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Mitsubishi Outlander Maintenance and Repair



  • piastpiast Posts: 269
    As far as I know a car is a complex machinery with many moving parts, fans, bearings, belts, valves, relays, pumps, and pistons when running. If you don't hear any noises it is probably dead. I'm afraid we are going bit paranoid here.
  • jod3jod3 Posts: 18
    Just got a call from the dealer about my 8 day old car. They tried to fix the wind noise in the passanger side door by using silicone. The service guy did not think this worked but mentioned that four other people had the same procedure done. They also mentioned that both bearings in the front end must be replaced, which they said was also a known issue. I owned this car which I do I would not be happy and I would make sure my car is checked out for these problems.

    If I was considering buying one of these cars I would be very very cautious and wait until these issues are resolved.

    There is no paranoia here on this board, there is incompetence from Mitubisishi to put this vehicle on the market with these types of problems.

    Thanks for listening.
  • rcpaxrcpax Posts: 580
    I understand your frustrations, but hardly any other make is perfect and problem free. In my case however, I made steps to have these issues solved, got it serviced, and now my Outlander is problem free. I think the front-end knock and left mirror noise are but minor annoyances when you compare it to a Honda CR-V that would need a rear-differential replacement.

    What I would suggest to new buyers is do your assignment. Take the vehicle for a test drive. These issues are easily identifiable during test drive. We have described it here for you to make an accurate evaluation of the new vehicle. So be a wise buyer, test your vehicle for these problems before buying it.
  • I just purchased an 07' outlander XLS. Beautiful car. no noise at all. RAV and Honda not even close with this Ride, interior look very nice, NAV, sound system Rocks. Not sure what the complaints are about. I would definitely be bringing it to the Dealer, plus test ride another car and see if its present in that one. If NOT they have to fix. I test drove the exact car I was buying, multiple times and at night.
  • I also have to disagree about the Cheap plastic. People have looked at my and said WOW is that the new Lexus. definitely better looking inside than the Rav, honda, Hund. etc. I have the two tone, tan-black-silver. I think they did a very nice job.
  • piastpiast Posts: 269
    You don't have to disagree with me. Since the day I test drove it (in November), I like it's interior design and quality. I wouldn't say it matches Lexus or Audi levels, but definitely is in line with comparable priced ones, and better than RAV4.
    Again, this is personal opinion, so some people my find it not good enough for them.
  • mucoolmucool Posts: 24
    I feel my Outlander has wind noise issue also (I don't know how it is relative to other compact SUVs). Not sure if its related to the left door rattle. I don't want to call it cabin noise, cuz i definitely think its more prominent when I am driving above 40-50 mph and more prominent if its windy outside. I will be getting it checked next week. One thing I notice on my Outlander, is that there is black colored foam/insulation material between the side view mirrors to where they attach to the car chassis, it is visible to me, sitting in my driver's seat. I wonder if others car owners can also see the insulation material or is it just a finishing issue in my car? Maybe it is adding to or causing the wind noise?
  • rcpaxrcpax Posts: 580
    I do have that too in my Outlander. Must have come as part of the whole mirror assembly from the factory.
  • mucoolmucool Posts: 24
    Hmmm.. then maybe that is not the reason for any additional wind noise. O well, its not that big of a deal, I just want to understand what can be fixed versus what is part of the package :) .
    It is still an "owner's pride, neighbour's envy" SUV.
  • My 07 outlander also has excessive wind noise. Dealer contacted MITSU and got a response that it is a known issue. I am going tommorow to a nearby dealer to fix it (I live in a different city from where I bought the SUV)...I hope it does fix the wind noise, which is making me crazy. Below is the response from MITSU, which my dealer gave me. Will keep you guys updated.

    GROUP 42A Body
    Wind Noise From Outside Mirrors - 2007
    Outlander. A wind noise (a light buzz) may
    originate from the outside mirror area of the
    2007 Outlander when driving between 30-40
    mph. The noise may be more apparent in a
    cross wind. To repair this condition, remove
    the plastic cover under the mirror pivot point.
    Apply adhesive backed foam or felt to the two
    tabs, wrapping the foam/ felt around each tab,
    then reinstall the cover. Verify the repair.
  • mucoolmucool Posts: 24
    Sweet! Thanks for the update. That makes me a bit more optimistic, seems like it should alleviate the issue to some extent, it is fixable. As I said that issue is prominent when it is windy, seems like that is part of the symptoms outlined in your dealer's description. Hopefully my dealer can fix both issues (front end knock, and the wind noise due to the mirrors)!
  • gene_vgene_v Posts: 235
    I am very impressed with Mitsubishi's response to the wind noise and thef ront end bearing problem.
  • I went to the dealer for the wind noise and gave the mirror noise fix bulletin and they did the fix accordingly. Now it has reduced to some extend. I am not getting wind noise from the passenger side. But from the driver side I am getting the noise...but it is not from the mirror. I am feeling that the wind noise is coming from a place above and behind my left ear :( ie. the top corner where the driver door and the B pillar meets. I think it is a problem with the window seal. Does anyone else has a similar problem? I don't know how many more trips I have to make to the to dealer for the issue where my left ear has an irritation once I come out of a drive. :(

    Again everything else about this SUV is great, but the wind noise because of a improper sealing is like having excessive salt for a delicious and great meal...I wonder why MITSU overlooked small things like proper sealing when they did everything else correct. I don't know how many more trips to dealer I have to make for this issue. :mad:
  • i went with the extended warrant..the bumper to bumper to 10/100,000 The dealership said this would cover the Nav. and elctronics especially....Hope so.Extra $1000
  • Has anybody done their own oil change on the new outlander yet?

