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2007 Nissan Altima



  • flightnurseflightnurse Valley of HellPosts: 2,178
    ALL V6 Altimas and MAX's are SUPOSE to use Preimium unleaded, but the cars well run on regular Unleaded with decreased performance.. I have a 05 Altima 3.5 SE and we use Regular unleaded about 90% of time and so far no problems...

    Tony :shades:
  • gene_vgene_v Posts: 235
    Thanks! I guess one can't believe everthing one reads.
  • gene_vgene_v Posts: 235
    Does anyone know if the 07 Altima will indeed have twin exhausts? Also I have not seen if it will have tilt wheel or telescoping wheel. TIA
  • gene_vgene_v Posts: 235
    Forgot to say I4 on exhaust pipes.
  • guestguest Posts: 770
    and the 2007 Altima hav a similar profile IMO.
  • flightnurseflightnurse Valley of HellPosts: 2,178
    No Nissan car has a true dual Exhaust, and I would have to assume that the 07 Altima will follow the 06 as having a X - pipe and then split to dual going back..

  • newcarsnewcars Posts: 103
    I just told someone to look at the forthcoming Nissan Altima Hybrid if they are not in a rush and find the Toyota Camry Hybrid "boring" to drive. Does anyone have any information on the Altima Hybrid beyond what's on the Nissan website?
  • flightnurseflightnurse Valley of HellPosts: 2,178
    Nissan is using the same Technology as the Toyota as Toyota is making the engine and Electric motor for Nissan.

  • It seems that the fuel economy specs have been decreased. I remember seeing that the 4-cylinder MT was supposed to get 26 city/35 highway. Now the figures say 24 city/31 highway. Not as good as the Camry (24/34) or Accord (26/32).
  • But I think it might be a typo on's part. If you notice a lot of changes have been made.

    I looked up the specs on the new Altima and the 06 Altima. The gas mileage figures are the same. So what Im thinking happened is that Nissan put the 06 MPG figures into the 07 specs sheet.

    Also, Nissan says all models will have dual exhaust, but the spec sheets states single exhaust (just like the 06)

    If you also look at the spec sheet, there are discrepencies with the optional pkgs (A sports pkg for the SE that includes Fogs? Aren't fogs usually standard on "SE" models of Nissan's cars)

    I also noticed that the "Convenience" pkgs are available for the 2.5 and NOT the 2.5S (the 2.5 will NOT be a big seller) Also, the leather pkgs are optional on the SL, when SL models have always come with leather. So...I'm not believing anything on that spec sheet right now. Especially when a lot of the things on it don't make sense.

    I'd hope the Gas mileage figures that were first shown are the right ones. If not, Nissan is in TROUBLE.
  • those are definately the figures for 2006 because the new altima 4cyl at least shoud do better than 23/29 especially on the higway part. Somewhere i thought i rememberd a while back the the highway mileage would be 32 and then on the nissan spec sheet said the highway mileage would be 34 with the cvt.
  • newcarsnewcars Posts: 103
    My apologies if this has been posted before, and my apologies if I shouldn't post this here, but the following website has more good information on the new 2007 Nissan Altima:

    2007 Nissan Altima

    I have found this website to be very accurate and good. You may want to give it a look.

    Also, I have not seen anyone say that the new Nissan Altima will have any type of stability control. If it is true that this will be lacking (and the fact that even ABS looks like it will be an option), then the new Altima is going to be severely handicapped coming to market. Indeed, my understanding is that ESD will be required on ALL new cars in a few years.
  • Regarding stability control - it looks like they may be offering it as an option on some trims.

    See the blurb at:
  • gene_vgene_v Posts: 235
    I can't find info on this feature for the Altima. The 2006 had manual. The Maxima (2007) has a electronic memory power funtion (option).
  • gene_vgene_v Posts: 235
    Just how high a gamble is Nissan taking with the CVT. Afterall the Altima is a success. Is the CVT a slam dunk?
  • ray_h1ray_h1 Posts: 1,134
    Isn't this the same unit that's been in the Maxima for a year? Might wanna check out those discussions for owner response.
  • gene_vgene_v Posts: 235
    Just checked the new 2007 CVT comments. Very positive.
  • per Wikipedia, more than 40 new cars are offering CVT's now. Nissan alone has over a million of them in operation already, mostly in Europe and Asia. It's not going to chirp you tires when catching second, but it's got some efficiency advantages, and it is smoother. A CVT costs a lot less to manufacture, and has lots fewer parts.

