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2010 Hyundai Veracruz



  • acdiiacdii Posts: 753
    Funny, I don't see a need for a backup camera, It is so easy to back up the VC, the side mirrors are huge, and so easy to use, especially those on the newer ones that automatically tilt down when put in reverse. The only car I ever drove that had a BUC was a Prius and it was more of a distraction than of any help. If the mirrors are set correctly, you would never need a backup camera on anything.
  • ericgouericgou Posts: 4
    Having known 3 kids run over by their parents, one died, who would not have been seen on side view mirrors, I feel very strongly about the camera. I do agree that you must still be vigilant and remember that it only takes a second for something peripheral to wander into the back view. My opinion.
  • acdiiacdii Posts: 753
    If the parents had taught their children to not play or run behind vehicles, do you think there would have less likely been a chance they were run over? The BUC is a crutch, that's all it is. I have little kids, and believe me, they go no where near cars in the driveway. I also make darn sure that if they are outside that they stay far away from the garage. A BUC is no excuse to ignore plain and simple common sense, and I feel that it being a must need is just another excuse to ignore proper teachings, discipline and situational awareness. A more prudent item is a back up alarm! If the kids hear it, they better know to look and leave, and that is something all parents must teach their kids.

    I'm sorry but the I killed my kid because I didn't have a backup camera is just plain ignorance.

    I like Ford's idea much better, a driver alert system that detects if there are objects behind and to the sides of the vehicle. much simpler, much more practical, and so much better because the driver isn't fixated on a tiny screen inside the vehicle where they wont see anything coming at them from the sides. The VC can detect if a person is behind it, happens all the time when my dumb dog runs behind it when I'm backing. The moron plays tag with the car.
  • Does anyone know when the 09 Veracruz comes out? Just put a deposit on an 08 (due to the $4K cashback) at a dealer who is supposed to "locate" the exact vehicle for me. Worried that if they don't find one and the deal is off - how long till 09?
  • duaynedduayned Posts: 30
    I've heard Hyundai was discontinuing the Veracruz, so PineValley, I hope you have everything in writing, to get your money back in case he can't "locate" the one you want.
    (Never, ever, EVER take a salesperson's word for ANY promise -- especially if you're handing over any money upfront. Write a note of understanding of what you expect and have the Sales Mgr. initial it.)

    The good news is that they are still trying to get rid of the 2008's and man, you can get a really great deal on one. Rest assured, if there is such a thing as a 2009, it's not going to be very different/better than the 2008.
    And don't forget, Hyundai has the best combo warranty of any carmaker, which will apply even if they stop making your model.

    If it makes you feel any better, one guy recently posted on this forum that he was at the NY auto show and spoke to Hyundai rep. who said the 2009 Veracruz "is just now being released to dealers."
    The guy did not say he saw one at the show himself, but maybe he did.
    Frankly, I won't believe that until I see it with my own eyes.

    CUVs are kinda hot right now, and gas prices are low, so doesn't it seem strange Hyundai has not been marketing the Veracruz -- which has gotten good reviews from most places.
    Notice you don't see any prominently featured in your local newspaper ads or on the TV "Hyundai Assurance" ads?.
    No magazine ads about the "all new 2009 Veracruz coming 'soon"?

    And who waits this late in the model year to bring in 09's? It's almost time for the 2010's, for goodness sake!

    If anyone has proof the 2009 exists at a dealership, I'd love to see and I'll happily shut up.
  • steverstever Posts: 52,683
    If this link works, there's at least one in San Diego, complete with VIN, which is a pretty good sign that it exists. I plugged the VIN into Carfax and it said it was an '09. I'm not making any guarantees though, lol. The dealer may know the VIN and could be trying to pre-sell one that's still on the boat somewhere.

    When I plugged in "90210" for the zip in the View inventory feature here, four '09 Veracruzes showed up.

    There are none within 200 miles of me.
  • duaynedduayned Posts: 30
    Nice work, Steve.
    So far, I can't get the link to work ("We're sorry, we were unable to load the information you requested.")

