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Land Rover Range Rover/Sport Prices Paid and Buying Experience



  • gasdocgasdoc Posts: 13
    $68,715 after addition of stormer wheels...
  • ahbobahbob Posts: 1
    I went to the Land rover dealer in San Diego to test drive the Range rover. I wanted to drive the Supercharged but the sales person said that they are only allowed to test the HSE. I took it anyways, and I was really impressed by the handling of such a big truck. My gf and I really love this truck so we decide to get it. The dealership had the exact color combo we wanted so discussed some numbers. I told the sales lady that I wanted $4000 off and she basically laughed at my face. She said that since Range Rover Supercharged are so rare, especially White/ivory that the best deal I can get is $1000 off if really wanted to get it that same day. I really wasn't expecting to get 4k off but I think that if I am going to buy a 95k vehicle I can do better than 1k off. I am buying and not leasing by the way. We really fell in love with the RRS and we are going to check couple of dealers in the LA area and see if we can a good deal. The dealer in San Diego told us we aren't going get anything less than MSRP at other dealerships. I heard that the 08 RRS are coming in July, so I might wait to get one of them even if I am paying MSRP. At least is going to be a 08! Can anyone please recommend any dealer in the Los Angeles area that are willing to negotiate on the Range Rover Supercharged? Thanks!
  • british_roverbritish_rover Posts: 8,458
    They only make around 2,000 Full sized Supercharged Range Rovers a year for the US market. Most dealers only have one or two unless they are huge, huge dealers.

    I actually know one of the sales guides at the San Diego dealership and no way are they going to give the car away for 4,000 dollars off.
  • eugenek1eugenek1 Posts: 4
    So...does anyone know when 08 models are coming out? I extended my current lease specifically to catch a better deal (i.e. better than MSRP) on a 2007 RRSS once 2008 models come out and I have heard of two estimates - June and July. Does anyone have any info?

  • roverboyroverboy Posts: 26
    I have heard many of you cite to "new models" of the RRSport for 2008. I don't know where you are getting your information. they don't refresh the truck every year and they already have 2006 and 2007 models. I've never heard of a new 2008 model anywhere. even if there is one, it's going to be identical except for many a few new little gadgets. why would they release a 2008 when they just started selling the 2007s. it wouldn't make sense. I don't think they are releasing 2008 models. maybe someone has some credible evidence?
  • gasdocgasdoc Posts: 13
    The 2008's are coming early (June/July) as per credible threads at and my dealer.
    I understand these cars started construction April 30th.
    You are right, this is not a "new" model. Just a few minor upgrades, mostly in the interior.
    Check out
  • british_roverbritish_rover Posts: 8,458
    Yup as of right now the 2008 MY vehicles will be here at the end of July beginning of August.
  • gasdocgasdoc Posts: 13
    As per my previous post...I'm about to purchase a RRS SC: Java Black, Ivory, Lined Oak.

    I really want the Stormer wheels but the dealer doesn't have any in stock and states 1) they can't take the stormers from another vehicle and put them on the one I want and 2) to get the only one he can find in the US from east coast would be $1800 to transport.

    Anybody know any good options to get the stormers? I've seen the 22 stormer threads around here but don't think I can pull of that much bling. So I'm talking about a way to get the 20 stormers.

    I've seen some of the aftermarket replicas on ebay but they seem pretty expensive without tires.

    Anybody know dealer cost to get them? I wonder if I could get them at dealer cost if it would make the deal...

