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Land Rover Range Rover/Sport Prices Paid and Buying Experience



  • My BMW lease is up in 4 months, so I'm looking to lease RRS HSE in So Cal soon. The lease deals were horrible recently, any improvement? What about over the next few months, any chance of improving (I assume someone has a crystal ball around here). The purchase financing is favorable now. All I need is 3 (or 4) years, 10K miles per year. What about pricing in So Cal - any recent insight? My buddy is looking to replace his 2007 RRS Supercharged with the 2010 version, so we were planning to go to the dealer to test drive and see where they were on price. Anything off MSRP for HSE or SprChrgd yet given the redesign? I know the sleek box on wheels design is hard to resist - but CA unemployment is over 12%. I should add that I was worried about reliability given the statistics and all, but my buddy's RRS has had zero issues and the new Jaguar V8 really inspires confidence. :)
  • I can share some insight because of my connection. Right now, the current lease/finance programs are not as good as they were around New Years. The residual on a RRS Supercharged is 48% for 36 months. I'm not sure what the non-Supercharged is. The buy rate money factor on that lease is .00178 which isn't bad compared to other manufacturers. The problem is the residual value is not the best and those few percentage points make a difference in your payment...if they were only a couple would probably come close to your BMW lease. The existing programs end March 31st. The dealers will get a new program in April that could lead to move attractive rates, or added cash to help lower that payment. At this time, they're not sure what it could be. But August...everyone will be pushing for 2011 models so the deals will get better the longer you wait. Regarding price...I can't comment. I have a connection and my price was not negotiated in the showroom like other customers. I've been to several stores and in Orange County, they seem to add "Market Adjustment" stickers to the cars in hopes of getting that extra gross. I went to two dealers in LA County, Redondo Beach and Encino to see new models and color options in person....neither store had an addendum on what I looked at. Good luck!
  • This is a fantastic discussion board however all of you are making me extremely nervous. I have a Lexus RX that has never had a squeek to it. Been considering "upgrading" to either a RRS or LR4 or even a BMW X5, however, after reading your reviews I dont think I'm going to be purchasing any of these. I cannot for the life of me understand why I should spend at least 60k on a car that squeeks, vibrates, has wind noise and more importantly the dealership wouldnt just replace the car. If I go with a RR or LR4 I'd probably get it at Paul Miller in Fairfield NJ. If anyone has an experience in the Northern NJ area and knows this dealership please let me know. I believe there is another dealer in Bridgewater. Not to get off topic but the X5 reviews arent any better. What the heck is going on here? Are the RR cars really all that bad? My reason for checking this site out was to see the main difference between a RRS and the LR4. Thanks.
  • I'm from North Jersey as well. Prestige has the largest selection but the worse service department in my opinion. I would go with Paul Miller or Prestige. I'll give you a great deal on mine if your want? White/Black interior lux package
  • xc90sportxc90sport Posts: 10
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    I'm currently an X5 owner, prevoiusly a Volvo XC90 V8 Sport owner. My X5 has been a terrific car. I leased it for 2 years, had 1 only issue and was covered under warranty immediately.

    Your Lexus, while nice is most Toyota products are referred to as "an appliance." They run well, are very luxurious, meet their customer demands and their dealerships are usually pristine with high overheard and nice touches for the buying public. Nothing wrong with a Lexus...but that's how they are.

    BMW nor LR claim to be along those lines. A BMW is a more sport oriented vehicle. You'll notice when you drive it. It does not float or glide or whish along like a Lexus and expecting it to do so would be a misrepresentation. My X5 is sporty, harsh, fast and my dealers takes care of everything I need.

    Buying a LR is another different flavor. It will not whisk you along, it will not be silent or smooth and the dealerships are there to support you but not built like taj mahal's you get from Lexus. I have wanted a LR for years. I find them fun to drive, I love the seating position, the Supercharged is very fast and provides me the sport and comfort I want. The luxury touches I want all are there. The LR4 is a great engine and new interior this year with some exterior freshening.

    I guess the bottom line is, all these vehicles are great yet each one has it own personality, quirks both positive and negative. A Land Rover will never be your Lexus and your Lexus will never have the sporting ability or the off road prowess or driving position of the Land Rover.

