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Honda Element Prices Paid and Buying Experience



  • We've gotten about 6 prices for 2004 EX auto with air side bags but lowest is 19,380 before taxes though with 1.9 financing. Does anyone know if that's about the best we're likely to do? We're surprised that with the 2005's about out no dealers are bargaining. This would be our first one so we don't get what dealers are up to with this. Is no drop in price at end of model year the norm for Elements? Should we wait and get a 2005? Or wait for 2004 bargaining till 2005's are actually on the lots? Thanks for any info or advice.
  • I am going to be purchasing a 2004 Element EX AWD, not sure of options yet. what amount should I be looking to pay. The sticker price is 21,000 and there is one on special fro 19,999. I am looking to try to get it down to the 17500 to 18000 range and pay a total of 18000 out the door price, is this too ambitious? What should I be expecting? area is West Chester, PA
  • Looks like lots of Elements are on the lots. The 05s have not yet been rolled out. I read a story in the paper that said Element sales were much slower than expected. I'm thinking the prices should be mighty low by now. Please let us know about any recent buying experiences. Thanks, kathy
  • They are always slow. I didn't get a great deal last year on a 2003 the last week of december without calling around and making it myself. The 2004 prices won't drop until mid next year.
  • nowakj66nowakj66 Posts: 709
    When are these supposed to hit the dealers?
  • gfxguygfxguy Posts: 18
    I just bought an 04 2WD EX Automatic for $18,800. It included the rip-off "clear coat", but also included roof rack crossbars and mud guards. I could probably have argued for a better price, but thought it was a good deal. CarsDirect price in my area for that car is $18,716, but that didn't include mud guards or the crossbars. Price includes destination, and is just a few dollars over Edmunds TMV ($18,731), which doesn't include the accessories.
  • We bought our new 2004 Honda Element at Buerkley Honda in White Bear Lake Minnesota last week and I love it! We got the 2004 Element 5DR 4WD EXS, Fiji Blue Pearl with the front and side airbags. I just love this truck, sure beats the 2002 Dodge Caravan we got rid of! We paid $21,840.00 for ours but we got the 1.9% for 60 months! Can't beat that! The only down fall we have with it is that the AM stations do not come in very well, I called the dealer this morning and I guess the Element is not the only one that has this problem, the pilot has it too. I guess that is ok because it spares me from having to listen to the football games on long car rides with the Husband! Ha! Ha! anyone else around minnesota?
  • Finally Honda release 2005 Element on their website, I'm still in the market between CR-V and Element, if I end up with the element I'm thinking to get the 2005 2WD EX Auto Magnesium Metallic. If anyone have bought any 2005 Element, please be kind to share your buying experience. What model, color, transmission, price and last but not least, why the element? Does anyone know why the discussion Element vs CR-V is for read only?
  • bigfurbigfur Posts: 649
    I USED to live in minnesota till last january (girlfriend lived in Florida, not a bad change) but i was thinking if i can get a better deal on an element in MN i would drive it back down here to save some money. And even living in Fl i would STILL get AWD.
  • Boy do I need help, how do I negotiate a price for 2005 Ex, I would like fog lights and the steps, Rallye Red, they will be coming in soon at my nearby dealership and I have no clue where to start to buy! I have a very old car for trade in...I would appreciate all the help I can get
  • Kirstie_HKirstie_H Posts: 11,042
    Well, Step 1 is to tell us where you live (or where you're shopping). The market is different from place to place.


    Step 2 is to swing by our discussion called Real-World Trade-In Values, read the red lettering, and post the details about your trade-in vehicle to get an idea of what to expect.


    Step 3, return here and we'll help you find what others are paying in your area, including incentives and rebates, and maybe some of our members can recommend a few good dealerships.



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  • gfxguygfxguy Posts: 18
    Your best weapon is patience. You might want to wait until the 2005 Elements are in and you see people posting their experiences/prices here.


    Don't forget to read "Confessions of a Car Salesman" (found on this website) if you are planning on going to a dealership. If you give it some more time, you can get Edmunds TMV as a basis for your negotiating. If you wait long enough, you should be able to see the carsdirect prices for new Elements, too. That's usually a very reasonable price.


    Evaluate your current car with Edmunds and Kelly Blue Book (, but don't expect to get that amount. You might want to try a CarMax, if there is one in your area, for a free appraisal, good for a week, on your car. You don't need to buy from them to sell to them, although you'll miss a tax break on your new car.


    There's a lot of advice on for buying a car. The more you learn about it the better.


