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Cadillac Escalade



  • tidestertidester Posts: 10,059
    You should be able to find what you need here and a lot more! Good luck.

    tidester, host

  • Can anyone tell me how js237 Post number 590 got the 2000.00 discount from GM?
  • js237js237 Posts: 13
    At the time, GM was offering both $2000 back and O,0,0, on the 2002
  • So, reading above, there is some improvement (or not, according to some) to the Dash and instruments for 2003? Because the Chevy truck dash and knobs are a real turn off in an otherwise gorgeous vehicle. If so, I'll look again, because another Navigator was likely to come home based on what I see over there for 2003.
  • scott31scott31 Posts: 292
    Did anyone see the report on ABC News on Fri Dec 27th?

    There is a tax credit (loophole) for people who buy large SUV's (over 6000lbs). it was meant for farmers, but they didn't take into consideration that the Escalade, Navigator, etc weigh so much, and thus qualify.

    Has anyone done this?
  • paisanpaisan Posts: 21,181
    That's common I know several doctors who bought Navigators for just that reason.

  • What is everybody else paying for an '03 Escalade, AWD, fully loaded? I was quoted a "invoice price" of $53,140.00. MSRP of ($57,134) What should I be able to buy it for??? Thanks for the help on this!! I am trying to buy my first cadillac.

    Also, will the new incentives on Jan 3rd be any better than the current deals??
  • What is the going rate for an '02 with 15,000 miles? I know they take a big hit the first year.
  • steverstever Posts: 52,683
    The invoice should start at $48,683 (before options and destination, ad fees etc.). Click on the New link and drill down to your model (something like this).

    For the '02, try the Used link and you'll get something like this. Try the Customized Button there to adjust for miles, color, zipcode, etc.

    See you next year!

    Steve, Host

  • What kinda deals has everyone else got on an '03 Escalade? How much will the average dealer go below invoice?? Thanks for the help.
  • steverstever Posts: 52,683
    "One thing's for sure with the 2003 Cadillac Escalade EXT — its comfort, ride, power and road presence have no equal on the road."

    Road Test: 2003 Cadillac Escalade EXT

    Steve, Host

  • force98force98 Posts: 81
    Can anyone tell me if wheels from a '99 Escalade will fit an '02 Escalade? I found an awesone set of 4 Neeper 18" wheels mounted with Toyo Proxes ST 285/60VR18 high performance tires. They came off of a '99, and I can't get a straight answer if they changed bolt pattern/off-set on 2nd generation Escalade. Thanks!
  • beach15beach15 Posts: 1,305
    They'll fit, it's the same bolt pattern. Hope this helps!
  • Ok...I'm not very experienced at all in shopping for a new Luxury SUV, but I've just come upon a very large sum of $$$ and am in the market for either a Navigator, Escalade, or Yukon Denali. I plan to purchase the vehicle and have it fully customized by West Coast Customs in L.A. I was just wanting some experienced opinions. Which is better -- The Escalade, Navigator, or Yukon Denali? P.S. I know that the Escalade and Denali are basically manufactured by the same company. Thanks in advance for any input!
  • I am planning on buying one.Could use some help in comparing both.Thanks for any advice that is given.
  • gteach26gteach26 Posts: 576
    I cannot comment on the escalade's drive because I have never driven one. I just purchased a 2003 Navigator ultimate with every option available. Although looks are a highly subjective matter, I prefer the Gator's styling inside and out. It has (again, just my opinion) a more elegant,classy look than the escalade. The interior of the new gators have been improved dramatically.

    The navigator drives smoothly and has a nice tight feel when turning. It feels like you are driving a much smaller vehicle. What really sold me on the gator were the power fold flat third row, the hid lights, the extended rear parking assist, and the power liftgate (most or all of these features aren't available in the escalade). I hear the 4WD escalade has 345HP, while the 2WD has less than the navigator's 300HP. So if you are going with 2WD, the Gator will have more ponies (I live in flat, snow free Florida and have no need for the added expense and weight of a 4WD system). The Navigator also has an "advance track" feature which should kick in in very slippery situations or in heavy cornering. To me, the engine is just fine; it accelerates well and has smooth shifting. Also, Lincoln is offering free maintenance on these trucks for 3 years/36K miles -- you pay for the car and for gas, everything else is on them.

    Annoyingly, my gator has been in the shop (already) for some suspension work, but my Lincoln service reps are always very accommodating when I go in. This truck comes with a load-leveling air suspension system (this is what was malfunctioning) that makes the truck sit level regardless of who's sitting where or what cargo you are carrying.

    I have been in the Escalade at car shows and found the interior to be too similar to other GM products. If the Escalade had a better third row, a nicer dash, and more conservative front-end styling I would have seriously considered it.

