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Lexus GX460 GX470 Prices Paid and Buying Experience



  • rg6rg6 Posts: 6
    Thanks to everyone for their help. I just bought a new 2006 GX470 yesterday. I got the vehicle with navigation, third row seat, tow hitch, towiing prep package, rear spoiler, cargo tray, preferred acc package and exhaust tip for $45,600 + taxes/fees. About $1300 below invoice from what I calculated. The negotiation was pretty straightforward as I had another quote for $1000 below invoice.

    I decided to not wait for the 2007 given that the differences aren't that significant and the price would be much closer to MSRP (at least at the time of introduction).
  • Congratulations! I would like to get the same car at the same price in the Texas area in the next few days. This is the first thread I've heard though about getting below invoice.

    Did you just walk into the dealer with your price? Who did you negotiate with? How tough was it? You said negotiatioin was pretty straightforward but can you give a little more information? I'd love to get the same deal.
  • hikershikers Posts: 10
    Which dealer did you get the car from? thanks!
  • rg6rg6 Posts: 6
    Putnam Lexus in Redwood City. I got quotes from other dealers and mentioned it to the rep. I didn't show any quotes though. Hold your ground as the 2006's are not going to move after Sept when the 2007's come in.
  • jasp615jasp615 Posts: 10
    I held my ground and went to 7 dealerships and the best I could do with the truck loaded to the max along with the ball mount/exhaust tip/ all weather mats/ lexus link w/1 yr free/ tires for life/ paint treatment was 50,500.00 now I'm sure that had something to do with my trade which was an 05 loaded Escalade in mint condition with 13,000 miles on it (hated that truck). Galves gives 33,400 they gave me 35,500 so if you look at it this way I got the truck for Invoice. Around here they are not selling for Invoice and are not really budging. This is for an 06. There is an increase in the pkgs that I wanted not to mention my trade would have been worth less. I'm in the Philadelphia area
  • I shopped around the entire state of TX and most of the border states via e-mail to get the best price. I landed at $1K above invoice. I got an 06 GX with nav, 3rd row, spoiler, exhaust tip, convienence package, etc. MSRP was $53750.00 and I got it for $47972.00. I'm pretty happy with the price for this area. Nobody was willing to go lower than this (and I tried 17 different dealers!).
  • mbarmbar Posts: 1
    care to share dealer that worked with you?
  • I meant to include it - Park Place Lexus Grapevine (between Dallas and Ft. Worth). They were great.
  • I am in the market for a sporty & reliable SUV. I have test driven
    a. Cayenne - Great to ride, but expensive and small
    b. Land Rover - My favorite - but the forums scare me .. with the reliability issues. It seems like it is a Love/Hate thing.
    c. Infiniti FX 45 - Great ride, but seems small like the Cayenne .. especially the 2nd row seats. The shape is a bit odd to me.
    d. LExus GX 470 - Very comfortable and spacious, but it does not seem to be as sporty as the Cayenne or FX45. I know it has less HP.

    a. Would love to hear other folks' experience with the cars above.
    b. The dealer (SF Bay Area) told me he would give me the 2006 GX 470 (fully loaded) and invoice prices
    c. Is it better to buy the 2007 GX 460 ?
  • I personally do not like the look of the Infiniti FX 45 or the Cayenne so never bothered to even try them out. Not a fan of Land Rover either so have the GX470. I still miss my LX470 but have no real complaints with the GX 470. It was time for a change! Good luck with your search!
  • Thanks for your research in TX. I feel alot better about my deal. I just bought the '06 GX from Park Place Plano with the same major options for $47,160 (I am probably minus a few small options because MSRP was $53,400).
  • I struggled for a while deciding between the Mercedes GL450 and the Lexus GX470. I finally settled on the Lexus for reasons I described in a related forum. I paid an even $50k for a loaded '06 Titanium Silver GX with Nav/Levinson, DVD, Lexus Link, 3rd row, tow-hitch, spoilers, & pref. accessory package. MSRP was 55,703. I didn't shop around at too many dealers since they did not have a model in stock with the options I wanted. I felt like I could have gotten a better deal, but this wasn't too bad. Also, I wanted to be able to take advantage of the service benefits offered by the dealer closest to my home that I wouldn't have access to if I bought the car from someone else. (e.g. Loaner vehicle for any and all service issues, pickup/drop off service, etc)
  • Thanks to the board for all your help. Just bought a brand new 07 Black Onyx, Nav/Mark Levinson, Lexus link, RSES, 3rd row, towing prep, spoiler, pref. accessory, and exhaust tip. MSRP was $56,066. Paid $50,400 + tax, lic. I think I could have held out for a little lower, but I'm happy with the purchase.
  • Well I have both the FX45 and our recent addition of a 06 GX470. Can;'t compare the two ad it is night and day. If you are looking for a SPORTY SUV that handles and drives like sports car and don't need alot of extra room then you will love the fx45. If however, you are more into luxury with smooth refined driving characteristics then go with the GX470. 2 Totally diferent vehicles!
  • Just purchased a 06 GX470 in blizzard pearl with an invoice of 48,600 which had ALL the goodies except for the sport package (KDSS)including chrome wheels and black kit. But I also had the dealer throw in xm and tow hitch. My wife loves the car as it is her daily driver.
  • Can you share the dealer name? Did you purchase at the end of a month?

