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Land Rover Range Rover/Sport Prices Paid and Buying Experience



  • It is funny isn't it. I was trying to work a deal with a guy who is a Friend of the owner(FotO) and of course he wanted a special price. Now we gave him a special price of course with a discount but not a huge amount. Well then it turns out one of his kids needs a new car too so he is going to buy a sport and an LR3 so for buying two cars a little more discount on the sport and a rock bottom price on the LR3. We don't expect to hold much margin on a base LR3 to a buddy of the owner's kid so no problem.

    He is getting a fantastic deal better then anything we have ever or would ever give to anyone else but he says it is not enough. He wants to buy the sport for under invoice and not just a little under invoice either.

    Centre manger put a stop to that right there. He had agreed to two different prices before and now he wants more and wants to buy the hottest truck on the market for under invoice. Sorry no one is that good of a FotO.
  • I get a kick out of high maintenance people. Its all about them and their insecure egos. Lets review the realities of the car business: profits are the lowest they have been in 5 years; Rover sales are stagnant if you back the Rover Sport sales out of the 33% overall increase. (Source: last week's Automotive News, page one.) And this guy keeps moving the goal posts on what is acceptable and has agreed to?

    I think his buddy, the dealer pricipal, will wind up saying "with friends like this who needs...". But what the heck would a lobster fisherman know?
  • My wife is dead set on this expensive montrosity (no offense, just my opinion). I'm looking at the regular Range Rover HSE as factory equipped. Any discounts available on this vehicle, or do I have to pay full price?
  • british_roverbritish_rover Posts: 8,458
    You need to move over to the Range Rover prices paid forum this is the Range Rover Sport forum.

    They are too different models.
  • kyfdxkyfdx Posts: 70,574
    No..this forum is for both models...

    Host-Prices Paid Forums


    Prices Paid, Lease Questions, SUVs

  • british_roverbritish_rover Posts: 8,458
    Doh my bad I read the title to quickly.

    Depending on your area I wouldn't expect thousands of dollars off a Range Rover. Just for example most dealerships will not honor X-plan for the Range Rover.
  • I didn't expect thousands off, but can I expect anything off? I don't know what X-plan is. Thanks.
  • ddr10ddr10 Posts: 1
    Newbie here - just picked up my 06 RRS SC last night.... SWEEEET. Stole the car at $67.5. SAT and PTI included. black on black.

    w/ taxes (Va) was $69+k.
  • btdylanbtdylan Posts: 3
    Picked up RRS SC. Got 2k off w/ all options minus ACC. Still learning how to use all the elec. because sales staff was CLUELESS!! Lots of dealer problems leading up to purchase. Love the truck ........ so far!
  • rover_usarover_usa Posts: 24
    I am in the market for a Black 2006 HSE with upgraded interior pkg and rear-sear DVD-entertainmnt system.
    Here in Georgia MSRP is:

    MSRP is $83,250
    Base Price: $75,035
    Destination Charge: $715
    Options: $7,500
    Total Price: $83,250

    Now, I purchased a 2003 Disco SE7 from this dealership in 2003: so I am a repeat customer; however, the dealer will not budge from MSRP and will only give me $1,000 for being a repeat customer.

    When I bought the Disco, I got about $5,000 based on Ford A-plan discount and Factory incentives, plus dealer threw in lots of kit.

    What should I reasonably expect on the Range Rover?
    Please let me know if LandRover really is trying to be like haggling...MSRP fit all

  • rover_usarover_usa Posts: 24

    I submitted a request for a price quote from the LR dealership in Buckhead Atlanta. I inidicate the trim level and all options I was looking for.

    The response was a standard polite e-mail stating thank you for your interest in LR vehicles...but, no price quote.

    I replied to the e-mail pointing out that the e-mail was generated to them from Edmunds was under the auspice of a price quote and asked them to respond on that request.

    I have not heard anything yet but, I will keep you posted.
  • dc661dc661 Posts: 71
    Edmunds TMV is $81,136 so I definately wouldn't pay over that. Carsdirect price is $79,089 and invoice is $75,589. If you can get around $80K that's probably about right.
  • rover_usarover_usa Posts: 24
    Thanks for the information...the salesguy tried to tell me that RR is using the Saturn pricing price fits all and no haggling...have you ever heard that is just sales BS isn't it?
  • jinpowerjinpower Posts: 17
    I was in the Portland (OR) Land Rover store today and they would not budge on the RRS HSE sticker price. Has anyone been able to get anything off the sticker price or anywhere else in the country? Please let me know so I know how much I have to pay. Thanks.
  • rover_usarover_usa Posts: 24
    I learned from the board that and (TMV) can be used to attempt to get dealership to move lower.

