2013 and Earlier - Jeep Cherokee (All) Prices Paid and Buying Experience



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    Try the dealer in Woodland CA near Sacramento. It may be worth the ride. Just call them and ask for the fleet manager. Here is our deal completed overthe phone. No funny business.

    Just an update:
    The Jeep drives flawlessly. Reminds us of our Lexus RX300. Its very smooth.

    The buying experience was excellent. The dealer spent an hour on a Sunday night going thru all of the features. They did not rush us.

    WOODLAND, CA 95695-3596

    2005 Grand Cherokee Limited
    5.7 V-8
    GPS 6 disk CD
    Supplemental side air bags
    Rear Backup system
    Sirius Satellite radio
    Tire Prssure monitor
    Popular 4X4 group
    Chrome Clad Wheels

    Sticker - $41,815

    Cost $38,502.00
    fees $45.00
    Fees $8.75
    Sub $38,555.75
    Rebates $3,500.00
    Net $35,055.75
    Sales Tax $3,180.85
    Lisc $311.00
    Total $38,547.60

    I added full maintenance plan for 5 years / 75K service every 6K minles and Max Care extended warranty for 5/85K

    Cost $2160 for both plans.

    $12160 down payment.

    48 months @ 5.99% 670/month
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    Hi everyone. I recently ordered a 2005 GC Limited from a local dealer. Does anyone know the approximate current lead time for an order? Also, does anyone know a way to track your order through Chrysler (other than the dealer)? I've tried the customer assistance information on wkjeeps.com but did not hear a option for order tracking? Thanks for your help. I can't to get the GC.

    05' Grand Cherokee Limited - Blue with Greystone Interior
    - 5.7L Hemi
    - Quadra Drive II
    - DVD Navigation
    - Parksense
    - Premium Tire/Pressure monitor
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    I have a 93 GC Limited, green, khaki leather interior. Has been a gem of a vehicle. I am looking to buy a 2005 GC, Limited, Hemi and want to know which stereo might work with the IPOD. I have found a few new connectivity kits that work by plugging into either the cd changer harness or the back of car stereos. Does anyone have an IPOD hooked up with a 2005 GC? The kits I have seen online so are are the Monster Cable " Icruze " and the Audiovox " Ipod Mobile interface kit". So far I am leaning towards getting the navigation radio but would be willing to settle for one of the other ones if I could connect my IPOD and have the car stereo buttons control it. The Itrip sort of sucks.
    Thanks to everyone for posting on this site, it has helped me negotiate a great price on a new Jeep.. I'm just waiting for my VW Jetta to sell or get a good deal on a trade in. I also want to trade in the Jeep so they aren't wanting to give me much for them and they don't seem to be selling.
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    Hi snowmancomic,

    I was informed it would be 6-8 weeks before it would come in. I chose to have the dealer locate the one I wanted from another dealer and do a "Dealer Trade."

    This is actually kinda funny, but the one I picked out ended up being a demo. It seems the owner liked it so much he started driving it and has put on 1500 miles. I am not interested in that one, so now back to the drawing board. I called Jeep Customer Rebates Center, (800)227-0757 to find out how long rebates will be in effect. They have extended it thru April 4. And they will not know until 04/05/05 if they are extended further.
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    Hi Jeep3,

    6-8 weeks was what I was quoted also, just was wondering if anyone had ordered recently and received theirs. I ordered it about 2 weeks ago and when i stopped by last Sat, they said a VIN number had been assigned and was scheduled for delivery sometime in April. Any idea on how to track it through production? I also tried to have the dealer locate one within a 200 mile radius, but no luck on the color/options I was looking for. Only one we found was completely loaded and about 2.5K more than I wanted to spend.

    My dealer told me that the current rebates (excluding the financing rebate) would apply as of the order date and I would get any applicable financing rebate that was available at the date the GC arrived and I took ownership.

    Thanks for your help.
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    Call Jeep directly and simply ask for any help. I got the number off of jeep.com and they were very helpful.

    The rebate center informed me if you order before the end of a rebate period, the dealer MUST give you the best rebate. That is if the rebates are more when your car comes in, you get the additional amount and if they are less you still get the highest amount. This only applies if you ORDER the SUV.

