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Ford F-Series Prices Paid and Buying Experience



  • Looking for a 2008 F250 Crew 4x4, its for my business so I just need the xl, What prices are people getting for this, just to have an idea what price to shoot for.

  • I hate to say it but if your a working man like me who doesn't have money to burn it makes a whole lot more sense to buy a used truck right now. Over the past two years people have been dumping them for cars with better gas mileage. Especially the ones that bought them cause they were in style and didn't really need a truck. So now there is a glut in the market of 1-5 year old trucks for cheap. For example I just bought an 06' F150 XLT Supercab, 4x4, tow package, heavy duty payload pkg, 6-cd, power sliding window, fog lamps, the whole shebang for $10,300 otd for $11,600. I priced a new one and the sticker is 37k so you could probably buy it in the 25-28k range but why would you?
  • thanks for the advice, getting a little annoyed with people wanting too much for the used trucks, just have to keep looking i guess.
  • Np, The best thing to do is search online that's how I found mine. You can use as a baseline but you can find them cheaper. and are good sites too, it just takes some patients. What part of the country your in might play a part too, I'm in middle Tennessee. It took me about 6 months to find the one I wanted but I wanted an 8' bed and they are hard to find these days.
  • The manager at the dealership has been driving this truck and it was all dirty inside and has 1600 miles on it. The MSRP was $44,000. I just don't know if this is a good deal or not. IT is 4x4 SuperCrew, Short bed, Lariat, Rear Backup camera in mirror, rear parking assist (beepers), keyless entry, homelink on visor, moonroof,

    Please advise. Our truck was wrecked and we need to act soon. Thanks!
  • tampa2tampa2 Posts: 18
    The best way to find out is to send e-mails to dealers with similar vehicles in stock, tell them you are going to buy a truck very soon, and ask them for their best offer. If another dealer will match or beat the price for a truck with no miles, then you know you either have room in your current deal or can go buy one with 10 miles. My guess is there is room. When I bought my truck I had to go to several dealerships, just like when I bought my wife's Honday Odyssey. I usually e-mail like 10 dealerships' internet managers, they get back right away with pricing and most times will deal very honestly on the phone. Good luck!
  • I'd have to say no deal on that price.There are still a lot of 08F150s on the lot and I would think that they could move easily in to the upper 20s on that truck! Think about after all it is still used.My advice would be to negotiate over the phone trust me it is less stressfull then going down there in person.Also when you give them a price that you like always start real low and then maybe come up a little.Also keep in mind Ford needs to move vehicles now more than ever hope this helps.
  • ddownddown Posts: 6
    Truck Stickered 33500 got it for 24300 including tax,plates,registration.
    Has 4X4, towing Package, Keyless entry, Not a plain Jane. It's a sweet ride Already have side steps, truxedo on it. :D
  • Ddown,
    COuld you give the price before TTPL. Tax vary from state to state. Just wondering how much off you got from sticker.
  • ddownddown Posts: 6
    19800 :shades:
  • During recent football broadcasts in the Tampa area, there has been a commercial saying F-150 Supercab, sticker $33,865 minus Employee discount (they are selling at Employee price), incentives and promotions ($22,200) ending in final price of $10,685, Has anyone seen this commercial and know WHERE the sale is taking place. Also, is there an assumed $10,000 down payment or is the dealer matching the Manufactures Incentives and Promotions.
  • kyfdxkyfdx Posts: 70,555
    Just guessing, but it is probably the other way around..

    Discount of $10,685.. and a final price of $22,200..

    Otherwise, you can count on some serious fine print... :surprise:


    Prices Paid, Lease Questions, SUVs

  • Looking to buy a similar vehicle as you, 08 Lariat / Chrome / Super-crew, MSRP is 35,712. What should I expect to pay with the current employee pricing and incentives, this is my second F-150, plan to trade in my 05 super cab XLT. Thanks for you help
  • sticker was $32450. Paid $20098. This was a Texas/Oklahoma edition with the chrome package. Interior is pretty basic, but the outside looks fantastic with the running boards and chrome bumpers. This was at Billingsley Ford of Ardmore in Oklahoma. Dealership didn't even put up much of a fight. They had the price of $22500 after rebates. Told them I wanted to pay no more than $20k and they came back with the price above. Very easy. The interest rates aren't that good right now, but I'll refinance in a couple months.