    I would think both vehicles would satisfy you in general, it just depends on your tastes. One more tidbit, the Navigators shipping from the factory now come with a DVD navigation system (almost identical to the lexus system) as an option. The Escalade (I think) does not offer a navigation option.

    Any way you look at it, you are fortunate to be able to purchase these class of vehicles. Good luck and happy shopping!
  • I know that the Hummer is the best offroad SUV and that the X5 sucks....but what about the escalade?? can i go camping deep in the forest?? climb over curbs during rush hour?

    I can't seem to find any information on this subject??
  • paisanpaisan Posts: 21,181
    The Escalade is marginal at best offroad.

    It can probably handle curbs w/o too much issue, so long as you go up at an angle. How deep in the forest it goes, well that's debatable, if it's a forest service road you can most likely make it. If they are real offroad trails, I'd leave the bling bling and get something like a JGC, Trooper, Montero, or other Off-road vehicle that is suited for such environments.

    Side note: The H2 is not as good of an offroad vehicle as the marketing hype would make it!

  • sbcookesbcooke Posts: 2,297
    Does the new escalade have AWD or does it have a center locking differential with part time 4wd options? I read an article in fourwheeler magazine last year that said the escalade got stuck with no wheels turning because the traction control/awd system was confused and wouldn't send power to any wheels?
  • paisanpaisan Posts: 21,181
    It only has AWD/Traction Control.

  • steverstever Posts: 52,683
  • arennarenn Posts: 35
    Anybody heard any recent news on the rumored V-12 Escalade?
  • okphillipokphillip Posts: 5
    I want to understand this big suv thing but it doesn't make sense. I cringe everytime I see one of these wasteful, "get out of my way I'm bigger an badder than you" monstrosities. 12/16 mpg? Actually it's about 10/14 the way I see them bullying other motorists in the socially-conscious cars that get 20/27 mpg.

    If everyone drove one of these gas-guzzling egotistical, "freedom of choice" purchases gas would be $3.00 and we'd have to go to war in the M. East to feed our untempered addiction that is spiraling out of control thanks to SUVs and Big trucks. Also 55K for a car built in Mexico? Who's buying these things!

    I don't want to know if there's an after-life, I don't want to know the meaning of life, I DO WANT KNOW WHY SOMEOME WOULD BUY AN ESCALADE!
  • steverstever Posts: 52,683
    Try I don't like SUVs, why do you? discussion for that question!

    And what's wrong with Mexico? Wonderful people and the GM and VW auto plants down there have gotten good reports. You'd prefer that all the auto manufacturing leave North America for China?

    Steve, Host
  • nvbankernvbanker Posts: 7,285
    Can't imagine needing a V-12 with the HP currently available from the 6.0L
  • OKPHILLIP asks why would someone buy an Escalade? Just read the post by BIGPAPA84. You know, the part about "I've just come upon a very large sum of $$$...". I think the answer is that the people like BIGPAPA with new money (that they will soon be relieved of), the world of pro sports (I was going to say athletes but that would have been a stretch), the high need/status insecure person, and the gold chain crowd account for the bulk (pardon the pun) of the buyers. But thats OK. They have to get to work too. They just look comical doing it.
  • gteach26gteach26 Posts: 576
    I usually visit this board to see what's new in the lux suv segment, but it seems the topic has shifted to who would own one and why.

    I find it interesting that owners of other lux SUV's (Rovers, LX 470 and its cousin Toyota Land cruiser, Mercedes, etc.) that cost much MORE than the Escalade do not get branded with the "yo bro look at me I am rich and you're not" label. You rarely (if ever) see any degrading comments on those vehicle's message boards.

    I think Cadillac has this vehicle positioned exactly where it wants it to be in the market. Quite often I have the same "why would anyone buy that?" reaction (the Escalade pickup truck comes to mind) but I always remind myself that that is what makes life so interesting -- different tastes. I love to see the variety of vehicles out there -- from Civics to Navigators. All of this adds up to one big benefit for me -- CHOICES.

    I looked at the Escalade as a possible purchase (and I'm sure I fit Cadillac's ideal customer description -- late 20's, new money, etc) but decided against it because it did not have some of the features that I wanted for me and my family. I ended up with an '03 Navigator, and believe it or not, snob appeal had little to do with it. The Navigator's less expensive brother Expedition would have been the "value-conscious" choice. But, after driving both vehicles the Navigator was simply on a different league both in ride quality and interior comfort. That, combined with the quality sales and service department treatment I receive at the Lincoln dealership versus the Ford "Automall" clinched the deal for me.

    As far as the "destructive environmental impact" of these vehicles and other societal issues revolving around these trucks, I agree with our host that it belongs in the "I hate SUV" board.
  • tidestertidester Posts: 10,059 belongs in the "I hate SUV" board.

    Actually, it's I don't like SUVs, why do you?.

    tidester, host
  • nvbankernvbanker Posts: 7,285
    Oh, I think gteach had it about right....
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