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Lexus GX460 GX470 Prices Paid and Buying Experience



  • scott1scott1 Posts: 50
    That was the case with mione. Just picked it up this afternoon. It has the Nav/MLS, rear dvd system, and also came with rear spoiler and and tow package. I didn't really mind though, the spoiler looks good on the truck, and the hitch mat come in handy too.

    Mine was listed as a 9700G build on my window sticker, and had a build date of 8/04.

    I've only put 10 miles on it so far, and just spent the whole evening sitting in it in the garage with owners manual in hand. I think I've got it all figured out now. That rear entertainment system is really nice. very versatile, once you get the hang of how it works, fairly intuitive to use.

    The Nav system was pretty easy, but I had a similiar one in my 04 Cadillac CTS that I traded in, so I had a head start on that.
  • italyitaly Posts: 3
    How much did you pay for your vehicle? Was there any vibration between 60 and 65 MPH?? Do you have Michelin x-terrains or Dunlops on the truck? After serving here in the Middle East for the last 10 months, I figure that I would buy my wife a GX470 as a coming home gift. But I need to return and I don't want to leave her with a truck with problems.
  • scott1scott1 Posts: 50
    The MSRP on the sticker was $51,938.00, with the third row seat,rear AC, rear seat ebtertainment system, Navigation/Mark Levinson Audio package, hitch bracket, tow hitch w ball mount, preferred accessory package, rear spoiler, and shipping. I paid $50,000.00 for it, but they also gave me a good amount for my 04 cadillac CTS that I traded in. In some parts of the country, I'm sure you can do better, but there are two lexus dealers in the Milwaukee area, both under common ownership.

    I had the vehicle out this morning fdor a nice long drive. I had it up to 80 on the freeway, absolutely no vibration at any speed. No driveline thunps that others have mentioned, and no abrupt shifting. It ran smooth, straight and really quiet at highway speeds, I couldn't hear the engine at all..just a small amount of wind rush around the mirrors. Nothing at all objectionable.

    Mine came equipped with Bridgestone Dueler H/T tires. They ride nice and smooth and quiet.
  • italyitaly Posts: 3

    Thanks for your help. Glad to hear that the vibration is gone. I was getting a little worried since my wife has her heart set on the truck.
  • romrom Posts: 2
    Hi akarande, Did you get the rear entertainment system as well at the price above ? I am in NJ and am currently getting a price of about 47K for a 04' from my dealer in Lawrenceville with the options you mention plus the rear entertainment system.
  • Thanks for the informative posts. Had/Have 1991 and 2001 4Runner but now convinced to purchase GX470 (especially after driving one). Questions: 1) Best estimate on 2004 vs. 2005 gas mileage? 2) I've been told it's either KDSS or the towing system. As we have a 2004 F-150 if we need to tow, is the KDSS that much an advantage on local streets and mountain highways? 3) Is there a dealer in Washington, Oregon, Idaho or Montana anyone would highly recommend? Thanks.
  • kimtkimt Posts: 9
    The deal has been made and the GX470 is in my garage. Paid $45,800.00 plus T,T & L.

    Sewell Lexus of Dallas Forth Worth Texas. You can get this quote off the iternet from the internet sales manager. I got quotes from most dealers within 500 miles of my home. Others came close but did not have the color combination I wanted. Also after I made my deal I got a response from a dealer in Georgia(I believe the name was Hennessey) that said they guarantee not to be undersold. So maybe I could have saved a few more hundred. Anyway I'm happy with the deal and the vehicle. The internet manager at Sewell was straight up about the 3rd row seat. No bulling me around that he was doing me a favor or giving me a deal by not charging for the 3rd row seats.

    I got Navigation with Mark Levinson Audio system, rear view camera(makes me want to stay in reverse just to look at the screen),Preferred Accessory Pkg(Cargo mat, cargo net, wheel locks-(I still have not found the key for the wheel locks),Hitch, Hitch Tow receiver with ball mount, 3rd row seats(I hope that they don't dry rot in my attic), rear a/c, spoiler. I did not get the rear seat entertainment system. I think maybe I would have if I had known before hand that you can work the navigation system from the back seat if you have the rear seat entertainment system(too late now).

