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Nissan Armada Prices Paid and Buying Experience

sbbsbb Posts: 10
OK guys... How much did you pay? Where? How was the dealer? I am looking at 38000 for an LE 4x4, no options. What about you?


  • rparnellrparnell Posts: 27
    is what I paid for LE 4x4.
  • rshershe Posts: 236
    I paid $1000 over invoice for a Smoke LE, with rear bench, Tech and DVD... Keep in mind that depending on what option packages and colors you want will determine how much the dealer will deal.. I found that Smoke Color, LE, with Bench, tech and DVD are the least likely combo to get a great deal on, but you can do alright is your willing to do some searching.

    If you are willing to take the burnt pumpkin color, with the tan/grey interior combo--I'm sure you could make a killing at the dealership, since they can't give that combo away.
  • mpowermpower Posts: 5
    Bought a new Armada tonight - car arrives Monday

    Just fell into the deal really. Black on Black SE w/ leather/bose/rear DVD/tow pkg. I negotiated to roughly $200 under really pleased methinks. Obviously NMAC must have some underlying support, but I feel like I really stole this deal...why can't BMW let me sneak out w/ this kinda deal...yeah right. (Own '01 525ia)
  • nitemasknitemask Posts: 33
    LE 4x4 w/ Upgrade package
  • g2driverg2driver Posts: 1
    I bought a brand new Nissan Armada LE, 2WD, with high tech package, DVD package, bench seat, silver with graphite leather, splash guards, cargo tray, floor mats and a 6 year-100,000 mile high tech warranty (100 deductable) for $41,500.

    I think I got a pretty darn good deal!

  • Man i think i have been blinded... I bought a RWD SE Black/Graphite with Tow, Bose, Microfilter, Floor Mats, and Cargo Tray. After a HUGE battle with my local dealership because I'm "only" a teenager, I bought from two hours away. (this is all in February) - I paid 36,500 with TTL and Warranty, saving about 5,000 off their prices. Now I look to find the prices around 33,000 for a bare Armada!! After a month of trouble and being told that I am not allowed to test drive because I need to buy, I only saved what some are saving just buying outright, and I paid cash!
  • jhocjhoc Posts: 1
    2004 LE silver/graphite with Nav and DVD, for invoice.
  • 81trekker81trekker Posts: 51
    Only extras we got were the Bose System and tow package. Got it for the invoice price. For that price, the sales manager insisted we take it from inventory. Finally found one with an acceptable color and the tow package. Would have liked some of the extras like a sun roof and the automatic seat settings,but they only come with leather. We wanted cloth due to our dog.

    81 Trekker
  • Kirstie_HKirstie_H Posts: 11,077
    A reporter for a national publication would like to talk to some Pathfinder Armada owners. Some have had no problems and others have had many quality issues - he is interested in both. You must be willing to be interviewed and quoted by name in print. If you are so inclined and would like to tell your Armada story, please send an email to [email protected] by Tuesday, May 4, 2004.


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  • rszkodzirszkodzi Posts: 4
    But everyone in my area is negotiating this price so I'm right on the money.
    4x4 LE All the Options $43K
  • ms.razorms.razor Posts: 1
    Just closed on a blizzard LE 4x4 with Nav. and dvd. It even had a sunroof and the upgrade package for $41,928, and they threw in a $100 gas card. I think I did pretty good.
  • jttsajttsa Posts: 1
    A 2004 SE 4X2 with Bose for 30,999(MSRP Sticker was just under 36) with 1.9% financing on 60 mo's. I thought that was pretty good :)
  • armadaarmada Posts: 1
    I just bought my NEW ARMADA SE 4x4 Leather + BOSE for $1500 Under Invoice ! I paid Only $35,100 for. Black color with Grey Leather inside. LOVE IT !! MSRP was $36,655
  • i just bought my 04 armada SE 4x4 with bose pckg only, got it for 30k...7700 off sticker price...i thought thats a great deal!!!btw im from nothern cali and got the armada from nissan north bay @ petaluma..
  • 514329514329 Posts: 60
    anyone has experience buying this SUV at their cheaper by $ from invoice plus Nissan has a $1500 rebate.
  • 13lade13lade Posts: 1
    Smoke LE 4x4 w/ Tech/Nav Pkg and DVD entertainment system for $41100 (after $1500 rebate)
  • negotiations now with Baron Nissan on Long Island NY. Here is what they are quoting:
    SE w/ leather and sunroof $38180.00 ($1000 over invoice)
    SE OFF ROAD w/sunfoof $40436.00 ($1000 over invoice)
    LE w/ roof $41532.00 ($1000 over invoice)

