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Mitsubishi 3000GT help



  • Yes, I know where you can get one. Go to Team3S, they have the full dealership parts catalog and places you can get the parts from.

  • my car will turn over, and will try to start, but it is acting like it isnt getting any gas. it will just putter and die. ive replaced the fuel pump, fuel filter, and spark plugs. i just cannot figure it out.
    any one have any ideas?
  • I have a couple of ideas. First, check your "Coolant Temp Sensor" located slightly to the left of your thermostat housing. You will see 3 sensors plugged in, it is the middle one. Make sure it is tight, the car will do exactly what you just said if it is not working correctly. Have you checked your AIT sensor? Actually, just check to make sure the MAS is plugged in tightly.

    Have you had your O2 sensor checked? If that is bad, it will not start and will putter too. On the Fed Specs' it is located at the very end of your downpipe right before the CAT closest to the engine side of the CAT.

    On a Cali Spec there are 4 of those suckers, and I am not sure where they all are.......2 of them are located on the downpipe close to the exhaust manifold on both the front and rear manifold pipes. I hope that helps.

  • Where are you located? I'm also in the military (Navy). We have some great guys in You can sign up for free and get all the help you need.
  • will do, thank you for your time and advice.
  • hello all you smart peoples... i just aquired a 1994 3000gt sl with a 97 engine in it... now it says dohc on the engine... but it feels super sluggish compared to my friends 1995 sl.. is it possible that its a sohc with just the dohc plate? and also when it idles for a while there is this whispy white smoke that neither smells like gas, oil or anti freeze... but when i drive it becomes a thick white cloud for a moment then stops untill the car idles for 5 or so minuites again.... any advice would make my day :confuse:
  • does anyone know how to change a serpentine belt for the 97
  • I have had 2 Stealths, 1 93 DOHC - 1 91 TT however my son totaled the 93 and my mechanic had an employee that took the 91 TT and totaled it. Wonder if it is a bad sign? Thought maybe to purchase a 3000GT however do not know the differences and would like any input possible. Loved my stealths and both were one owner cars, garage kept, and emaculate condition! Can someone tell me if I should switch or if I do what are the exceptions? :confuse:

    Trouble in La
  • No, my son at 18 totaled my 93 Stealth and someone watched over him so he walked away-he did not give me any reason to not trust him and is a good kid. It is too much car for a kid. I bought a 91 Twin turbo and the employee at the mechanic shop decided to take a joy ride and totaled it! I am older and experienced but this car will hurt someone badly....IMO do not give this car to a child. Loved mine but it is not for the inexperienced driver and I live in warm weather year round, snow is a real problem. :sick:
  • tru1tru1 Posts: 4
    Just baught a 3000gt sl. It's my first FWD car so it's alittle different for me. I love it so far but it seems to have a couple problems that I didn't pick up on when I test drove it. The first thing is when it warms up I can't put it into first with out it grinding. I tried everything and eventually i learned if I put in into second and then first it goes in smooth. I don't know what thats all about. The second thing is the steering feels really sloppy at higher speeds like 50mph plus. It's actually hard to keep it on the road. Like I said it's my first FWD car do I don't know if thats normal. If anyone has any input please help. Thank you..
  • tru1tru1 Posts: 4
    hey guys. Quick question, is it possible to swap the engine from my 92 3000gt SL with an engine from an eclipse gts? I know the power would be about the same but I just want a turbo car and I cant afford a VR4 conversion..
  • Well, it looks like your synchros are about worn out. If so, you will need to replace them, and it cost a little to do that. But before you do that.......All the 3000 GT trannys are notorious for needing to warm up a little before the shifter works well.

    Mine is fine, and I have to warm it up a little before it stops trying to grind a little, but it doesn't grind a LOT or have to be put in second gear though, and just takes a minute to warm up enough to work properly.

    I would warm it up for a minute or two and try it again, and if it still grinds or has to be put in second, you will have to replace those syncros, and they ain't cheap!