    Any advice would be appreciated!
  • bethrbethr Posts: 51
    what was the deal that you got on your rrs
  • teamyonexteamyonex Posts: 42
    I believe "X-Plan" pricing is defined as 4% over invoice.
  • british_roverbritish_rover Posts: 8,458
    Yes 4% over invoice plus destination charge and RAG(Regional Advertising group) fee if applicable.
  • Stopped by Hornburg dealer over the weekend and noticed a Range Rover Sport in the showroom - money factor was listed @ .002190 on the front windshield. Can anybody confirm if this represents a lease incentive program to get the 07 models off the lots?
  • drcoop1drcoop1 Posts: 2
    I am looking to pick up a used RR and have several good options. One is a low mileage (17,000) 2004 HSE, the other an 06 HSE loaded. Difference in price is neglegible for me, but RR is a vehicle I've just decided to invest in. Is there a better year or model for these cars? What are the major issues with the 04's or 06's??
    Dr. Coop
  • gasdocgasdoc Posts: 13
    I would be interested in knowing if the MF's have changed too if anybody has this info......
  • I'd be willing to PayPal $100 to somebody who has a $1500 certificate discount towards purchase/lease of a Range Rover Sport or can help me find one. (the one that expires at the end of the month)
    Please let me know.
  • Hi,

    I have a certificate. You can contact me at if you want to buy it.


  • wantarrswantarrs Posts: 2
    Anyone have a Discount Certificate they want to sell? Need one ASAP as I am ready to buy and I understand these certificates expire 6/30. snunes1 @ sbcglobal . net
  • jbratxjbratx Posts: 40
    Does anyone know when the 2008 will be available in the U.S.A?
  • british_roverbritish_rover Posts: 8,458
    Next month sometime.
  • jaygiljaygil Posts: 8
    Anyone have the new prices for the 2008 Range Rover Sport?


  • I have a certificate. Let me know if you need it.
  • wantarrswantarrs Posts: 2
    Thanks but a day late and a dollar short....bought my new RRS on Monday night. Thanks for the offer.

    **In answer to someones question about the 2008 RRS models. They are starting to show up on dealer lots as I saw one the other day when I purhcased a 2007. Most of the ones that have come in are customer orders but the dealer inventory models should be available soon.
  • madaaronmadaaron Posts: 12
    Folks the demand on the RRS is slowing a bit and worse for Land Rover, sales on the LR3 has come to a screeching halt! There are tons of LR dealers in the southwest (i'm in texas but my buddies in AZ and OK are saying the same thing) and they've had to twice delay the arrival of the 2008 RR Sport version cos they can't move the 07 inventory as fast as they'd like. One dealer in Houston is offering about $3k-$4k off his 07 RRS (didn't inquire about the Supercharged)of MSRP so the car comes to about $58k with the lux package b4 tax. The LR3's are just not moving much cos (1) they look very ugly (2) the BMW X5 3.0 is eating up that $40-$50k range and (3) did I mention that they are ugly? The weird part about the RRS is that its really an LR3 with a Range Rover you look at it and are like OK...I'm paying $15k for the same chasis so that I can mindtrick myself that I'm in a Range Rover??? I was considering it but after lots of research I was like if I'm going to buy it it has to come down a bit (I can't for the life of me understand folks who want the RRS Supercharged..for that price why not get the RR HSE...PEOPLE ITS AN SUV!! it can't possibly be that fast..heck a BMW 3 or 5 would still outshine it. Worse for the Range Rover, Lexus is coming out with the LX570 that's going to mow everyone over...remember, Toyota is unofficially the largest automaker in the world which means they have oogles of cash to ram everyone down if they want to). So here I am liking the RRS with my heart, but I got to think with my head..what I am really paying for? why does their manufacturer warranty not cover brakes unlike BWM when both come to the same price? Why is their extended warranty so generally worded you may not get anything out of it? One thing I've learnt in my car shopping experience is (1) Don't be afraid to walk away (goes with homebuying too)...the dealer wants a sale and you want to buy (2) Use your head and not your heart..what you are really buying is the core and don't get carried away by the aesthetics and flashy gadgets half of which you may never need (3) Don't be greedy...go with what you think is fair: don't pay more than you can afford yet don't be penny wise and pound foolish (4) Never get a brand new model unless its been around for at least 2 yrs....the R&D that goes into a new model is a lot of $$, they need to recover as much as possible upfront with marketing etc so they tell you no incentives, also they always have competition so next year the other guy may try to beat them at their own game AND take their customers, so who do you think wins? YOU DO and finally (5) Not all reviews are accurate and some may be from people taking out their frustration with a dealer on a car they don't know how to operate (always read the manuals), however, if there is one thing from marketing its that unhappy customers talk more than happy ones. So I'm still debating whehter to get a RRS but not having one right now at a price I think is fair is not the end of the world.
  • british_roverbritish_rover Posts: 8,458
    I couldn't read all of that since it was mostly a couple of run on sentences but I will point out the false parts of what I did read.

