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2013 and earlier Lexus RX 350 Prices Paid and Buying Experience



  • eichergmeichergm Posts: 6
    The purchase price of the vehicle was $39225.34. The vehicle has Nav and the Premium Plus Package.

    At the end of my 3 year lease, I can buy the vehicle for $25595, however, we think we will need a bigger vehicle then (more kids) so we focused on the lease payments. Hope this helps.
  • flipkin1flipkin1 Posts: 1
    Factory Installed Accessories: FV HH NV PT TO
    Port Installed Accessories ..: WL C1

    Premium Plus
    Heated seats with wipers
    Tow Prep
    18 Allow Wheels

    Wheel locks
    Cargo Mat

    MSRP: 45816.00
    Price: 40500

    Is this good? I think it is.
  • huangmaxhuangmax Posts: 4
    Factory Installed Accessories: EY FV HH NV PT TO which translates to:

    Rear Seat Entertainment System
    Premium Plus
    Navigation system
    Heated seats with sensor wipers
    Tow Prep
    18 Allow Wheels

    All below include destination charges, need to pay plus tag, tax and processing fee.

    MSRP = $47,395
    Invoive = $41,668
    My Quote = $42,600

    Shall I take it?
  • guru123guru123 Posts: 1

    So far I think this is good deal. I am also on lookout if you don't mind can you give me details of dealer in NJ. I am from NJ (Edison). You can email me details at I will really appreciate.

    Thanks and Enjoy your new ride.
  • dingzxydingzxy Posts: 4
    See message #644.
  • whostinwhostin Posts: 1
    Hi There...thanks for the info I live in Dallas too and looking to get a lexus...can you give me the contact of sales person who you worked with maybe i can get a deal and you can get a refferal maybe or a BIG THANKS from at the very least !! your info was very helpful. Please email me at
  • huangmaxhuangmax Posts: 4
    Talked the dealer and did more cutting, got the car for $42K even plus tax, tag, and $100 processing fee.

    It is 2008 AWD, nav, dvd, premium plus, tow prep, 18 alloy wheel, and heated seats.

    No other dealers in the area (DC) wanted to match the deal and told me to jump at it. I guess it is not a bad one? :o)
  • suvhuntsuvhunt Posts: 27
    Hi, I am in Baltimore area and looking for exactly the same car, 2008 with awd, navn, dvd, prem plus, tow prep, etc. Can you tell me which dealer was able to give you that quote? I talked to someone at Pohanka but they were quite reluctant to quote anything over email or phone. Thanks.
  • finn2finn2 Posts: 1
    Hi. Thanks for the info. I called the dealership to ask about this and the answer was way...way too low. When did you buy? did you have a trade in?
  • calred34calred34 Posts: 7
    Hi, I paid a lot of attention to this forum over the last couple of months. So much information! Depending on the area you are in definately seems to make a difference. I'm in the Wash/Balt area.

    Last week I finalized my deal and picked up my new RX350 AWD, Breakwater Blue with Light Grey on Saturday. Premium Plus "package". The one on the lexus site with MSRP 45706 (Nav, Heated Seats w/rain sense, Cargo Mat, Wheel locks, tow prep, 18" allow with spare, etc.)

    Lexus of Silver Spring CLEARLY won my business hands down. Awesome folks from dealer, through manager(s) and Finance Team. I know I can't mention names, but ask for the Nascar Guy for your Dealer. He listened to what I needed/wanted, saved me megabucks by talking me out of extra stuff I don't need (and I've already proved to myself he was right). Quick responses on phone and e-mail. I can't wait to get the Lexus survey so I can gloat more on them!

    Anyway, I feel I got a great deal and I have no doubt they will continue to serve me in the future.

    MSRP 45706
    Actual Paid 41800
    100 Dealer Doc Fee
    Tags, Tax Title

    Thanks to those that helped with the valuable information!
  • huangmaxhuangmax Posts: 4
    You will like this since the dealer I bought my RX from is much closer to Baltimore than DC. It is Len Stoler, at Owings Mills, MD. I bought mine on 5/19.

