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2013 and Earlier - Jeep Wrangler Prices Paid and Buying Experience



  • jimlw2jimlw2 Posts: 122
    Just ordered a 2005 Unlimited using my companies Affiliate Rewards program which touts 1% under invoice. However, I'm still not comfortable with the cost of the Detroit Metro PPA and DAA fee lines ($280 and $240 respectively). That throws the actual price to being just over $300 over invoice and not under invoice as I had planned. Anyone know if these are negotiable? The dealer insisted they're part of what they're paying to the regional Jeep areas as part of their invoice. I'd like to confirm that if anyone knows for sure. Thanks.
  • I just ordered a 2005 Sport and checked with multiple dealers and couldn't get any of them to budge on these fees. There aren't as high now here (Knoxville TN) but still couldn't negotiate. Here we are in the Atlanta zone and our fees are $160 and $125, the only thing you may try depending on how close the zones are to you is to see if you can find another zone pretty close to you.

  • mac24mac24 Posts: 3,910
    Don't bother trying to negotiate indvidual items, negotiate your final price..........the amount you'll actually pay. That way it doesn't matter how the dealer shows the various line items as long as the total is acceptable.
  • jimlw2jimlw2 Posts: 122
    Thanks Laura and mac24 for responses.

    Nice to hear I'm not alone with those "fees", Laura...even though mine are over $200 higher than yours were. My antenna just goes up when my numbers don't match.

    Mac24...I went in there with a printout from the Jeep website accessed through my company's website with an exact price of $24,722 before rebates/taxes for Unlimited, auto, security, locking fuel cap, mats, dual top, and side steps. The dealer explained the "extras" I hadn't planned on like 8 gallons of gas for $15, customer loyalty mailing for $25, and then the $280 PPA and $240 DAA. He insisted these are all charges the dealer passes along on "under invoice" deals like the Affiliate Rewards program. I like the "no haggle" concept of it but because it was so easy I can't help but think those fees are where they're getting an extra amount of money as iif they're "invoice." The printout he gave me says..."This is not an invoice" so I have to wonder if they're "padding" a bit with some printout program that takes the dealer invoice plus a little extra. He forget to have me sign the order form and waived any good-faith money so I may contact another dealer to see what they quote. I'd hate to turn my back on the dealer that's ordering one for me but I figure it can't hurt to double-check them against another dealer.

    I'm mainly curious whether others doing "invoice" deals have run into similar charges.
  • mac24mac24 Posts: 3,910
    Absolutely you should shop around, a vehicle is the same as any other product. The dealers job is to maximize his bottom line, yours is to buy as cheaply as possible.

    Don't even get into the various line items, just work on the final price you pay. Use Edmunds and other sites to do your research to find a fair total price. Deduct something for bargaining with, maybe 5-10%, then say to the dealer "This is the specification of the Jeep I want, can you sell it to me for that price with nothing added? That way it doesn't matter what the various fees are, either the deal can be done or you'll get a counter offer. I'm sure you can take it from there!
  • tka2tka2 Posts: 6
    Going to dealership tomorrow...any thoughts to earlier message?


    Dealer near me has a leftover 2004 Wrangler Unlimited (brand new) priced at $19,999 with a sticker of $25,620 (includes floor mats, stereo upgrade and leather-wrapped sterring wheel, cruise).

    Does this seem inline with what others are paying?

    Have always wanted a Wrangler and it seems like a good deal.
  • mac24mac24 Posts: 3,910
    Have you done your research? Here on Edmunds is a good place to start. Is the price before or after rebates? Is it the color and specification you really want? Don't just buy the deal.
  • jimlw2jimlw2 Posts: 122
    For those researching numbers to buy a Wrangler Unlimited, here are my details in hopes it helps...No haggle-prices using my company's Affiliate Rewards connection (aka Friends/Family/Partners - or FFP) which touts 1% under invoice.
    My dealer is in SE Michigan.

