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2000 Ford F-250 Super Duty Problems and Solutions



  • iowahawkiowahawk Posts: 4
    At about 15,000 miles my 2004 F150 Supercab FX4 began making a whining noise----not always, but sporadically. My wife can hear it when we go down the road----I hear it when I am about to stop, when I also hear and feel two distinct clunks as something in the front half of the drive train disengages by itself. I can never feel the engagement, but it has occurred at highway speeds (according to my wife), and always quits on its own just before stopping. It sounds like something is whirring at a higher speed than anything else & produces a drag that is relieved when it disengages. The disengagement "clunks" are getting more pronounced now at 20,000 miles.I cannot duplicate the noise by using 4Wd High side, but wonder if somehow the 4Wd Low side is kicking in. This is a definite mechanical engagement of some sort and the dealership hasn't figured it out yet after 2 tries. Any ideas.....??
  • joe_fordjoe_ford Posts: 2
    Hello, first post here. My 05 F150 with 3,000 miles is already starting to vibrate at 60-75 mph, it also has the drivetrain shudder that people are talking about. Well, today, after driving 15 miles in 4wd through slushy snow (the first time putting the 4wd to good use), I could not shift the transmission back in to park. Nor would it shift into neutral or reverse, it wil only shift through 1, 2, and Drive. So, I was parked behind somebody, couldn't back up, couldn't go forward. Had to turn off the engine. Now of course, I cant start it with it in Drive, cant take the key out either, and cannot lock the doors with the key in the ignition. So, I had to abandon my vehicle, its sunday so by State law, all dealerships are closed. Cant get into dealer til Monday.

    Has anybody ever been stuck in Drive before? I have the shift on the column, Crew Cab, 4WD XLT with the 3.73 limited-slip diffy.

    Pretty dissappointing for a 6 week old truck with 3,000 highway miles. I tend to want to say that I'm glad I'm not alone, but that's not true. I wouldn't wish this on my worst enemy.
  • jdelaneyjdelaney Posts: 1
    Hi...I've got a 1998 f-150 and just noticed that when I'm in 4WD the front tires lock up when I'm in a turn. It seems to be OK when going straight, but as soon as I turn the steering wheel, one or both of my wheels lock up.
    Any idea what can be causing this? Thanks in advance.
  • titaneesetitaneese Posts: 43
    Former Ford man. Ford has left me no choice but to buy other brands. The new F-150 is a very slow feeling truck and all these posts with reliability problems. Yes I'm dissapointed! I can't help but laugh every time I drive by one of those Ford Taurus's with a Jag front end. Oh yea I think Ford calls this thing a Jaguar. Get real Ford you can not fool all of the people all of the time.

    Oh before you FORD guys get on my case I currently own 3 fords and two [non-permissible content removed] cars. Getting ready to be a new Titan in the driveway though.

    Keith :lemon:
  • mac24mac24 Posts: 3,910
    "................after driving 15 miles in 4wd through slushy snow "

    Quite possible it's transmission 'wind up'. In 4wd the wheels need to be able to slip as necessary to 'unwind' the tension that builds up between the front and rear axles. If you have a manual t/case try putting it in neutral (it may need some force), then try to put the transmission in neutral, which will let you start up.

    If not, let the warranty take care of it!
  • rcgofastrcgofast Posts: 8
    Hello, I'm getting harmonic vibrations @ 38-42mph and 58-62mph. When I'm towing my travel trailer (5800lbs) it's more pronounced anytime I accelerate. My truck is a 2004 F150 with 10000 miles. The dealership replaced my drive shaft, reclocked the driveshaft to the pinion and reclocked/balanced my tires. Still have the vibrations and they are noe telling me the pinion angle is varaying and might have to live with it. Now to make a long story short! Do you have or does anyone else have this problem?
  • rcgofastrcgofast Posts: 8
    Same probelms here too with the same year, make and model. What is the next step for you? I've about had it and still haven't been through as much as you. I'm looking into the lemon law. Do you know anything about it?
  • gkarggkarg Posts: 230
    My brother has a 2004 F-150 Supercrew and has had 2 situations when he had a bad wheel-type vibration. A few months ago was the first occurance - we thought maybe some frozen precip had gotten into one of the rims and threw the wheel off balance - as it went away quickly.

