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  • whobodymwhobodym Posts: 190
    I'd be glad to post my information but it's in a powerpoint file (with schematic diagrams of the bars) and I'm not enough of either a powerpoint expert or an internet forum expert to know how to do it. Please advise. (and how come the email msg button doesn't work?)
  • daharondaharon Posts: 24
    "The clips do come very close to the sliding doors which has iced up a few times on me"

    Do you mean the doors have frozen shut because of where the clips are or something? I've never installed a rack so I don't have a great idea of how the clips attach. Also, which bar width did you find too wide?
  • jumajuma Posts: 1

    I have the Yakima setup with the Q-towers. My rear Q-towers acutally rub on the sliding doors and are wearing the paint off. Could you give me more information on how you installed yours, such as the distance on the rear bar between the Q-towers?
  • daharondaharon Posts: 24
    Juma- it's jeffpurd who has used the Q-towers. I haven't yet bought a rack. I'd be interested in whether his paint is getting rubbed off too!
  • jeffpurdjeffpurd Posts: 11
    juma - the paint rubbing off was definitely a concern. I don't have the rack on at the moment so the measurements won't mean anything. next time I put it on, I'll let you know - I ended up working side to side to adjust the back one to center.
  • daharondaharon Posts: 24
    I went by REI to price Yakima racks, and asked about whether the Q-clips might damage the paint. The guy said that the clips come with a Teflon shield that you put on to avoid scratches. Did your clips come with any such thing?
  • benoitgbenoitg Posts: 1
    I am also looking for a roof rack for my Mazda 5 2007 and from a local rack shop, the tech told me that Thule did not had any fit yet for M5 and that Yakima was no good with the clip fit that WOULD damage the car. Sent Email to Yakima to get more info on fit for 2007 M5 and was told that their engineers where looking into it. :confuse:

    If it helps, here is a transcript of the email...

    Mazda 5 2007

    Discussion Thread
    Response (Sam Sattler) 04/04/2007 12:03 PM
    Thank you for contacting Yakima Customer Support,

    We have not yet finished our evaluation of the 2007 Mazda 5 as of this time. We evaluate each new model year to make absolutely sure no changes were made to the vehicle from the previous year. We are working as hard as we can to get fits done, and apologize for any inconvenience caused. I have logged that you requested a fit for your car, which will help show our engineers there is demand for it. Once the vehicle has been evaluated, www.yakima.com will be updated with the information (follow the “Fit My Car” link).

    Thank you for your inquiry!
    Yakima Support
    Customer (BenoitG) 03/29/2007 06:11 AM
    Is there any plan on having a roof rack for this vehicule?
    2007 Mazda 5 GS

    From what I can see, the 2006 is the same but your site is showing a sedan and the car is actualy 4 doors and hatchback.

    Thanks, Ben
  • bostnwhalrbostnwhalr Posts: 128
    Test drove the 5 today.

    From the pictures, I wasn't too thrilled with the location of the dealer-installed racks, given the fact that their fixed. What is the distance between the two cross bars? I ask because I haul a 17' kayak and the occasional long pieces of lumber (like 12').

    I wish they made the 5 with roof rails so that you could add your own Thule or Yakima cross bars. Both the Odyssey Sienna and Freestyle (among others) offer them. Yes, it might hurt the 5's good looks, but it is still a mini-minivan and not a Miata. Major oversight in my mind and Mazda is not the only guilty party. Acura MDX/RDX also comes to mind. Perhaps few people buy vans to carry stuff on the roof.

    Other than that, I thought the 5 was fantastic. Really great vehicle.
  • tnmazda5tnmazda5 Posts: 5
    The distance between the two bars is 31 inches. It is 32.5 inches from the center of the front bar to the center of the back bar.
  • whobodymwhobodym Posts: 190
    my measurements came out a little different. Here's my powerpoint of what I tabulated on my own car:
    http://www.carspace.com/guides/Mazda5-Ro[email protected]@

    also make sure you take note that the front bar and the rear bar are two different lengths.
  • tnmazda5tnmazda5 Posts: 5
    I am sure your data for your car is correct. I am also sure that the measurements for mine are correct. The craossbars adre 31 inches apart. 32.5 inches if you measure center to center. It looks like there may be some variability from car to car.