    According to two different dealerships, Jeep is not taking orders for the black hemi's at this time.

    Paulie wrote earlier that the price should not be much different if you order than if you bought it off the lot. I had three dealerships say that it would be approximately $400-$600 more due to dealer holdbacks. I honestly have no clue if that is true. What options did you get, list price and finally what did you pay?
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    I ordered my JGC LTD and it took about 6-8 weeks. As for tracking, it took a little less than 2 weeks for it to be built once a VIN number was assigned. The dealer can tell you when it is built and the status changes to "shipped". After that, it's a black hole until it rolls up on the dealer's lot. That took another 2-3 weeks. But if the dealer gives you the VIN number, you can use Jeep.com to find it once it's built. What you do is put in the dealer zip code and then search inventory. Your JGC should show up. At least you know it's there waiting on a train or truck to come get it.

    And the other information was true about the rebates. As I stated in an earlier post, the dealer in Chillicothe MO guaranteed me the highest rebate available -- either by order date or by delivery date.

    It's worth the wait. It's one heck of a machine.
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    Hi snowmancomic,

    Please outline your deal, options and price. I may end up going with a different color and ordering it so I would like to do my homework first. Also, what part of the country are you in?
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    Hi Rusty,

    I went in as a Affliates rewards program member (Chrysler supplier), so I received a set 1% under invoice price of the vehicle. Only complain I had with the Affliates program was that I eneded up having to pay about an extra $150 for regional advertising that is gernally waived for the consumer (the dealer showed me the invoice witht he program price on it), so I'm figuring I was about $250 under invoice all together. I don't have the numbers in front of me right now, but will post them later. I do remember sticker on the truck was 40,575. The location in Rochester NY, dealer was Doan Dodge/Chrysler/Jeep.
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    hi all,
    In following up to a previous post I made regarding the very poor visibility in the new 2005 jeep grand cherokee.. I actually went out and traded it in at a loss for another new vehicle.

    After driving for 1 month I coulnd't get used to it and my fiance' hated it also. Others/family who drove the vehicle said it was so bad it was an accident waiting to happen. I got headaches driving it becuase I was looking straight at the rearview mirror while driving and the A-Pilars so badly obstructed my view.

    So on saturday, I traded it in for a big loss (6K) and got another vehicle. I would rather loose lots of $$ than kill someone like I almost did 2 weeks ago because I couldn't see them walking past my vehicle on the right. That my friends is very scary. $6k is nothing when you compare insurance in Massachusetts and if I was at fault for any accident.. chrysler wouldn't do anything and certainly would never accept partial fault for such a crap design..its too bad.. because I am a loyal jeep owner and previously owned two other Jeep GCs.

    So buyers beware, the 2005 Jeep GC looks kewl and rides smooth, but the visibility is horendous and an accident waiting to happen.

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    Hi Keith,

    I know this isn't funny but when I read your post:
    "because I couldn't see them walking past my vehicle on the right,"
    I thought is must have been one of two things:1) you were driving really really slow or 2) they were walking really really fast.

    I have driven the new GC a few times and honestly I did not notice any difference in the blind spots between the 2005 and my 1999. I'm curious, were you a previous GC owner? Were you backing up or what?
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    Let's keep the discussion focused on prices paid and buying experience. If you wish to discuss the shortcomings of a particular vehicle, you are welcome to do so in the problems & solutions board.

    Thank you for your cooperation.
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    I thought I'd post the deal I just made last night: EASTSIDE CHRYSLER JEEP, Bellvue WA.