    They also had a 2009 Nissan Titan crew cab, stickered at $30500, for $19900 on the window. I couldn't believe that price either.
  • Anyone know what Ford plans on doing on incentives post Jan 5, 2009? I haven't heard or seen anything, anyone in the know please expound! Thanks in advance.
  • jvosjvos Posts: 72
    Last night the Platinum I ordered in Sept was finally ready for delivery and I traded in my FX4. I thought I'd share my first impressions.

    Short story, the Platinum is a WOW! vehicle.

    Both trucks are 4x4 5.4L screws - the FX4 was a 5.5' bed and the Platinum is a 6.5' bed.

    Let me start by saying I really, really liked my FX4. Good truck, very reliable. Liked the styling. Served its purpose as daily commuter and weekend hauler, with an occasional journey to the hunting grounds. Having said that, I find the Platinum better in every way.

    I've read where some feel the 09 isn't enough of a new model, but I have to disagree. When I showed up at the dealer, my Platinum was parked between an 08 F-150 and an 09 F-250 - I thought it looked more like the 250. It's hulkier, with more 'shoulders' and a tougher look. It also feels like a more substantial truck. I really like the updated design cues. Also, at least with the Platinum, the chrome on the tail lights blends in nicely.


    OMG is the interior nice. (FYI, my 05 had cloth interior.) The materials are top notch. The leather is butter soft. In fact, my wife, who happens to drive a brand new BMW 3 coupe commented "wow, this leather is nicer than my car!" Also, the buckets are much nicer, they feel like they hold you and support you SO much better. LOVE the extra space in the back and the flat floor with the seats folded.*

    The 6 speed trans makes a HUGE difference. Smoother and quicker. I occasionally felt the 5.4 was a bit underpowered with my FX4, but the 09 doesn't feel that way. It is VERY smooth though, so much so that if you aren't watching the tach and speedo, you might not realize how quick it is. BTW, I got the 3.73 limited slip as - when I need it - I want my truck to be a TRUCK. Don't believe some reviews about the F-150 being underpowered - it might be on a dyno, but not on the road.


    The Sony-SYNC-Sirius audio-NAVI is without a doubt the nicest I've ever used. I think its well worth the $2400. Why? Its not only excellently designed, its all integrated. For example, you can sync your bluetooth phone with your cell phone, download your phonebook, select a number, lookup the address from the number, and chose it as a destination on the navi. Then the navi will watch traffic for you and direct you around tight spots. The 700 Watt Sony sound is very, very good. Another cool thing that blew me away, you can receive a sms text message and have the system READ IT TO YOU! And, of course, you can do all this with voice commands (which I admit I haven't mastered yet.)

    The tailgate step is awesome, the side steps are great, the stowable bed extender is excellent and the cargo management system is sweet. And, of course, the retractable side steps are so bad @ss!

    Dealer Options

    I got three. A remote start - yes, on a Platinum without a problem, a spray in bedliner and a trifecta bed cover. Can't think of much more I could really add. Of course, is a Platinum, so already comes with lots of goodies.


    Only a couple of things I don't love. First of all, couldn't find the tire jack and neither could the dealer! Second, with *the Sony system there is a large subwoofer under the smaller rear seat - meaning the entire floor isn't flat. That said, there is still a ton of room in back. And the deep bass is worth it.

    Again, all in all, I'm very happy. Oh, btw, my fully loaded Platinum was a pretty good deal too. Paid just over 41 on a truck that stickered at 50, once all the incentives were applied. They also gave me a fairly reasonable trade allowance for me 05, although I did have to eat about $1000 on it.
  • I am on the hunt for a Ford 150. There doesn't seem to be too many if any at all 08s in stock in the Philadelphia area. The prices I am given on the 09' F150 Regular Cab XL 4x2 with MSRP of 21,395-22,035 ranges from $16550-$19,769. What would this particular vehicle go for in this market? Has anyone purchased recently a base model? Thanks. :confuse:
  • To get the best deal on any new truck. Always remember these things.