    I never measured the length of the bars, just the space between bars.

    BTW, if anyone has a suggestion on cargo baskets, I would like to hear it. I have been looking for a while. The Yakima and Thule are too expensive.
  • jeffpurdjeffpurd Posts: 11
    some links...

    I went with the M1-M4 measurements in the second link - these are the same as provided by Yakima.

    the mounting process of walking "back and forth" to find center - this is more art than science so take the measurements with a grain of salt - what's more important is the plastic clamps don't come down so far as to contact the top of the sliding door when the door is closed. With regard to the Teflon s">tickers - these go on the underside of the clips that are always in direct contact with the car (on the interior door well) - no concerns here. The real concern is actually the bottom of the plastic "clamp" rubbing paint off the top of the door. I take the rack on and off quite a bit so I may actually file the plastic down some - this may alleviate some of the precision needed when mounting.

    one other comment - the rack sits somewhat far forward - I found this link below on an mpv club and I'm jealous - looks like Thule but I don't know if this is a homegrown solution because I haven't seen any Thule specs for the 5.

  • tnmazda5tnmazda5 Posts: 5
    Costco has Coleman cargo baskets on sale ($75 plus tax) for a limited time. SHipping is included in the price. The cargo basket measures 44*39*6.5. I believe these are the same measurements for the Yakima that Mazda sells. Hopefully this will work.
  • tnmazda5tnmazda5 Posts: 5
    Well, unfortunately it does not work. The the cross-bars of the Mazda5 base rack are not spaced to accomodate the the cargo basket. I am glad this was only a $75 mistake, not a $200+ mistake.
  • tnmazda5tnmazda5 Posts: 5
    Scratch the last post. The basket does fit after all. The base rack cross-bars do not line up with the center of the spacers on the rack. However. they do line up with the outer edge of the spacers. So, it is not an ideal fit. However, it does fit and does seems secure. If anyone wnats pics, let me know, It actually looks quite nice.
  • sauce1sauce1 Posts: 1

    We're getting ready to buy a Mazda 5, and I was nearly shocked that neither Yak nor Thule have developed a system for the 5 yet. We currently have a yak rak for our toyota corolla that we use for our 16' canoe. The Q Clips have silicon feet.

    I was also worried about scratching the finish. I would recommend washing and waxing the top of your vehicle before putting the rack on. after the first time, just make sure the spot under the rack is clean. We have had no problems so far. The only problem with the shields is that they fall off when not on the car, so make sure to store them in a bag or something.
  • daharondaharon Posts: 24
    Well, Yakima actually DOES have a system for the 5, it's just that their online rack configurator doesn't list it for the 2007 model, just the 2006 (there's no difference as far as the body is concerned). See the previous posts for links to pictures of the rack on the 5.
    To accomodate the sliding doors, the clips needed for the front and back are different; you need one pair of Q131 and one pair of Q12. You can use 58" crossbars. Towers, clips, bars and locks are $300 at the Yakima site, perhaps cheaper elsewhere. (Anyone find a good deal?)
    As far as the finish, word on the street is that you must carefully adjust the placement of the rear clips, but that properly done, the door will clear the clip and you won't scratch the finish.

    That's the wisdom I've culled from carefully researching the topic at many boards. I have NOT tried this myself....
  • menmy5menmy5 Posts: 12
    we got it and find it well worth while. if fits well, looks good, cleans easily, and keeps the dog drool off the carpet. We got ours from a place in Maryland -- cheaper than from the local dealer.
  • Does anybody have the homlink mirror in their M5? Could you send a picture of it? I am thinking about buying one but want to know what it looks like and what I would have to go through for the install.

    Thanks, Coop
  • Also, can anybody tell me if the AC is always on when you press "auto"? We are in winter here (NJ) and no matter how cold it is outside the AC comes on when I press auto. I know that it is good for getting rid of humidity but I would rather save gas and not have it on.