    This morning - he had the bad vibration - so he pulled over and smelled hot brakes. He thinks one of the back calipers is sticking. Anyone else had this problem? (I've seen a lot of "replaced rotors" on this forum and wonder if there is a problem.
  • tadragtadrag Posts: 10

    Just a few questions, Mine is a 4 X 4 Lariat supercab, 18 inch wheels, 3.73 Ratio, 5.4, 7000 miles. In the past month, I've experienced intermittent vibration, usually starting when I first get up to 30 or 35 MPH which is about a mile from home. The vibration is total truck, the steering wheel shakes, but not like a front tire out of balance. The mirrors shake, you can feel it in the seat, floor,everything, and quite severe and at all speeds from 30 MPH to 70 MPH, although the frequency changes with speed. Once, I shifted to neutral and shut the engine off at 50 MPH, and it made no difference to the vibration. Usually it has been after the truck has been sitting for a while, and seems to gradually get better, and after a stop disappears. Yesterday was a different mode, we drove to town for church about 5 miles just fine, then left to drive to a neighboring town for lunch, and after about 4 or 5 miles on the road, it started vibrating. After a mile or two, I stopped, checked lug nuts, which were OK. After I got back on the road, it was OK, and we completed the trip and got back home without vibration (about 30 Miles).

    Sorry for the length of this message, but I'm curious if this is the typical mode, or does it get worse in time, and does anyone have suggestions for me, since it appears I'll have trouble duplicating the problem for dealer service.

    Thanks in advance for responses.

    Tom D
  • Sorry I didn't answer sooner, the truck is a regular cab,FX4. The dealer just balanced the tires for the fourth time! and "Re-Indexed" the driveshaft which means they turned it 180 degrees. That reduced the vibration at least 50% and the "Shudder" is not as bad. Since it appears the driveshaft made such a difference why didn't they replace it? I was told it is now within Fords specs???? They consider it fixed.....
  • john7252john7252 Posts: 1
    On Jan 3, 2005 I bought a new 2005 F150 Lariat. After it was cleaned and ready to go, I drove it home. At the time I noticed a slight vibration, but attributed it to the road. As I drove it more, I would still notice the vibration. After about 1,000 miles, I finally came to the conclusion that it was not the roads I was driving which was causing the vibration, but the truck. I convinced myself it must be the tires out of balance. Being busy, self employeed, and with only one vehicle, I decided to wait until the scheduled maintenance which I mistakenly thought to be the first week in March. (actually first week in April) The last week in February, I took a trip of approximately 1,000 miles, much of it was interstate driving. It was at this time I realized that I had a distinct vibration problem. Although it vibrated before, it seemed that the vibration worsened. On or about March 8, 2005, I took my truck back to the dealer and told them of the vibration and suggested that the tire might be out of balance. They changed my oil, rotated and balanced my tires. It changed nothing. About a week later, I brought the truck back and told the Service Advisor that I still had the vibration and wondered if the tires weren't seperating. He told me that it was not a tire issue, but sounded like transmission shudder. That was the first time I had ever heard of such a problem. He scheduled me to leave my truck on April 11,2005 "when his transmission specialist would be there". That struck me as odd that such a large dealer would not have a full time transmission specialist. On April 11, 2005, I dropped off the truck for the inspection by the transmission specialist and for other warranty work. On April 12, 2005, around 10:30, I got a call that warranty work had been done and they were about to look at vibration problem. At about 12:30, I received a call that the Service Manager has driven my truck in the city and on the interstate and did not notice any vibration out of the ordinary..............he owns a F150 himself and the vibration is normal for that vehicle. (the difference in milage on the odometer was only about 5 miles from when i dropped the truck off)

