2,147
    roaringmouse, that whole deal with the mechanic taking the car home does sound quite shady. it is possible but rare for a dealership to do that - but only to diagnose a particularly difficult problem. in this case i don't think they had any justification whatsoever for that. you might want to consider these ideas:
    - file a complaint with the zone office.
    - file a complaint with better-business-bureau.
    - demand that the dealership clean the interior of grease unless you have already done so - and/or paying triple the cost of a full detailing of the car.
    - demand triple the cost of the minmag flashlight plus the CD.
    - demand triple the cost of the 150 miles they put on the car. 50 cents per mile times three.
    - if the new windshield is not absolutely perfectly seated, demand that they replace/reseat it again and again until they get it right.
    - you might also be able to demand triple the cost of the new windshield plus installation.

    small claims court could award triple damages for all the above, that's why i am saying triplet. it is outrageous that all the above problems would happen if the car was simply low on tranny fluid. i've heard a lot of nonsense re car dealerships over the years but this one ranks near the top of the list of gratuitous nonsense from the dealership.

    if you do plan to contact zone office, you might want to talk with dealer service manager about these issues first. possibly they will pay you a big stack of $20s just to make you go away without contacting zone office. do not take any more nonsense from this dealership! and if you can find another dealership for future service, do it! good luck - please let us know what happens.
  • garyh1garyh1 Posts: 386
    How can a brand new mercedes have problems like this when the car is virtually brand new? I contacted the SOS System and at least that worked well. They had a flatbed to my location within an hour and I hitched a ride with the tow truck driver

    I totally understand your frustration. Those of us who love our older MBs and wanted to replace them with new ones, but weren't willing to risk the unreliability, almost cry every time we hear these admittedly anecdotal but terrible stories. I keep wanting to believe MB is getting its act together, but is it really?

    Just this Saturday night, I was driving on the Washington Beltway and passed a beautiful shiny new (still had the temporary license tag on it) S on the side of the road being loaded on to a flatbed truck. I was imagining how that owner felt when one minute he's tooling down the highway in his prized $80,000 new car, and the next minute he's stuck on the side of this dangerous road watching Escorts whiz by.

    Just saw on CNBC the unveiling of the new S in Frankfurt. The MB marketing guy, when asked if he could insure that this car with 90% new parts wouldn't have reliability problems, answered that they had put 8 million kms of test driving on it (twice as much as usual), so he hoped it would be OK. So do I -- at least by the time I'm ready to buy my next car!
  • i would have car towed to selling dealer and demand a loaner or rental at their expense i used to work for mbusa roadside and they were very generous as far as loaner cars were concerned. . most dealers will only give loaner cars to their cleints as loaner cars are owned by dealer not mbusa. most dealer are very easy to get loaners from.
  • I have a 98 E320 4matic Wagon with 81k miles. Recently it has begun abruptly downshifting while cruising at 65-70mph. If I punch it, it will shift back but it keeps happening. Has anyone had this problem and know the solution before I go to a dealer and get taken?
  • I am having the same problem with a brand new 2006 E350. I bought the car a little over a week ago and on the second day, I pulled out of the driveway and the car died in the middle of the street. I started it, put it in drive and it would not move. I then turned it off and started it again and it finally moved but none of the convenience features worked.

    I took the car to the dealer, it was in for three days and they said it was a software issue and it was all fixed. I then picked the car up and had it for a day and the same issue happed, but this time I could not get it to move until a few restarts.
    The car is currently at the dealer, so they have now had the car more days than me, since it was purchased.

    I called MBUSA this morning to let them know that I was following the California Lemon Law Guidelines that statea that you must directly notify the manufacturer of the issue. I am afraid to get behind the wheel of this car, because the next time it happens, I could be on a busy street when my cars dies.

