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2013 and earlier Lexus RX 350 Prices Paid and Buying Experience



  • lex_njlex_nj Posts: 16
    Just ask your dealer for $450 per month. Don't worry too much about what they do with the MF. I personally try to get my cap cost to be low and let them jack up the MF past 0.00095. In my state, you pay one time sales tax on the cap cost, not on the monthy lease payment. I leased an RX350 AWD w/ NAV in NYC for $440 no cap cost reduction. Paid doc fee, acqu fee (700), DMV fees, sales tax and first month.
  • sj350sj350 Posts: 2
    rx350florida, Do you mind sharing which dealer in the Tampa Bay area you got the quotes from? Thanks.
  • tranavtranav Posts: 32
    The first quote was $12,400 off the MSRP ($46,400 - $34,000) => outrageous deal: you should grab this one ASAP. The second quote is only $6,076 off the MSRP ($40776 - $34,700) which is more like the deal from all over the states in this December to remember.
  • I messed up. The first one MSRP is $40,400.
  • almattialmatti Posts: 164
    I'm in NY too. You do pay sales tax on the monthly payment of a lease; either up front without a discount, or in your monthly payment as far as i know. I've leased a number of cars, that's the way it was handled. Last lease was April 2007 a G35Xnfiniti, paid TTL with No Cap Cost downpayment, out the door with $2,400, which included 1st month lease pay't, "Bank Fee'. I wouldn't pay any Cap Costs up front b/c if you lose the car , the gap Insurance doesn't pay that back.
  • I used the USAA new car buying service and got a quote of $34,144 for FWD and Premium Plus Package w/o Nav. However, none of the dealers in my area had this exact configuration as they all seem to stock cars with more features, either factory installed or delaer added. The Thousand Oaks dealer had the car with PPP and the Aluminum 18" wheels and agreed to the same price of $34,144 which is $6441 off the MSP.. We are going tomorrow and hope there is not going to be a bait and switch (car just sold, etc). This board has been very helpful as I now know that some of you have been getting up to $7500 off MSP.
  • Anybody from Dallas area can tell me what is the lowest quote for 2009 RX350? I am in the market to buy RX350.
  • WOW! Are u saying that you got RX 350 AWD w/NAV for 450/mo???
    Does that include the premium package? How many miles annually? What was the actual out the door price?

    It would be great appreciated if you would share the name of the dealer and salesman. Thanks alot in advance!!!!
  • lex_njlex_nj Posts: 16
    that's correct in NJ, NY aqnd CT you pay on tax on the monthly lease payment...I don't register my car in those states so I pay sales tax on the cap cost where I live (when I register the car with the DMV).
  • lex_njlex_nj Posts: 16
    yes, that's the max that you should be paying for an RX350 AWD NAV in the tri-state area, based on the posts that I've been seeing and contacting a couple of dealers.

    This is for 10k/36 months. Just go to Prestige on Rt 17 - they are the largest Lexus dealer in the Northeast and always seem to have the most aggressive prices (try their internet department). I've seen other folks in these forums get the same truck for $435 and $410.

    OTD I paid ~1500 (first month, doc fee, LFS bank fee, Registration) + sales tax on the cap cost.
  • I just got a new 2009 RX350 lease with Premium Package, Navigation, Heated Seats, iPod Hookup in Dash and Sirius Hookup for about $450 down (which included all tax, title and license fees) and my monthly, including tax, is $490. It's a 3 year lease with 10k miles annually. The MSRP was around $43k. I got this deal in Southern California.

