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2000 Ford F-250 Super Duty Problems and Solutions



  • Automatic Idle Controller
  • Is that the same as a IAC valve?
  • bessbess Posts: 972
    Probably meant iac = idle air control.

    When the IAC goes bad, the vehicle fails to idle and just stalls, thus making it appear that the mechanism is an automatic idle controller..

    but its really an IAC..
  • The truck is an 2000 f-350 4x4 crew cab short bed the problem im having is an vibration also A humm that seems to be coming from the rear of the truck, ford has replaced the driveshaft twice and rebuilt the rear axle twice,replaced the mating part between the transmission and transfer case, still have problem, starts at 72mph-80mph worse on decell from that speed,anybody else with ths concern??? also I have 4:30 ratio, any suggestions would be of great help, ford is confused.not me, its your typical ford P.O.S problems and ford wont admit it! have been battling this prblem since 2000 miles old, now has just over 26000 miles, Thanks in advance.
  • Maybe someone else has an answer, but 80 mph is awfully fast to be running with 4.30 gears, JMO though. There is a lot of rotating mass back there. What kind of tires do you have? I am assuming you have a SRW model. It could be that you got a dreaded lemon, but there are lots of satisfied Superduty owners out there, including myself. Have you tried another dealership? I know your truck is still under warranty, but maybe think about paying a very qualified independent mechanic a couple of hours of labor to get his opinion of the problem. I had a Linclon TC once that developed a vibration in the rearend. The dealership wanted to rebuild the rear axle. I took it to an independent and he replaced the rear U-joint for $30 and fixed the problem.

    I don't have your problem and hopefully never will. You may have already considered this, but just throwing out some ideas.
  • Thanks for your input,Mullins87, I also am very satisfied with my superduty. the vehicle in question is a SRW with stock tires.I have tried one other dealership,it just seems they dont want to spend any time with the truck, my guess is ford wont pay the service tech any time over one hour to find the problem. I live in california and just about everybody drives 80+MPH. At just over 80MPH the truck is as smooth as glass,the RPMs are only 2800, not bad for A smooth as glass V10.
  • I about fell out of my chair when you stated the engine turned 2,800 rpms at 80 mph. But then you stated you had the V-10, I had assumed you had the PSD. I am also assuming the dealership that has replaced your driveshaft and rear axle also replaced the U-joints. That TC I mentioned would only vibrate on decel at first, but then it got much worse.

    I think you're right, they don't want to mess with it. The only other thing I can think of right off the bat is your wheels/tires. Have you tried having them rebalanced? Maybe swap the fronts and rears to see what happens. Try the spare at each location to see if anything changes. If it only happens between 72 - 80, then it is definitely ground speed related, not engine speed.

    This is something I would not want to "have to live with" if it were my truck. I have a couple of issues with my truck, but they occur outside my usual operating ranges and with a very small amount of forethought, I can avoid the situations that cause the issues.

    Heck, one last thought just came to mind. You could have a rotor that is out of balance. I would look at all rotating parts from the driveshaft back.
  • Lately when I've started my engine it would rev up a little like normal then stall every now and then. Then yesterday I couldn't keep the engine running without pressing on the gas. My mothers next door nieghbor works for a Lincoln/Mercury dealership and he told me is was the 'Idle Control Motor' (IAC motor). He told me they had gotten a memo because it was happening often. The part cost me $83 with the gasket and took me less time to change it than it takes me to tank up. So if you have this problem don't pay $65 labor to have the part changed, do it yourself. If you take the plastic cover off the top of the engine it's right there in plain view, the highest part on the engine. I would asume that the 5.4L V8 has the same trouble as it's the same motor with more stroke.
  • If anyone has a 1999 and up F-150 I have a chrome egg crate style grill that I am selling. I also have a lower fascia/bumper with fog light cut outs for sale also.

    I no longer own an F-150 but did back in '99 when I changed out my grill to put in a mesh style grill.

    I have these items listed at F-150 online in the classified section.

    No pressure just didn't want to throw them out when I thought someone might be interested in them like I was 4 years ago. Email me if you have any questions or want to see some pictures.

  • li_sailorli_sailor Posts: 1,081
    ...this isn't really a problem, but a question but I'm not sure where to post it so I'm trying here:

    I'm looking at purchasing a '94 F-150 with the 5.0L V8 and tow package, but manual tranny. Does anyone know what the tow capacityis? Edmunds lists 7500 lbs, but that's the V6 and (I assume) the auto transmission.