    All in all I'm quite happy.
  • zoranzoran Posts: 69
    indeed, lexus confirmed December 12th as release date. no brochure yet? can some one list link to specs on 2005 model, pricing and fact of 285 horsepower..I'll really appreciate..thnx
  • scott1scott1 Posts: 50
    The November issue of Motor Trend has a truck/suv buyers guide that gives info on the 05. The base engine in the GX will remain the 235 hp 4.7L version that we currently have. Soon after the start of the 05 model year, a sport model will be offered that will have the KDSS standard and include a 270 hp version of the 4.7L engine.
  • Well I finally got my new GX a few days ago. Overall very happy with how things are going so far, absolutely no vibration or thump, even though I only have 50 miles on it. Truck drives amazing. For those of you who were hesitant to ink a deal because of the so-called "glitches", I would say Lexus has taken care of the problem just in time for the 2005's. Mine is a 2004-(9700 G model) I also feel the horsepower is more than sufficient for most city folk. Would definitely recommend this truck to anyone considering an SUV in this price and size bracket. I have friends who have the X5 BMW, and they spent the same money I did without getting ANY of the options I have. Seems kinda silly, but whatever floats your boat. I guess if torque(performance) is THAT big of a priority over luxury, comfort, amenities, and the best service in the business then you better pass on the GX......
  • gxfangxfan Posts: 11
    That's a great deal .... any chance you can email me the saleman's name, phone ... etc to ""
  • steverstever Posts: 52,683
    Please see the red print in the Post a Message box :-)

    Steve, Host
  • scott1scott1 Posts: 50
    Enjoy your new Lexus..I know I am. I picked mine up last friday, and havn't found anything to complain about at all. I find that when I buy a new car, I have to listen to the car while I drive until I am totally comfortable with it. That means no radio or music. With my 04 Cadillac CTS that I traded in on the GX, I drove it for over 6 months and never had that comfort level. I was always listening for the next rattle or problem.

    I loaded up the cd changer on the Mark Levinson system in my GX today, and was enjoying the music all day as I drove.
  • No, it was without the entertainment system. I live in the area too and did go to Lawrence Lexus - their salespeople are absolutely top notch, but the pricing is not close to what you get at other places..... Also, I remember reading somewhere that the real spoiler is now free, so that cuts another 500 from the price.
  • nice....enjoy the ride.
  • scott1scott1 Posts: 50
    [QUOTE] Also, I remember reading somewhere that the real spoiler is now free, so that cuts another 500 from the price. [UNQUOTE]

    I don't believe the rear spoiler has been made a no charge. I just picked mine up last friday, the the sticker showed the NC on the rear seat/ac, but still listed the charge for the spoiler. Has anyone heard differently?
  • Turns out I read it on this forum. Posting #349 alludes to it.
  • scott1scott1 Posts: 50
    Ahh..I just re read that post. I believe you misunderstood what was said. The writer said that the GX's being brought in now would come with the spoiler and tow hitch as standard. He also stated that those two items would be charged for. Not free, just put on all of the models being imported.
  • Hello to all,

    Anyone found a great deal on the GX in the NC area. My local dealer, Johnson Lexus, never has quoted me a good price. The deal they quoted me was $2500 off list, which is NO deal at all compared to some I see on this board.

    I am wanting the NAV and ML plus of course I want to get the latest build.

    Thanks if you can help.....
  • scott1scott1 Posts: 50
    I got about $2,000.00 off list in the Milwaukee area a couple weeks ago. I could probably have done somewhat better by shopping in the Chicago area where there are more Lexus dealers, but I'm happy with the deal and buying experience I got here. Lexus of Brookfield, WI, where I bought, is close to my house, and has an excellent reputation for customer service. That has added value to me.
  • klv3klv3 Posts: 3
    Johnson Lexus my local dealer too. I stopped by a couple of times to try and grab some info on the '05...totally unimpressed with the sales staff I met. Haven't gotten to inquiring about price. I just assumed it would be close to what is being posted here.?
    I would prefer to deal with them, due to the location.
    please post if you find another option locally. I would like to purchase this year...more interested in the '05 at this point.
  • Greetings!
    I just purchased a new 2004 GX470 9700G yesterday. I thought I should provide my feedback to this forum as well.
    It is all the options, including KDSS, Nav/ML,
    RSES, rear spoiler, roof rack, tow hitch and ball mount, preferred accessary, etc.