    In this country, the Murano has had a CVT since its introduction. I don't think it's much of a technical gamble, but the market hasn't been tested like this before, that's for sure. I hope it works, and that it's a success - another 1 mpg for hundreds of thousands of cars is a good thing.
  • flightnurseflightnurse Valley of HellPosts: 2,178
    I have a 07 Nissan Versa SL w/the CVT and I love it, I well NOT go back to a traditional Automatic transmission again. The smoothness of the CVT is great, you can really drink your coffee and drive with out spilling anything... We have a 05 ALtima SE which we will trade in on a 07 SE with CVT.. I am sold on it.

    Tony :shades:
  • Finally, a benefit I can relate to: reduced coffee spillage. Glad to hear that you like (love?) the Versa. I like Nissan as well - I've had 4 so far...
  • The CVT has been put into the "2007" Maxima,
    which only came out a few months ago.
    Now, the CVT has been in the Murano since its
    introduction in 2003.
  • The 2007 Altima is a major dissapointment in regards to EPA mpg. There is no improvement from the 2002 model's 23/29. There is actually a decrease in mpg performance for the V6, going from 20/30 to 20/29. Additionally, in spite of Nissan's claims, the interior has decreased volume as well, going from 102.7 to 100.7. Excellent automotive design is all about efficiency, good compromises, & a fine balance between ride & handling characteristics. Toyota has done an excellent job with the '07 Camry, especially the V6. With 268 hp & epa mpg ratings of 22/31, it is the new standard for non-hybrid V6 engines. Finally, Nissan decided that ABS will not be standard equipment on most 4 cyl models. The new Altima, equipped similiar to the Honda Accord EXL V6 costs thousands of dollars more, but is a far less efficient design. Sorry Nissan, you missed the target entirely on this one.

  • gene_vgene_v Posts: 235
    Steve: In post 92 you extolled the virtue of the torgue range availability of the Nissan V6. Why did you change your mind about the best V6 in its class?
  • newcarsnewcars Posts: 103
    Steve, I honestly don't know enough to either agree or disagree with you. I'm just curious as to where you got your information from.
  • "It's not going to chirp you tires when catching second"

    What CVT or auto transmission will chirp in second? I can tell you based on my test drive experience the I-4 has enough chirping power when starting from a stop for my liking! Without the torque steer! Completely eliminated for 07.
  • Ever stop and think Nissan is not about creating the "vanilla" car like Toyota? Go buy a square box with 4 wheels! Sometimes it's not about selling more than the next guy but really appealing to the customers you already have and trying to bring in a few more. Personally, the new Camry for me (and I have spent time driving them) is a bit of a dynamic disappointment. Every time I drive I take drama mine to prevent sea sickness! What a boat!
  • i think we should wait for the final figures for the epa estimates. They like to change them alot on the nissan website. Even if the gas mileage ramains the same on the v6 20/29 that is not that much worse than a camry v6. every fillup is only going to cost you at most 4 bucks and that will be a car that will be more satisfying to drive and will still offer more legroom than the camry all while looking 10x better. I think it all depends on what you like and if someone doesnt choose a car for something so little. They just dont know what type of driving enjoyment they could of had.
  • I still think Nissan's V6 is the most satisfying to drive, because of it's wide, rich torque band, most of which is available at a very low rpm. The big dissapointment is EPA mpg, which continues to decline each time Nissan updates their Nissan News website.
    A few weeks ago Nissan posted epa estimates of 26/34 for the 4 cyl w/CVT, now it's 23/29. This is a difference of 12% & 17%, respectively. To be quite honest, I think the V6 epa estimates remained the same at 20/29. However, Nissan loses credibility by overestimating epa & hp stats on the 4 cyl model. I remember when the 2002 Altima reached dealers, Nissan had advertised it with 180 hp, but had to downgrade that figure to 175 hp later. I think the same thing is happening here. If I were a betting man, I think the 23/29 epa estimates will stand, because it is the latest posted figure from Nissan.