    While I've got you here, might as well WARN you about the 60K maintenance (timing belt change and water pump replace). You MUST do this and do it ON TIME. This engine will have catastrophic damage if that belt breaks. This engine is not like most engines that will just stop moving forward if the belt breaks. Your valves will be bent all to hell when the pistons crash into them because of the way this engine is built. Your car will be toast unless you do that maintenance when you are supposed to!! You replace the water pump with the timing belt because it cost a LOT of money to break the engine down to get to the pump when you are already there when replacing the timing belt....just makes sense. BTW, be prepaired to pay about $750 to $800 for the 60K maintenance. It is the most expensive thing you will have to do to this car if you keep everything up to date.

    Now, if your car is somewhere between 60K and 120 K, DO NOT TRUST THAT IT WAS ALREADY DONE AT 60K UNLESS YOU HAVE A RECEIPT.

    This car is very expensive to work on if you just let things go, and can bankrupt you QUICK. But on the other hand, when this car is running well and taken good care of, it will last a LONG time with little or no maintenance on it except for brake pads, just keep a good belt on it and keep it tuned up.

  • Any one know where can I find a driverside headlamp assembly. The cover is totally cracked?
    My soon to be ex drove my car and fell asleep!!! Some how he only broke the light and a few scuffs!
    The dealership wants $500.00!!!!!!
    By the way, its dark green/teal. But any will do!
  • I have been looking for one since I bought my car, and that was almost 2 years ago... It is very rare to fond one used and in good shape. If your dealer only wants $500 for it, I would buy it. My dealer wants almost $800. Where do you live? Maybe I'll order one from your dealership :)
  • My 92 SL transmission won't go into overdrive. when i put it on it acts like its in neutral. whats wrong :sick: help............... :sick:
  • i have 2 3000 gts one being vr4 and the other one is SL. the valves r bent from the belt breaking in the vr4 it was that way when i bought it and i have the non turbo motor with a stock compression ratio of 10 to1 and the vr4 wit a stock comp. ratio of 8.5 to 1. My ? is can i take the turbos and everything required for the turbo water, oil lines, etc. and put on the higher compression engine.
  • hey,
    i don't know where to find parts for my '93 mitsubishi 3000gt, any help finding a transmission -5 speed manuel- rebuilt or used in good condition would be greatly appreciated.
    thanks, bill
  • qbc3qbc3 Posts: 2
    Sorry, I'm mechanically challenged. I need as simple as possible explanation for installing a serpentine belt on a 1995 3000GT. I also need to replace the smaller belt as well. Any help would be appreciated!!
  • hey bud i got an x-tra 5 speed recently rebuilt i will beat anybodys price i have converted my car in to twin turbo all wheel drive so i dont really have any use 4 it so ill take 250 for it and the clutch just give me a call at 417-763-2385 if i dont pick up just leave a message
  • tru1tru1 Posts: 4
    Hey guys. thanx for the help Merlingto. I took the car to a friend to get that problen fixed. He dead it was the synchros too. should get it back soon, hopefully with no problems.

    Does anybody know how to get their hands on a spoiler off a 99 VR4.
    I want one badly, need help. :D
  • As far as a rear spoiler, I found a bunch of them by simply using my search engine (Google) and typing "3000GT accesseries". Check it out. They have all the year models too plus some after market models as well.