    Prices below are from the two columns in a printout from my dealer listed as "MSRP" and "FWP" (supposedly invoice)...

    Wrangler Unlimited White/Khaki 23,895 / 21,877
    Automatic 825 / 726
    Security Group 295 / 260
    Locking Fuel Cap 15 / 13
    Front Floor Mats 30 / 26
    Dual Top 1,435 / 1,263
    Bodyside Steps 150 / 132
    8 gallons gas 0 / 15
    Customer Loyalty Mailing 0 / 25
    Detroit Metro - PPA/EB-PF 0 / 280
    Detroit Metro - DAA 0 / 240

    Total 27,305 / 25,517

    FFP Price = $25,262 (1% under the FWP "invoice" price above)
    6% Sales Tax = $1,515.72
    Title $23.00
    Total Delivered Price = $26,800
    Minus $500 former military
    Minus $750 (assuming it's still there when the Wrangler is delivered)
    Minus $1,000 Chrysler Finance (again, assuming they still offer that at deliverly)

    Out the door price = $24,550

    Minimum Chrysler Finance amount needed to get the $1,000 rebate is $2,000 for at least six months.

    My concern about my price last night was because those gas, customer mailing, PPA, and DAA costs were not figured in the Affiliate Rewards price provided directly from the Jeep website. Their price was 24,722 before rebates, taxes, and fees. My dealers price was $540 over that amount due to those other charges. That's why my antenna went up even though my dealer insisted they have to recoup those charges on "invoice" deals like this. So you know, Jeep website shows the Preferred Discount due to the Affiliate Rewards at $2,583 off the sticker price before rebates.

    Even if you don't have access to the Affiliate Rewards deal, I hope seeing what I've posted above will show you what you can shoot for if it's better.
  • brian211brian211 Posts: 69
    Was looking at a rubicon hardtop automatic. 2004. Does anyone have an idea what I should offer for vehicle? Never had a jeep before. Will use for around town, not off road. It would come in handy in the long island winters. Am I biting off more than I'm bargaining for. Owner returned it cause the ride and noise was not what he expected. Is everyday city driving very uncomfortable? Like your opinions of vehicle and what I should offer dealer. Went to lot to look at 2005 cherokee unlimited, but the rubicon intrigues me. Been looking for a 4x4 for a while. Any suggestions? Has a Liberty also that re recommends.
  • mac24mac24 Posts: 3,910
    If you really just want a Rubicon, fine. The Rubicon is a version of the Wrangler that's specially equipped to excel at rockcrawling. However, if it's just being used on the street it's kind of a waste, not to mention the extra several hundred pounds of additional equipment that you have to buy gas for when you drive it around. Also remember that all Wranglers are 'part time' 4WD, and that except in heavy snow, you'll probably spend virtually all your time in 2WD.

    If you purchase on a whim you'll probably find yourself in the position of the vehicle's previous owner. There's a very active Wrangler forum here on Edmunds if you have any specific questions.
  • karlw90karlw90 Posts: 59
    If you goto the website, and look at the Atlanta dealer for a new 2005 Jeep Unlimited, they are pricing their Jeeps at $2000 UNDER INVOICE!! Tack on the current $1000 rebate and that's $3000 under invoice!! How can they do this?! Can they be making any money?? I've NEVER heard of a car being sold for $2000 under invoice unless it was a year or more old model.
  • tka2tka2 Posts: 6
    Actually, there are deals out there to be had. I just picked up a leftover 2004 Wrangler Unlimited for $19,750 in upstate NY. MSRP was $25,620 and invoice was $23,358. There was a $2,000 Dealer Incentive and the holdback was $724. My understanding is that 5-Star Chrysler Dealers earn 1.5% on whatever the sell price is so there is always a little they pull in.

    My dealer was anxious to get rid of and I was there on the last night of their fiscal month and they were ready to deal...right spot, right time.

    Also used Consumer Reports New Car Price Report as well....seemed accurate from what I could tell.

