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Honda S2000



  • Thanks for the info. She has 71k km, and is working well. I have had no serious problems yet. I had to replace my MAP sensor last year, but that was all.
  • dominosdominos Posts: 5
    I found the document on how to upgrade a 2000-2001 roof over to a 2002+ roof. What is your email address and i'll send it over.

    Well documented and has pictures for each step, but looks like it's not for the squimish.
  • zack_szack_s Posts: 1
    Anything definitive from Honda on the status of the S2000 for 2007 and later. Would something have been released by now if they were going to discontinue the car?
  • anythngbutgmanythngbutgm Posts: 4,277

    Looks like color changes are the only thing. S2000 soldiers on for another year. :shades:
  • eliyaleeliyale Posts: 13
    I'm new car shopping, and I've got my eye on the S2000. I've done a couple of test drives, and wow, if I get the car, I see speeding tickets on the horizon.

    Here's the question (which I'm sure has been asked before). If I bought an S2000, it would be my only car. Is that advisable? I am single, have a short commute to and from work in very limited traffic. I live in a relatively snow and ice-free area. I don't haul a lot of stuff, so the limited storage space wouldn't bother me. The things that really worry me about having the S2000 as my only car are (a) the noise and (b) the ride quality. Can you live with them as a daily driver?
  • ClairesClaires Chicago areaPosts: 1,222
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  • habitat1habitat1 Posts: 4,282
    "The things that really worry me about having the S2000 as my only car are (a) the noise and (b) the ride quality. Can you live with them as a daily driver?"

    Those are highly subjective questions that only you can answer. I had an S2000 for 2.5 years and 19,000 miles. It was a third car, but got used about 90% of the time the weather and my (lack of) passenger requirements permitted. Porsche makes a big deal about our new 911 (997) being a daily driver, and although it is much more so than previous models, it doesn't have any spare tire. At least the S2000 won't leave you completely stranded.

    Look back for some perspective. 20-30 years ago there were quite a few single persons in their 20's would have Alfa's, Fiat's and MG's as their only car. The S2000 is a heck of a lot more comfortable and infinitely less finnicky than those vehicles of the 70's. Hell, I drove a Datsun B210GX without ari conditioning as my only car from 1978 to 1983 when I was single. The S2000 would have been considered a luxury car by comparison.
  • anythngbutgmanythngbutgm Posts: 4,277
    I use my '04 as a daily driver but I do not drive it in the wintertime, or the rain for that matter. But those choices are because I want to keep the salt off, not because the car can't be driven in those conditions.
  • dennis21dennis21 Posts: 3
    I use my 05 as a daily driver. Snow is not a concern since I live in Alabama. My commute is 25 miles each way. To me the issues you mention fall into an acceptable level for me. I enjoy driving this car.
  • kwinterkwinter Posts: 5
    :) I have read just about every post on this forum about the S2000 and particularly those regarding the noise. I did get to drive a 2004 used at a dealers but didn't get to take it over 40 mph due to the location. The handling was fantastic and the sound at 40 mph wasn't annoying. The salesperson was annoying. When does the noise concern kick in? Over 70 mph? I saw one post where someone states how noisy the old MG's and TR3's were back in the day. Is the noise of a S2000 so much more annoying than those cars? I had a TR3 and MG and they never phased me. Someone stated their ears were ringing after a day trip? Also, oil changes. There was a comment made by someone that said one reason folks don't want this as a daily commute is because the avg person doesn't want to check their oil each time they get in the car. What's up with that? Does this car go through oil like water? The most expense for this car on a yearly basis is the tires/oil? I have a deposit on a 2006 which is being delivered in June. Silverstone/black interior Anyone have any comments on the latest features of the 2006?
  • jkgreer2jkgreer2 Posts: 42
    Purchased a 2006 Silverstone/red interior recently. As most posts have stated, the S2000 is an outstanding sports car. The noise issue is all relative. Do you prefer to drive a TL or Lexus? Then the S2000 provides more noise, with most of noise from engine, which is entertaining in my view. Rest of noise is wind noise, which is why I bought a convertible sports car. The engine & wind noises are no more than prior British sports cars, and probably less (memory tends to fade). Those cars were fun because they made you part of the environment you are driving through, v. isolation (Lexus). I have no problems with oil usuage. I do not remember that issue in the one year that I have read about the S2000. I do not check the oil. It's a nearly maintenance free Honda. The only expense that you can expect in 1st year is normal oil changes (every 2,500-3,000 mi.). In the 2nd or 3rd yr, depending on miles driven, the replacement tires will be somewhat expensive, which is a price of owning a sports car. Few people own true sports cars due to trade-offs (grin factor for driving enjoyment v. engine maintenance & wind noise, if convertible). For 2006, the up/down procedure for top takes a minute, if that much time. Enjoy the car when it arrives. It is the best priced true sports car that you will find. Have fun, life is short.
  • kwinterkwinter Posts: 5
    Thanks for the response. The oil since it is synthetic does that run you around $60.00 an oil change? Looking forward to getting it. Do you have any trouble with traction when driving yours in the rain or having wet highways? :)
  • jdevensjdevens Posts: 3
    Is '06 the final year for the S2000?
  • habitat1habitat1 Posts: 4,282
    I had the "noisier" 2002 model with the 2.0 liter 9,000 rpm engine. Noise was not an issue for me, but was for my wife when the top was up at highway speeds. On the highway, the 2002 was running at about 4,000 rpm at 70 mph. I suspect if I had to sit in the passenger seat most of the time, it might be a little annoying for me too.