    Now for my question..............what do I do next?
  • mr.edmr.ed Posts: 5
    At firsts, I thought that the affected truck is 2004 model only,but after reading your post, now I am convinced that it knows NO BOUNDARY! I suggest that you gave them 3 chances for repair and then if the problem still unresolved,asked for a copy of the repair order,not the one they gave us post service visit. This for future reference. Then if you are not happy driving this truck, call the dispute settlement board -#800-688-2429, address p.o. box 1424 Waukesha,Wisconsin 53187-1424 if you want to reach them by writing. I got tired of ford service telling me that this vibration is just but a product of my imagination. It is a sad fact that this vehicle is junk! Lemon law is another option which differs state by state. Hey, the problem is evident and it's up to us to deal with it and share our experience on this forum. You may asked what happen to my truck? I had just finished with my second hearing with the board and seems like they know the existing problems very well. They even asked me if I need a replacement truck, but I said not another F150!!!
    Well, I will post the decision in 10-14 days. Godspeed! :D
  • yzcieslayzciesla Posts: 1
    I too unfortunately can relate (2004 f150 crew cab). 10 years I waited to purchase a new truck. Now I spend my time back and forth to the ford dealer(s), 5 trips to date, approx 20k miles. My vibration was so bad that my hand would start to go numb traveling long distances. Last visit I decided to go to a different dealer. Unlike the other dealer who would only go so far as to balance the tires, this dealer cut the rotors and balanced as well. The vibration still persists and now thanks to cutting the rotors my brakes are squeeking too. Plus all the removing and re-adding of wheel weights on my chrome rims has left small dents on the edges.I called the dealer and asked if it was common to have to cut rotors at 20k miles. He had no reply except that the government was to blame (I guess for the material in the brake pads). Whatever. All I know is my 94 Toyota pu was still going strong at 150k miles. Rotors were cut ONCE on it.
  • syncomsyncom Posts: 3
    Does anyone know if Ford ever intends to add side air bags to the rear compartment of F-150 Crew Cab models? My wife won't let me buy one until Ford adds them. You would think they would offer them as an option.
  • titaneesetitaneese Posts: 43
    My 1966 F-100 doesn't vibrate, my 1967 mustang fastback doesn't vibrate, my 1998 F-150 doesn't vibrate. You gotta be kidding ------FORD and all their engineers and techs can't fix this vibration problem in what 2 years? If you detect that I am disgruntled it's because I am. I am because I would like to buy a new truck the money is burning a hole in my pocket but I can't justify buying a FORD with all of these issues mentioned here. I will be forced to buy a Titan, oh yea I know they are not perfect either but at least they will run a little bit. FORD get a clue get it fixed so these folks can advertise that you are doing something to help the owners of these trucks. Instead of sorry can't help you or within Ford spec. This is B.S.

  • snid04snid04 Posts: 1
    i have a 2000 F-150 and after a few minutes of driving the rear end makes a clicking noise when I come to a stop. It has been going on for about 2 months now and is getting worse. It does it when I go to stop and when I am traveling about 5 to 15 mph. Does anyone have any ideas what it may be?
  • ffmcffmc Posts: 1
    Bought in july 04 started vibrating at 40mph at 3000 miles, here it is 3 drive shafts,2 different vibration/ steering dampiners , load tested tires, rebalanced tires, rebalanced drive shaft , whole new rear-end assy., new universal joints, new cabmounts, new egr valve, dealer (Bill Estes Ford )said not to bring back he couldn't fix it. Field service rep. for ford couldn't fix it an then lied to the Joke of a dispute settlement board. And the board said the problem was repaired by Dennis Wilson FSE for ford. What a joke they say they are volunteers,But they don't tell you is that they are appointed by Ford motor company. So now I'm forced to file a lemon law act on them. I will buy a toyota when this is settled, due to Ford does not stand behind there inferior products.
  • I have a 2005 super duty with v10.just reached 3,000 miles.Recently on a weekend trip while sitting at a red light my truck suddenly revved up to where the rear tires were breaking loose from the pavement.I turned off the ignition restarted the truck and was fine.then it happened again in a resturant parking lot and i put the truck in netrual it revved to around 3k rpm for several seconds then dropped to did this one more time on my way home that weekend and Monday a.m. i called the dealer.Told them the story and figured they never believe it or find a cause but then it happened to the service tech when he test drove it.they tell me the computer had an error code p1101 so they replaced the mass air flow sensor.Does this sound correct to anyone?
  • liblib Posts: 1
    Bought a 97 F350 with dump bed 3 months ago. (5 Speed manual diesel) Truck has 36000 miles, so it was a good deal - I thought!! Total Truck Vibrations as described by many above, started a month ago. Ford talk me into a new flywheel (the two piece model). No help. Now having a non ford garage look over the front end. Can anybody provide a solution to this problem? Will a drive shaft help? Will anything help? Somebody please help!!!
  • I have read all the newer posts on this page. I own an 04 f150 crew with 2k miles and no complaints (other than the doors do not unlock when the ignition is turned off like my suburban does). i did speak to another owner who had a vibration problem and the dealer replaced something in the rear end and so far it had taken care of the problem. I think his was mostly a problem when turning though. hope this helps someone.
  • tadragtadrag Posts: 10