    05 GC Limited, Green/khaki, Hemi, Chrome wheels, Navi,backup sensor,tow package, side airbags and a few other things I really wasn't looking for but it had. Basically I paid invoice, received all the rebates including the $500 Heroes or something like that (EMT Certification). It was a really good deal considering that they filled the jeep up, gave me a free oil change and very good trade in on My Jetta Wagon. Very nice, busy dealership full of last minute Linda's & Larry's (like us of course!). I talked to the parts guy and he didn't think the IPOD connection kit would work with the stereo's in these new jeeps. I will still check with Monster & Audiovox and post on one of these forums if I ever figure this stuff out. Also I am about to go out right now and try and pair my Cingular Motrola V551 phone. X your fingers for me. :)
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    In case anyone is interested, Chrysler/Jeep offers a great recent College Grad incentive program which is far superior to any other company out there. I am graduating this May and have been shopping around for a new SUV. For the price, incentives, and 5-year ownership costs on the JGC, buying one is a no brainer. Here is how the program breaks down:

    -1% below invoive off the bat
    -must pay a $75 program fee to join
    -must be graduating from college I believe 6 months prior to purchase date or have graduated up to 2 years before purchase date
    -proof of employment or future employment

    This is not a plug for Chrysler/Jeep either, believe me. I am simply informing recent College grads of the great deals out there willing to be had. I have test driven the JGC and plan to buy by the end of the month. This SUV rides silky smooth and looks great. I was turned off of the 4-Runner and Pathfinder due to higher price and 3rd row seating. Hope this helps anyone in the market for an SUV. I hope to be posting my buying experience very shortly. - Forty
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    After months of deliberation I have decided to go with the JGC limited G package. I was offered the following deal today:
    MSRP $32,830
    Final Price: (including TTL) of $19,000

    This includes the $3,500 in rebates and discounts and $10,000 for my trade (2002 Chevrolet Trailblazer with 89,000 miles on it). Now I just have to decide on what color. I gave the dealer three colors (Silver, White and Light Khaki) and they have come back with all three. At first I really liked the Khaki but the more I look at it the less I like it. I will probably go with the silver. I will post my final deal when it is completed. I think this is a pretty good deal.
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    You should look into some additional rebates that you might be able to get out of the dealer. In addition to the $2500 cash back/financing deal, there is a $1000 rebate for going through Chrysler Finance (which it sounds like you are using), and another $1000 "Exclusive Cash Bonus" that Jeep direct mailed/emailed to people on its mailing list (frankly I have no idea how or why I am on their mailer, but I am). See if you can get that rebate as well - might have to come from Jeep HQ, though, so you should contact them rather than the dealer.

    I too am shopping around, and I followed the Edmunds "buying tips" and got a number of prices through email for the "base" 2005 Grand Cherokee (MSRP $28500). Here is the breakdown, including the $3500 in rebates mentioned above (and not including the additional $1000 coupon I received via email or my trade):

    MSRP: $28,500
    Edmunds Invoice: $26,630
    Edmunds TMV: $27,386 (w/o rebates)

    Prices I was quoted:
    $22,451 (dealership on ebay, located in Indiana)
    $22,882 (local Long Island, NY dealer)
    $22,959 (local)
    $23,800 (local)

    All of these prices were done over email with no haggling or negotiating, so it's possible I can work a little more to get a better price. That said, however, I suspect that some of the dealers are building the military/recent college grad rebate into the price (both $500, though I don't qualify for either), so I'm pretty sure I have that little surpise waiting for me when I get to the dealership.

    Let me know if anyone has had a similar experience/price.
  • shorty101shorty101 Member Posts: 30
    I hope you have better luck than I had today. I went into a dealership today with my title in hand ready to make the final deal with the numbers that we came up with yesterday. Instead of coming back with the price of $19,000 after trade and TTL they came back with $21,400. They said that they could not give me the amount on the trade they offered me yesterday (after they inspected my car) because people don't want to buy Mid-size Suv's. When they told me this I got my keys and walked out. I will not buy an automobile from this dealership ever, even if they come back with a better price. I guess they thought they could get a women to pay $2,400 extra because she did not know the value of her car. My second lowest price was $20, 800 after trade and TTL. This was on a JGC limited G-package with a sun roof. I have done all of my business with them over the phone and the internet. I called them a minute ago and told them if they could guarantee this price I will buy from them. I will let you know how it goes with them. I will also see if I can get the exclusive bonus cash.
  • bryan3536bryan3536 Member Posts: 6

    That's awful, but you should be pretty happy with the fact that you were strong enough to walk out when they pulled that nonsense. I put things on hold until tomorrow, at which time I plan to take another go at negotiations before I actually visit a dealership. I'll let you know.
  • shorty101shorty101 Member Posts: 30
    I bought my Jeep and I love it. I bought a White JGC Limited G Package with a sunroof and a Khaki interior. Below is a breakdown of the cost.

