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Ford Bronco Problems



  • I have an 1980 Ford Bronco. The battery will not stay charged. I have put a new altanator on it and a new voltage regulator on it. After doing this I found a short in the wiring and fixed the problem. But the battery still wont stay charged. I have done the test of pulling the battery off to see if it will still stay running without the battery but it won't. It runs great until the battery runs out of juice. I need help! If anyone has any ideas for me to try please let me know.
  • deb32deb32 Posts: 3
    The engine was replace with an 89 I think at least that is what I was told. I am assuming that the tranny is an 87. Counld the problem be the ignition module??
  • tidestertidester Posts: 10,059
    How old is the battery?

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  • miesk5miesk5 Posts: 35
    Is there spark @ the plugs?
    The module and pickup (Hall Effect (Stator (RPM)) in the distr are common problems and can be tested.
    Ford TFI; "the Hall Effect Signal is called the “Profile Ignition Pick-up” (PIP) signal. Corroded connectors between the Hall Effect PIP unit in the distributor and the TFI module on the distributor housing are common. Replacing the sensor isn’t as easy on these applications because you have to R&R the distributor shaft."
    Source: by Wells Manufacturing
    Testing (for stangs, but similar)
    Source: by P B at via /tfi.html
    try this first;
    SELF TEST - & DTCs; COMPREHENSIVE; Includes Steps to Clear Continuous Memory & Keep Alive Memory (KAM)Codes; & a list of reasons why a technician may see the MIL lamp lit with no accompanying Continuous Memory Self-Test codes
    Source: by Steve83
    since it won't start, just do the KOEO test

    if you get any codes; post em here or look them up in my site for possible causes
    also, some codes are in here; + the TFI Module test; btw, there was a Recall on these modules:

    TFI Module Diagnostics Manual
    Source: by

    my ignition Links page:

  • its about 2 weeks old now..
  • deb32deb32 Posts: 3
    To all of you thanks for all the help and TFI it was and things are good again.
    Back to driving my bronco.
  • tidestertidester Posts: 10,059
    That pretty much rules out a defective battery! It sounds like you still have some kind of drain on the battery. One way to test it is to place a test light between the battery and ground. If it lights up, the battery is drawing current.

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  • Yep tried that too. I've tested every cable and wire that is connected to the alt, battery, and voltage regulator. And still nothing.
  • i have 1995 bronco and the steering gear box on the frame is wore out at 166000 miles have any of you hade this prob?
  • when the bronc is running and you take off the negitive terminal will it keep running or die??
  • miesk5miesk5 Posts: 35
    Yes this does happen. Get another one from a local yard.
    Try an upgrage to a Saginaw Pump; some install LINKS in my Bronco site for you to look at & decide;

    Try Swap in a 96 by bossind good pics!
    our New Bronco Tech Links Site;
  • hotpighotpig Posts: 1

    My bronco II 1988 i change the transmissiom(automatic) because the old one don't want to change on Overdrive,the second one don't change speed it stay on first gear, the kick dowm cable and oil trans it's ok.

    It is possible it's electric problem,because mi cruise control,head light,dont work
  • can anybody help me run down a supercharger for an '89 '-351c bronco?...just working on a never ending project....any help would be appreciated......thx
  • miesk5miesk5 Posts: 35
    Some info for you;
    "..My AOD works fine in Park, Reverse, and Neutral, and will move forward in OD, D, and Low, but is always in first gear, what could cause this?

    There are a few common causes for this. The first is a disconnected or missing TV linkage. If the TV linkage is disconnected the transmission should default to full TV pressure which will make the transmission shift as if it were at Wide Open Throttle all the time. It is also possible that the TV valve in the valve body is stuck in the high pressure position. The easiest way to see if this is the case is to perform a TV pressure test as shown on our TV Linkage Adjustment Page.
    Keep in mind when installing the Lokar TV cable with a carburetor, or when making your own TV linkage it is possible to push the TV valve in further than the factory cable allowed. If you are using a valve body with some mileage on it there may be enough of a ridge from the original range of travel to cause the TV valve to get stuck when it travels past the ridge.

    You could also have a stuck governor, or a stuck 1-2 shift valve. If the governor is sticking it will cause a delayed, or no upshift, depending on how bad the condition causing the sticking is. If the 1-2 shift valve is stuck, and will not stroke, the transmission will not shift out of first gear.
    To top


    I just put an 85 AOD transmission in a 1995 F150. My linkage is correct and I have Park, Reverse, and Neutral, but when I go to Drive, 2, or 1, it wont shift out of first gear. What should I do? There was a plug on top of the transmission when I pulled it out of the 85 Ford, what does that do?