    I think if/once you drive all three, you will easily note the difference in the experience. I'm not from your area so I can't comment on your dealers. Good luck
  • Thanks for the feedback. So whats the difference between the LR4 and the RR Sport? Size? I like what I'm seeing with the LR4 but I think it might be a little big. Then again isnt the RR Sport bigger?
  • Yes...size primarily. In measurements, the RRS is about the size as the X5...I had to measure for my garage. The LR4 is smaller. Both have the same 375 HP normally aspirated engine (unless you were getting the Supercharged RRS) and the same transmission. Both have the same off road package, same suspension limitations and adjustments. Both come with very similar options. Additionally, the RRS is built on the same frame as the LR4. Geometry wise...they are about the size. It's primarily size, styling difference and interior space. When you sit in the LR4, you feel more confined and your arm rests on the top of the door panel. When your in the RRS, you have more interior space both front and back and you don't feel as confined in my opinion. A fully loaded LR4 with all the upgrades is similarly priced to an RRS HSE but you pay more for the added space.
  • not sure how you can compare the LR4 vs. the RRS HSE. The LR4 is much smaller inside and just a very different car. My neighbor has one and hates it, it's nowhere as luxurious as the 2010 RRS HSE and pricewise you can 't compare the two unless you are looking for a stripped down 2010 RRS HSE which I don't know too many dealers that even sell them. A 2010 fully loaded is definitely pricier than the LR4 and in my opionion in a different class...IBut then again I don't know how you can compare and X5 to the RRS. The way I see it is there is the X5, The MB GL and then there is the RRS HSE...I know I've seen some people on these boards complaining about issues with theirs but we got one of the first 2010's out (fully loaded) , paid a fair price at the time but definitely not as cheap as some of these other folks (maybe that's the problem, maybe the dealer sold them a lemon they had I don't know) but we have 3 friends who also have it and all of us absolutely love it, not one problem with any of ours, I truly sympathize with those folks but as far as I'm concerned I can't wait to buy another one...just my two cents.
  • Today in NJ would be the perfect day to jump in either a RRS or LR4 I think for a test drive. Dumpin out, getting over 2 feet of snow! WOW! I'll just try them all out and make a determination from there. Thanks again all. You're feedback both positive and negative helps. At the end of the day all these cars are just mechanical moving parts, something always seems go wrong now and then. Where are is the RRS and LR4 made? Did I read a company called Tata Motors took over Land Rover or whats the story with that? Are these cars made in England? Thanks again.
  • Tata Motors is the parent company that purchased Land Rover from Ford Motor Company...who purchased them from BMW.

    The models you are looking into are built at their plant in Birmingham, England UK.
  • mtnbiker5mtnbiker5 Posts: 29
    Trying to determine if this is a "good deal" or not. To buy the 2010 RRS with Luxury Package I was quoted at 63k? Tax and all the rest not included.
  • mtnbiker5mtnbiker5 Posts: 29
    Hi, I was given a price at lr parsipp of around 63k for the RRS HSE w/luxury pck. I this a decent price? I wasnt impressed with the person I dealt with. Is prestige competitive w pricing? are any of them? thanks
  • $63K for the Lux seems like a great price. Jeff Carrington is great salesperson in Parsippany. I would deal with him. You should definetly try Prestige and see if you can do even better like say $62K
  • The Nav Screen constantly freezes up when inputing directions. Have you experiencing this? Many others eperiencing this and LR has no fix yet. The other issue with Nave screeen is since it's not recesse enough in the dash the sunlight renders is unreadable at ceratin angles of sunlight. I live in NJ so it must be ten times worse in states like FL or NV. Also, I have gotten "Smart Key Not Found" 3 times already which renders you dead in the water - unable to start vehicle. The only thing you can do is sit in vechicle until somehow it resets itself and system recognizes that they key is in the truck. Last week I sat for 45 minutes before able to start truck. LR is also aware of this issues with no solution yet.
  • bzhaobzhao Posts: 1
    try 61k .I think they can do it.I quote the price with luxury package is around 61k in So Cal.
  • eagleeye3eagleeye3 Posts: 44
    61K for HSE plus lux package in So Cal? Thats $2k under MSRP. Where? Mission Viejo? Miramar? Are there any cars to chose from? Seems like supply is low or spoken for.
  • Looking to negotiate a deal in the NY/NJ area for a L4 with HSE Plus - 7 Seat Comfort Package. The inovice seems to be about $49,246. I hear there are no holdbacks but there is a $1500 incentive from Chase Financing to dealer bringing their cost down to $47,726. I am being quoted $52,000. I don't see why I can't get this at $49,000. Am I being unrealistic? How much over invoice is a good deal? Any word on what the April program will look like?
  • Hi there

    Trying to find what my drive off price for this vehicle should be and what all are getting on monthly payments for 36-39 month 12k lease terms. Any info is greatly appreciated


  • pangaroopangaroo Posts: 8
    edited April 2010
    I dont post much on the forum, but I've been reading up to get the best deals I can find, so here is my expereince at Land Rover Cerritos with Greg Ryan. Hope this helps some people with their purchase.

    I purchased a 2010 Black on Black RRS with Lux Package and Extended Leather and HD Radio. MSRP was 65495. I purchased it for 61786 (no tax and license). There is also a $3000 rebate from Land Rover that was applied after taxes if you had a lease ending from Merc/BMW/Audi. I did have to finance a bit (12k) for 36 months at 1.9% to get this price (i'll just pay it off after the mandatory 6 months). But financing is pretty good if you want to do that anyways.

    They also provide FREE scheduled maintenance in writing for 4years/50k. (Oilchange, and anything scheduled, etc..., but not brakes and wipers like BMW)

    Final Bill was 68675.25 - $3000 rebate = 65675.25. (CA tax is 9.75% =( )
    Basically we got almost $6300 off plus the maintenance which im sure is worth at least $1500 or so.