    I sent you some info to you email at

    good luck!
  • lexuslisalexuslisa Posts: 5
    Was anyone told Lexus Financial had a bank fee of $600 for a lease?? I was able to work dealer in Columbus, Ohio down to 1500 over invoice for AWD Premium Plus with no NAV. MSRP is 41,746.....Invoice is 37,511. I was able to work them to 39,011 and was ready to go when they threw that fee at me. Is that a necessary fee or are they trying to bleed me?
  • kyfdxkyfdx Posts: 70,299
    Every bank has an acquisition fee on a lease.

    Most range from $500-$800..


    Prices Paid, Lease Questions, SUVs

  • lynn26lynn26 Posts: 2
    I just started looking. Have been doing lots of research as I have not purchased a vehicle in 10 yrs and back then I had assistance with negotiating. Haggling is not my strong point. I am looking for a fair price. Got this quote,my first inquiry on a purchase, RX350, AWD, Nav (no ML),Premium Pkg, Heated Front Seats and Cargo Mat: $41,275.

  • lexuslisalexuslisa Posts: 5
    I guarantee your first inquiry is thousands off from where they will end up if you don't take their offer. Ask to see their dealer invoice on the vehicle and if they refuse to show you, go elsewhere. That will show you what they paid for that particular vehicle. Offer no more than $1000 over. It may take a while but they will make it happen. Be careful also about your interest rate or money factor if leasing. They may lower the price but increase your interest. ALWAYS check their math to see how they are calculating your payments. They will pad the payment about $20-50 a month if you don't check their math.

    Go to the website and read up on how not to get cheated. If you don't know how to check their math, plan to be cheated.

    They have an excellent calculator there for entering information on a lease. Get the money factor and residual value from the dealer and enter the info. Print a copy of your numbers and compare them with their numbers. You'll be shocked.

    I bought an RX-350 today. My sales guy told me I did everything a sales guy hopes a customer doesn't do. He asked me where I found my lease calculator and said he hopes his future customers don't use that. They tried to pad my payments by about $50 a month until I showed them they were full of it.

    MSRP was 41,746
    Premium Plus Package with no Nav
    Final negotiated price 38,511...a thousand over invoice
    Money factor was 0.00175
    Residual 20,038.08
    Monthly payment of $535 with NO DOWN PAYMENT
    48 month lease 12,000 miles/yr.

    You can email me at and I can help you further if you would like.
  • susanrufesusanrufe Posts: 1
    Hi - I too am in the DC/MD area looking for a 2008 RX350 and have communicated with quite a few dealers. You took home an 08 with the Navigation package and DVD for $42K from Silver Springs? That is a fantastic deal! Are you willing to share your dealers name for a referral?

  • huangmaxhuangmax Posts: 4
    Yep, 42K for 08 AWD loaded with 6 options.

    The dealer is Len Stoler, zip code 21117. Ask for the sales manager, and tell him Ying sent you. Good luck.
  • lynn26lynn26 Posts: 2
    Lexuslisa, I sent you an e-mail!
  • rwctttrwcttt Posts: 2
    I've been gathering information from this forum and did some other research on and off line. Got a deal from a local dealer for '08 Rx350 AWD with premium package D which is the one w/o nav:
    MSRP 43,056
    Sales price 37,944 (600 below invoice according to dealer)
    Lease term 36/12k
    MF 0.00195
    RV 58% of MSRP
    Cap cost reduction 0
    Drive off 913.63
    Monthly payment 542.17
    comments welcome
  • lexuslisalexuslisa Posts: 5
    First, you said MSRP according to the dealer. Ask to SEE the invoice. They must show you!

    I calculated the numbers you gave and came up with $483 per month!!!!!

    Either the dealer is padding your payment for his profit, or there are fees and taxes you didn't mention. Does this amount include the taxes and aquisition fee?