    The plug on the top of the transmission is the backup lamp and neutral safety switch. It sounds like you don't have a TV cable hooked to the transmission. If the TV cable is not connected the transmission will default to full TV pressure. If TV pressure is full shifts will only occur at the wide open throttle shift point, which is usually around 4900 RPM. This means that even at light throttle you would have to get to 4900 RPM to get a 1-2 shift. If you do have the TV linkage connected, you will need to put a pressure gauge on the TV port to make sure the TV pressure varies properly with throttle position..."

    by Baumann Electronic Controls, LLC
    TV Linkage Adjustment
    Source: by Baumann Electronic Controls, LLC

    our New Bronco Tech Links Site;
  • miesk5miesk5 Posts: 35
    You need a manufacturer or the unit?
    one source;
    F-Series Pickup, Full-size Bronco 1988-96 5.OL/5.8L V8, 6PSI K10183-101 K10183-201

    Includes FMU (fuel management unit), larger fuel pump, Powerchip or by-pass valve NOT required; easy bolt-on 3 hr install.

    see some pics/install article Links in my site under ENGINE, SUPEPERCHARGER

    our New Bronco Tech Links Site;
  • miesk5miesk5 Posts: 35
    what Voltage do you read @ batty w/engine running? from your posts, you appear to be knowledgeable about testing, so pls forgive me for asking, but am cur about how this turns out...I have info Links on testing Ford/etc charging/batty systems in my site
    a fuse link is installed in the wiring between the battery and the alternator. If the battery is shorted, the fuse link is melted, protecting the alternator.
  • hey miesk5,

    i have had that clock spring problem and have had t fixed 1-3 years ago but not my airbag light is flashing again
    around 4-5 times

    and when i shut off the ignition after driving there is an audible alarm that beeps several times then repeates itseld like 3 times or so. it is a different sounding alarm than door ajar or seat belt unfastented...

    what do you think friend?
  • miesk5miesk5 Posts: 35
    You need to get a good count of the flashes and beeps
    Here ya go on the test;
    The air bag diagnostic monitor illuminates the air bag indicator for approximately six seconds when the key is in RUN and then turns the indicator off. This shows that the air bag indicator is operational. If the air bag indicator does not illuminate or the indicator stays on or flashes at any time, a fault has been detected by the air bag diagnostic monitor.
    * Diagnostic trouble codes may not be displayed for approximately 30 seconds after the key is placed in RUN. This is the amount of time the air bag diagnostic monitor requires to perform all tests and verify system faults, if present.
    * Each diagnostic trouble code (a series of flashes and pauses of the air bag indicator) represents a two-digit number. Each diagnostic trouble code is always displayed at least twice. For example, a diagnostic trouble code 32 is displayed as three flashes, followed by a one-second pause, then two flashes, followed by a three-second pause.
    * If a system fault is present and the air bag indicator is malfunctioning, an audible tone will be heard, indicating that system service is required. The tone is a series of five sets of five beeps. This does not indicate a diagnostic trouble code 55. If the tone is heard, the air bag indicator is inoperative and a system fault that requires service is present.

    CAUTION: The thermal fuse does not blow (open) because of excessive current flowing through it. DO NOT attempt to jumper out the thermal fuse with a circuit breaker or any other type of fuse.
    * If a fault exists that makes unwanted air bag deployment possible, the air bag diagnostic monitor has an internal thermal fuse that will blow (open) automatically. This removes all power to the air bag deployment circuit.
    * The air bag indicator will flash the appropriate diagnostic trouble code to indicate the suspect circuit. If the indicator is malfunctioning the tone will be heard.
    * Diagnostic trouble codes are prioritized numerically so if two or more different faults occur at the same time, the fault having the highest priority will be displayed first. After that fault has been corrected, the next highest priority fault will be displayed.
    * The air bag diagnostic monitor includes an internal backup power supply. This feature provides sufficient backup power to deploy the air bag in the event the battery or battery cables are damaged in an accident before safing and primary crash sensors close. The backup power supply will deplete its stored energy approximately one minute after the positive battery cable is disconnected.