    RRS have not been delayed. Land Rover told us this past winter that 2008s would arrive in July. My drop dates for 2008 Sports and LR3s have been the last week in June or the first week in July since January. There was never a delay. My 2008 RRs have shown mid July delivery since January as well and they have never changed.

    I am sold out of Sports as are many other dealers.

    I posted this last week on another board. I am sure there are even less Sports around now.

    At the end of the 2006 MY Land Rover put 4,000 dollars of marketing support behind the RRS. So far Land Rover has not put a penny of support behind the 2007 MY RRS.

    Some dealers are sold out of 2007 Sports. I am.

    I just checked in new england and right now there are 112 HSE Sports showing unsold in dealer inventories. There are only 40 SC Sports unsold in dealer inventories. That is only about 11 sports per dealer if you divide them all evenly which of course they are not because some of the dealers are HUGE and some are very small.

    There is no marketing support behind the Sports or the big Range Rovers. Our current programs are good till July 10th so they might not put any marketing support on Range Rovers this year. I am sure some parts of the country are a little heavy on sports but some are almost dry. I was sold out of sports until yesterday when we got our first 2008 models.

    The Sport and the LR3 use the same T5 chassis but suspension settings of the Sport is completely different. Just look at the wheel travel difference on the LR3 and sport to see that.

    I am not surprised the LR3 sales have gone flat for several reasons.

    1. It is in its third model year now and is just now getting the first minor interior refresh.
    2. It is in the most competitive market for luxury SUVs.
    3. Gas prices are high and they will effect that market much more then the market for Range Rovers
    4. Its styling does put some people off although the people who understand its functionality love it.

    Now if you think the LR3 is ugly then what do you think of the LX570?


    I mean come on that is nasty. It looks like someone over inflated a Highlander or a Rav4 body then slapped a Lexus badge on it.
  • madaaronmadaaron Posts: 12
    A couple of run off sentences?? How dare you?...just kidding:-). Not sure if you are in the southwest but the dealers here have more RRS (I didn't check into the Supercharged per my previous comment) and I was told it was delayed..unless of course the dealer didn't know what he was talking about. I was in Dallas a few weeks back and the RR dealer had about 15-20 RRS just sitting there. Per the LR3..its ugly and the LX570 isn't (but that is my personal opinion). And gas prices have actually fallen so it should not trip up the SUV market, besides quite a lot of luxury SUV owners are upper income folks who still keep their cars but get gas efficient normies like Civic, Accord, CRV, Corolla etc. But still..this does not get to the heart of price negotiation..ideally, luxury car dealers are supposed to be immune to price pressures but to say they don't have anyting is just bananas. I have heard that LR doesn't give much dealer support cos they think the brand sells itself and they may be right but that's what Mercedes and Jaguar believed and see what happened to them. Anyway, who knows who is going to buy LR now that Ford is selling it...the new owner might market it differently. We'll see....
  • british_roverbritish_rover Posts: 8,458
    Dallas is a HUGE dealer. They have over 100 new cars on the ground at any one time. I would be surprised if they didn't have 15-20 sports available in stock. That is less then 20 percent of their inventory in sports and Sport sales typically make up over 20 percent of Land Rovers over all sales.

    They are under stocked.
  • jbratxjbratx Posts: 40
    I'm interested in the RR HSE and the RR Supercharged... Is it worth it to buy the Supercharged over the HSE? The tires, grill, engine, and interior are more plush but is it truly worth it? Thanks for any help.
  • Anyone have a discount certificate they are willing to part with?
  • peteropnypeteropny Posts: 15
    E-mail me - - I have one that expires 7/31/07 - looking at a RRS but not until around 4/08.
  • i want coupon

    i can always use, even if you have more than 1
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