    Your pickup 4WD has a locked center differential, and 4WD should only be used in slippery conditions as the locked center diff will not allow the front axle to turn at a different speed than the rear, which is necessary when turning. The rear tires run on a tighter radius than the fronts.

    Situation normal, but I know the first time it happened to me I was a little concerned also. Just switch the 4WD off when in conditions where traction is excellent. It will save tire wear, and improve gas mileage.

  • ystrickyystricky Posts: 1
    Hi dano5,
    Have you checked into other actions. I don't expect to keep having my truck towed.
    I have been stranded 3 times.
    I bought new so I would not have these problems. My truck was purchased feb 26 I have less than 700 miles. Maybe we can compare where they were made and see if this issue can be traced back to a certain area.

    I have just taken it into the ford dealership and they are saying there is nothing wrong with the truck.
    Once I was across the street from them and they said I had to get it towed to them. Its ticking me off, because when I call they act as if I am not pressing the break. The third time was just this weekend 25 miles from home. I asked the ford mechanic how to activate the override that is mentioned in the book. He never even heard of it. So I read it to him and he said he didn't know...and they would look at it when it got there. Because they mention the override in the book I bet they knew it would be a problem.
    It was towed on a saturday evening. They of course are not working until monday morning. Last sunday when it locked up, a guy at my church was getting into his ford 150 truck so I asked him if knew what it could be. He called a friend who worked there and suggested it could be a fuse if it wasn't for the fact that it would eventually allow me move it from park. What he also observed was that the steering wheel is not locking in place when the engine is off. Have you found any other posts like this?

  • kenmitchkenmitch Posts: 3
    I need to replace the head gasket on my 1999 F-150 because of an oil leak.
    My local mechanic says it will cost about $2000!!!!! says the engine must be pulled? is this true or is something else being pulled?