    EDIT: I wanted to add that there are places to buy genuine Honda accessories online. The dealer markups and high installation costs will make the options you want very expensive. Don't know if it's correct to post the website I use here, though, so I'll wait and see what a moderator has to say about it.


    Many accessories are easy to install. For example: I bought wheel locks, mud guards, and the tray liner for my Odyssey - the dealer wanted to charge a LOT for installation of these things that litterally took just a few minutes. I mean, come on! Installation for the tray? It just drops in! Some are not so easy (like steps), but if you can handle it then you can save quite a bit.
  • Thanks for the quick reply, I live in the Youngstown Ohio area, I have several dealerships near me, The Honda Store in Boardman ( just about next door, I could walk!also I lease a 2004 Civic there for my daughter) There is Shenengo Honda in the New Castle Pa area and Apostolakis in Cortland, Ohio. Youngstown is considered a depressed area, I thought I could get a great price. I have my financing already, in essence I will be paying cash. Does this help or hurt me? My trade in is only worth about 400 dollars, I told you it was old!! I have a friend who worked out a deal at Shenengo Honda, she got a great price and they agreed to give her free oil changes! I would appreciate all the help I can get!! Thanks!!
  • thekingtheking Posts: 107
    I bought an 05 ex awd with auto last tonight. I paid the invoice price of

    $20584 + $300 for a total of $20884 and the dealer is installing the

    following Honda no extra charge............

                             1. Rocker Panel Trim

                             2. Fog Lamps


                             3. All Seasom Mats


                             4. Rear Cargo Tray


                             5. Armrest with Storage


                             6. Front Hood Deflector


                              7. Honda Security System


                              8. Rear Bumper Guard


                               9. Gas Cap Lock


                               10. Mud Flaps


                               11. Grey Leather Steering wheel cover


          Dealer is charging $99 Doc Fee and including Black Pin Striping.

    Color is the new red. Do you think I got a good deal ???
  • sounds great to me! Where are you located. I am in Mpls MN and plan to purchase soon.
  • Kirstie_HKirstie_H Posts: 11,042
    That doesn't sound like a good deal... it sounds like a GREAT deal! That red color is really nice, and it sounds like you got some good extras and a very reasonable doc fee.


    Don't forget to share your ownership experience with others in our regular Honda Element discussion.



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  • I live in MPLS, MN too. I know of a good place to buy one!
  • isellhondasisellhondas Issaquah WashingtonPosts: 19,821
    Actually that sounds too good to believe. I hope that dealer honors the price since some of those accessories are expensive to install.


    That deal would lose a lot of money for the dealer and it's a 2005. not a leftover '04.
  • I agree, this sounds too good to be true. Does your dad own the dealership? Well good for you if you get that price, I have hope then that I can get a good deal.
  • The dealership just called and my Rallye Red is in.....Oh Lord, can I contain myself? I've been driving a 1990 Sillouette minivan forever and I have thanked God everyday for the convenience, fiberglass, no rust and most of all I can haul just about anything, lost my husband in a terrible tragedy and concentrated on raising my daughter,(you know sacrifices a Mother makes) I got her into a beautiful red ex civic with all the extras and NOW ITS MY TURN!!!!! Never got excited about any of the cars on the road until one day walking the dog and this BOX drives by...."what the heck was that?" I didn't like it then but what did I know???????? Wish me luck I'm going to take a valium and put my game face will I contain myself when I see my EEEEEEEE???? I have been waiting since last June....wasn't satisfied with the prices on the 04's and when I heard the whispering that Red was coming, well I couldn't settle for black, I go for drama and the orange was awesome but I'm not an orange kind of person, one of my coworkers has the orange and I can't wait to park my red with black panels next to hers, I wonder if they will become friends? Don't mind my rambling, I can't believe that FINALLY, I will be an owner, I made my mind up that a couple hundred dollars will not break me....does it sound crazy to have a bottom line of 22,000.00 total with fogs and steps? I can't wait to be a true element owner of the elementownersclub!!
  • gfxguygfxguy Posts: 18
    Calm down!!!


    According to the website, the list price is 20,325 for EX automatic. Even with '04's on the lot, you should be able to do better than that.


    According to the website where I buy Honda accessories:


    - 330 for the side steps

    - 242 fog light kit


    Those prices are not for 2005 though, and doesn't include installation. Still, add six hundred and lets say it's an even 21,500 maximum, including destination charge. I have no doubt you should be able to go under 20500, and if you play your cards right, a lot less than that, even. Subtract your trade in, add taxes and so forth, I think 22K should be fine... of course, I'm not a dealer and I don't know what they are charging.


