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Land Rover LR2



  • Perhaps don't really know.
  • I got these specs from

    Length (mm) 4,500
    Width (mm) 1,910
    Height (mm) 1,740
    Front headroom (mm) 980
    Front legroom (mm) 1,040
    Rear headroom (mm) 910
    Rear kneeroom (mm) 660
    Turning circle (m) 11.40
    Towing weight (kg) 2,000
    Kerb weight (kg) 1,770

    Hope there of some help
  • Thanks for the specs. I converted them to inches and added them to my Escape-to-LR2 spreadsheet.

    The only dimension I am concerned about now is the step-in height. The math (i.e. overall height minus the headroom) implies that the LR2 is 3 inches higher in that dimension. I hope I'm wrong about that, because my wife thinks the Escape is spot-on.

    Someday soon, I will be able to sit inone and end all of the mystery.
  • Will we need to get Tech Package to get the Terrain Response system? Or will that be included in the "base" US model?
  • Nope terrain response is standard.
  • serranotserranot Posts: 113

    Saw the LR2 on the turntable at the DC Auto Show. Very, very nice.

  • Hmhh

    I should be able to drive a LR2 sometime in Feb. I will get some pictures and maybe Video if I can.

    Also the LR2/Freelander 2 just won an award for Best small 4x4 in Europe. It managed to fend off the new CR-V and RAV4 to take its eighth win in the category.
    Land Rover UK press release

    Secodn press release
  • Tom,

    I tried for 2 days without avail to find out whether the LR2 was at the Washington Auto Show. Thanks for your post. Sounds like you were not able to look inside. Right?

  • serranotserranot Posts: 113
    Correct. I tried to whine my way inside, but it did not work.
  • Second week in Feb. I will have pictures and hopefuly Video.

    Our regional service rep is driving one now and will be into the dealership sometime that week.
  • misswhomisswho Posts: 19
    Is your dealership taking deposits now for the LR2? If so, how much is the deposit? My local dealership is asking for a pretty big (imo) amount and I was just wondering if that was standard or varies dealer to dealer.

    All your info/insights are awesome and helpful...especially when it's hard to get info at all on this suv. Thanks!
  • Deposits vary from dealer to dealer and for us very from sales guide to sales guide.

    This is how I do deposits.

    To order a new car I want 2,000 dollars and if it is a funky color, like a red range rover or something, I want more.

    To get a new car from another dealer 1,000 dollars minimum.

    Deposit on a new car we have in stock between 500 and 1,000 dollars.

    Used car deposits between 500 and 1,000 dollars.

    For a LR2 I would probably want a 2,000 dollar deposit unless it was a repeat customer. For a repeat customer I might not even take a deposit. I have a pair of SC range rovers on order for repeat customers and I didn't ask for a deposit from either one. I wouldn't do that for most people though but these guys have bought four or five cars from me.
  • misswhomisswho Posts: 19
    They are asking for $4000--this isn't to order's to have dibs on one that they're already getting in April. I really want one and I guess I will just have to pay the 4K.

    I'm wondering why they are asking for such a large deposit. I mean, I put $2000, or even $3000 down and I'm pretty committed. Maybe it's to weed people out? You have to really want one to give them $4000 without even seeing the car.

    Like others on here, I also have been comparing the specs and measurements from the UK website. (I requested an info brochure--hasn't arrived yet) If I'm converting correctly, is the LR2 most comparable to the X3 space-wise? I saw on the US website that it has 26.5 cubic feet of storage behind the rear seats (59 with them folded down). What is this most comparable to?

    Thanks in advance!
  • Bah 4,000 dollars is silly. No idea why they are doing that.

    Yeah the LR2 is about the same size as the X3 or the Acura RDX.

    If you haven't seen this you might be interested in it..

    Ford media Freelander press release

    I only had one LR2 preview brocure and it wasn't even that complete. I gave it out to someone about a month ago and Land Rover still has not gotten us overall brocures yet. I know they didn't want to send them out to early in case the specs changed but at least for the near future the specs are set in stone.

    They started North American production for the LR2 the beginning of this month.
  • kyfdxkyfdx Posts: 70,273
    I wouldn't commit $4K to something that I haven't seen yet...

    If they are going to be that popular, why would they need that kind of commitment? Surely, they could just sell it to the next person on the list?

    Not the kind of place that I would like to do business with... But, probably not a lot of choices, given the sparse dealer network..


    Prices Paid, Lease Questions, SUVs

  • misswhomisswho Posts: 19
    No I had not seen that, so thank you! I did more of my conversions and it's about what I thought.

    I just got off the phone with the dealer and they said they would lower the deposit to $3000? Is this reasonable now? I've never had to put a deposit on a Land Rover--I've never tried to get one in advance/order one. I've put deposits on other cars--some I bought and some I didn't--and it's never been over 2K.