  • zbxzbx Posts: 30
    Same with me. I've always assumed that manufacturers force you to use AC becuz if you don't use AC on a regular basis, then all the hoses/seals get dried out and the AC fails early i.e. use it or lose it. The gas money you save by not using AC is offset by the repair bill you avoid by using AC.

    Anyone know the answer?
  • bobw3bobw3 Posts: 2,992
    I thought it was for humidity control and in our car it only goes on automatically above 39 degrees.
  • I'm in NY and I always use the auto-climate even in cold temperatures. I don't think the compressor kicks-in when it's cold out as the air is always hot if I set the temperature high.
  • whobodymwhobodym Posts: 190
    you all have part of the basic correct idea. automobile A/C systems are never "always on" except if you are in Death Valley in July at some ambient temperature above the system's capability to deal with. they have a thermostat that cycles the compressor on and off to maintain the temperature above freezing on the evaporator -- the thing that cools off the air entering the passenger compartment. If the system didn't cycle, the evaporator would ice up, and stop working. this is the same idea as your home refrigerator -- it turns on and off. Now when the ambient temperature is 35 or 40F, a car system hardly runs at all. I personally don't think the gas mileage benefit of a/c off in the winter would be noticeable at all. and here in rainy Seattle 40F or 45F is my favorite time of the year for a/c. the fog-free windows and dehumidification are great. In the summer we're often rainless, always low humidity, and maybe 75F or 80F. That's when the a/c goes off here -- sunroof and windows open time! One more thing to note. The green "A/C" light being on, does not mean the compressor is engaged. It just means it is cycling on and off. You can observe this under the hood easily if you want.
  • Thanks for all the replies. I'll try leaving the AC on, I used to hit auto and just hit the AC button to turn off the compressor. I was still able to benefit with the fan adjusting automatically by doing that.

    I can feel it kick on when I hit auto but from what you are saying just let it go and the compressor should kick off and not run often (about 40 degrees here now). I'll have to compare the gas milage with what I was getting. Thanks!
  • Have a '07 Grand Touring. I had an auto dimmer with compass and homelink installed at the dealer. Cost $460. Have seen the mirror online for $ 273. Wiring is in place. Price includes hefty shop charges I am sure. Followed directions in setting up and it works great. Don't have to cart opener around anymore. Autodimming feature works great. Would recommend.
  • mrbwa1mrbwa1 Posts: 42
    I would 2nd the Auto-dimming mirror. Our '07 Sport was a stripped down model and only had the All-Weather Floor Mats (~$60) and the Auto-Dimming Mirror/Compass (~$200). Neither was negotiable, but the mats are great for the winter and I really like the mirror despite the hefty price. The really nice thing is that I think the auto-dimming mirror is larger than the standard.
  • Did you mean the wiring is already in all 5's? So all you have to do is buy the mirror? I am interested but if it means ripping apart my headliner I'll go without it.
  • mrbwa1mrbwa1 Posts: 42

    I would guess the wiring is already there, as it is a dealer installed option. I have read online about people scavenging Homelink mirrors out of the junkyard from other cars (I guess they are all the same size), but it sounds like there are different pin configurations. You should be able to order one from a Mazda place online.

    I will try and get a photo tonight or tomorrow of the Auto-dim mirror in the 5. The homelink should look the same, just with the homelink buttons added.
  • Great, thanks!

    One more question for somebody that has the actual homelink mirror. Does the homelink work with the car turned off?
  • maltbmaltb Posts: 3,572
    Yes, the H/L works with the car turned off.

    With the mirror, you will need the installation kit which is $25-40.

    Also, I'm not sure what he means by it being pre-wired; Mazda's instructions say otherwise. I guess you can't believe everything you read.
  • Maltb,

    Do you have the instructions for the mirror? I would be interested in how involved it is. Did you do the installation? Can you provide me with the steps the instructions give?

  • maltbmaltb Posts: 3,572
    Wow...I had linked to the instructions in my message, and even previewed to make sure the link worked. Poof, it's gone!