    Good luck!
  • kjs1kjs1 Posts: 8
    I just purchased a 2004 Jeep Wrangler Sport with the Dual Top Group.
    They charged me $1435.00 for the Dual Top Group.
    They also charged me $795.00 for the hard top.
    They said that was true for all 2004 Wrangler Sports.
    I cant find any site that confirms that.
    Has anyone else been charged for the hard top twice?
  • mac24mac24 Posts: 3,910
    This 'error' also occured a couple of years ago and was actually printed on the window sticker. It was supposed to have been fixed.

    The Wrangler comes with a soft top as standard. If a hard top is substituted, the cost of the soft top is subtracted from the the cost of a stand alone hard top, which leaves about $800 to pay. If dual tops are ordered, the hard top is added to the standard vehicle.

    They can't make you pay for the hard top twice. What does your window sticker say?
  • karlw90karlw90 Posts: 59
    I've been seeing that most are getting their Wranglers at invoice or $100-$200 above. I live in the Chicago area, if that makes a difference. Any idea of what to expect? I'll be custom ordering it.

  • fjeepersfjeepers Posts: 2
    To clarify the above message...I got some questions about how I did my math

    Jeep INVOICE PRICE: $24,850
    All options added at RETAIL PRICE (including winch): $ 3,685
    Total Jeep INVOICE & RETAIL options: $28,535

    What I paid: $28,600

    This means that I got a great deal...they made $65 on me with the Jeep, but since I paid retail price for the OPTIONS, they made money on that. I have no idea how much. I gave them a high offer for the winch ($900-they usually ask $939 I think) and paid full price for the install kit ($200).

    Hope this clears some stuff up.
  • kjs1kjs1 Posts: 8
    My window sticker has the Dual top group for $1435.00 and the hard top for $795.00.
  • mac24mac24 Posts: 3,910
    My window sticker has the Dual top group for $1435.00 and the hard top for $795.00.

    Just checked my window sticker (I have the dual top option too) and the hardtop is shown as "Package". I also checked the Jeep site and built a Sport with the dual top option, and the only price addition applied is (correctly), $1495.

    The soft top comes standard and you pay an additional $1495 for the hardtop when you want the dual tops. If you order the Jeep to come with a hardtop, you only pay an additional $795 because an allowance is made for the soft top which the hardtop replaces.

    Go to Jeep Build and spec one out to see for yourself
  • kjs1kjs1 Posts: 8
    Thanks, I will build one and print it out. I am sure it will not be an easy battle to get my $795 back.
  • tflizzletflizzle Posts: 2
    I am a college student and contracted AFROTC cadet on summer vacation. I've wanted to buy a Jeep Wrangler for as long as I can remember and now is my opportunity to do it. I've been looking around for a few months on Ebay as well as little used car lots etc, but havent found anything that really suits my needs and my budget. I am willing to spend between 4 and 5 grand, but I need something without a hundred thousand miles. This is because I put a few hundred miles on my car each week just going back and forth between meeting for the Air Force. I would appreciate any help that I can get. So if there is anyone here who is selling a car, or knows somewhere that I could get a good deal, I would love your feedback. Thanks alot.
  • Kirstie_HKirstie_H Posts: 11,042
    Hi tflizzle,
    You might also check our discussion on Purchasing Used Vehicles. Some of our members who have buying/selling expertise may be able to give you pointers on where to look.

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  • greddengredden Posts: 30
    I am going to purchase a 2005 Wrangler X with the Rocky Mountain package and several other options like air conditioning, full metal doors, anti-lock brakes, Lok-trac, siruis radio, add-a-trunk. I am a new college grad and I understand that Jeep offers a 1% under invoice plus the rebates. I was wondering if anyone else has used this deal and tring to find out what people are paying. Any suggestion to make sure I'm getting the lowest cost will be greatly appreciated.


