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Mitsubishi Montero Sport



  • I thought the standard stereo system in the MS was incredibly poor for a vehicle with an MSRP in the high $20K range.

    I wanted a leather interior also so I went with the premium package that has the upgraded stereo, which is a pretty good system.
  • I have had a 2000 MS XLS (w/ premium pkg.) for about a month. Any time I drive it very far (more than 20 miles) I notice a strange faint, burning type of smell after I park and get out.

    The smell is much fainter than burning motor oil, but does have a very light oil-like smell to it. The odor seems to originate near the back wheels, but it does not smell like burning or hot rubber.

    The vehicle has 2,000 miles on it, and the temperature guage is always normal. It's done this since I purchased the vehicle. I have not had the dealer look at it yet.

    Any ideas? Anybody have a similar experience? Thanks.
  • The /0/0/0 program ends on 30th of this month.
  • The stereo system that I have in the 2000 Limited Sport is good. I have no complaints.
  • Just bought a 2000 Montero Sport XLS for a 28,000...used the 0 0 0 option and look forward to an even BIGGER down payment..I was able to get a 7.4 % rate starting 1/2001...not bad. I was able to get 6.9% from my credit union..hope it will last because I can payoff Mitsu in 2001. Anyway, love the truck so far with 19 miles but what is that burning odor? Does anyone know if will last? Also, should the stick that controls the 2L/4H/4L be vibrating so much? Any advice would be GREATLY appreciated!!!!!
  • I imagine that the heated seats would be a wonderful feature if they really work. My boyfriends is always warm and wants the air conditioner on, I am always cold and want the heater on (especially when we drive to Colorado). The heated seats could really make our road trips!!!
  • You might test drive the Nissan Xterra. I haven't driven one yet, but compared to the 4-Runner they are very roomy.

    I am not buying until June '00, but have started looking. I am undecided between the 4-Runner, Xterra, and Montero Sport.

    Any suggestions/comments anyone?
  • They work very well!
  • The dealer told me that it was the undercoating. Supposedly use a heavy coating for the long slow journey on the salty sea.

    I have also noticed a black oily substances that continues to get on the paint and that cannot be removed with plan water.
  • dmetzgerdmetzger Posts: 160
    They work extremely well. Has two settings. Low and Hi. Choose you comfort.
  • dmetzgerdmetzger Posts: 160
    At 1000 miles: Limited 4X4 Sport

    Fuel Economy: 15.5 City. 18.25 Highway @ 70 mph on a windy, cold, foggy day in Montana.

    Power on the Highway is good. Does not shift down on hills and maintains speed.

    Nice ride!
  • Just sold my 1989 4wd/4door. Had 189,000 miles on it and never a problem. For us it was an exceptional vehicle.
  • We have 2 small kids. How hard/easy is it for kids to get in and out of the truck. Also, for anyone who test drove more than just the Montero does it compare with the other trucks as far as ride, passing power, comfort....etc.

  • Has anyone leased a 2000 yet? I'm interested in an XLS.

    Yah, yah, I know all about the 0/0/2001 deal. I'm not interested in purchasing w/ that. It scares me too much to be so "upside down" on a $30K SUV after one year when the payments kick in. I truly believe there is no such thing as a free lunch!!! My luck it would get stolen the day before my first payment after 11 months and I'd OWE even more money!

    I am looking to lease an XLS with or without the leather/sunroof/cd package (preferred package I think it's called).

    Anyone out there been wheelin' & dealin'?
  • jsp36jsp36 Posts: 2

    The dealer is Delaware Mitsubishi on Pennsylvania Ave in Wilmington, DE. I was put in touch with this dealer through which lists Delaware Auto Group as an authorized dealer. The sales rep which handles all internet inquiries is Charles Meehan. So my advice is to log on to and fill out the brief questionaire listing Delaware Mitsubishi as the desired dealer.
  • Is it true that the Montero Sport is going to be built in the US soon?
  • At my dealership a 42 month lease on a 2000 Sport Premium Package XLS would be 387 per month. That is without tax. The only amount due at signing would be your first month's payment.

    A 48 month lease on the XLS Premium Pack would be 370+tax per month with 370+tax due at signing.