  • Anyword on pricing yet?
  • gene_vgene_v Posts: 235
    Seems to me that it should be soon.
  • gene_vgene_v Posts: 235

    Production of 2007 Altima Starts at Smyrna Plant [Sept. 25, 06]

    The Fourth Generation of Nissan\'s Best-selling Model Rolls Off the Line

    SMYRNA, Tenn. (Sept. 25, 2006) – Employees from Nissan North America’s corporate headquarters joined the manufacturing team in Smyrna to celebrate the start of production of the company’s best-selling model in the U.S. market: the Nissan Altima. The first 2007 production model rolled off the assembly line today
  • cadellcadell Posts: 10
    Went to the Anahiem Auto show last night. I was surprised to see the new Altima there, including the Hybrid. They had a total of four of them. Only one was availble to sit in, and expolre.

    My first impression was wow. This is an impressive looking car. You really don't get the feel of it till you see it in person. I can't wait to drive it when it hits the showrooms.

    It is roomy. Has all the features one would want. It looks like a car worth twice as much. The Camry and accord looked very boring campared to it. Fit and finish seemed to be excellant.

    I would encourage all of those living in the greater LA area to take a look at it. There were no price tags on the car. Neither were there any specs. I believe it is going to be a hit.
  • rennie4rennie4 Posts: 55
    The altima is excellent, but do you think to much sacrafice was made for the gas mileage invrease as well as price increase. The altima lost around 5 inches of rear legroom from 39.5 to 34.5. The trunk decreased to less than 10 cubic feet from more than 16 with the spare and more than 17 without the spare.
  • gene_vgene_v Posts: 235
    Where did you get the idea that there is a price increase? Post them please. Then again you are mistaken about rear leg room. Nissannews list rear legroom as 39.5".
    Trunk is listed as 17.9 with small spare and 16.6 with full spare. Your whole message is very negative and full of errors.
  • Any idea on price ranges? And when will it be released?
  • klunkmanklunkman Harrisburg, PAPosts: 80
    5 inches less legroom? Less than 10 cubic feet in the trunk!?!? What are you talking about?

    Go there to check out some more photos of the nissan altima 2007.
  • rennie4rennie4 Posts: 55
    Interior (inches)
    Seating capacity 5 passengers
    Front- head room (w/o sunroof) 40.6
    Front- leg room ( 42.2
    Front- hip room 56.8
    Front- shoulder room 55.7

    Rear - head room (w/o sunroof) 36.8
    Rear - leg room 34.5
    Rear - hip room 52.5
    Rear - shoulder room 55.5
    Passenger compartment volume 100.7 ft 3
    Cargo volume 9.1 ft 3
    Total volume 109.8 ft 3

    You seem a bit cruel towards me. I wasnt trying make the Altima look bad. I love the altima with a passion. I even own one. I only posted up what nissannews said. Yes, 39.5 is listed for the NON_ALTIMA HYBRIDS specifications and for the price increase. I was talking about, over the 4cyl models and This is from in the altima hybrid specifications.Based on what it says on for the HYBRID-SPECIFICATIONS. Dont make an assumption on me when you have not even looked at the right spec sheet.
  • gene_vgene_v Posts: 235
    You never stated that you were quoting the HYBRID in your message.
  • rennie4rennie4 Posts: 55
    Oh, sorry. I thought that the info i gave would have lead people to think that i was talking about the hybrid. Examples like less legroom, better gas mileage, less trunk space and increased price. I thought that everybody would pick up on this. Obviously based on the altima did not increase gas-mileage.
  • gene_vgene_v Posts: 235
  • 14871487 Posts: 2,407
    I think it will be announced in the next week or two. The pricing on this model is going to be critical because the competition for the 2007 model is much tougher than than 2002 model. I think it's going to get pretty pricey with all the options added, but the Camry isnt exactly cheap fully loaded either. Of course the Altima is still offering class leading V6 hp, but the margin isnt all that large this time around. Automobile magazine has a review in the current issue. They seemed to be impressed, if not blown away by the car. They said it's still no sports sedan but it's superior to drive when compared to the old car.