    Is anyone else having the same issue?
  • I have always wanted this vehicle and now that I can afford one, their reliability is in the tank. I've seen less issues with the 2002 (before the model change) and the 2004 in the forums that I have been reading, so, I decided to target one of these years. Unfortunately the dealer on the southside of Atlanta actually said they wouldn't work with me because "I'm an educated consumer" and they couldn't make money off of me, since I would not buy their warranty, had my own financing and had no trade in. I would still like a used 2004 and would love to hear from someone that has purchased a pre-owned and/or has already gone through the recall fixes to see, if there have still been issues with the brakes and the electronic system.............
  • Murph5, what is happening at MB would be comical if it was not the downward spiral of a good brand with a great heritage. Now, though, that you can afford an E Class, take a look at a Jag XJ sedan. Fantastic reliability, good JD Powers, and you don't see them all in one color (silver) parked in every single parking space outside a medical/professional building.
  • i was involved in a headon collision and the driver airbag failed to deploy- i had severe headinjuries , the dealer acknowledged & confirmed upon inspection that the airbag was defective but MB ignored my complaint, their attorney said TOO BAD - ITS NOT A BIG DEAL - YOU SURVIVED RIGHT! I would like to hear if anyone had a similiar experience.
  • r1_97r1_97 Posts: 181
    If you can document your complaint AND Mercedes admitting that its airbag was defective AND that you suffered severe head injuries, then you and your lawyer are in for a big pay day.
  • Mr_ShiftrightMr_Shiftright Sonoma, CaliforniaPosts: 58,514
    hire an attorney and an accident reconstruction specialist.

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  • 200l4 E3204Matic-way underpowered, car lags in pickup and when passing. tight in the front, and way too many electrical problems. CD's are impossible to install in the changer with out reconfronting the same ridiculous problem that the dealer thinks i am imagining. This is a car that I would neither reccomend nor buy again. The 2000 Saab 9-5 was a far better car with Zero problems over 80.000 miles

    2000 E320 RWDoverall a good car even though none of the LED's are readable. This car has decent room in the front and things are laid out well. Power is good and the car has just had too many minor but expensive problems for me to consider buying another one at any price.

    I have a constant level of frustration with these car, which stems from the dealers condescending and indifferent attitude. I know Saab is in a different socio economic class but I coul give a rats a$$ what others thin. The dealer was excellent bent over backwards to make sure they got you in and out for an oil change-which was free
  • pgaupta,

    I have had the exact same problem with my 2005 E500.
    I had a message on my dashboard saying Low. Battery. Conventional Functions Unavailable.
    This then escalated to a message on my Comand saying Low Battery (or something like that), start your engine. This is funny, because the engine was running.
    Then, things escalated: I got the low voltage red sign on my dash telling me to go to a service station.
    I have had the car in the shop 3 times now. I'm in New York and I have not met the state's lemon laws yet.
    Today, I picked up the car. The service manager was confident that the problem was a faulty alternator.
    The first time I brought it in, the service manager said it was attributed to a manufacturer's defect.
    Let me know if you have any further problems.
    Good luck!
  • I bought a new E500 this January and currently have less than 5k miles on it. The transmission shifts/kicks really hard when your slowing down. I have actually had passengers in the car notice it and ask me about it. Is anyone else having a simular problem on a newer E500?

  • microrepairmicrorepair Eastern MassachusettsPosts: 508
    Is the first car you mention a 2001 or 2004? Or some other year? (The 20014 is kinda confusing.) I don't understand how you can say that it was underpowered when you say the second car (a 2000) had good power. It is the same engine. I believe the 2000 might have had a 4-speed auto transmission where I know that the 2001 has a 5-speed, so the 2001 should feel more powerful. As far as the room inside, they are nearly identical; in fact the 2001 drastically reduced the driver's knee bolster which made it fit long legged folks much better than the 2000 and prior years. The interior layout is otherwise almost identical also. SInce you think the cars you mentioned are so different, you must be referring to the first one as a 2004 model. So the drivetrain then is absolutely identical from 2001 to 2004 and the only difference is the few extra couple of hundred pounds of weight for the 4-matic. That might make a barely noticeable difference drag-racing from stop lights.

    Please clarify "reconfronting". I've never run across that word so I don't really know what problem you have. I will admit that the location of the CD 6-pack is awkward, but it hasn't been a real problem either.

    Re: a Saab. My daughter bought a Saab a year ago and it has been a real headache for her having had to bring it back to the dealer numerous times for repairs. My 2001 E 320 has not required anything since I bought it 2 years ago except oil changes, which were free until the 50,000 mile mark. And my dealer has never been condescending and has been totally responsive to my needs. Maybe I'm just lucky, seeing as how I'm not their best customer having bought just 2 used Starmarked cars from them. But maybe these cars and the dealers aren't as bad as your experiences suggest.
  • A week or so ago, I had a "check engine electronics' light come on. I took it in to the dealer and it was a o2 sensor, replaced, reset, fine. I picked the car up and on the way out noticed the first digit in my odometer was only half showing. It's a "1". I turned around and the 'service advisor' told me that on old cars like the 98 they burn out. I said it wasnt that way 2 days ago. He said well its hot out and it pbly burned out from sitting in the hot sun. I said it 85 today and it's been in 105 degree heat. He wasn't budging. He said I could get it replaced for $1400. I was pissed and he was spitting out any excuse to get me out of there.