    If you would like more info on the lease terms just let me know.
  • I just purchased an XLS w/premium package. I have an 18 month old and another on the way. Room for two car seats and another person in the back. Easy to climb in with side steps. Lots of cargo space for kid gear. I recommend leather seats with children--easy to clean! We compared the MS with Pathfinder, Xterra, Trooper, and Passport. Previously owned Jeep Cherokee Sport. The ride is very comfortable and I felt much higher than in the Pathfinder. Not quite as powerful as my old Jeep (4.0L to a 3.0L). I'm very happy with the MS--a great family purchase.
  • Thank you so much for your posting. You have made my mind up for me about what to buy. We were going to go for the Toyota Sienna.... but I am not too crazy about being a mini-van mom.
    We have 2 kids and both are still in car seats. (2 and 1) I was hoping that there would still be enough room in the back between the two seat to fit another person.
    And I agree about the leather seats.
    Thanks again.
  • I just purchased one with a premium package and cd changer for $28,700 in GA. Was this a good deal? I, too, noticed the burning smell and was told that is the undercoating and should stop in a couple of days.
  • Where did you buy the Montero Sport in GA? Was 28,700 out-the-door or before taxes?
  • umttgumttg Posts: 2
    Ad in the local paper said there is a rebate on the 2000 MS but have been unable to find any info about this on the auto sites. Anyone know the amount, expiration and restrictions?

    Also, what have people been getting for lease rates on the 2000's? Thanks.
  • When I was purchased my Montero Sport XLS 2WD in late October ($29,200 out the door) there was a $1,000 rebate. However, you could not get that rebate and the O/O/0 financing. You had to pick which deal you wanted.

    As far as I know, the rebate is still the same.
  • I just purchased a Montero Sport XLS 4WD with the Premium Package (Great deal 30K plus tax & tag) I took the O/O/0 financing. I have 900 mi. on it. Since the day I drove it off the lot the car would shake above 50 mph. I took it to the dealer and they checked it out and discovered there's a service alert on this problem. I have to take it back to the dealer for a whole day so they can go over the car top to bottom and report what they find to Mitsubishi.

    I want to know if anyone else has had this same problem. I really like the car except for this problem. Thanks
  • Currently in the market for either a 2000 MS XLS or a 1999 big montero(if the deal is right). Need help determining what would be considered a very good deal this late in the year for the 1999 big montero, several postings (throughout the year)mentioned deals anywhere from $500 over to $100 under invoice price.
    Considering that there are still 1999's sitting on dealer's lot, how sweet of a deal can I negotiate????(what kind of deal would it take to make it to the "deal of the year" hall of fame list?)
    How bad would dealers want to get rid of 1999 stock when year 2000 is just a week away?
    I want to see if I can get the best of both worlds by getting a real good deal and still take advantage of the 0/0/0 promo which ends 1/03/00.
  • I purchased this vehicle in Atlanta, and the price of $28,700 was before taxes, fees, etc.
  • dskidski Posts: 414
    I started hearing the new Mitsu commercials today about 0 down and 0 payments until Jan 2001 for a new Mitsu. I currently have a Durango that's 2 years old with 50,000 miles that I'd love to replace.

    My delema, do I replace an expensive truck that's only 2 years old. If I go for the Montero Sport it will be the 3rd new vehicle purchase I've made in 3 years. I think this could qualify me as a financial idiot. The purchase of the Durango already qualified me as a decision maker idiot.

    What are some of the detials of the 0 down 0 payment deal? I also understand my local dealer is loaded with Sports to sell. I'd be in the market for a loaded version with the bigger engine. Any advice is appreciated.

  • The beauty of the 0/0 is you can beat the upside down syndrome. You will not have any payments or interest for a year, right? So for the first year any payment you do make goes directly to the principal of the loan. Example: You purchase a MS XLS for $28,500. From now until Jan. 2001 you go ahead and make payments of $350 a month, even though no payments are due. When next January 2001 roles around you will have paid $4200 towards the principal (12 x $350). When your loan kicks in you will be paying on $24,300, which puts you right-side up after having the vehicle for a year. Better yet, put the $350 a month into an interest earning account over the next year. In December 2000, take the entire amount you have set aside, with interest, and make a lump-sum payment towards your note. All of your payment will go straight to the principal of the note, nothing being lost to interest to the bank. In other words, your given the opportunity to make your down payment over a years time.
  • dskidski Posts: 414
    Your example sounds great to most but my idea would be to make no payments in 2000. Invest the cash from the Durango's sale and use whatever cash is there after the first year to help my pay off the Mitsu. I finance all my vehicles thru my own line of credit and have them paid off within 12 months.

    The attraction of this deal to me is the time advantage on the money from the Durango but if it's in leu of giving up a $1,000 rebate it may not be as attractive as I thought. Althought I understand the local dealer is dealing aggresively.

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