    If anyone knows, please let me know. Thanks.
  • Every rating I've seen for a domestic 1/2 ton with manual transmission was really low, like 2000lbs. The clutches are supposedly weak. However if you drive it right and get off the clutch quick enough you shouldn't have any problems. Every truck I've owned I've towed way over the rated weight and never had problems.
    I've pulled a 3200 lbs trailer and 8400lbs excavator with my 1/2 ton that's rated for 7500lbs, and I've pulled a 15,000 lbs dozer and much heavier trailer with a Dodge 3500 rated for 10,000 lbs.
  • When I go over speed bumps or large dips in the road I hear this horrible squeaking sound. It seems to be worse when it's cold.

    I have taken it to the dealer and they wanted to use the "shot in the dark" method of fixing the problem (to me that meant they had no idea of what it was). However, they wanted to replace my ball joints. I asked them not to hold off ... as I wanted to get a second opinion, as it did not sound right to me.

    Does anyone have any suggestions?

  • For some reason, when I read your post, a light bulb came on. I've never really thought about it, but just where exactly are the ball joints on your truck? I've always associated ball joints with independent front suspensions where you have an upper and lower control arm. Neither the 4x2 or 4x4 Superduty uses this type of setup. Am I clueless here or just having another brain fart?
  • hennehenne Posts: 407
    I dont own a Ford but what your describing has been very common on the IFS 4x4's ball joints. Lube and or replace has been the common fix.

    I have also seen it come from a sway bar. If you pull the swaybar and lube the inside of the rubber where the metal rubs with a synth lithium type grease is unsually that fix.

    Good Luck,

  • I had a 96 power stroke and I had the squeeking sound while it was nder warranty I took it back to the dlr and they found the cross members in the frame had loose bolts tightend them up no more squeeks. Good luck
  • Mullins87, Henne, Lwittorf -

    Thanks for the advice. The truck is presently at the dealers .... and they are suggesting that we replace the front springs and a few other parts. Not sure if I want them messing with the entire front suspension.

    I will have them check some of your suggestions .... also, what is your take on replacing the front springs?

  • Are they gonna put back in the same springs, or are they gonna upgrade you to the higher capacity X-springs?
  • Hey Wpalkowski,

    From what I can gather .... and I will confirm this today, they will be installing the same springs just new ones.
  • To SUPERDUTY250 I experienced a bad squeak in my 1997 F150 SC 4x4 about a year and a half ago. I greased the ball joints(they do not come from the factory with grease fittings) and that helped for a while. I finally took the vehicle into an alignment shop and they replaced the upper and lower ball joints on both sides. My squeak that ?I heard when I turned the wheels left or right as well as hitting bumps, quit squeaking. Last week I thought I had the same squeak come back, it turned out to be the pitmen arm, which after some grease, shut right up. This vehicle now has 155,000 mile on it and I have 77,000 miles on the second set of tires with 60% of the tread left. I would suggest replacing the ball joints as a starting point, by a qualified garage.
  • Docknow,

    Thanks for the info ..... I am taking my truck to another dealer next week to get their opinion and will be sure to run that past them.

    Thanks again,
  • I have an 2002 F-150 Supercrew and the tranny slips intermittently between first and second. it has been at the dealer six times and I have met with Ford's rep's and problem is still not solved. I have filed for lemon law and have a hearing coming up. I was this wondering if anyone else has has been through the lemon law process and could share any advice.

  • I was through the lemon law process in Wisconsin with BBB earlier this year with our 2000 Chevy (see posts on Lemon Law in Wisconsin/2000 K2500 Crew Cab posts). Laws do vary state to state, but I will try to be of some help. Are you going through BBB or through Ford's arbitration system?

  • I have a problem with my v10 and the dealership doesn't have any clue what it is or how to fix it and I was wondering if anyone else has had this problem or if they can steer me in the right direction?

    When the engine is warm (Say after driving for 15-20 min.) I get a sputtering noise upon acceleration. Now this only happens when there is a load on the engine (i. e. acceleration) and at 1800-2000 rpms. It sounds almost like an exhaust leak and only lasts as long as the engine is in that rpm range. My truck has been to the dealership twice now with still no resolve and no clue as to the origin of the noise. A service consultant and a service manager have both gone for rides with me on seprate occasions and both have confirmed that the noise exists.