    Your best bet at this point is to call several dealers with your selection. Don't let them talk you into something else (they'd rather sell you one they have or have already ordered than order a new one). Get the prices (including installation and so forth for your accessories), and definitely call several places as well as looking for online prices.


    I have to tell you, I have an Odyssey and an Element, and while the Ody has a lot more going for it for creature comforts, I enjoy the Element a lot more. I was just like you - I didn't like it at first but it grew on me. That's one way to know you'll like it for a long time... things that seem great right off the bat tend to lose their quality over time (look at the PT Cruiser now... not such a big deal, afterall). Things that you grow to like tend to stay that way for a long time.


    And just like you, I'm WAAYYY outside the demographic for this car! That red color looks VERY cool. I'm excited for you and I don't even have my tags yet!


    I have to keep saying this; read "Confessions of a Car Salesman" available on Edmunds website, and definitely shop around online to get a good idea of what you want (unfortunately some places, like carsdirect, don't give you the accessories as options), and definitely call around.


    You will be your own worst enemy if you are too excited to think clearly when you buy the car.
  • Thanks for the great advise, I gave an offer of 21,800, that is tax (1350.00) and all. Including the fog lights only. I knew that the steps were going to really cost me at the dealership so I thought I would purchase online and have them put on for a fraction of the cost. The dealership that is near me gave me a terrible offer and that made we really come down to earth. I called the other dealers that I was in contact with thru the internet and one topped the others deal. All in all, I haven't signed anything but I did give a deposit so they could get my red 4wd from another dealer. So what do you think, 21,800? Total with fogs?
  • gfxguygfxguy Posts: 18
    Tags + Tax + Title + Destination for 21,800 for an EX 4WD with fog lights...


    I don't know... I like waiting until I can find prices online, and so far carsdirect only has 2004. I paid 18.8 + tax for a 2WD EX with no fog lights, but that was 2004. I know I didn't get the greatest deal possible, but I was happy.


    So, adding on the 4WD and the foglights and the fact that it's 2005 (and includes the tax), it sounds like a good deal to me!
  • carglowcarglow Posts: 91
    I haven't found 05 E invoice prices yet on Edmund's or Carsdirect.


    Has anyone seen them yet?
  • This is from Edmunds:

     Official: 2005 INVOICE Pricing


    ------------------------------------------------------------------ ---------------


    2wd lx 5 spd $16640.88


    2wd lx 4 spd auto $17378.80


    2wd ex 5 spd (side airbags) $18554.86


    2wd ex 4 spd auto (side airbags) $19292.78


    4wd lx 5 spd $17932.24


    4wd lx 4 spd auto $18670.16


    4wd ex 5 spd (side airbags) $19846.22


    4wd ex 4 spd auto ( side airbags) $20584.14


    I had these as soon as they hit the page, I did my shopping already, my Rallye Red is coming next week!
  • carglowcarglow Posts: 91
    Thanks. Where did you find that?


    I still don't see it on Edmunds.
  • i noticed that edmunds doesn't have any reference to element whatsoever maybe because they're waiting for 2005 or something. also won't let you get a quote on an element either, same with edmunds.


    also dealers have told me they won't get many 2005's until feb or later as they still have a few 2004's, tho some have nothing and can't get any inventory either.


    on the west coast are the dealers in oregon or la area cheaper. i was looking to go to oregon because they are closer to my home in seattle.
  • rtzx9rrtzx9r Posts: 1
    Edmunds removed the 2004 element pricing a few days ago- there is still no 2005 pricing.


    We ordered our 2005 red element ex awd auto for 20,007 + 400 dealer fee. total w/ tax/tag etc. out the door is 21,900, and that is w/ floormats only.


    We live in S. Fl and have to wait until late feb to take delivery- there are NO awd red ones available yet. Plus the dealers in W. Palm Beach would not go under inviuce so we are getting it from Tampa to save $630.
  • baker5baker5 Posts: 7
    Anyone know or has hd experience with Brandfon Honda in Brandford CT? CarsDirect pointed me in that direction for an 04' EX 4wd at 19,200. There are not many Honda dealers around here and need some feedback.
  • I think you got a very good deal pricewise.


    if it is an ex awd auto. which has an invoice of 20,584 + 515 for dest charges. before tax etc you would have to pay 21,099 at invoice. without the fog lamps


    today i was offered an ex 4wd auto from a las vegas dealer for 21,084 plus 693 in 'dealer fees' which are not taxes or title xfer.


    it would seem to me you got the car for 1150 under invoice + dest.


    great deal!


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