    For the RR HSE vehicle and options I am interested in both were in the 79-80k range while MSRP was 83,250.

    I think I have heard that if you are in the market for a SuperCharged RR or sport you may have to pay MSRP...
  • rover_usarover_usa Posts: 24
    Thanks for the information...

    I am planning to go back to the dearlership here in Alpharetta (suburb of Atlanta) to do more negotiating.

    One thing that is kinda funny here is that the same company owns all three of the LandRover dealerships in the Atlanta area and SAT Radio option is on all the RRs in their new inventory.

    I wonder if this is not a marketing ploy by LR to get SAT Radio into the public (probably getting kick backs from Sirus and XM radio).

    I personally do not want the option and am refusing to pay the additional $400 for it.

    Though I feel this will hurt my negotiating position since I will have to order a vehicle rather than pick one from their current inventory.

    I'll keep you posted.
  • british_roverbritish_rover Posts: 8,458
    Ok first of all the Land Rover going to the saturn style of pricing is BS. You can of course try and negotiate on any of our vehicles but with the extremely limited supply that most Land Rovers are in many times they do go for MSRP or very close to it. As was previously stated above if you wanted a Supercharged Range Rover or Range Rover Sport you would be almost guranteed to pay MSRP and in some markets you might pay over MSRP.

    You are going to see almost all Rover dealers tighten pricing up on the full size Range Rovers for the next four to five months for one simple reason. Our last order call for full size Range Rovers for MY 2006 was last month. We cannot order any more 2006 MY Range Rovers for the rest of the year and 2007 MY order calls will not start till June or possibly July.

    That is telling all of the Land Rover Retailers to tighten up pricing cause supply is going to diminish consiederably. That also means you cannot order a Range Rover without SAT radio unless your dealer just happend to order one without it which is highly unlikely. Just looking on Land Rovers intranet there are only FOUR Range Rovers in the whole country without Satelite radio. It is a 400 dollar option that most people want on a 76,000 dollar or more vehicle so of course all the dealers are going to order it.

    You are just bein a conspiracy theorist if you think there is some kind of kick back situation going on. The few people I have sold Rovers to that really did not want satelite radio we just reduced the price by 400 dollars.

    Around 80,000 is probably the least you are going to pay for a Luxury edition Range Rover with DVD entertainment system. Anything less then that and the car is probably special in some way. Examples of being special are, it was a Demo, it was special ordered and the deal fell through, it came from the port with some problems and they want to unload it.
  • rover_usarover_usa Posts: 24
    Thanks for all the good information.

    Yeah, I really did not think that Sirius or XM Radio was kicking back to LR...I was just trying hard to get someone to give me feedback and I was curious as to why all of local inventory has already got the SAT Radio option.

    I did not know there was a limited supply of 2006s. If you come down to Atlanta and look at LR NorthPoint or LR BuckHead you will see lines of unsold 2006 HSEs...and just one or two RR Sports and NO SuperCharged HSEs.

    Based upon that and some of the posts I read at, I had decided that 2006 was a flat sales year and I should expect some very motivated RR HSE negotiating from my local dealer (LR of North Point).

    Especially, since as a repeat customer (I bou8ght new Disco in 2003) I would think they would be interested in keeping my business...(I am also looking at the Jaguar XJ8 Van den Plas and XJR).

    Yes, I know the Jag and RR are very different vehicles...but, they are both luxury vehicles and good interesting modes of transportation. I am looking for a luxury vehicle for weekends and Sundays...I use my 2003 disco for daily travel.

    Anyway, you've given me much good information. Do you work for 2006 a flat sales year for HSEs?

    Do you have any idea if RR HSE (MKIII) body style will remain the same for the next 2 years?

  • jinpowerjinpower Posts: 17
    Has anyone paid lower than sticker price on a Range Rover Sport HSE? If yes, how much and where at? all I still refuse to pay sticker price for any car. I never have and plan on nevering having to do so. Hope this is not the first. I love everything about the Range Rover Sport. Thanks in advance for all your help guys.
  • british_roverbritish_rover Posts: 8,458
    Well I can't comment on your particular market but up where I am I have four Full Size Range Rovers for sale on the ground. I have one Rang Rover Sport and one Sport Supercharged. I have one more Full size Range coming in two weeks and then over the next five months I only have nine maybe ten more Range Rovers coming. So that puts my dealership at fifteen Range Rovers to sell till September and we average three to four Range Rovers a month. We will barely have enough Range Rovers to supply the average normal demand we get for them over the next five months.