  • How do you like your new 07 GX and the GEN 5 NAV? I previously owned a 05. I pickup mine tomorrow. 07,Black Onyx, Nav/Mark Levinson, Lexus link, RSES, 3rd row, towing prep, spoiler, pref. accessory, and chrome rims. MSRP $56,011 (does not include the chrome rims). Paid an even $50,000 + tax etc. I did shop around, and conducted allot of internet research etc. I believe we both ended up with a fair deal. :)
  • So far so good. 200 miles so far. I have the Chrome exhaust tip, which I think is the only difference. Love the Gen 5 Nav and playing DVD's on the RSES sounds really nice.
  • bigdmbigdm Posts: 5
    grmccoy and cw5jb,
    Could you tell me where you live? I live in dallas texas. Also, did you have to do much negotiating to get that price? I have very good internet quotes from California but am not sure if my local dealer is going to match those prices.

  • cw5jbcw5jb Posts: 6
    Live in North Carolina, I been told by numerous LExus salesmen to get the best deal one would have to travel to JM Lexs in Flordia. JM Lexus has the greatest volume of sales and inventory. I spent two hours getting the right price.
  • Southern California here....
    Spent about :30 in actual negotiations, which is why I think I could have held out for a little lower. Communicated with 4 different dealers altogether. One gave me a first offer of $52,500 and that was it; MSRP was $55,800, no spoiler or chrome exhaust.... They let me walk out without even ackknowledging my counter.
  • bigdmbigdm Posts: 5
    grmccoy and cw5jb,
    Thanks for the quick reply. Cw5jb, did you buy your car in Florida or North Carolina. My wife and I family are from South and North Carolina. I was considering buying a car from one of those states if things did not workout in dallas, but I could not get a good internet deal. What is the dealership name and location?
    I will use the California quote as my negotiating point but if they don't bite I wanted to keep my option open to buying a car out of state.

  • cw5jbcw5jb Posts: 6
    I purchased it in North Carolina (Johnson Lexus) located in Raleigh (5839 Capital Blvd). (910-877-1800).
  • bigdmbigdm Posts: 5
    I graduated from NCSU so I know exactly where Johnson Lexus is located.
    By the way I posted this question in the other forum could you help.

    For the 2007 GX470 model does it include an in-dash 6 DVD auto-changer or is this in the glove compartment. The literature on the Lexus website is confusing.

    Big DM
  • docsbddocsbd Posts: 5
    The local dealer has an 06 without navigation, but 3rd row and rear spoiler, was a demo with 5000mi. MSRP 49200. Any suggestions on a fair price? Should I just get an 07? If I do get an 07 I would also want navigation. Suggestion for a fair price?
  • docsbddocsbd Posts: 5
    Does your GX have navigation? Can you tell me what you paid?
  • cryantcryant Posts: 2
    paid around $46500 for 07 gx470 with 5th generation navigation, and sticker price was $53540 at ray catena lexus in larchmont. email me for the name of the sales person!
  • cryantcryant Posts: 2
    $40000 would be my best offer!!!
  • cryant... how can I get an e-mail to you?
  • cw5jbcw5jb Posts: 6
    A 2007 model with NAV will have the CD stored inside its own compartment within the glove box. I would NOT buy a 07 unless it’s with NAV.
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