    From what I have been reading its a great deal. I was offered the price over the phone. 2 days later I called Greg Ryan and made an appointment. Went there and made the purchase. He did not try to upsale me any additional warranties or anything. He honored the price he gave me on the phone and we were done with paperwork in about 30-45 minutes. Very smooth and very honest. I even made him drive the car on their little offroad display to show me how capable the car was.

    He said he couldnt lower much on the Supercharged, but the Regular sports he was very aggressive with prices. I also spoke with Pasadena who kept on telling me to go in and negotiate but didnt want to give prices via phone or email. Hornburg in downtown said he couldnt sell me a car unless I had a closer zipcode?? He said they were low on cars.

    I am not trying to promote any dealer or offend others, this is my experience and I had a VERY positive one with Greg over at LRJ Cerritos. I always support those that are honest and don't 'F' around with customers.

    Best of luck all!
  • wildcat_1wildcat_1 Posts: 9
    edited April 2010
    That is a good deal. I just got one similar here in CO. Here is what I was able to deal:

    2010 RRS Sport
    Lux Package
    HD Radio
    Satellite Radio

    MSRP $65,045. I was able to deal down to $60,045 then (it got even better) I got maintenance thrown in and also the dealer kicked in an upgrade to:

    20" Style 3 (15 spoke) wheels which was another $2500 value. Therefore total MSRP $67,545 and out the door at $60,045. $7500 off before maintenance!!!! Now of course as pangaroo mentioned this was with the $3000 incentive included but felt chuffed we got the dealer to take of $4500 on top.

    If anyone is in CO and wants specifics let me know, happy to share

    Looks like we're finally all able to get some good deals on these great vehicles

  • Wildcat, which dealer in CO?
  • joseph9080joseph9080 Posts: 2
    To all: Thanks in advance for any input.

    Is the $3,000.00 rebate only towards a purchase or can it be used towards a lease? When does this offer expire?
  • rr4mywiferr4mywife Posts: 53
    And does the $3000 rebate apply if you are coming out of a Range Rover lease?

    Thanks in advance
  • Hi first time poster here, and I've been enjoying reading everyone's experiences with dealerships on the RRS. I was told by a dealer in SW Ohio yesterday that the competitive lease rebate, which ends 6/30, is good "even if you drive a Hyundai." Over the phone, first call, he offered $3K off sticker for any RRS in stock on top of the $3000 LR early lease termination rebate. I'm thinking based on what I've read here that I can push for $4000 off sticker plus maintenance, and then the $3K rebate on top of that. Too aggressive? What do you folks think?
  • roadbikeracerroadbikeracer Posts: 1
    edited July 2010
    Hi. Looking to purchase a used (2008) Sport Supercharged and would like opinions. I found one I'm interested in but haven't seen it in person yet. It is Certified, currently has 31,000 miles, HSE model/package. Pictures look great. It was previously driven by a person working at the listing dealer. Carfax shows nothing much besides regular maintenance and a couple of "checks" for things like steering/suspension, performance/drivability. I don't know if I should be worried about these checks or not. No mentions of anything being replaced or repaired.

    List price is $49,995. Carfax shows it being listed on 4/24. I'm struggling with what would be a fair price to offer and would like advice. I was initially thinking of $46,000 but don't know if that's reasonable or if I should try a bit lower. Would appreciate any opinions.
  • carpentkcarpentk Posts: 1
    I bought a black on black RRS 2010 with Luxury package for $62.3K in June. This includes a surround camera. I couldn't be happier with this purchase...rides like a dream and I feel I got a solid deal. I also negotiated 3 free oil changes on the yearly maintenance fee. That equates to ~$250 savings each year for 3 years.

    In terms of accessories, I just received some Gibson exhaust tips that look fantastic. You'll pay $146 (73 each) and will instantly see the difference. I installed them this morning and will take pictures soon.

    If you like biking, I purchased a Thule T2 rack for $377 from Amazon. Had to buy a 2" hitch receiver which cost ~$500 but worth it since I don't have to put a dirty bike in the back anymore.
  • john2011john2011 Posts: 4
    can you please put me with your contact at this dealer so I can see what i can get?
  • Since the 2011s are here now what are people seeing as far as discounts on 2010 range rover sports? Have discounts on the sc's picked up?
  • rocket007rocket007 Posts: 1
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    I was wondering what kind of deals people are getting on lease payments for RRS and where is a good place to lease from ( dealer vs internet ).
  • robinehrobineh Posts: 6
    I just picked up a 2011 RRS HSE w/Lux, upgraded audio, visual assist (5 cameras). Extended leather is standard on 2011 Lux package. MSRP was roughly $68300. Negotiated it down to $65000 which is the best price I could get from the New York area. 2011's are just arriving now. Mine is only coming into the dealer in 2 weeks. So I thought it wasn't a bad deal for a brand new 2011 that hasn't hit the dealer yet.
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