    Their hybrid strategy is silly, why is it you cant get a hybrid in every state? I have never heard of such a thing. To me that means they really are lacking cacacity for their hybrid system.
  • ray_h1ray_h1 Posts: 1,134
    Regional availability for certain models/trim levels/option packages is a fact of life for many automakers - particularly initially with new model introductions. Nissan'll get it sorted out.
  • 14871487 Posts: 2,407
    I dont believe Nissan has any plans to expand the availability beyond the states already announced because they dont believe people in other states are really into hybrids. Remember Nissan isnt a believer in hybrid technology according to their CEO. I suspect Altiam hyrbid production is going to be very limited.

    Has Nissan given updated mileage data for this car beyond what's on the website? 26/35 seems to be very optomistic. That would beat the camry and accord, both of which have less power in ther 4 cylinder engines.
  • gene_vgene_v Posts: 235
    That is what was listed on nissannews TODAY. A couple of days ago it was24/29.
    It was 26/35 prior to that a couple of weeks ago. The MPG has changed twice.
    I have no idea why.
  • rennie4rennie4 Posts: 55
    As of right now the mileage is 26/34 with cvt and 26/35 with manual trans. Did anyon notice the difference in trunk space. It now says 15.3 and 13.something with the full size spare.
  • maxamillion1maxamillion1 Posts: 1,467
    nothing is quite finalized yet.

    And as I mentioned in a previous post. The 24/31 and 23/29 ratings were simple copies of the 2002-06 Altima specs.

    If you look carefully over the spec sheet for 2007, you'll notice that the SE-R is listed SEVERAL times, when we all know the SE-R won't be offered this year.

    Other glaring issues include the optional pkgs which has the Conv. and Conv. Plus pkgs available on the 2.5BASE, when they are really for the 2.5S. The 2.5SL has leather as "optional" in some areas and "Standard" in others and just recently the website was updated to reflect the dual tailpipes on all models (not just the 3.5 models)

    So there are still MANY glaring faults on this website. I feel more confident believing that the Altima will in fact acheive 26/34 and 26/35 with the 2.5L models verses the 23/29 that was previously shown.

    Everything will be set in stone within the next couple of weeks because the new Sentra's went on sale today and the new Altimas hit lots in Early Nov.
  • ray_h1ray_h1 Posts: 1,134
    )) "I dont believe Nissan has any plans to expand the availability beyond the states already announced because they dont believe people in other states are really into hybrids." ((

    Rubbish. Nothing is ever set in stone where commerce is concerned. Nissan, like every other automaker doing business in the U.S., will follow the money trail. If demand develops in Possum Trot, Alabama for hybrids, hybrids will be made available there or nearby.
  • 14871487 Posts: 2,407
    Thats only if they have capacity to do that. I dont think they can sell it nationwide because they are limited in the amount of hybrids they can produce. This may have something to do with the technology being licensed from Toyota.
  • cadellcadell Posts: 10
    I was not aware I would recieve so much attention about the Auto Show Altima. I do not pretend to be the worlds greatest expert, but I will try and tell more about the car with a little more from my perspective.

    First of all, the four cars were pre production models. From what I know, I was one of a few that actually got to sit in one and get a thorough look at it. Other friends and family went at later times and did not get to sit in the car.

    I am 6'4" tall with long legs. I easily slid into and out of the drivers side. It is something I cannot do with the Camry, Accord, Mazda or any other car in this catagory with the exception of the Chevy Malibu. It is waht I look at first in a car.

    There were no stickers on the car at all. Nothing about specs or mileage or dimensions. I had to sign up for literature to be sent out to me, which, also means a sales call most likely.

    I looked over the fit and finish of the car in a very deatailed way. I was assured by those who were there to answer questions, that the fit and finsih would be the same as I was checking out. But, I guess we won't know till they end up in the dealers lots. I guess there is still going to be some speculation untill then.

    I will check in later and see if there are any questions I can answer.

    Thanks Guys
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