    MSRP: 32,900

    Rebates $3,500
    Reduction in sticker price $2,400
    Trade in $8000

    Total after TTL: 20,583

    They also will install U-Connect for free because when the Jeep came in the interior was the wrong color Khaki instead of Greystone/Dk. Kahaki. They asked me what they could do to make it OK with me and I said install the U-connect for free. They went for it and I took the deal. This was a $400 value. I could not get the exclusive cash bonus because this is only mailed randomly to individuls who visit the Jeep dealership. I think that I got a good deal and I am happy.
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    I am currently looking for a new car for my wife, and she is interested in the 05 Grand Cherokee Laredo. I was not too taken by its interiors. Any regrets out there? Thanks, Richard
  • afreyreafreyre Member Posts: 2
    Does anyone know if the $2500 Cash back and $1000 CFC Financing rebates are taken out before or after taxes are calculated?
  • shawkins1shawkins1 Member Posts: 1
    where did you purchase you Jeep?
  • shorty101shorty101 Member Posts: 30
    If I read my finance contract correctly. The rebates were taken out before my taxes were calculated. Hope this is helpful.
  • afreyreafreyre Member Posts: 2
    Just purchased a 2005 Jeep Grand Cherokee Limited - 4WD
    Bright Silver with Gray interior

    Here is the deal I got:

    5.7L Hemi MDS V8 Engine
    Customer Preferred Package 25K
    Electronic Infotainment Sys Group
    4x4 Popular Equipment Group
    Navigation System w/ 6-CD/MP3 Player
    Sirius Satellite Radio
    17x7.5: Aluminum Chrome Clad Wheels
    ParkSense Rear Back-up System
    Tire Pressure Monitoring Display

    MSRP: $42,930 (includes $695 NJ Destination Charge)

    Price of Vehicle: 36,000
    Vehicle Protection Program: $117.00
    Subtotal: $36,117.00

    State Sales Tax: $2167.02
    Tire Tax: $7.50
    Registration/Title: $75.00
    Documentary Fee: $147.00
    Factory Rebate: $3,500

    Final Price: $35,013.52.

    After weeks of research, reading this forum and contacting several dealerships for quotes, I think I got a very good deal. I'm very happy with the car.
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    Hey all - I'm looking at an 05 JGC and have not been able to find some information listed on ANY website, so i'm asking y'all.

    How much did you pay for the 7 year/70,000 mile warranty?

  • hofmannphofmannp Member Posts: 2
    been researching and came across the 1% under invoice college grad program.

    has anyone used this?

    were there any catches (other than the $75 fee)? it seems to be almost too good of a deal to be true.

    Here is the deal I'm looking at:
    '05 JGC Laredo 4x4 (just assume no options)

    Invoice: $25,935
    Marketing Fee: +423
    Destination Fee: +695
    7 Yr/70,000: +970
    Dealer Prep: +250
    College grad program:
    1% under invoice ( -283)
    Program: +75
    Jeep rebate: (-2,500)
    Jeep Financing cash: (-1,000)
    Military: (-1,500)

    FINAL (w/o tax) $23,065

    I'm buying through the military overseas car sales so we get a $1500 military rebate. Also, all of the costs are "no haggle" prices.
  • jefferson1964jefferson1964 Member Posts: 330
    I dont know what your vision imparement might be, but ive never had that issue on the 05 GC.....hate to see you take a loss but next time ask to take a vehicle for a couple of days before signing the dotted line this could save you $$$$.......
  • Kirstie_HKirstie_H EdmundsAdministrator Posts: 11,117
    A writer with a national newspaper would like to interview someone who was looking at a Chrylser/Dodge/Jeep vehicle, and wasn’t sure whether to get a Hemi but in the end paid the extra money for the Hemi. The writer is specifically looking at the Chrysler 300, Dodge Magnum or Jeep Grand Cherokee. If you fit what the writer is looking for and you are willing to be quoted in a newspaper article, please send an email with contact information to [email protected] by Monday, May16, 2005, 5pm Eastern.