    It is relatively difficult to find a GX470 with KDSS in Southern Calif. with the color that I like. Most GX470s are without KDSS on the market.
    It was not easy to negotiate prices in my area, since KDSS-equipped GX is hard to get.
    Most dealers ask for $2,500 over invoice, than lower their prices significantly later.
    After dealing with 5 dealerships for about one week, I finally was able to get a fair price for the fully optioned model with the exact color and KDSS. The MSRP is $53,688, the invoice price is $46,654. I was happy to buy the car at $600 over invoice, from a very nice and friendly sales manager at a beautiful and superb dealership, Lexus of Cerritos. I love that place and the sales manger there.
    The other dealers were willing to offer $800 to $1,000 over the invocie.
    So far, I find the GX470 very powerful, smooth, and quiet. The 320 ft-lb of torque and the delivery of massive low-end torque hep significantly in GX470. It is not just the horse power, but the combination. KDSS helps in cornering and reduces the body roll. I am an expert by profession in structural dynamics and vibration control, and I think KDSS helps the suspension system.

    In my area, there are very limited supply of GX with KDSS.

    All the dealers in my area told me that they do not have price quotes for 2005 GX470, and cannot give me concrete information or delivery dates for 05 GX 470.
    Therfore, I decided to buy a 2004 GX470 with KDSS at this time.
    I might have to wait until jan. 2005 to get a new 2005 GX if I wait....

    I love my GX so far. It is beautiful, elegant, imposing, powerful, smooth and quiet.
    No steering wheel vibration, no rear axle thump, just ncie and smooth so far....
    For a 4WD SUV with off-road capability, 3rd row, and over 6,000 lb, fit-and-finish, build quality, reliability, I think GX470 is perhaps the best choice. MDX is great too, of course; but not its look. All European brands are relatively unreliable, and with consedrably lower grade of fit and finish or build quality.
  • klv3klv3 Posts: 3
    The lexus web site lists the curb weight at @4750lbs. Does the GX qualify for the 6000lb tax credit? Where are you finding the listed eligibility? I believe this tax incentive will expire this year.
  • zoranzoran Posts: 69
    Lexus GX470, is listed on Tax web site!

    Some people had some issues re Weight?

    Any one here, who was successful using it for 60000lb weight basis tax deduction and got their money back?

    I am in market for 2005. Per Lexus out on 12th December, there will be a sports version with more horse power too? No official brochure yet?

    Any increase in weight? need to be seen.

    By the way what is KDSS and why not standard?

  • Johnson Lexus (IMO) is the worst dealer from a sales point of view that I have ever tried to work with. I currently own a Lexus which I do get serviced at Johnson and for the most part I have had few problems with their service. I tried to buy my current Lexus from them but gave up after the sales people (yes I tried more than one) would not even return my calls.

    I bought my car at Hendricks Lexus and was treated like a King. After the purchase, Johnson told me next time to let them workout the deal. Well, the same stuff again. No flexibility on pricing.. Either you take the deal or go else where. So I am still looking... Maybe I should just buy the GX from southern CA and have it shipped. I would still save money.

    When I ask Johnson Lexus how much above invoice, their response was we don't sell our cars in that manner. We give some dollars off MSRP, but we don't give x dollars above invoice pricing.
  • erice1erice1 Posts: 2
    If the MSRP is reduced $2030 on vehicles with 3rd row seats, is it also reduced the same for vehicles on the market without 3 row seats? Would the 5 seater thus have a MSRP of $43970?
  • davidc1davidc1 Posts: 168
    That's a very good question. I am afraid the answer is that third row seats are now standard and hence you can't get a five seater.
  • erice1erice1 Posts: 2
    Actually, I'm taking an extended test drive on a GX470 with only 5 seats. I've noticed that the 8 seater has now been reduced $2030 to the same MSRP, but was wondering if the 5 seater should also be reduced.
  • davidc1davidc1 Posts: 168
    It should be. But I doubt it will be. 3rd row is now a no cost option. I am not even sure if they'll make anymore 5 seaters. Just my guess.
  • klv3klv3 Posts: 3
    Can someone direct me to the site where the GX470 is listed as an eligible 6000lb vehicle for a tax credit?
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