    Is this a good deal???
  • I too got a great deal - $440 a month/ 36 month 15K year for AWD, Nav and Premium pkg. OTD price was $3000 which included my sales tax, title, admin fee, lease aquisition and 1st months payment. The OTD price would of been $1000 less if I did not want NAV, but of course I wanted it!! Can't wait to pick it up on Monday. This was in Boston area
  • Best to be gotten from the Westport Area is $490/mo incl CT Tax with Navi and $726 out the door, they won't even return calls for less than that around here!
    NJ here I come...
  • braukbrauk Posts: 2
    Looking for RX350 in Jacksonville, FL area. I was quoted 40K+TTS for Navigaiton and Premium package. Any suggestions?
  • lex_njlex_nj Posts: 16
    actually, that seems like a pretty good deal, considering your CT taxes are included and you aren't paying much out the door. They must have rolled in the bank fee of $700 into your monthly payment.
  • tranavtranav Posts: 32
    Ask Santa Monica, Cerritos or Tustin that you want $7.5k off the MSRP for the Non-Nav car with Premium package (Premium Plus has Adaptive Headlight lamps and Premium doesn't). Other options usually come (or not) with Premium+ or Premium are HH (Heated Seats with Sensing Wipers), FV (18" Graphite wheels). But these options are always come with the car (C1 cargo mat, WL wheel lock).
    Mission Viejo probably give you $7.3K off the MSRP.
    Or just Thousand Oaks to match $7.5K off to save time to ask the other dealers. Good luck and I think RX350 is worth it for this deal.
  • tranavtranav Posts: 32
    How do you check out which dealer has the largest inventory in area? only gives an inventory of one dealer in my area. Thanks,
  • How problematic is it to purchase a vehicle from an out-of-area dealer? (warranty issues, service issues, logistics, ...)
  • Broaden your radius search.

    Maybe search "largest lexus inventory" on google and include your area.
  • gd63gd63 Posts: 3
    Is this option generally available? Looking at the Pebble Beach edition and would think this would be part of that package. Doesn't seem to be available on regular AWD either (in midwest).

    MSRP: $47,280
    Lease: $506/mo with tax 12,000 miles per year/36 months
    Due at signing: $1,400 includes first mo, acq fee, title..
  • scoutanddatty
    I would be interested. Looking to buy (not lease) a 09 or 08 Lexus RX350 AWD for my in-laws.
  • Thanks for the advice. We purchased from T.O. and bought the premium package FWD with Liquid Graphite Wheels, MSRP 40,551. We offered to buy at $7500 off and after some mild haggling settled on a price of $33,500 which is $7051 off. I think your suggestion saved us some money as we might have paid more than that without reading this board first.
  • tranavtranav Posts: 32
    It's good to hear that. I, myselft, bought the same one as your yesterday from Santa Monica. I was settling for $7500 off MSRP but then the car with my preference of color got just sold to another customer. So they offered me a different color car with another $200 off. At the end I bought my new 09 RX350 with MSRP of $40551 at $32851 ($7700 off). I was trading in my 02 RX300 that's why I know how good the car is and how good Lexus service is. I am sure that I will enjoy my new Lexus and Hope you will enjoy your new Lexus too.
  • lex_njlex_nj Posts: 16
    It doesn't matter if you buy out of area (I do it often). Any Lexus dealer in North America will service your car. For non-warranty issues, you can even go to a Toyota dealer if it is more convenient (you just won't get the free donuts and ice cream :) )
  • sj350sj350 Posts: 2
    What kind if interest rates for purchase are people paying on the RX350?
  • I was quoted 33,900 from a South Florida Lexus dealer for a 2009 RX350 FWD which had the Premium Package, 5 spoke alloys, rain sensing wipers, trunk mat, wheel locks, and cargo net... any thoughts? Should I jump on this before the Lexus 0.9% financing deal ends Jan. 5?
  • What's the MSRP? like 40,1xx. That's 6200off.
    Try it w/ $7,500off.
  • [kenasch] and [tranav]
    I'd highly appreciate if you could send the invoice(or quote) which I can price match at my local dealer to phonons22 AT
  • braukbrauk Posts: 2
    Closing on RX 350 with Navaigation , Premium plus and Heated seats with wheel lock and cargo mat @ 6000 below MSRP in north east florida. There are simillar offers available in south Atlanta and possibly in clear water if closed by tomorrow Also saw one in Tampa Bay at 5000 below MSRP. Possibly another one in Sarsota at 6000 below MSRP. Thanks for all the input in this forum.
  • Hey Bill 09,

    MSRP is 40,5xx... so right now about 6600 off, will try and take your advice on 7500. Thanks.
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