    I have a 2001 F-350 Super duty 4X4 with a 4.30 rear end and a 6.8l v10 that makes a strange noise (It has 27,000 miles and the problem has existed since about 10,000 miles.). The other day a friend of mine who has a 2001 Excursion with a v10 described the same problem to me with his vehicle and has gone to two dealerships with no resolve or explanation.

    Can anyone help me with some answers? Thanks in advance.
  • I' am going through the department of transportation. Ford says that it is a quirk and does not impair the value. over the last few months it has started to make a metal to metal noise on some occasions when the slippage occurs.
  • I have a '99 F-250SD that drove me mad with its squeaking and groaning over speedbumps and such. I finally tracked it down to...the front and back end of each of the front leaf springs. The leaves were rubbing on the mounting eye. Generous amounts of WD-40 makes it go away for a while. It's a quick and easy fix. Perhaps someof you can use this tip.

    I haven't had any problems with my truck at all. It has 55k miles, and I averaged 10.61 for the first 30k miles. The last 20k I've been using synthetic oil and my mpg averages 12.13mpg. I can go from Omaha NE to Kansas City MO on cruise control without downshift on any of the hills. I have a K&N air filter, and that's the only change I've made. I'd probably get better mileage, but I enjoy exercising the gas pedal too much.

    In short, I'm tickled to death with my truck, and would recommend a V10 to anyone.
  • mac24mac24 Posts: 3,910
    Yup, that's the most common cause. Ford 'cures' it with spring tip isolators.....plastic covers that go over the ends of the leaves. Problem is that they wear out / fall off quite quickly.

    As far as I'm aware (and I would be very happy to be corrected!), this situation hasn't changed since the introduction of the Super Duty. Unfortunately this seems to be indicative of Ford's current attitude to their customers, quality control, even their dealers. I'd love to own one, but I daren't risk it.

  • We purchased a used F-450 with the diesel from a ford dealership. The truck had 26,000 miles on it. We immediately noticed that the truck smoked excessively (our entire neighborhood was engulfed in white smoke)when it was started.

    We took it in to the dealership (Great Bear Ford in Soldotna, Alaska) and they changed the fuel filter. On their invoice they state, "still smokes but will burn out". We also told them that the truck is difficult to start when it is cold, and that the truck seems to consume large amounts of oil. Their response was "diesels do that". We started to keep track and we were using over a gallon of oil every 1,000 miles.

    The truck got to the point where it would not even start if it was 40 degrees or below. We took the truck back to Great Bear Ford four times and they kept charging us the $100 deductible, each time they would give an excuse like it was because of the air filter, or fuel filter. They would never address the actual problem. Finally we refused to pay another $100 deductible. After they repaired it and it was supposedly fixed, we could not even start it to get it of the lot!

    They have now decided that they can not figure out what the problem is so they have said that the engine needs to be replaced. They claim however that the problem which they can not even diagnose is the result of abuse! We only had the truck for 3,000 miles before we first took it in. It now has 53,000 miles.

    They did say that they would be happy to take it as a trade in, or we could pay $8,500 for the new engine. Does this sound like fraud to anyone other than me. If we trade it in (they will reduce the trade in value because it needs a new engine) I am willing to bet my life that they will have Ford pay for the engine replacement under the warranty and they will resell the truck with a new engine, making a hefty profit.

    We have contacted Ford and they state that their mechanics are trained well and they go by their recommendation when considering whether a truck has been abused. I ask, if the mechanic can not even identify the problem, how can he state it was caused by abuse. Ford, you just lost a life long supporter.
  • I just bought an 03 F350 in Oct. Shortly after I brought it home I noticed a "clunking noise" coming from under the cab area. The truck doesn't have to be in gear, it sometimes happens more than once a day and then some days it doesn't happen at all! The dealer disconnected the 4WD, but that wasn't it - every time I take it to the dealer - of course the noise doesn't happen. Does anyone have an idea on what this noise might be?
  • mac24mac24 Posts: 3,910
    A common source for this noise (but not the only one) are the cab to chassis mounts. Correctly torquing them will sometimes provide a permanent fix, temporary fix, or none at all.

    Try to analyze what's happening when you hear the noise.....cornering?.....braking?.....passengers?....etc. To give the dealer a fair crack at it you need to be able to replicate the problem.

  • Loose cab mounts are a known problem with the earlier Superduties, don't know about an '03. You might also look to see if the noise is the A/C compressor engaging.
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