    1. Know exactly what you want prior to walking into the dealership.
    2. Have a reasonable expectation of what the vehicle is worth by research.
    3. Pick out a vehicle in stock
    4. Be courteous in your negotiation process
    5. Actually be willing to buy the vehicle you were looking at.
    6. Dont waste any ones time, including your own. If you want a truck buy a truck.

  • kyfdxkyfdx Posts: 70,555

    This sounds more like the directions to keep your salesperson happy.. not how to get the best deal.. :confuse:


    Prices Paid, Lease Questions, SUVs

  • What kind of discount would i be looking at for an 2008 F-150 Screw / Lariat/ 4x4 that is a demo with 8k miles on it? Vehicle is new and can this discount be in addition to what Ford is currently advertising, i've heard .20 cent per mile?
  • I'm looking at a brand new, 2008 F-150 FX4 extended cab, No leather interior, but loaded up pretty nice. Sticker is $36,000 and they're offering it to me through the commercial "truck center" for $26,000. I ran a few rough estimates on the value of the truck after I hit 1,000 miles (roughly a month after owning) if I were to buy it. Retail would be $25,400 and private party is in the $23's....

    What should I offer them?
  • So many post on the F-450 that are not good!. Hope some one has some good new for F- 350 , has the same 6.4 motor like the F-450 any problems anyone!!!!!
  • I'm looking to purchase this truck it is a 2008 with 14752 miles on it .
  • ARVAIARVAI Posts: 1
    Looking to buy an F-250 XLT with towing package and powere everything. What is the going price for one. Thanks John
  • Looking for advice about purchasing a new 2008 (not 2009) F-250. I'd like Crew Cab, 4x4 and must have A/C and the towing package; power windows etc not necessary. I'm trying to get it about about 26,000 plus tax. Is this rational? I'm willing to do the work and negotiate hard. Anyone know what rebates, offers, etc are current now? Are there any reputable discount internet dealers promising "X plus incentives under invoice" like Towne in NJ does for Hyundai? Thanks in advance.
  • Looking to buy a 2009 F150 4x4 XLT. I've done my homework, picked my options, used Edmunds TMV pricing and I'm ready to buy. Living in Montana, it seems there are few trucks available. Is this true across the US, or just here in 4x4 country?
  • What prices are people paying? I'm looking at a base-model XL... just basic function is all I am after. Trucks list around $21-22k. My calcs show dealer cost (invoice - holdback) to be around $18.7k. I've seen somewhere reference to $500 factory to dealer marketing support (may have been on KBB site). Deducting that leaves $18.2k as their breakeven.

    So I am wondering if anyone knows if there is any dealer cash (i.e. factory to dealer incentive or kickback) on these trucks?

    Ford is discounting the truck by $5500 in customer cash if you finance with them but do not allow 0% rate (apparently). $13.2 is not bad for a brand new truck, but I don't like the dealer walking away with $1000s of factory cash if it is there. Are folks letting dealers make a profit these days or are dealers taking a real loss on these? (Real loss = below invoice + holdback, assuming no dealer cash.)
  • Got quoted $5000. Good condition. Haven't test driven it yet. Just wondering if that's a fair price. Can't find it in Blue Book, too old.
  • sml175sml175 Posts: 2
    List was 34,915.00, down to 31,715. Then rebates. Pretty loaded, tow pk,audiophile, alumin painted whls, pwr st, pwr mirror pk. good deal?
  • temj12temj12 Posts: 450
    I purchased an '07 new for 13.3. Was a real deal. I could have bought the truck on the A Plan (employee price) but this was 1700 less than that. Grab the deal. Mine is the basic XL with the V-6 engine 5 speed. I love the truck. I have done a lot to it and fixed it up. Looks sharp.
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