  • rsynapsersynapse Posts: 1
    After reading several postings in this forum, it is quite clear: I am not alone with respect to that fact that my 2004 Ford F-150 has an intermittent vibration problem which my Ford dealership has been unable to observe directly. I bought the truck about six months ago. The original owner, according to the dealership, decided that he wanted a bigger truck; he traded-up for the larger truck. I purchased this "new" truck from the same dealership; at the time of purchase, the mileage was 3,000. Now it is close to 11,000. The truck drove very nicely until about 9 days ago when I returned from an 8-day trip; the truck was NOT driven during that time. On the first day back from my trip, I was driving the truck on a country highway when I began to notice some vibrations -- the steering wheel was vibrating; the speed was 61 mph. At first, the intensity of the vibration was small, but, then, after about 60 s, the vibrations increased to the point where I immediately removed my foot from the throttle. I slowed down to about 42 mph. My immediate thought was that there was a problem with the tires; I pulled off the road and checked the tires -- no obvious problem. I continued driving on a smaller road, just in case the vibrations re-appeared. A few minutes later, they did. I observed that when I brought the truck to a complete stop with the engine still running, the vibrations usually were gone when I began driving again. The vibration problem first appeared within about 5 min after starting from a cold start. For the next 4-5 days, the vibration problem appeared each day within about 5 min from the start. I got the impression that this problem may be temperature-dependent because I have never observed the vibrations after the truck has been "warmed-up". However, the last day I drove it, TWENTY minutes elapsed before the vibration problem appeared. I was not driving on an InterState. The vibrations usually have appeared at speeds ranging from 40 to 60 mph. Finally, if I allow the truck to "cool-off" for about 3 hours during the middle of the day, the vibration problem will again be detected when I begin driving in the afternoon. At this point, my Ford dealership has had the truck for 5 days, including the weekend; they have been UNABLE to observe this problem. I mentioned this forum to the Service Manager, and she acknowledged that these trucks do have a vibration problem but that the location of the problem is in the rear of the truck. My vibration problem, like the other ones I have just read about in this forum, appears to come from the newly designed front suspension.

    This vibration problem is a serious and elusive one. It is serious because if unchecked, the "natural frequency" of the front-end could be reached; if this occurred, the extreme energy could break-up the engine and threaten human life.
  • wijocowijoco Posts: 462
    I don't think so. I have heard of the head gaskets being done with the engine in the truck, but it is difficult. Call your dealer and get an estimate. You are going to pay for a lot of labor either way.
    Have 2001 f150 5.4 w/68000 miles. Recently, after freeway driving and less than 1/4 tank, it will either not start, or start and idle at 300RPM. When I put gas to it, it stalls. If I let it sit awhile, it startrs and runs OK. Thought it might be the pump relay, but that wasn't it. Anyone seen anything like this?
  • I had the same problem with my 2001 F150 Supercrew. Am about to replace front rotors for the 2nd time. I, too, do no hauling and mostly freeway driving. Have an extended warranty but it excludes rotors
  • dmichaeldmichael Posts: 8
    :mad: i have a f150 2004 just got my truck back from the dealer my bed shakes on the driver side you can see in in the mirrors ford told me a new parts fix kit came out on april 16 to fix the problem , well no change it still shakes so does my front end ,my windshield vibrates and i have a roaring noise coming from the back pass side all of which ford can not fix . they put a new drive shaft in did not work . basically i,m getting to drive their loaner car for two weeks at a time and save my mileage because they sure in the heck don,t know what they are doing , i,m a loyal ford person but i think i,m going to buy toyota .had a gmc was not impressed had problems also . I don,t think we will ever get our trucks fixed ford won,t fix them unless people die from these problems look at the explorer problem .it occurred long before the media got a hold of it .
  • dmichaeldmichael Posts: 8
    On your oil change go to jiffy lube its cheeper read your manuel ford recomend oil change for the new 04-05 every 5,000 miles :lemon: :lemon:
  • dmichaeldmichael Posts: 8
    :lemon: :mad: i have a 2004 f150fx4 it has 14,0000 miles on it its been in the shop more than i have driven it the dealer tells me the vibration is from the tires he said quoit these trucks sit on the lot for a year and the tires get flat spots in them and it could take awhile for that to work out well i,ve had my truck for almost a year and flat spots work out when you drive away i,m a female so i guess they think they can feed me crap what ever they pull out of their [non-permissible content removed] . my bed shakes i have a tow hitch on the back they told me that was were the noise and shaking comes from , they road forced ballenced my tires and charged me $40.00 because i did,t have them rotated at 5,000 miles the truck had 4,000 when i bought it . tires have been ballenced 3 times got a new drive shaft ,something roars in the back pass side sounds like the muffler but get loss of power until i hit around 45 . my windshield vibrates but ford says these are all normal for this truck . the tires are worn more than they should be ford says their cupped due to lack of rotation this is all bull . i think ford tells these dealers to blow us off . I will never buy another ford product especially from EASTGATE FORD in bevercreek ohio their a bunch of morons
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