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Honda S2000



  • s2k_07s2k_07 Posts: 6
    Thanks for your reply, advice and recommendations. I truly appreciate them!

    Wow, supercharged! So how many hp do you have? I also got a black one but with black interiors.

    BTW, I went to get my car washed last weekend and afterwards found that there was a thin film of rusted looking color residue on each of the tire's brake rims at the edges. I saw the same thing on a brand new Miata in a parking lot, and it also had a large rusted looking streak running down the surface of the disk as well. Is this a normal phenomenon after each exposures to a wash or water? If so, what kind of metal cleaning product should I be using to clean this up with?

    Thanks again for all of your help and recommendations.

  • estrekaestreka Posts: 28
    Black on black, nice! I like my red interior, but at the same time I kinda wish it were toned down a bit. I would have preferred black with red trim. Then again my seats don't get smoking hot.

    I'm pushing roughly 320hp. The supercharger and VTEC both really kick in around 5500rpm. After that, 9000 comes up in a hurry.

    That rust is normal. You don't need to clean it. The pads will take care of it. All rotors do that (except maybe ceramic?).
  • estrekaestreka Posts: 28
    lol In certain military organizations, people get callsigns. I was dubbed "Boy Wonder" because of my car.

    I only use Mobil 1 10W30 full synthetic. It's expensive, but it's the only oil anyone should ever use for any vehicle. It's the oil of the gods.

    Your tires should wear evenly. If they aren't, your tire pressure is not correct. If there's more wear down the center, you've got too much air. If the wear is at the edges, you need to give them more air. I fill to 35psi.

    As far as when you change your tires, you'll know in the S. If it rains, your rear end will wiggle when you go over a puddle. The penny rule is when you stick a penny in the tread. If it touches Abe's head, you've got good tread.

    If you want to know when you absolutely need to change them (and I don't recommend waiting this long), then as soon as you see a hint of mesh. The tire can heat up rapidly and undergo what's called "tread separation". Essentially, every tire is made up of layers separated by metal mesh. If the metal touches the ground, it heats up rapidly and will disintegrate the tire. A layer can get wrapped around an axle, hindering your ability to control the car. At highway speeds, the results are usually catastrophic.
  • s2k_07s2k_07 Posts: 6
    Thanks! Very useful informations. Have a good one.
  • rv65rv65 Posts: 1,076
    Apparently Honda will replace the s2000. Dont know when it will come out though. Could be early as 2009. Thats all I know btw. Any thoughts or opinions.
  • Can you cite your source? I've also heard that Honda is considering bring the Prelude back(♣) in an all wheel drive trim.

    ♣ = Lute Riley Honda.
  • rv65rv65 Posts: 1,076

    This confirms it. It could very well be a convertible. I think honda wants the S2000 to be a light weight, high revving, sports car.
  • Went to Honda dealer in FL to check out the 2008 Accord and ended up testing driving a 2007 S2000. It's an impressive sports roadster though the interior noise is high even in 6th gear.

    Anyhow, got a S2000 brochure which says: 2008 Honda S2000. The brochure shows both the S2000 CR and S2000.

    I wonder if the S2000 (non-CR) is still being manufactured. Any comments? A few weeks ago I read on this forum that Honda stopped making s2000. Confused?

    In addition, what's your experience driving the S2000 for long trip (200-300 miles+)? Is the ride bearable? Is the noise unbearable (top up or down)? Thanks for sharing.
  • @bf109ace:

    I have not made any 200-300+ trips in one sitting. The furthest distance I've traveled in one sitting was about 100 miles, then a return trip of 100 miles later that same day.

    My S is my daily driver and I find it very bearable. When the temperature is between 75 and 85, there is nothing better. My daily commute is 10 miles stop-n-go and then 20 miles of open highway (one way). Noting driving a stick in 6+ years, I can still say the clutch is very light and does not wear out your leg or thigh (I just turned 5000 miles this morning actually). Time for my first oil change!