    Airbag DIagnostic Monitor (ADM) Light Flash Code (LFC) Priority Table

    Tone (5 Beeps Repeated 4 Times): Air Bag Indicator Open Circuit with Stored Fault Code(s)
    No Air Bag Indicator (Dash Light Out): Inoperative Indicator Circuit or No Battery Voltage to ADM
    Continuous Air Bag Indicator: ADM Disconnected or Inoperative
    12: Low Battery Voltage
    13: Air Bag Circuit Shorted to Ground
    14: Front Air Bag Sensor and Bracket Circuit Shorted to Ground
    21: Rear Air Bag Sensor and Bracket Not Mounted to Vehicle Properly
    22: Rear Air Bag Sensor and Bracket Output Circuit Shorted to Battery Voltage
    23: Rear Air Bag Sensor and Bracket Circuit Input Feed/Return Circuit Open
    24: Rear Air Bag Sensor and Bracket Output Feed/Return Circuit Open
    32: Driver Side Air Bag Circuit High Resistance or Open
    34: Driver Side Air Bag Circuit Low Resistance or Shorted
    41: RH Front Air Bag Sensor and Bracket Feed/Return Circuit Open
    42: LH Front Air Bag Sensor and Bracket Feed/Return Circuit Open
    44: RH Front Air Bag Sensor and Bracket Not Mounted to Vehicle Properly
    45: LH Front Air Bag Sensor and Bracket Not Mounted to Vehicle Properly
    51: ADM Internal Thermal Fuse Blown Due to Intermittent Short to Ground
    52: Backup Power Supply Voltage Boost Fault
    53: Front Air Bag Sensor and Bracket Circuits Resistance to Ground or ADM Fault
    Rapid Continuous Flashing of Air Bag Indicator (No Fault Code): All Primary Air Bag Sensors Disconnected
  • 96xlt96xlt Posts: 6
    Anyone have some advice. I have a 95 Bronco XL (125,000 miles)with a 351 consistantly gets 15 to 16 MPG. I have a 96 XLT (115,000 miles) with a 351 that will not get over 13 MPG, new irridium plugs, new wires, cap and rotor, timing is dead on, new egr. no trouble codes, starts first crank everytime. Any ideas ?
  • miesk5miesk5 Posts: 35
    I replied, but apparently the Admin here del my post ...
    So, maybe he'll give you info.

    btw, I did write that :
    believe it is mostly due to the weight difference between the XL and XLT models; XLT has pw, console, running boards, more trim with more insulation, electr. Xfer case module & motor, etc. Even though the trim panels and headliner don't seem to weigh much, it all adds up.
    We started with our 96 XL, bought new; & installed pw, pdl, mil/police style push bar, nerf bars, Tuffy console, etc and went from rural driving 15 mpg down to about 14.

    Other than wt. check tire pressures monthly and try yo reduce cargo weight.


    adios friends!
  • i have a 94 Ford Bronco and i am thinking about going from factory single exhaust to a flow master dual exhaust system. thenking about having it installed by midas or meineke who i am sure will cut the pipe and not run it from the manifold. will i still get better MPG and a little extra power is what i am concerned about if it is done this way, or should i go about doing this a different way. i love my bronco and have decided to put a little money into it to help it useful life. it is the easiest truck i have ever parked or driven for that matter. i am also having trouble with the ac unit. when turn it on the truck overheats do i need a new water bottle or what should i be looking for. any help will be appreciated. thankx
  • thankx alot on the rapid response on the supergharger query... (powerdyne)...looks like they got what i want.......(What's the difference between a HUMMER and a BRONCO..??......bronco's go off road........for $50,000
  • i was going to weld my gears together in the front diff so i dont have to get lockers. i heard that you can not turn your vehicle in four wheel drive if you do this is that true?
  • 96xlt96xlt Posts: 6
    Thanks for the info, I hadn't thought about weight difference. Still frustrating in that I have a 96 Class C Motorhome with the 460 and it actually out does the Bronco on MPG, it gets 14-15 on the road.
  • Hello, I have a problem, I just installed a rebuilt 302 engine, but it show to be getting hot according to the gauge in the dash, I have already replaced the temp sender unit, dash temp gauge, replace all hoses, and had the rad cleaned and vatted out. I had a 185 thermostat, and changed it to a 160, it helped. I dont really think it is over heating, because it has never has boiled over. I have checked it with a lazer temp gun, and it shows to be running at 160 degrees at the block, heads, and intake manifold. I have also check the wiring to make sure it is not grounding out anywhere. The temp needle will show below the half way mark, then after I turn on the A/C, the gauge start to go to the far right side , but still will be in the normal range. I have also ck the cooling fins to make sure the air flow is ok. The rad is a two row core rad. I could sure use some help. Thanks :)
  • I have a Bronco ll that starts bucking at about 2grand in any gear.It seems to run good till that point,after driving more it gets worse and worse so that it will buck no matter the rpms and then keep dying.I have changed the filters and can hear both pumps working.It seems to me like its electric problem.So I changed the coil,02 senser,throttle control senser.I am at a lose,can anyone help?PEASE.

  • It sounds to me like the vacume mod. is not working or the vacume hose is off.
  • So I have a 1990 Ford Bronco II Eddie Bauer Edition. I haven't had many problems, until last week. There was a piece of metal in the middle of the road when my dad was driving so he pulled over to get it and turned on the emergency flashers. They flashed three times and then turned off. Since then, neither the brake lights or the emergency flashers are working, but the turn signals still work. He tried replacing the brake light switch and the turn signal switch, and neither of them worked. Just today, the flashers started working, but the brake lights still do not work.
    So please help! My dad's too busy to get a lot of work done, and I'm a seventeen year old girl. What do I know about cars!
  • i have an 89 ford bronco with a 5.0l. the idle stays at 2k rpms until i shift it into gear. i have replace the iac motor and checked all linkage, cleaned the throttle body, tuned the motor, checked the egr, im about to pull my hair out. the transmission is also slipping in overdrive and the tranny mechanic that i took it to said the aod tranny is controlled by the computer. can any one help.
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