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    I'm looking at a Limited 4.7 G package with sunroof and heated seats would like chrome wheels as well.

    Price 36,415 without chrome wheels
    E-price and Rebate 30,041.
    This is right off the web sit at Lawless Woburn,Ma

    Could get a price of 29,000 at the end of the month.

    What do you think any one else comments?
    Sounds good to me...
  • blhblh Member Posts: 18


    Good deal I can't find a Limited MSRP under 36,415 in MA, NH
    What part of the country did you buy from?
  • blhblh Member Posts: 18

    Rocky Mountain Grand looks to be a good deal has most of the best options plus its own uniqueness.

    MSRP 34,955
    E-price and Rebates 28,199.00
    28Y package
    Nice Wheels
    all the good stuff

    What you think?
  • shorty101shorty101 Member Posts: 30
    Sorry it took so long to respond. I have been enjoying my JGC. I live in Louisiana. I went to five dealerships in the Baton Rouge area. The best price was found at Stearling Chrysler, Dodge & Jeep in a small town called Opelousas. I did 95% of the deal over the internet and on the phone. I was very pleased. I gave them my bottom line which I developed after much research on Edmunds. My JGC does not have a Hemi but it drives very nice. I have 2000 miles on it and it drives better than any car I have ever owner. I am a converted lifelong GM customer. Hope this is helpful.
  • blhblh Member Posts: 18

    Rocky Mountain Y28 package or Limited not sure which yet
    Rocky price is 28,199 plus the 1,300 for V8 so Price with rebates and incentives $29,500 quoted $29,072,
    List 35,000 Green with the Kahkai interior.

    Limited G package List 37,380
    Sunroof, Heated seats, Sirius, Green paint,Chrome wheels,
    Price with rebates and incentives $31,147

    Any comments?
  • blhblh Member Posts: 18
    Sounds great enjoy I'm buying at the end of the month wish me luck..
  • iminwoostahiminwoostah Member Posts: 4
    woah, hofmannp -
    watch out for those marketing and dealer prep fees! wow! and program? what's that? there's lots of room to haggle there - especially with those catchy fees!

    to give you an idea, here's an ad for a no-frills JGC in my local paper:

    i think you can do *much* better than $23k
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    Hi gang, I don't know if this is the right place to ask this question, but my Cousin, who lives in Jacksonville FL, purchased an used 2001 Jeep Grand Cherokee (V8) with 58,000 miles on it last Saturday from Arlington Toyota in Jacksonville FL. His term is for 72months at 10.72% apr

    His purchasing price (which I thought was high) was $18,999. But the biggest problem that I had was with the extended warranty cost that I found in the contract.
    After faxing me over his purchasing invoice, I noticed that they charge him $2,545!!!! for an extended warranty. I totally believed that they took him for a ride. Since his English is not that good, I am convince that the finance manager took complete advantage of him. No only I think that $2,545 is far too excessive for an extended warranty, but I think that it is definetively worthless, do you guys agree???

    I am planning to write a letter to Toyota and to the dealership itself to complain about the deceptive tactics of the manager, but I wanted to see if you guys know if you can get a refund after buying an extended Warranty, or have that charge taken off the total price financed.

    Any ideas or experiences will be greatly appreciated.

  • glschneiderglschneider Member Posts: 6

    My husband and I used the college grad rebate and no it's not to good to be true. The dealership we went to was not even aware of it (very rural area, not too many college grads looking at GC around here) until I brought it to their attention. We used that plus the 2500 cash back (this was in March) and declined the 1000 CFC. With my trade and TTL, our Laredo 4X4 with F package, Quadra trac II, All Terrain tires, tow hitch, and ESP (MSRP$33,110.00) came to approx $24,000.00. They would not let us combine the college grad discount with the firefighter discount, said the two were not combinable. All in all I was pretty happy with the deal.
  • wlbrown9wlbrown9 Member Posts: 867
    Need more details. Was it a Laredo or limited? 2 wheel drive or 4? Did the $18,999 include the $2,545 extended warranty of was that in addition? Did the $18,999 include title, taxes, etc? What shape is the vehicle in? Is the extended warranty backed by the factory or is it a third party? What is the length of the extended warranty (months and miles).