    Anyway, you can find the instructions on Rosenthal Mazda's site: www.finishlineperformance.com/instructions/mazda5/Mirror_Compass_Home_Link_(0000- -8C_Z02)_Mazda5.pdf

    (you'll need to copy and paste into your browser)
  • rob222rob222 Posts: 49
    It might not be quite a plug and play option. I had priced the part through Mazdastuff.com. and they say that dealers cost the install at one hour. And one hour for a professional equals eight hours for me. Nevertheless, here's the link for all that are interested. They provide installation instructions.
    Mirror, Auto-Dimming with Compass, Temp & Homelink 2008 Mazda 5 1.0 hour
  • I copied the link but it didn't work. I even tried navigating to it through the website but couldn't find it. Maybe it is a member only website? Is there another way for me to find it?
  • maltbmaltb Posts: 3,572
    send me an e-mail: maltbarley at yahoo d0t com
  • hey just had an email from Tommy who has been updating the website and said stuff like homelink mirror will be back up in the next day or so.
  • I put my mirror in today and it took just over an hour. The only tricky part was tapping the constant wire, the directions tell you that it is a blue and red striped wire and I found 3 that matched the description. The a pillar was a pain to get back in as well. Overall an easy install! Thanks for all your help!
  • When the weather is cold, about 35 degrees or colder - I get a strange sound coming from both the front and rear wheel area. My guess is that it has something to do with my suspension because it only happens when I go over bumps. It also seems to go away after the car warms up, although I do hear it once in a while in a warmed up car.

    Does anybody else have this problem? Could it be a rubbing issue? I con't find any evidence of the tire rubbing the well but that is what it sounds like.
  • well only since winter of 2005 lol. it is something to do with the fact they use plastic bushing and they contract and are not flexible when cold. They take it in and it is good for a bit but comes back I have heard that there is another new fix just waiting to see if it is really fixed. what year is your car hope not the 2008 model
  • my 5 is a 2007. Did you say that they have a fix for the problem? Will the dealer already know about it? Does it cause any damage?
  • I would suggest to get to this thread. There are several answers and at least 1 Technical Service Bulletin I'm aware of.
    claires, "Mazda5 Suspension" #1, 1 Nov 2006 11:52 pm

    Good luck!
  • edikedik Posts: 8
    I just bought 2008 Sport. Now I have an idea to install the fog lights. The dealer price seems to be a littile pricey (275 + 135 + tax). I found them on the internet for 214.
    How difficult is do-it-yourself thing? Did someone tried?

    I do not worry much about installing the lights themselfs, since It was pre-wired (I hope). I'm wondering how hard will be to install the fog light switch next to the headlight switch.

  • cooppoopcooppoop Posts: 26
    How many of you opted to go with the extended warranty? This is really the first new car I purchased, I've always bought used cars before this so it was not really an option.

  • mrbwa1mrbwa1 Posts: 42
    I have a 2007 sport and though about the fog lights until I saw the install instructions. The switch is easy, as it is a replacement light stalk if I remember right. Unfortunately, you have to remove the entire front bumper to mount the fog lights. I am not comfortable with removing the bumper as it is held on by clips. That is beyond my comfort level on a car under warranty. See Here for instructions: http://www.mazdas247.com/forum/showthread.php?t=123655215&highlight=fog I believe the 2008 will be the same procedure.
  • dclurkerdclurker Posts: 57
    This guy said it was easy. Of course, he's probably a mechanical genius.

  • edikedik Posts: 8
    Wow.. Looks like I will save the money for something else.
    Or $135 for installation at mazda dealership is not that bad.

    Thank you.
  • cooppoopcooppoop Posts: 26
    /has anybody found a et of mudflaps that fit the touring model? The mazda catalog says that the ones they sell won't fit because of the side sill extensions.

  • athenasiusathenasius Posts: 118
    I wish would pay lots if someone every made one that fit nicely (please do not suggest the straight flat ones). i hate how the back windows gets covered in mud all the time.
  • cooppoopcooppoop Posts: 26
    your back windows get mud on them? I only have problems with tar flicking off my tire and onto the bottom of my door Are you rally racing?!?!?! Watch out Subaru! HA!
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