    Just picked up my RX-350 AWD today, Premium Plus w/o nav.
    MSRP 41,746
    Sales price 38,511
    MF .00175
    Residual 20038
    48 month lease

    With taxes and all fees.....monthly payment 535.07 with no cap cost reduction.
  • rwctttrwcttt Posts: 2
    Acquisition fee of 600 to be added to final sales price. Monthly payment quoted includes tax of 8.25%. Using the calculator from I come up with the exact figures so I think the dealer is honest with these numbers.
  • afollafoll Posts: 1
    I am looking to purchase a certified pre owned RX 350. 2007 dealer demo with 19800 miles what do you all think is a good price. The negotiations will begin at $36000.
  • freiwill01freiwill01 Posts: 14
    New to the site and getting ready to buy. Here's what my local dealer quoted for a 2008 RX350 FWD:

    18" 7 Spoke Wheels
    Multi-Stage Heated Front Seats
    Generation 5 Navigation w/ bluetooth
    Premium Plus Package
    Towing Package
    Wheel locks
    Cargo Mat
    Destination Charge: $715
    Procurement Fee: $289
    Total before taxes/title/license: $41,589 (this number includes the destination and procurement)
    MSRP: $44,416

    I offered $40,641 but the salesperson wouldn't budge. Was wondering if the dealership's offer was reasonable. Any thoughts would be helpful.
  • joe142joe142 Posts: 1
    New to the site. I am looking to purchase a Rx 350 with AWD, Premium Plus and NV. Dealer in bayarea offered me a $40K and says the price is $300 below invoice. Is this price reasonable. MSRP and invoice specified by the dealer is not matching with the Edmunds/Vehix. What is the best way to check the MSRP and Invoice.

    Please help
  • freiwill01freiwill01 Posts: 14
    forgot to mention this is a FWD model
  • smopartsmopart Posts: 5
    Just purchased a 2008 FWD RX350 with premium plus package plus navigation system. MSRP was 44,400 and I negotiated down via email with the internet sales manager to $39,600 including destination. Got a bamboo pearl with grey leather. was a wonderful buying experience. No hassles. Invoice was quoted to me as $39,200 for this package. Next best offer was at park place grapevine for 40,300. I purchased at Sewell in Dallas. i can also be reached at
  • carlovernjcarlovernj Posts: 71
    Thank you all for such great advice and information. I'm hoping that someone knows how to calculate a monthly lease amount for me. I was interested in leasing the following vehicle for 36 months:

    2008 RX 350 AWD with the Premium Plus Package - Luxury Value Edition with additional options. The base price of the car is $38,800 + Options $6,191 + Delivery and Handling $715 = MSRP $45,706. The dealer cost is approx 39,838 and I would hope to pay $41,000.

    I would be in the top credit category (tier 1), I believe is .00195, My out of pocket will be $3,000 at time of lease, NJ sales tax of 7%, assume a residual of 56%. I wanted to know the monthly lease amount with tax.

    If there is another piece of information which is needed, please let me know. Thank you so much for your help.

    (I also posted under Lexus RX 330 / RX 350 / RX 400h: Lease Questions Forum)
  • lexuslisalexuslisa Posts: 5
    To answer your question, I calculated $596.48 per month including tax. That is without any title or registration fees. I wouldn't recommend putting that much down on a lease. Also, with tier one credit, I just got a money factor of .00175 through Lexus financial. I would insist on a better rate. That makes a HUGE difference. Let me know if you need anymore help.
  • whiterwhiter Posts: 4
    I just purchased the RX350 FWD Premium Plus Package with Navigation and heated seats in BrandWine/Ivory for 39500 + tax out the door from a Auto Broker.

    Will be delivered in 3 days!

    Whoa!! :D
  • maximafanmaximafan Posts: 592
    Congratulations on your purchase of the RX350, whiter! I see you got to get one of the new colors that came out, the Brandywine color. I saw that color a few weeks ago parked at the Lexus dealership. It's a very nice color! I think you will really enjoy your RX. I know I have so far! Good Luck!
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