    Oh, to the guy wanting an easy explanation on changing out the timing belt......THERE IS NO EASY WAY TO DO IT. That is called the "60K maintenance", and it costs about $750.00 to $800.00, and that includes a new timint belt and water pump too since you have to break down the engine to get to the belt and the water pump is right there. It's best to replace the water pump right then. Unless you are a good mechanic, I would let someone else do the 60K maintenance for you.
  • I have a 1994 Mitsubishi 3000 GT for sale. It is located in the Santa Clarita Valley right off the 5 freeway. Anyone who is interested just post back. Thanks!
  • Im looking for a 96 or 97 twin turbo gto but im a bit confused about wether a normal twin turbo is a vr4 or is the vr4 a dirrerent model with more bhp?any info. would be much appreciated.
  • kenoskenos Posts: 3
    I cann't start my car. It turns but wont turn on. A light did turn on before it looked like a radiator but im not sure what that was. I don't even no wheres the starter is at on this car to check with a screwdriver.So if you might know my problem I will be grateful for your help. :confuse:
  • That thing that looked like a radiator was your "low fluid" warning for your windshield wipers, not your radiator.....heh heh....I know it's a little confusing. I believe it was for the REAR wiper, but fill them both to be sure. I run out of the rear wiper fluid all the time because that huge back window takes a lot of fluid to clean it and the rear resevoir is small.

    As far as your car not starting....if it doesn't turn over at all, it may very well be your POSITIVE battery terminal is too loose. I had to replace mine after I bought a new Optima battery because it was too loose and my car did the same thing, so check that out first.
  • kenoskenos Posts: 3
    thanks i will try it. :
  • Hi everyone I'm 17 and i believe i'm pretty smart in this field but i'm stumpped on this on problem. I drive a 1995 Mitsubishi 3000GT base model (non-turbo). I was driving along goin about 40mph and it died just like i would of turned off the ignition. So i trailered it home and tested the spark. There was no spark so i replaced the plugs and wires, still wouldn't start (no spark) so i pulled off the coil packs and tested them with a DVOM and they tested good. so i replaced the PTU and it ran for a day then the same thing happened so i replaced the PTU agian checked for shorts in the wiring harness.i also tested and looked at the fuses and relays all good. so i replaced the crank sensor with a new one and tested the cam sensor with a DVOM and its good. i also replaced my old MSD ignition a few months ago with a new MSD DIS-4 ignition and it still tested good. my mass air flow sensor is also good. so after that still no spark. so i replaced the ECU still no spark. I'm getting fuel so thats not a problem only spark. so the only thing i can think of left to do is the MFI relay cause there's two relays in it one goes to the fuel pump and the other goes to the crank sensor the idle air control and mass air flow sensor. so i would apperciate any suggestions or help wth this? Am i missing anything? Any help is appreciated. Thanks Aaron
  • dk764dk764 Posts: 1
    Ok...I dont know jack about cars...ive had this baby for 10 years and love it...gotten oil changes routinely etc., and am about to get the 60000 mile timing belt and tune up for it....what will I be looking at for the cost. Also...I had starter problems last year, got a new one put in. I started having problems about 4 months later (car wouldnt turn over). I have a brand new battery, and the positive cable is connected firmly. I then took it to my local mitsubishi dealership and had them look at it. They were pretty sure it was the crappy refurbished starter the moronic mechanic put in it. Any suggestions before I drop about 400 on a brand new starter??? Thanks :sick:
  • Can anyone tell me how I can find out if I have adjustable shocks? and if so where I can get replacements. It is riding really rough and I am not quite sure if its the low profile 18s on there or the shocks/struts are bad. Also I need new leather on front seats, if anyone knows of a good palce to buy/order/ or install in the Nashville TN area. And since I am already asking questions, does anyone know if there is something in the linkage or transmission that I can do to make it shift a little smoother. Its a tad bit rough.. not too bad, but enough to notice
  • Mr_ShiftrightMr_Shiftright Sonoma, CaliforniaPosts: 58,514
    I'm sure your 18" are making the car ride harshly. It's really a big large for the car I think if you want a decent ride. I don't think anything will solve this short of changing wheels but if your shocks are old, sure some high quality adjustables could help. You could tell if yours are adjustable just by looking at them.

    More here:

    or for a good non-adj shock, look at these:

    I don't know whether you have the ECS adjustable suspension, but you'd notice this device on the top of your struts. This was phased out in 1995.

    As for shifting, you might try Redline Synthetic transmission oil.

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