    Personally, I think it is actually quieter with the top down, does anyone else think so too? Back to your 200-300 mile trip, I actually find the trunk to be pretty adequate. I would highly recommend soft-sided luggage though. If your Tach is around 3500rpms, that is referred to as the drone zone. When cruising, I'll keep it lower than 3000 or around 4500 rpm. At 3k, it is quiet and at 4.5k (just a hair below VTECH), I can jump into VTECH in a split second for passing or whatever evasive maneuver I need to perform.

    Keep in mind, this is a convertible and will be noisy so what I find bearable, you may find intolerable. I have absolutely NO regrets with my purchase. If you decide to NOT get a convertible or even a different convertible, I wont flame you, much. ;) The S can be equipped with a hardtop shell, but my understanding is there is little insulation and actually produces an echoing effect. Someone who has one may chime in differently; I've never ridden in a hard-top equipped S2000 so take my opinion with a grain of salt in that regards.

    I'll be more than happy to answer any additional questions you may have on the S2000. I shopped the Miata (soft and hard top), 350z, Mustang GT, Solstice GXP and the Sky Redline and ultimately decided on the S2000. Just be aware of my bias towards the s2000. :)

    Good luck and let us know what you decide.
  • Accelerator, thanks for your detailed report.

    I'm wondering if there is going to be a 2008 S2000 (non-CR) for sale at Honda Dealers. It seems Honda listed both the 2008 S2000 CR and the regular S2000 on its 2008 brochure. Honda fits a different wheel (5-spoke) on the regular S2000 and it offers different color options for CR and S2000, respectively.

    Any information on the regular 2008 S2000? I don't expect any change in specs but want to know if Honda keeps manufacturing the regular S200o thru the end of calendar year 2008. Thanks.
  • Thought about getting a 2007 S2000 since it's the last model year but changed mind after an extensive test drive today.

    I test drove for a 2nd time today for over 1-hour and 50 miles, on both local road and highway. It has a great firm but not harsh suspension. Excellent road feel and feedbacks. Acceleration from 1st to 3rd are strong, especially on local street. However, it didn't feel as strong and fast as a 237hp car.

    In addition, I didn't feel much a difference after the VTECT kicks in (above 6000-6500rpm).

    Now the negative side. It's too noisy on hightway cruisuing at 75-85mph even in 6th. The convertible top does not provide much insulation. It's mainly wind, tire noises. I wouldn't take a trip longer than 100 miles or 2-hours in it on highway. I thought I was a die-hard performance car fun but I was proven wrong.

    To conclude, the noise is the main deal breaker. Also, I was not so impressed by the not-so-strong acceleration and low torque of the S2000.

    Well, the Honda dealer confirmed that there is going to be a 2008 S2000 with no or very minor changes.

    I hope Honda would upgrade the S2000 by building a new one on this platform (nice and sharp style) with a more powerful engine - either a small displacement 2.5 inline 6 cyclinder VTEC or a turbo 2.4 inline 4. A 280hp and 220lbs torque would be ideal.

    Improve the convertabile top with better insulation and add MPS, iPod input, and a better stereo. Maybe I hoped too much but this current version is aged.

    I'll look at a Z4 3.0Si, Z4 M roadster, and a Boxster and see how they perform.
  • fedlawmanfedlawman Posts: 3,118
    "I hope Honda would upgrade the S2000 by building a new one on this platform (nice and sharp style) with a more powerful engine - either a small displacement 2.5 inline 6 cyclinder VTEC or a turbo 2.4 inline 4. A 280hp and 220lbs torque would be ideal.

    Improve the convertabile top with better insulation and add MPS, iPod input, and a better stereo. Maybe I hoped too much but this current version is aged."

    Sorry, but I don't think it's the S2000 that has aged.

    What a shame it would be to take away everything that makes the S2000 special and turn it into a quieter, heavier, more comfortable car like the BMW or Porsche.
  • habitat1habitat1 Posts: 4,282
    I'll look at a Z4 3.0Si, Z4 M roadster, and a Boxster and see how they perform.

    I agree with fedlawman - if you want a heavier, dulled feel roadster like the Z4, get it. But don't suggest to Honda that they go in that direction with the S2000. You may not like the fact that it is visceral, but that's what makes it great and sets it apart from cars like the BMW and Nissan's obese 350Z.