  • kjs1kjs1 Posts: 8
    Thanks mac24,

    The dealership is refunding me $700.00. :)
  • mac24mac24 Posts: 3,910
    Excellent result, glad I could help. ;)
  • fjeepersfjeepers Posts: 2
    I wanted to break this down for everyone...I know the information is hard to find.

    Here is what the sticker said:
    Base Price: $ 27,365
    Security Group: $ 295
    Front Floor Mats: $ 30
    4-Speed Automatic $ 825
    Add-A-Trunk $ 125
    Engine Block Heater $ 35
    AM/FM Stereo In Dash 6 Disc CD $ 300
    Leather Wrapped Steering Wheel $ 300
    Locking Fuel Filter $ 15
    Destination Charge $ 660

    Total Price $ 29,950

    Then the extra sticker said:

    Adjusted Market Value $ 994
    Local Dealer Service & Handling $ 499

    Grand total STICKER price: $ 31,443

    What I got: All that AND an installed Warn XD9000i Winch, gap insurance, and the extended warranty

    Here is what I paid:

    Total Vehicle Cost $28,600
    Sales Tax $ 927.97
    Manufacturer's Rebate (subtract) $2,000
    Other Taxes $ 26.83
    Certificate of Title Fees $ 10
    Registration Fees $41.50
    Extended Warranty $1073
    Gap Insurance $600
    Processing Fee $399

    TOTAL PAID: $29,678.30

    I think I did okay. Probably got screwed on the gap insurance though. I didn't research that. My sales girl was very nice!! However, that didn't stop them from trying all their tricks on me. I made a spreadsheet and entered all the values (i.e. so it would figure tax and totals by itself no matter what changes I made...). I used to get all the "invoice prices", which turned out to be VERY accurate.

    They gave me two offers which were a lot more than the amount I had prepared and itemized for that particular Jeep on my spreadsheet. I then gave her my spreadsheet and said, "This is what I want to pay." She came back from the manager and said something to the effect of, "We are the biggest lot in the area and give the best service because we sell so many Jeeps..blah blah blah." I said, I understand, but I feel like my offer is reasonable. She said, "You are offering LESS than the BASE PRICE on this Jeep!" (This was before I added the $$ in to install the winch.) I said, I know, but it's exactly $250 OVER invoice price. I said that if I can't get the price I want to pay, I'll have to go deal with another smaller lot. She said she had to go run the offer by her manager again and it was smooth sailing from there on out. Once she found out that I knew the invoice price of the Jeep and the invoice price of EVERY single option on the Jeep, things went smoothly. All in all, I figured it out...I think I paid less than $100 more than I had gone in prepared to pay (not counting the gap/extended warranty...that was an impulse buy :) .)
  • I bought a 04 Rubicon from Carmax in Atlanta in Feb. 04. They had the best price around. Checked with the local dealers and they apparently didn't want to sell one to bad so I hopped on the train for a 300 mile trip, Carmax picked me up and I drove it home. The sticker was $$29620.00 and I got it for $24,289.00 ( that is 5309.00 off of sticker price) with 48 month 0% financing. The only option it didn't have was the block heater.
  • Just saw some thing in the paper about jeep is planing to match chevy's rebates starting soonest. GM has decided to extent for another month, on their current rebates.
  • billo14billo14 Posts: 3
    I am going to use the jeep to drive on rough gravel, dusty roads in the Arizona White Mountain region going to fishing lakes with little if any off-road intentions. No rock climbing and very little off the main gravel road is expected.

    Would there be any opinions out there about which engine I should look for in purchasing a used vehicle? Please give me your insights and opinions.
  • bjp4bjp4 Posts: 5
    i got an 05 jeep wrangler X rocky mountain edition. options added were a hard top, Air condition, front floor mats, auto transmission. price: 23,200 w/o TTL. i didnt do much negotiating. The price is a couple hundred below the employee price + $500 cash back. I have searched around to see what others have been paying, but couldnt really get an idea.
  • mac24mac24 Posts: 3,910
    Why not post your question over on the Wrangler forum?

    I think you'll get several replies! ;)
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