    If you look at Range Rover sales for Calender Year 2005 they were down by 0.8 percent which considering that overall SUV sales are down 30 something percent is pretty good. Land Rover sales are up 30 percent over 2004 calender year sales. Most of that increase is from the Range Rover Sport(LR3/Disco sales are up 22% versus 2004) but with overall sales of SUVs down so much and Land Rover lauching a new model that everyone knew would steal some sales away from the Range Rover I think the 2005 numbers are very good.

    Our overall sales for Q1-2006 are up just over 30 percent vs. Q1-2005. Sales for Range Rovers never make big swings one way or the other because Land Rover keeps import numbers very low. They only import 12,000-14,000 Range Rovers a year and there is very little overlap between model years. For example there are only eight 2005 Range Rovers left in the entire US that are unsold. Most of those five have a notation by them that normaly means they are being used as demos of one sort or another.

    I don't work for Land Rover but I do work for a retailer. I am up in the northeast though so I am sure our market is very different then yours. I wouldn't expect any major body style changes for the Range Rover till Model Year 2009 or 2010. That is the rumor at least but it is still to far away to be sure.
  • sam818sam818 Posts: 127
    I read in AutoCar magazine that there is a Range Rover refresh for June 2007.
    Any ideas as to what can be expected?
  • rover_usarover_usa Posts: 24
    I have pretty much closed the deal with LandRover North Point here in Alpharetta (suburb of Atlanta) on an HSE with LUX, SAT, RSE in Java black...paid full MSRP!!

    Could not get them to budge off it...

    But, did get them to throw in lots of non-vehicle kit for free.

    One thing that came up was extended warranties.

    The dealership claims that the warranty they sell is the same as extending the factory warranty and that other extended warranties on these vehicles are not as good.

    Can anyone comment on this?

    Is the dealership extended warranty the same as extending the factory warranty?

    I am scheduled to pick up my new HSE next Saturday.
  • british_roverbritish_rover Posts: 8,458
    If it is the Land Rover Assured warranty and the _______, I can't remember the name of the other one I will look it up tomorrow at work, warranty then yes it is pretty much the same as the factory warranty.

    It does not include the extention of the schedualed maitinence and there is a deductible per visit but pretty much the same in all other aspects.

    Just ask to see the warranty brocure and the contract. The real Land Rover warranty lists exactly what things are not covered so it is very easy to see what you would need to pay for.
  • rover_usarover_usa Posts: 24
    Hi British always provide really good information on this forum...thanks.

    The salesman called today and wanted to know if I would like to take delivery of the RangeRover tonight: so I am quite excited. He even offered to bring it over to the house and close the paperwork here instead of the dealership. That impressed me; but, we will go to the dealership to accept delivery because it is on the way to another destination that we need to go to.

    We will now have two Rovers: 2003 Disco, and this 2006 RR HSE.

    I just hope that the RR HSE proves to be as trouble free as my Disco.

    One of the other services that the dealership is giving me is a loaner of an LR3 SE anytime either of my Rovers is in the shop for any reason.

    They will even send a guy out to pick up my vehicle and drop off the loaner...very impressive...I could not expect that at the BMW or Benz dealerships.

    Go Rover!!
  • british_roverbritish_rover Posts: 8,458
    Yeah we do valet service for our customers too if they call with enough heads up notice to arrange for a driver or sometimes I will do it myself if I have a slow day.

    We are lucky enough to have a dodge store in our auto group so we also have a dedicated two vehicle and trailer that we normaly use for vehicle swaps between dealers. In a couple of emergancy situations when a car was off the road and Land Rover Raodside assistance could not get to the customer fast enough we have used our truck/trailer combo to retrive the vehicle.
  • rover_usarover_usa Posts: 24
    When I took delivery of the RR HSE last Friday night one tidbit that the sales guy mentioned in passing was that the Nokia BlueTooth phone (whichever model was specifically manufactured for the RR cradle) was no longer being manufactured and no longer available.

    That sounded fishy to me.

    So, I just checked the LandRover site and they list the Nokia 6225 and 6200 with my carrier (Sprint) as being cradle-able in the RR cradle and compatible with the PTI system in the RR.

    Can anyone respond with direct knowledge of the Nokia BlueTooth phones and RangeRovers?
  • british_roverbritish_rover Posts: 8,458
    Nokia designed the cradle system for the Land Rover but since cell phone design moves so much faster then vehicle design I think all of the phones that the cradle system works with are now obsolete.

    If you can still find those model phone some where then it should work fine but it will be hard to find a model that is so old.

    If you just want to hook up the phone wirlessly with bluetooth you are set but if you want to cradle a phone then you are going to probably be out of luck.
  • rover_usarover_usa Posts: 24
    Hi British_rover,
    Thanks for clarifying that.

    On another topic, where do you point the RSE remote to make it work the RSE DVD player if you are in the back seat?

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