    But I'll certainly take your word for it (with the caveats you mentioned yourself), and we'll see if the rollout makes it all the way from the Pacific to the Atlantic! lol

  • steverstever Posts: 52,683
    Yeah, sometimes the inventory feature does that to me too. Not sure if reloading a new browser session will help.

    Anyway, the one in SD is at Kearny Mesa. Fly out and make a nice vacation out of it. :)

    (I won't mention that FitzMall in MD has a couple too).
  • jimbob1jimbob1 Posts: 70
    Fitzmall's 2009s are "on order".
  • duaynedduayned Posts: 30
    And yet they had VIN's for these phantom 2009's listed in their inventory?
    Still smells fishy to me, as the 2009 VC's remain sight unseen.

    However, I can understand that if you're still trying to clear out inventory that's approaching two years old, you don't want to officially tell folks they are buying a discontinued model (if that's how it turns out).
  • steverstever Posts: 52,683
    I think it's time to start a pool to see who correctly predicts when the '09s really do appear in the showrooms.

    I'll take May 14. :blush:
  • indecisionindecision Posts: 22
    The 2009 hyundai veracruz is finally being rolled out. It is now on the hyundai usa website.
  • duaynedduayned Posts: 30
    Thanks, Inde -- Wow, so it is! I can't believe it.
    Too bad, it's too little, too late. I've already bought a Mazda CX-9, and most others I know are getting either that or the Chevy Traverse.
    Good luck, Hyundai.
    I will say the GLS version's price is nice, and, man, anyone who doesn't mind getting a 2008 can really get an amazing deal.
  • jefferson1964jefferson1964 Posts: 330
    I purchased a new 2008 veracruz saturday...just got back from the dealership for my extra set of keys and they had just unloaded a Liquid Silver Limited 2009...i didnt see any difference other than the wheels where chrome.....I was worried on saturday i might be getting an auto that would not be made anymore...thus my resale would probably plummet...but now not worried and the limited was pushing $38K....but with $10,200 off MSRP for my 2008 i wasnt too worried, lol
  • duaynedduayned Posts: 30
    I hear ya, Jefferson. I was concerned about that too, when the VC was still high on my list.
    I'd be very curious to hear just what -- if any -- other differences there are in the new 2009's?
    I mean, it makes you wonder why they held off so long? :confuse:
    My guess is that since they are basically the same vehicle -- no major changes -- then it was simply a sales tactics to try to get as many of the overripe 2008's sold off as possible before flooding dealers with more of the same thing, only stamped with a 2009 model year. :surprise:
  • ls1993ls1993 Posts: 10
    My 08 VC Limited (3300 miles on it) vibrates when it reaches 70 Mph. It usually last for 5 to 10 seconds then the car comes back to its normal, smooth self. The annoying thing is most of the time when it accelarates to 70 Mph, the vibration returns.
    My first thought was the wheel alignment and balance, got both of them taken care of but the problem persists. Any thought??
  • acdiiacdii Posts: 753
    Quite a few variables to this problem. When you accelerate, is it a hard acceleration, a smooth slow creep up, etc. Does it shift gears after you reach 70 and it smooths out? If it goes away at speed, chances are its a drive line problem. Watch the RPMs' when it happens and see if they drop when the vibration disappears. If so, take it back and tell them exactly what you did and saw, it is the small details like this that help diagnose a problem, and no it is not normal. Try to creep up to 70 and see if you still get the vibration.
  • ls1993ls1993 Posts: 10
    Haven't tried it on hard acceleration. My wife and I always do the slow creep up to 70 Mph (enjoying the engine smoothness). It does not shift gear at 70 Mph. I'll pay attention to the RPM next time. Thx.
  • I know that the 2009 Veracruz's will have USB ports for MP3 players. They have gotten rid of the SE model this year too. I also am having trouble locating one I want but they are out there in Texas. Dealers don't seem to have much of a selection of them though.
  • ls1993ls1993 Posts: 10
    Hi all, please kindly describe your driving experience in a Veracruz over 70 Mph.