    It's true...there aren't many dealers to choose from--only 2 in my state. The guys I'm working with are only getting 1 black one and I want it so I guess I better bite. Although I am torn btwn the tambura flame and the silver too. Too many great colors!
  • I haven't seen the Flame yet but I think it might get a color you get tired of after a while.

    We have ordered I think 11 LR3s so far and I think two or three are Tambura.
  • misswhomisswho Posts: 19
    That's exactly what the salesman told me...and he said to think of resale value in the future, with black, silver, and white being the most re-saleable. I think since the flame has been the predominant color in the US marketing, I've was influenced. Marketing works...

    But--I'm leaning more towards the black one with black leather--it has the pixel metallic trim--what exactly is that?
  • I haven't seen the pixel metallic trim but I think it replaces the wood trim in the car with a black metalic trim.

    We ordered all of our flame LR2s with every option because like you said marketing works. The people that want that color are going to be more impulse buyers and will be more likely to buy the more expensive vehicle.
  • Hello,

    I wanted to know if the LR2 is going to use standard fuel or it will require premium fuel. Also I have seen that the LR3 says premium fuel recommended. What happens if one uses the cheaper 87 or mid 89 octane instead of the expensive 93 octane?
  • From what it sounds like their is going to be HUGE demand for this SUV...DO you guys think dealerships are going to be inflating the price above MSRP? if so, How much do you think you will have to pay above sticker price? :confuse:
  • heyjewelheyjewel Posts: 1,046
    I thought maybe I had found my next vehicle when I saw a blurb about the LR2 in Automobile magazine today. A small, relatively inexpensive and fuel-efficient fairly luxurious SUV with great off-road characteristics? I mean it's a Land ROver, right?

    Then I find that the thing is AWD with a little knob to bias the system depending on terrain? No Low range 4WD? I guess Ford figured it was time to screw up Land ROver too. Might as well get a Jeep Compass or a Ford Edge for that matter. THis is not an SUV, its a CUV. What's next for LR, a coupe? Sedan?

    I'd love to hear an LR guy convince me that this AWD system could hold a candle to a true low range 4WD.
  • heyjewelheyjewel Posts: 1,046
    Why do u say that? DOnt give them any ideas.

    Plus, and I did just join this discussion so correct me if I'm wrong, but the LR2 is NOT an SUV, its a CUV. And it''s more Volvo than Land Rover. Am I wrong?
  • heyjewelheyjewel Posts: 1,046
    "I don't buy it, not one bit. This is a "Land Rover," not another SUV wannabe. It should have a low range! If anything, the low range would set it apart from its competition, as well as reconfirm its off-road heritage. Offer it as an option if need be—but offer it!

    If Jeep can offer a low range option for the Patriot, so should Land Rover offer this feature in the LR2. Granted, it's doubtful those two will ever be cross-shopped, but that's not the point. The point is every "trail-rated" Jeep offers a low range. So should should Land Rover"

    Exactly my feelings. As I said, I thought I had found Nirvana when I learned about the LR2 yesterday. But when I found it has no low range - BAH Humbug. Ford is at it again. This is no more a Land Rover than the emm kay zee is a Lincoln. Bold Move.
  • The LR2 is the replacment for the freelander and the freelander never had low range so what made you think the LR2 would have low range. The freelander was designed back before BMW bought Land Rover so the lack of low range isn't a ford thing it is a segment thing. The LR2 does not need low range to be competive in its market segment. It will crush every other premium CUV/SUV in its price range off road.

    The freelander even without low range was very impressive off-road. It could go places that many SUVs with low range would have trouble going. I can a freelander over our rock course no problem. Is it harder then driving a LR3, Disco or Range Rover on the course? Of course but it is actually a bit more fun since you need to have better throttle control.
  • heyjewelheyjewel Posts: 1,046
    If the LR is getting the Yamaha engine it's probably because Ford decided not to use it in their Lincoln-Volvo cause it was too expensive for a Lincoln. So there are more engines available. That's my guess anyway.
  • heyjewelheyjewel Posts: 1,046
    "freelander never had low range so what made you think the LR2 would have low range"

    I admit to not having followed all of Land Rovers' developments and so did not know the freelander was similarly crippled. However, I thought the Freelander was designed by McGovern, who is (or was) a Ford designer who ran Lincolns' design studio for a year or two and did basically nothing but a concept or two. A real prima-donna I've heard. Perhaps I'm thinking of the Discovery? Does that have low range? Sorry for being so uninformed. Like I said, LR2 just popped up on my radar yesterday.

    In any case, the LR2 has no low range. That's a fact. I gotta deal with it. It still could be an attractive package to me I guess as I only ever went to a place with my Cherokee where I would still be if not for low range. So if the terrain response deal works, then maybe. Can they add another setting called "Elephant Hill"? :>)

    However, I do have some other doubts/questions, and if you, B-R can help, it would be appreciated:

    - Price is about $4K more than I personally would like to see. You cant do anything about that though. But, will LR dealers accept a Ford X-plan PIN?
    - Is there any word on mpg figures for the LR2? That is of course a big issue these days. I suppose I could check the S80 and deduct 10 or 20% for the boxy shape, but real #s would be better.
    - WHat is the shifter like? I mean, does it allow driver control or is it one of Fords' other Bold Moves and allows only D and L?
    - Is it advertised to seat 4 or 5?
    - What is LRs' warrantee?
  • heyjewel...