    As for the Boxster, they are lightweight, with exceptional handling. But, if the S2000 isn't quick enough for you, I think you will find the base model rather underwheming in straight line performance. You'll need to go up to a Boxster S to get something noticably quicker than the S2000.

    Also, I'm not sure how many miles were on the S2000 that you test drove, but proper break-in on that car is extremely important and it should NOT be V-teched in the first 800 +/- miles. My 2002 model got stronger post break in, all the way up to about 5,000 miles.

    P.S. I do understand where you are coming from on the comfort factor. I now drive a 2005 911S Cabriolet. But in the world of 2 seat roadsters, there's the Boxster S at $60k and the S2000 at $30k and everything else is a wannabe, IMO. That goes for the Z4, 350Z, SLK, TT, and a few others I probably forgot.
  • I have made multiple 300+ road trips in my S (I drive from Montana to Texas and back once a year, and usually in 2 days one way). It's a lot of fun, but the car fatigues after about 700 miles. I can feel the clutch getting pretty hot and it begins to get sloshy. I don't recommend more than 600 miles at a time if you can help it. Your legs are gonna start cramping around that time anyway.

    The noise is another thing. Back when I had my stock exhaust, the noise really wasn't that bad. The top doesn't buffer in the wind and the roadnoise is more determined by the tires you have (I use Falkens which are fantastic). The whine of my supercharger has always been hard on the ears, though. I can't really say how a stock S is on the road. I'm just too spoiled. ;-)

    Luggage capacity is excellent for such a small car. I've moved 3 times in the thing (the Air Force moves my big stuff). Being that I weigh 140, the seats remain comfy, too.

    None of this probably helped, but I thought I'd throw in my 2¢.
  • I heard what you said. I just prefer to have some low-end torque on hand. I think the base Boxster and S2000 have comparable performance and weight - both around 2900lbs.

    Boxster - 245hp with 201 lbs torque at 4400-6000rpm.
    S2000 - 237hp with 162 lbs torque at 6200rpm.

    They may be different animals but I prefer to more civil ride in the Boxster. Z4 is ok with some sportiness. Never tried TT but it looks 'too cute" for me. 350Z is just too heavy and coarse. No SLK for me since there is no manual shift available.
  • fedlawmanfedlawman Posts: 3,118
    You have great taste in cars. You can't go wrong with the Boxster - though I'd find a way to get the "S" any way I could.
  • Off Topic sort of...

    I just wanted to say what a fantastic ride I had in this morning. Air temperature was a cool 71 degrees, not a cloud in the sky, very little if any cross-winds, and very few cars - and the few there were, I was able to snake through (safety is alway paramount) and get ahead of the pack to pick up crusing again... what a fantastic drive... Unreal.

    Serious question here: Do y'all think other convertible drivers enjoy a simple cruise as much as they might in the S? I mean, with the freeway cruise I had this morning, torque didn't matter, horsepower didn't matter, just top down wind blowing across your face sun beaming down singing along to the radio kind of fun... does it get any better than this? This is my first convertible so that is why I ask.

    *cough cough* Boss, I think I'm sick :sick: and need to go home... ;)
  • estrekaestreka Posts: 28
    It's weird you mention that. I was just about to say the same thing. The temp was a wonderful 65 up here (Montana) so I went for a long cruise through the mountains. I drove up to Buffalo Jump National Park (basically a giant plateau).

    I did have an unfortunate encounter, though. I was cruising down the backroad going about 70 when I come over a hill and the road turned to dirt! 70mph on a dirt road in a high powered RWD convertible is an experience I do not want to undergo again.
  • habitat1habitat1 Posts: 4,282
    No SLK for me since there is no manual shift available.

    Yes there is - the SLK280 comes with a 6-speed manual, but if you like the precision handling of the Boxster and S2000 it will feel dull by comparison.