    I own a 2008 Veracruz Limited 2 WD with about 400 miles on the car. Enjoy the car immensely other than the steering wheel vibrates over 70 Mph. The dealer inspected the drive shaft, etc (they are OK, verified by independent mechanic) and concluded the symptomps originated from the tires and wheels. The tires and wheels have been re-balanced 4 times by Hyundai, Firestone and Les Schwab, including using the Road Force Tire Balancing System.

    My local Hyundai service manager is very suspicious about the wheel upgrades that come with the car. Hyundai calls it "chrome clad alloy wheel", basically it is a fancy chrome cover welded/fused into alloy wheel. He is requesting Hyundai to provide either new sets of the standard Limited alloy wheels or new sets of the "upgraded wheels" so they can be installed to my car, test theam and see if the problem goes away. As of today, the rep refused to authorize the request but did not provide other alternatives.

    Anyway, I am sure the steering wheel vibration is not normal and I'll continue to press the issue till Hyjndai fixes it.

    It'll be nice to have fellow owners share their experiences with the car :)

    Thank you
  • acdiiacdii Posts: 753
    Question, did they move the front rims to the rear and drive it? If it were a bad rim, then the vibration would move from the steering to the seat. If all the rims were an issue, you would also feel it in the seat as well as the steering. Doesn't the dealer have another Veracruz in stock with same/different rims? Easy way to find out is swap rims and test drive the other vehicle, it the vibration transfers, then the problem has been found, if not, well, they were looking in the wrong place.

    Also, it does not need to be the same model Veracruz to do this test, it can be a base, or an AWD, all that is being tested are the rims, and the rims between a base, to high end AWD are all the same bolt pattern.

    Edit: One more thing. When they mount the wheels to the car, are they using a torque wrench, or impact with torque tubes? You would be surprised how big a difference it can make when properly torqued over quickly torqued. Before going any further, get this question answered and if they used torque tubes on an Impact, have them retorque using a calibrated torque wrench, or find some other place that will do it. Some rims, especially after market fancy rims, if not torqued with a calibrated torque wrench can exhibit vibration issues due to the rim warping. On a balancer, the method used to secure it is usually a cone that presses with equal force against the rim, so they balance true, but if the rotor that the rim attaches to is not perfectly flat, and the wheel isn't torqued properly, it can cause a vibration such as you are experiencing. It could be a rotor causing this too.
  • steverstever Posts: 52,683
    Not a lot of changes coming down (guess we'll bump the title forward a year, and wait for a major refresh to start a new discussion).

    On tap:

    New colors: Ultra Silver, Black Noir Pearl, Driftwood Metallic, Carbon Steel Mist, and Sahara Bronze.

    New standard features on the GLS: power driver seat, backup warning system, cooled storage, leather steering wheel and shift knob, auto headlights, fog lamps, and roof rack side rails.
  • acdiiacdii Posts: 753
    LOL I had to read that thrice before I realized what you were saying. I was like, I have all that on my 2008!
  • steverstever Posts: 52,683
    Heh, let me play with the buttons...

    New standard features. :shades:
  • jimbob1jimbob1 Posts: 70
    Any idea when they'll hit the dealer lots? The Mid-Atlantic region seemed to get a real late start on the '09s, and I didn't see any '10s listed within a 100 miles of Philadelphia.
  • steverstever Posts: 52,683
    No idea. I was following the Elantra Touring a bit and the 2010's are on sale in Canada already but there aren't any around here.
  • rv65rv65 Posts: 1,076
    I also expect the new revised Nav system and bluetooth to appear. The revised system works with both XM and USB. Not sure on rear seat entertainment.
  • Am I the only one, or has anyone else noticed this. As soon as I get over 80 KM/hour (45 MPH) there is a whistle coming from air rushing between the door frame and both side mirrors. Even with the windows closed I can hear it.
  • acdiiacdii Posts: 753
    I haven't heard any wind noise even @ 90 MPH in my 08. I suggest you have the door seals looked at or replaced. I had to have the rear drivers door seal replaced as it fell off one day and I could never get it to stay in place, it was stretched when they put it on, so it didn't sit right. The new one fits perfectly.
  • i am looking for a 2010 veracruz, dealers here in nm say you cannot order direct for the exact color/items you may want in the car. is this right???
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