    He may have been taken, but we can't determine that without more information. Not trying to be critical, but it sounds as if the dealership may have taken advantage, but if he is of legal age and sound mind and can enter into a legally binding contract, it may be too late to unwind the deal. Wish he could have gotten some advice before or at least during the negotation stage, might have been able to save him.

    Also, why would anyone finance a 4 year old vehicle for 6 years? Is the financing through a bank, credit union or Chrysler Financial?
  • blhblh Member Posts: 18

    Bought my Jeep Grand Cherokee.
    28X Package Red,Khaki interior, Leather, sunroof, power seats, power pedals, 245 65 tires, satellite radio, 6 changer CD,MP3 Player....
    MSRP 34,805

    Price paid 25,300

    Trade was 95' Grand

    Very Happy great seats love stereo needs a Sub though.
    Love the stereo controls on the wheel. Nice ride I'm seeing more and more on the rode.

    No other SUV compared in style and comfort!
  • 3ztt3ztt Member Posts: 1
    I'm seeing some great prices, as I'm looking for an '05 (or '06, I want the Dynamic Handling System) with the K package so that I can get the Hemi, along with the Side Airbags as my only other option.
    But are the prices everyone listed fair game for leasing as well?
  • dbarnes727dbarnes727 Member Posts: 10
    I bought a new Rocky Mountain Jeep on May 25 and took delivery on the 26th.
    Here is a breakdown:

    2005 Jeep Grand Cherokee
    Rocky Mountain Edition (28Y package)
    Trailer Tow Group IV
    Off Road Group (skid plates & tow hooks)
    Electronic Stability Program
    4.7L V8 MPI Engine
    -Quadra-Trac II Active Full-time 4WD
    AM/FM Stereo w/In-Dash 6-Disc CD/MP3
    Black Crystal Clearcoat
    Medium Slate Gray Interior

    MSRP ($35,900)
    +Title Fee (25)
    +Document Fee (144)
    +NH tax (0)
    = (36,069)

    -Rebates (3,500)
    = (32,569)

    -Negotiatiated Discount (3,626)
    =Price Paid: ($28,943)

    So I paid 80.62% of MSRP (I saved $7,126) :)
  • catluvrcatluvr Member Posts: 4
    pray tell, how did you negotiate the discount?
  • Kirstie_HKirstie_H EdmundsAdministrator Posts: 11,117
    A reporter is interested in speaking with current Cherokee owners about their major likes, dislikes, price paid and other vehicles considered. He will also want to mention your name, city and state. If you are interested in speaking with this reporter, please send your name and daytime phone number to Pam Krebs, Edmunds.com PR, at [email protected] before Wednesday, July 6. Thank you.


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  • dbarnes727dbarnes727 Member Posts: 10
    Printouts from various web sources helped greatly in my negotiations.

    I was up front and honest with the salespeople, I told them I was shopping around for the best price and even looking at different vehicles.

    With all the resources available on the internet, I knew about what the dealer paid and I offered them a fair profit.
  • catluvrcatluvr Member Posts: 4

    Thanks much for the input.

    Have found some advice on a couple websites: www.carbuyingtips.com and www.fightingchance.com. These websites can go into a bit of info overload, but for the most part, I've found them helpful. One of them, I forget which (Fighting Chance?) will tell you what sort of dealer holdback is on the vehicle, so you have more info for negotiating.

    My husband and I are interested in purchasing a JGC w/ the 26Y-Rocky Mountain package, seems to have all the options we're looking for, and at a pretty reasonable price.

    Yahoo! Autos and this Edmunds site have provided me with a couple of printouts.