    I would have to agree that the base Boxster with a bit more low end torque is a more "civilized" ride than the S2000. Not as much fun, IMO. Nor is the performance as comparable as the hp similarities would suggest, when the S2000 is pushed to redline. But the current base Boxster is a big improvement from the original 200 hp model. That said, if you are already comfortable paying $20k+ more for a Boxster than an S2000, the additional $8k for a Boxster S puts you in the best roadster you can buy period, with no compromises.
  • habitat1,

    Thanks for the heads-up. I appreciate your feedbacks. Since you owned an S2000 and own a 911 cab, you have a lot of hands-on experience.

    Today I test drove a base 2007 Boxster, a 2007 Boxster S, and a 2005 base 911. What an experience!

    Boxster- well-balanced, nice engine sound, slick and precise 5-speed shifter, clutch has great feels. The car is quick but does not have very strong accelerations. I would say it has comparable performance but more refined. It also some more low-end torque which makes me feel the car accelerates stronger than the S2000.

    Boxster S - also well-balanced, very precise and smooth 6-speed shifter, clutch has great feedbacks and engagment feels. The S is very fast with much stronger accelerations than the base Boxster. The extra 50hp and 50lbs torque did make a huge difference.

    BTW, the 6-speed shifter is the BEST shifter I ever drove,including S2000, BWM M Roadster, BMW Z4, BMW 335i, A4, A3, GTI, 350Z, Honda Civic Si, Miata MX-5, etc.

    Now the base 911 Carrera - what a sports car! Very strong acceleration. The extra 30hp over the Boxster S did make a big difference. The rear-engined 911 feels quite different from the mid-engined Boxster S. Hard to describe in words. It's easier to get the tail loose on the Carrera than the S.

    Ok, after this test drive both the base Boxster and S2000 are probably no longer on my list. But the S and 911 are beyond my range. Have to wait for a while before looking at this again. Sigh!

    By then, it's going to be between a brand new Boxster S and a pre-owned (2-3 old) base 911. It's a very hard decision.

    BTW, how much does the Boxster S and the base 911 depreciate annually? I figure the base 911 loses about 6K in value every year. Any information on the depreciation?
  • habitat1habitat1 Posts: 4,282
    BTW, how much does the Boxster S and the base 911 depreciate annually? I figure the base 911 loses about 6K in value every year. Any information on the depreciation?

    My 911S Cab is 2 years old, with 17,000 miles and, on a good day, I might be able to sell it for about $15-18k less than I paid for it ($7.5-9k /yr.). Trade in would probably be around $20-22k less. That takes into account that I got a great deal - bought a new 2005 model in September 2005 at a $10.8 k discount. However, that is also on a well optioned C2S Cab that cost nearly $30k more than a minimally optioned base C2 coupe. I suspect that a base C2 coupe would depreciate less. Although only $6k for the first year is probably optimistic.

    Good luck. Sounds like you've gotten bitten by the bug. After test driving the 911, the Boxster was history for me - but that's also because I have two daughters that, could (and do) fit in the back seat. We have a "family car" and in the words of Mastercard, that's "priceless".
  • habitat1,

    Thanks for your info. In your experience, how did you feel differently when test drivng a Boxster S and a 911? Can you describe it?

    I just felt that the 30hp more on the 911 is more than what it is on the paper. The 911 has a "brutal" acceleration while the Boxster S has a very strong one, meaning the Boxster S is always under control but the 911 could get lose on its tail if you're not careful or inexperienced.
  • habitat1habitat1 Posts: 4,282
    I just felt that the 30hp more on the 911 is more than what it is on the paper. The 911 has a "brutal" acceleration while the Boxster S has a very strong one, meaning the Boxster S is always under control but the 911 could get lose on its tail if you're not careful or inexperienced.

    I have a 2005 911S with 355 hp and the 2005 Boxster S had 280 hp. So yes, there was a huge (75 hp) difference for me. But you are right, the 911 seems to have even more power than horsepower figures suggest. Perhaps that's because under hard acceleration, the 63/37 rear weigh bias shifts rearward even more and places all the weight over the drive wheels. In a 2005 Motor Trend road test comparison between the 911S and the slightly lighter 400hp Corvette, the 911S's 0-60 time of 4.2 seconds beat the Corvette's by 0.2. And the Corvette has a 105 ft. lb advantage. They attributed that to the great "dynamics" of the 911 allowing it to put maximum power to the pavement.