    I believe the 2006, with the 2.2 liter / 8,000 rpm engine is running at something like 3,500 rpm at 70 mph in 6th gear. If so, it should be noticably quieter than my old 2002 for highway cruising. The engine still emits a shrill scream once V-tech kicks in under hard acceleration (6,000 rpm+), but that's part of the visceral fun of the S2000.

    Oil consumption on my S2000 was minimal. I only recall adding 1/2 quart once during the initial break-in. In 19,000 miles I had the oil changed 4 times (every 4,000-4,500 miles / 6 months). My typical oil change cost was $20 + the cost of 5-6 quarts of Mobil 1 which the dealer let me purchase and bring in. By comparison, an oil change in my 911 requires 9 1/2 quarts of Mobil 1 and the dealer labor and filter charge is $200+. As indicated by others, the S2000 is a very low maintenance car. My total maintenance costs over 2.5 years and 19,000 miles was under $350, including the 4 oil changes, a 7,500 mile service and a 15,000 mile service. The front tires had another 30%+ tread life left in them, the rears were nearing replacement.

    On tires, I highly recommend Tire Rack for the best prices and selection. I've used them for my TL 6-speed. According to their web site, you should be able to get a good set of four for the S2000 at around $700-800, which is not that expensive for a true sports car. Again, for comparison, a set of four for my 911 S (19" wheels and 30/35 series tires) will run me close to $1,500. One thing I will warn you is that wet weather performance in a medium to heavy rain goes down considerably as the tires near the end of their tread life. True of every car, but especially the lightweight S2000.

    The S2000 is a hell of a good sports car. For the purchase price, low maintenance cost and exceptional build quality, it is also an extraordinarily prudent purchase.
  • anythngbutgmanythngbutgm Posts: 4,277
    Don't run synthetic until you are past the 10k mile mark. The conventional Dino oil is essential for proper break in.

    True, if you VTEC your motor often, you may find it burns a bit of oil. But that kind of scenario shows up more if you track her. In my time of ownership, my oil level has been constant and I have never had to add any.
  • habitat1habitat1 Posts: 4,282
    "Don't run synthetic until you are past the 10k mile mark. The conventional Dino oil is essential for proper break in."

    Where did you hear/read that? I may be wrong, but I thought my 2002 S2000 shipped with Mobil 1 from the factory. I am absolutely certain that I was advised to use Mobil 1 for all oil changes, which I had done every 4,000 +/- miles.

    Given that all Porsches, BMW M cars, AMG's and most other high end / high performance engines ship out with Mobil 1, I'd be very surprised to hear that dino oil is "essential for proper break in" on an S2000. But I'm willing to consider the source of this recommendation.
  • anythngbutgmanythngbutgm Posts: 4,277
    It is supposedly noted in the owners manual. I learned through the S2k club that it is good for allowing the cylinders to "Seat" themselves properly within the cylinder walls. I've also read that it nets a few extra horsepower when engine is fully broken in.

    I am not a mechanic so I can't back up these claims for sure but I have been following the recommendation.
  • kixokixo Posts: 35
    I am debating between a new S2000 and a Miata. I am a bit of traditionalist and prefer analog gauges - the more the better.

    I am not sure I will like or get used to the S2K's digital gauges, especially the speedo.

    Also, I prefer an oil pressure gauge, rather than an idiot light.

    Do other owners wish for an analog cluster with more comprehensive gauges, or do you just learn to love digital and drive merrily on?
  • toydrivertoydriver Posts: 227
    Quite the contrary!
    The digital tachometer adds to the fun of driving the S2000, especially when you reach the VTEC levels above 6000rpm. This is where the car changes personality and shows you a whole new driving experience. The rapidly progressing digital display that flashes back down and then back up as you "row through the gears" gives you an immediate read on the engine speed.
    The digital speedo took no time for me to get use to.
    As far as the oil pressure gauge; I guess it might be nice to have one, but the Honda engine really doesn't use any oil (unless it's been abused). If I really want to know about the engine oil, I check the dipstick which tells me more about the oil than reading from a gauge.

    I haven't driven the new Miata, and I'm sure it handles very well. However, the S2000 is really a "wolf in sheeps clothing". You won't be disappointed if you choose the S!

    To me the digital gauge cluster is something that I enjoy and would miss if I didn't have it.
    I wouldn't base my decision between the S2000 and Miata on the gauge cluster, if I were you.

    You should make your decision after driving the two cars and comparing how you "enjoy the journey" !
  • habitat1habitat1 Posts: 4,282
    I'll call toydriver and raise it.

    The Miata and S2000 are two completely different cars. The Miata is a fun, lightweight roadster in the vein of a modern MGB. The S2000 is a serious performance sports car, that is far more comparable to the Boxster S than the Miata in driving experience, notwithstanding it's relatively low price.

    If you want an oil pressure guage and analog tach / spedometer, you can go for the aforementioned Boxster or Boxster S at around $47K and $57k respectively. But if you get the Miata, you have purchased a dramatically different car, IMO.
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