    Can you suggest any others?
  • paulepaule Member Posts: 382
    How much over/under invoice was that?
    Also, it appears Chrysler is going to offer a similar deal to GM's "employee pricing" deal in a couple of days.
  • reinnyreinny Member Posts: 1
    Does anyone know if you can receive additional incentives on top of the employee pricing discount and the $2000 cash back? We took a test drive today and the salesman said that dealerships had the option of choosing to participate in the employee pricing program or just offering the regular incentives that were in place prior to the employee pricing program. He said that this particular dealership chose to participate in the employee pricing program, and, therefore, we could not receive the extra $1000 college grad discount on top of the employee pricing program price. Any comments?
  • bob_grahambob_graham Member Posts: 63
    You need to do your homework here. I paid 200 below invoice and received 3500 in rebates last March. The sticker on our limited was 42815 and we paid 35008 after rebates and discounts. I went on line and priced the same Jeep today and the price after the employee discount and rebates was 35800.

    Employee pricing or X plan on Ford which I use since my employer buys Fords really is great for employees and friends when the standard rebates are in place.

    For example we bought a 2004 Ford Taurus SEL last OCT. The sticker was 27,200, the X plan price was 24500 and then we received $5500 in rebates. This brought the car in below 20K.

    The programs now are really just another version of the older programs.
    On the employee plans the factory makes a payment to the dealer to cover expenses so there is still money on the table.

    The point is try and get the Jeep for 200 to 500 below invoice and then apply the old rebates, if this is possible.

    Hope this helps.....
  • hdctjhdctj Member Posts: 5
    Sounds pretty good, but beware the salesman shell game... "only one at this price", "does not include marketing costs", etc.

    I picked up the JGC Limited with the Hemi back in March via CarsDirect. I heartily recommend checking them out. Total with CA tax, title & license came in at $38k. I got a screaming deal, and I'd recommend everyone check out online sellers like these guys. No icky slimey salesmen to fight past and no need to haggle! Only downsides are that you may have to drive a bit to take delivery and if you're extra picky about colors and some options you may have to settle for something different. But on the other hand, they may be able to find you options your local dealers are being less than helpful in locating. I was looking for the Midnight Blue exterior and none of my local dealers could find it, but CarsDirect did.

    Here's the run down, direct from the listing when I bought in March:

    2005 Jeep Grand Cherokee Limited w/5.7L HEMI Magnu 4dr 4x4
    CarsDirect Price: $ 36,547.00
    Customer Rebate Expires 03/31/05 ($2500)
    Transmission: 5-Speed Automatic (5-45RFE) STD
    Leather Trimmed Bucket Seats STD
    3.73 Axle Ratio STD
    Monotone Paint Application STD
    Normal Duty Suspension STD
    Engine: 5.7L Hemi Multi Displacement $1316
    Quick Order Package 25K $1694
    Supplemental Side Air Bags $431
    4x4 Popular Equipment Group w/EZB $519
    SIRIUS Satellite Radio $172
    Tire Pressure Monitoring Display $75
    Electronic Infotainment System Group $1056
    Radio: 6CD/Full Map GPS Display Navigation $1056
    Wheels: 17 in. x 7.5 in. Chrome Clad Aluminum $722
    Parksense Rear Back-Up System $224
    Chrome removal credit ($722)

    They gave me a credit on the chrome wheels, which I did not want. But the Dealer I took delivery from fell off on his promise to swap out for the standard Al 5 spokes, so I essentially got the cheeky "clad" wheels no charge. And I went with the Chrysler Financing that bought it down another $1500 if I recall correctly. The rate was better than my bank could put together so it was a no brainer.

    If you check now, their offered price is down in the $35k range. But they don't yet seem to be reflecting the Employee Discount Program. It's worth contacting them to find out if they are participating in that program. They usually honor all the incentives available, like the College Grad and others. I had an additional $500 off coupon that Jeep sent me which the happily accepted.

    And they'll do factory orders too. But at this point, I think if you want to do a factory order on the Grand, you'll have to wait a bit as DC is now taking orders for only the 06's from what I've heard. Then CarsDirect may not be able to help as they don't yet have pricing for the new model year. But again, very much worth checking them out!

    Best of luck on the shopping!
  • catluvrcatluvr Member Posts: 4
    don't mean to reply to my own message, but feel it's important to add a caveat to my above message, #268:

    Price paid was BEFORE adding: Tax/Title/blah-blah, advertising charges (regional charges are apparently non-negotiable), and purchase of extended warranty at dealer's cost.
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