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Lexus GX460 GX470 Prices Paid and Buying Experience



  • Although I have recently purchased a 2006 GX470 in Orange County, California, I am still receiving Internet quotes from various dealers via their automated e-mail system. Long story short, just received an internet fleet quote from a So Cal dealer for a November sales event advertising all 2006 GX470's for a cost of FACTORY INVOICE.

    Which means that if I would have waited another month I would saved the $1300 (over factory invoice)I paid. OUCH!
  • FACTORY INVOICE? Can you name the dealer? What site did you use for your internet search? I'm in the market (most likely next month) and I understand from one dealer that they have their annual sales event in December, starting on the 5th. Sounds like your guy may be jumping the gun?
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  • The dealer is Crown Lexus, Ontario CA. Here is a partial copy of the text:

    The Internet Department at Crown Lexus is proud to announce our?November Sales Event on all 2006 GX 470s.

    Through November 30, 2006, all GX 470s will be sold to our customers for a special Internet price of??FACTORY INVOICE!

    This computes to savings from $6,214 on the base model to $7,559 on the navigation/rear entertainment/sport package model.

    Basically for the internet search I just went to each dealers internet site and requested internet quotes. We are lucky that So Cal has so many Lexus dealers within the area we live (within an hour to 2 hours drive). There are probably at least 10 dealers in this greater So Cal region.

    Good Luck!
  • Thank you, that's great information!!!
  • Any idea if this is a national promotion or limited to So. Cal dealers or just this dealer? What a great deal on this vehicle!
  • rajv1rajv1 Posts: 7
    Thanks for this info. I contacted them ( I live in Minneapolis!!!) and even with the $ 950 shipping charge, what a deal. The dealer here is no where close to this price...
    Thanks Guys.
  • oochooch Posts: 2
    This is with nav. and dvd .. Is it a good price????
  • Thats about $1700 over invoice, not a very good buy. Should be able to get under a $1000 in my opinion.
  • oochooch Posts: 2
    WOW!! I would have never knew.. What is the invoice on this car?The dealer said they have no room to bargain at this price.. He also said he would throw in tint and car starter for 49,600.. What do you think and what advice can you give??
  • If you research Edmunds new car valve, the invoice price for a 06 GX with nav, res, 3rd row seats, spoiler, Preferred Accessory Package and Hitch Bracket Bracket is $47050. Add another $500 for TDA, thats Toyota's advertising fee. That comes to about $47500. The price you mentioned, $49200 is about $1700 over invoice. I am sure you can do better.
    The dealer's cost for the tint is worth about $200 for both windows and remote starter is worth about $300. Assuming if you really want either of those options.

    Good Luck
  • I just purchased a new 06 GX right off the boat with Nav/ML, 3rd row seat w/air, rear spoiler, preferred acc. pkg and the tow hitch bracket for $46,880. plus TT&L. They also threw in the Lexus all weather mats and the WeatherTech cargo liner. That was the best deal I could find in the entire Northeast.
  • rajv1rajv1 Posts: 7
    The price I am getting is $ 49100 which includes EVERYTHING
    Rear ent, Sports package, spoiler,Nav, 3rd row ,towpackage everything...
    I am going for it
  • Did you buy it from Crown Lexus in Ontario, CA, or did you find another dealer that would meet their good prices?? You have a good deal, indeed--you're paying about $4,000 less than I paid exactly 30 days ago. I still have bad dreams about my deal!
  • Is it possible to buy a GX 470 without third row seats, in reality? I don't need them, and thus don't want to pay an extra $1300-2000 for them. My local dealer told me I'd have to special order, and they would charge me extra for that, so it would not be worth trying to get one without the third row seats. Anyone have other info on this? Thanks.
  • The third row seat on the GX is what is call a forced option, every GX has it but it is optional. What a rip off.
  • I recently purchased a '06 GX. It is fully loaded, including sport package. The MSRP was $57800. After a few weeks of negotiating the best I could get was $5000 off the sticker. I paid $52700.I also paid cash. Through my research, I thought this was a pretty good price. What do you think? Any feedback would be appreciated.
  • I'm not sure how you reached $57,800--I can't "build" a car on Edmunds or KBB that totals that much. But that's beside the point. I think you did really well. The best discount from MSRP I've read in this forum is around $7,000. Correspondents often forget to say whether they financed their car or paid cash. I have a theory that you get a better discount if you finance with Lexus. Also, people often don't say whether they traded in a car to the Lexus dealer. There can be trade-offs there too. But your $5,000 discount is great. You should be smiling!
  • I just received an email about a "December to Remember" sale event at Coliseum Lexus of Oakland, where they claim to be selling al GX 470's in stock for $1 over invoice. Are there any hidden fees/catches I should be on the lookout for?
    Seems TGTBT.
  • I purchased a 2006 GX470 in October. The only fee that was not consistent with the Edmunds invoice pricing was the addition of the LDA ( which I understand to be the Lexus Dealer Advertising) fee of about $350-500. Except for TTL which should be easily calculated. As for your deal see above emails regarding invoice pricing here in So Cal.

    This is a good deal; Go for it!
  • honerhoner Posts: 1
    Looking to buy an '06 GX in Dec. There are currently 4 (soon to be 5) Lexus dealers in the Phoenix area, not to mention 2 more in Tucson. Anyone have good or bad buying experiences with any recently? Any one dealer more willing to negotiate than another? Thanks.
  • I just got started looking for a 2006 GX.

    Here is a price I was quoted. I am a newbie and could use some advice.

    2006 GX 470
    - Navigation
    - M. Levinson
    - Rear Entertainment

    MSRP: $54,182
    Quote: $48,283

    Any opinions would be greatly appreciated. I live in Southern California.
  • I the lowest price quote I received in New York is for 46,900 with navigation (which includes the 3 row seating).

    I am ready to buy and am not sure if I should try to bargain more.

  • I am in the process of buying a 2006 GX 470 Loaded w/Sport package to include delivery costs to Florida from a Southern California dealership. As part of your purchase you mentioned a $600 shipping charge to MN. Could you forward the details of the company who delivered your vehicle. I am finding transportation costs between $1100 and $1500. Thanks.
  • Hello,

    I am from Tampa, Florida. I fell in love with the Lexus GX 470 at the first. I went to my local dealer to get a price on GX470 with nav, res and 3rd row seats. I got a final out of door price for $53,500. I offered my final price for $49,500 out of door. It did not work and had to come back. Can someone advice me the best deal for the options I am seeking for.

    Thanks in advance.
  • Hello,
    I live in Tampa, FL. I got a deal for my 2006 GX 470 for $48,124 and I signed up for the deal. I hope it is a real good deal. I think your quote is close to mine and a decent one too. Let me know what you think.

  • hll62hll62 Posts: 1
    Hello: I am in the market for the GX470 in the twin cities. Did you purchase in the twin cities or elsewhere?
    I would appreciate any detailed info. that you could provide. THANKS!
  • Hello,

    I purchased the car from Lexus of clearwater. It was certainly a good because I got the final sale price very close to the invoice price. Thanks
  • Okay! I just found a Lexus GX 470 MSRP $55,300 with most options. They offered after much negotiationg $667 per month out the door. They originally said $800 a month Is this comparable to what you all pay??

    12 thousand miles a year
    36 month lease

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