    I think invoice prices are a bit high. I think they should be closer to $36,726 (SE) $37551 (SE OFF ROAD) and $39300 (LE)

    Please let me know your thoughts and any tips on negotiating a better price. Will be buying the truck w/ Nissan 1.9% financing

  • big0147big0147 Posts: 15
    The invoice prices are too high. The dealer invoice for an SE Base Model is around 30,275.00 not including the destination charge (650). The SE OffRoad is around 33,789 and thats including invoice. The LE dealer invoice is 35,016 and thats including the dest charge. I got a good deal on my Silver LE got it for 37,789 before taxes. That was in Oahu at New City Nissan, hope this helps
  • Thank you very much. My wife and I like the SE OFF ROAD/leather/Sunroof. What price should I go back to them at to get the deal??? I dont want to keep playing the back and forth game. I want to call them tomorrow and say "get me this truck at X price and you have a deal" Again, thanks for all the help.

  • rizktkrrizktkr Posts: 1
    Try the quote on It is lower than anything else I have found.
  • prelecprelec Posts: 15
    I got a new LE w/ technology pack for $39,500. MSRP is $45,520. It,s great, I just picked it up tonite. The "slip" & the "vdc off" idiot lights are on. I'll see what they can do tomorrow. I hope it's nothing major
  • brown44brown44 Posts: 2
    I am looking to find a used Armada SE 4x4. They are starting to become available and I would appreciate some help determining a good price for this model with 10--15k on it. Also, other than checking the build date and the car fax info., is there anything else I should look out for. Thanks for the help.
  • I paid $41060 + TTL for an ARMADA with Navigation and DVD player after the $1500 rebate from Nissan. It is manufactured 07/04 and I'm hoping that majority of the problems are addressed.
  • phkckphkck Posts: 185
    Was it the 4X4 LE, or what trim with those options? Or basically how much of MSRP? Thanks
  • It was a 4x4 LE. I don't think you can get Navigation on SE. The MSRP was $47,070.
  • bsmoothbsmooth Posts: 9
    I am in the process of looking into purchasing a 2004 LE 4X4 fully loaded Armada(Tech,DVD,Sunroof,Lthr,Pwr liftgate and second row captains chairs). So far the dealer has given me a quote of $43000 for this vehicle. Supposedly the sticker price is $47070. Any word on weather this is a good price. He told me invoice was $42,560...Any help would be appreciated.
  • phkckphkck Posts: 185
    looks like people are doing better, rrachapudi got around $6000 off MSRP. Sounds like a good price would be Invoice minus the current $1500 rebate.

    Also, are there any other dealers in the area? The Nissan site is pretty good about showing current inventory.

    $43,000 minus the $1500 rebate would be the most I would pay at this point in the model year.

    I know in Kansas City one dealer has 17 Armada's on the lot!
  • bsmoothbsmooth Posts: 9
    Would you do the $1500 rebate or the @5 finance rate through Nissan???
  • bsmoothbsmooth Posts: 9
    yea probably?
    isnt the 2% a better deal in the long run?
  • phkckphkck Posts: 185
    If you keep the Armada for 5 years, yes the 2% finance is a better deal.
    Finance - $43,000 - $1500 rebate = $41,500
    60 months at 6% (guess on current rates)
    Totals $48138

    Finance - $43,000
    60 months at 2% (nissan special finance rate)
    Totals $ 45221

    Savings $2917 - $1500 = $1417 more taking the 2% financing.

    So, yes if you keep the Armada for the length of the contract you come out ahead $1417. FWIW
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