    I don't know as much as BR for sure...I am just an enthused customer and have put a deposit down to get an LR2 in April. And since the LR2 has yet to be released, I've been researching the crap out of it trying to find any tid-bit of info I can get my hands on.

    The LR2 comes standard as an automatic with a sport mode which allows for driver control and you can manually shift through the gears.

    It is advertised to seat 5--but in Edmund's First Drive article, it said "We discovered that four 6-foot adults could find room inside, but a BMW X3 feels more commodious."

    LR's warranty is great--you can read about it on their website. 4 yrs/50,000 miles with 24 hr roadside. Also, all your scheduled maintenance while you're under warranty is included and free of charge.

    I don't know about the other stuff you asked--again, I'm only a customer, don't work for LR. But hope that helped a little.
  • heyjewelheyjewel Posts: 1,046
    Thanks, miss, I appreciate your help.

    Great that it allows driver to control the tranny. The Ford D-L system is a travesty.

    X3 feels bigger? Yikes, that's a small ute there. Well, each to his own can get a feel for that.

    OK, pretty standard warantee. No worries there anyway.

    I just checked Edmunds site and the XC90 uses the 3.2L Volvo engine as well and is rated at 17/22. LR2 is smaller probably lighter perhaps not as slippery so maybe 18/23 is a good guess for LR2 mpg??
  • freelander never had low range so what made you think the LR2 would have low range"

    I admit to not having followed all of Land Rovers' developments and so did not know the freelander was similarly crippled.

    Even without low range the freelander is an amazing performer off road. You aren't going to do much rock crawling with it but it doesn't have the ground clearance for rock crawling anyway.

    Its too bad the freelander sucked at everything else. Check out the Freelander thread on edmunds. It just might be the least reliable modern vehicle ever made in the west.

    However, I thought the Freelander was designed by McGovern, who is (or was) a Ford designer who ran Lincolns' design studio for a year or two and did basically nothing but a concept or two.

    The freelander went on sale in Europe back in 1996 and was in development back in the early 1990s. Ford didn't have anything to do with it but Rover Group, Honda and BMW did.

    A real prima-donna I've heard. Perhaps I'm thinking of the Discovery? Does that have low range? Sorry for being so uninformed. Like I said, LR2 just popped up on my radar yesterday.

    All other Rovers have low range including the Discovery 2 and Disco 3/LR3.

    The freelander and now LR2/Freelander2 are the only models that don't.

    Price is about $4K more than I personally would like to see. You cant do anything about that though. But, will LR dealers accept a Ford X-plan PIN?

    Honestly the price is about 4,000 dollars higher then I thought it would be too but I thought they would offer a base model without leather interior or moonroofs. Even the stripper LR2 is going to have more equipment then most other vehicles in its class.

    Standard stuff off the top of my head that even the range rover does not have.

    -Keyless push button start
    -Panoramic sunroof

    Something interesting to note is that at least initialy the LR2 will only be offered in SE trim. That is strange because Land Rover has traditionaly had a SE and HSE trim level where the HSE is fully loaded. HSE rovers normaly come standard with about everything and might have a couple of special features that SE rovers don't get. This makes me think that possibly late in the 2008 MY or early 2009 MY a HSE LR2 will come out with some extra stuff.

    I would expect that most Land Rover dealers will except X-plan pins on cars that are in stock although they might not do this right away. I have one person looking to use the X-plan on a LR2 in April and we have not decided to honor it yet. So far about half of our initial allocation of LR2s are pre-sold so we will wait and see what happens when we actually have some on the ground.

    Not sure on Mileage yet.

    Yout have to remember that Ford does not treat its euro makes like GM has. Ford has little influence over Land Rover, Volvo and Jag(that is changing for Jag though because they are doing poorly) All Land Rovers have Commandshift transmissions(like triptronic) and most of them are made by ZF. In fact the transmissions in the LR3/Range Rover Sport and Range Rover are nearly identical to the trannys in most BMWs.

    I forget who makes the LR2 transmission though maybe asin?

    I might get a chance to drive a LR2 tomorrow. Our regional Service rep is supposed to come in tomrorow. I have three problems though...

    1. Tomorrow is may day off
    2. Tomorrow is valentines day
    3. There might be a couple of feet of snow on the ground

    I don't mind coming in on my day off, and I don't really mind the snow(although the rest of the idiots on the road scare me) but my wife will mind if I go into work on my day off and miss part of valentines day with her when I told her I would take the whole day off.
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