    The mid-engined Boxster and Cayman are nearly perfectly 50/50 balanced and intuitive to drive. But even with the power and rear weight bias, I have found the 911 to be pretty forgiving. It does come with a much more advanced suspension than earlier 911 generations, enough rubber on the rear wheels (295/30/19 on the S model) to hold it planted and a great stability management system that doesn't kick in too soon, but reigns you in quickly on an unintended slide (did that once on a wet road).

    That said, all of these cars - the S2000, Boxster, 911 - are best appreciated after a performance driving course. I still haven't followed my own advice on that one, but I'm really going to try next spring.
  • Thanks again for your detailed report. I just enjoyed reading your postings. Very informative.

    On the 911 forum someone asked you about the fundamental difference between a Boxster S and a base 911 Carrera( under 'Which Porsche to Get'. I'm curious to read what you would post.
  • njexpressnjexpress Posts: 170
    The day I have been dreading is upon me - I have to part with my S2000 :cry: :cry: . It has been the third car in the family, we are a two car household and I take the public transportation to work. Although the missus is hooked on top down motoring thanks to the S, I cannot stall her anymore in trying to justify(!) the existence of the two seater, not to mention the fact that my four year old has become an absolute nut for top down rides late at night inside our development in the S and it really makes sense to get a four seater drop top so we all could enjoy it together...
    Bottom line: I just sold the second car (Camry) and I cannot postpone the sale of my S2k any longer. I just have no clue if I have priced it right. I have copied the flyer info below ( I am sure everyone will agree in this forum that every word I say below is true, If I am anything like one of you...) . Can somebody let me know if I am way off on my asking price? What are the odds of getting the same numbers in spring assuming I just tack on a few hundred more miles (Well, the reality is, I really don't expect to clock more than 500 miles over the next 5 months, considering the car has barely been run 2k miles so far in 2007).

    VIN - JHMAP11472T000116
    FORMULA RED / BLACK INTERIOR, DETACHABLE HARD TOP, Custom black Grill Inserts, Rick’s Custom red & black leather Shift Boot and Black Aluminum Counter sunk shift knob, Painted red calipers with custom decals, Custom two tone leather steering wheel cover, Head rest back cover replaced in red, INGEN Cold air flow intake, NEVER TRACKED, ALWAYS BABIED, Convertible top replaced, Lovingly cared for, Meticulously and repeatedly hand detailed by me with ZAINO SHOW CAR PRODUCTS, Needs very little maintenance!! Pictures do no justice for this car – You have to see it to believe it!!!
    Priced low for a quick sale – This car will actually cost you way more next spring!!! PRIVATE PARTY VALUE IS US$ 20,300/-. ASKING US$ 19,988 – FIRM!

    What do you folks think? Any Input would help...

    P.S: I am not trying to make a sales pitch, folks - It is a genuine question - Liek I asked, Am I on the mark here?
  • I am soooo sorry to hear we'll be losing you. What part of the country are you in? In Texas, that sounds like a very good price. If you get another covertible, be sure to let us know what you get. Good luck on the sell!
  • fedlawmanfedlawman Posts: 3,118
    Here are the numbers I got for New Jersey:

    NADA = $20,350; KBB = $19,285; Edmunds = $18,292 (without hardtop)
  • njexpressnjexpress Posts: 170
    Accelarator, Thanks for your kind words - I am looking at a Solara.
    Fedlawman, I couldn't agree with you more - That is what I based my numbers on, and set my asking price at 19,988, with a few hundred dollars of wiggle room - I guess I am being reasonable then...
    Thanks for the input! I will still be lurking this forum even after I sieze to own an S. After all, it is arguable one of the top 10 cars in the world in it's class...
    But Alas, I gotta do what I gotta do...
  • nyccarguynyccarguy Stamford, CTPosts: 11,575
    Have you tried posting your question the the Real World Trade In Values thread here on town hall?

    2001 Prelude Type SH, 2015 Infiniti Q40 AWD, 2017 Honda Pilot Touring AWD

  • njexpressnjexpress Posts: 170
    Thanks - I completely forgot - I will do so now...
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