    I went home and looked closer at the display. I saw which exact pixels had supposedly burned out and switched the information to something else besides the odometer and the pixels that were previously burned out, lit up.

    I went back to talk to the service manager and the service foreman and they were not to helpful. They understood what I was saying to a point and I showed them, but they kept going back to they pixels had burned out. I lit up the display again to something besides the odometer and said 'there, the pixels are lit up'. I said since the pixels are working on one screen and not working on another could it be a glitch and maybe you could re-clear the system or something. They both said there is no way.

    They were aware of the problem and couldn't just say "I don't know". They said replacing the instrument cluster would be the only way to fix the pixels. I said the pixels are working! just not on the odometer. It was crazy and I gave up.

    If anyone has any similar problems to this or any ideas for solutions please let me know.

    Summarize: the pixels all dont light up on the odometer, but light up on other screens.

    From what I understand about pixels and LCD, it either works or it don't.
  • garyh1garyh1 Posts: 386
    Wow, sounds like a very frustrating experience with your dealer's service dept.

    What you say about the pixels either working or not is obviously true, but I guess it is possible that the circuit/chip that drives the screen is malfunctioning. If nothing else, there must be a way to pull the circuit/chip and then re-insert it - maybe that will clear it. Perhaps you need to call MBUSA and escalate this, certainly before spending $1400 on a new display. Or maybe find a good independent mechanic that isn't going to be defensive about how it happened, or try to sell you a $1400 display you don't need, and let him/her figure it out.
  • I recently bought an E350 and took it back to the dealer to have satellite radio added. After they kept it for a full day I was told that this model as of June 2005 is no longer wired for satellite radio eventhough there is a button on the dash that says "Sat".
    Has anyone else had this problem and if so how did you solve it?

  • pearlpearl Posts: 336
    Sorry, I don't know how to solve your problem; however, when I visited my Merc dealer to test drive the E350 I asked about getting XM satellite radio. Nope, we only offer Sirrius - but, we know a shop where they can take out the Sirrius and put in XM. Well, will it work through the standard Merc dashboard controls, etc? We don't know, but it would be XM. Thanks, but no thanks. Sometimes I believe that Mercedes thinks that they have no competition. We know best so if we don't offer it, you don't need it. Yeessshhh!
  • mezecamezeca Posts: 66
    What? As far as I know, most manufacturers only offer either/or, not both. So how is Mercedes any different than anyone else?

    Maybe I'll go down to my local GM dealer and complain that I can't get SIRIUS installed... hmmmm.
  • IMy 2004 E500 AWD wagon came with orig equp Continentals that I had to replace at 16000 miles even after 2 dealer tire rotations.Besides relacing with Pirelli P Zero Nero tires a `bent wheel rim`was also replaced. Now at 23,000 miles and 2 more dealer rotations plus an alignment there`s excessive `cupping` again especially of front tires. The dealer rotated them again and added 2 more lbs of pressure than Mercedes recommends. There`s still a noisey pulsating roar audible in the cabin. The tire people say its not due to a tire defect but rather an inherant `situation` with the car. With the cost of the new tires ,rim ,extended warranty and multiple dealer rotations and alignment on a $70,000 auto this does not seem right .I noticed some other emails to this site with similar problems.If I can`t get some satisfaction from the dealer or regional MB rep,I`ll be seriously checking NY `s lemon law with my counsel. I`ve owned 9 other Mercedes autos including 4 E AWD wagons and never had this problem...R.Thrust
  • Have 2001 E320 Sport with about 7,000 mi. on P Zero Neros. Still Very smooth and quiet. Ready to rotate and rebalance. Size: 235/45/17.
  • kathimkathim Posts: 3
    I just got a new 2006 E350 and on the drive home from the dealer noticed what I would call a wind noise at ear level near the drivers window or passenger window or T-Bar..........the car has been back 2x and they cant figure it out.
    Anyone with similar problem????????

    Thanks in advance :)
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