    I always do my own changes and am just wondering if there are any tips that one could give or any problems one will encounter.

    The oil filter is very small and very hard to get to...A special tool may be needed...
  • duke7750duke7750 Posts: 1
    I also want to change my oil, but I'm a step behind you- I can't seem to locate the filter. Can you give me a clue.
  • Does MMNA sell the service manuals to the public?
  • solowalkersolowalker Posts: 118
    yes, it is located on the left front underside of the engine.....It is a mini filter , maybe 2" in dia...
    It seems you have to take off the phony skid plate to get real access to it....there is a half funnel device about 2" under the filter to direct the oil into a pan after you loosen the filter.....

    It looks like it'll be messy... :( I'm still about 2 months away from a change..I hope someone that already did an oil change on the Outtie will post here to give us a few tips...
  • growwisegrowwise Posts: 297
    I had my factory fill dumped at 1000km (~650 mi). Wanted to get the wear metals out of the oil along with some of the assembly lube. High wear metal particulate contamination is not good for the engine in the long run.

    Next oil change is going to be at 4k km and after that every 5k. At which point, I might switch to a quality oil product like Pennzoil platinum or Castrol Syntec etc..
  • solowalkersolowalker Posts: 118
    Is anybody else getting shocked when exiting the car by static electricity? :surprise: I can actually see the ARC of the discharge when I touch the door to close it...

    I have the cloth seats...Anybody have a FIX for this problem?
  • bluecoatbluecoat Posts: 8
    Anyone has thoughts on what would happen on a 3 or 5mph rear end collision on a 07 outlander. With the split tail gate arrangement I am concerned that repair cost will be high when the bottom split portion is damaged since this is part of the bumper. May even have to change the upper glass tailgate because the tail gate may not close.
  • busta4busta4 Posts: 35
    I have this shock all the time. I have no clue what it could be. On a side note, there is not one issue with my outlander that someone has not touched upon, in some way, on this forum. It is amazing. From the ill fitting, cheap plastic, to the side mirror wind noise, etc. One thing i would like to fix is the fasten your seat belt alert noise. Does anyone no how to disengage this feature?
  • solowalkersolowalker Posts: 118
    I thought about the same thing...I got nailed 3 times in the past 5 years in my old Forester by chicks on cell phones...No damage done to the Forester though...
    That is why I'm going to spring for a towing package shortly...The tow bar and ball should at least keep "me" from backing into a wall or something..and put a nice hole in some gals radiator... :) after they nail me in the butt.
  • rcpaxrcpax Posts: 580
    One thing i would like to fix is the fasten your seat belt alert noise. Does anyone no how to disengage this feature?

    Wear your seatbelts to disengage the alarm ;) Why wouldn't you want a feature like that? I thought you're not suppose to drive without your seatbelts on? It's actually a safety feature. Same with DRLs, I dunno why people are complaining about DRLs. Mitsu has been rated low on safety features before, and they made every effort to make safer cars. I guess if you don't want certain safety features, you can always go to the dealer and have them disable whatever feature you want if that's possible.
  • ricco1ricco1 Posts: 2
    I have had my Outlander for 60 days and it's been a great trip so far (sarcasm). Out of the 60 days of ownership, my Outlander has been in the shop four times for a total of 7 days. I was given a rental for a period of three of those days. Let's begin. Problem #1 Windnoise, which will be resolved by dealer. I, of course, was the first one to have this problem. Problem #2, rattle from head liner when sunroof shade was pulled back, has progressively gotten worse and can now be heard with the shade shut. Dealership couldn't duplicate problem after I left it with them. It only seems to happen when I'm there showing them the issue,,, odd??? Problem #3 Power drivers seat rocks. Hit the gas seat rocks back, hit the breaks, seat tilts forward. Don't get me wrong, its not a lot, but you notice. Dealership tested all Outlanders on the lot, all of them do it???? Contacted engineers at Mitsu. Problem #4 Front passanger plastic door trim (goes from dast to headliner is bent and not aligned correctly, being replaced. Problem #5 bearings, many people have complained about this issue on this site. Going to be corrected, but on back order. Problem #6 PLEASE, LET ME KNOW IF YOU HAVE THIS PROBLEM!!! When peddle is barley depressed, around 700 RPM, LOUD engine squeek, sounds like a rusty hampster wheel. I just hope my hamster doesnt die, I need to get to work. You will also notice this noise when you first kick on the A/C sound will pierce you ears untill the first compression cycle is completed. Went to dealership and once again, when I was there with the tech rep, it did it and everyone ran over to my vehicle and was like "thats not normal" REALLY!!! This is my 13th vehicle and all of them have done this. (Sorry, sarcasm) Left it with dealership, couldn't duplicate it again. Took it back twice more. Finally, they were able to hear it. Took another Outlander in the bay, warmed it up and it did it also, just not as loud as mine. They are going to contact Mitsu to see if it is a common issue. Other than that I LOVE !!!! my Outlander. The new commericals should add another line " OUTREPAIR" to there catchy outeverything. You figure that a vehicle that has been in Japan for three years, they would get this S@!T right. Let me know you you are experiencing any of these issue, I would like to know.
  • growwisegrowwise Posts: 297
    I never had the front end clunk or so I thought. I noticed it today couple times albeit faintly (just once during each trip) It happened when starting out (after backing out the other way and turning the wheel in other way). I havent had this before and it happens occasionally. Is this the front end clunk that everyone is talking about?
  • piastpiast Posts: 269
    "#43 of 59 Re: Fix update [mucool] by mucool Feb 08, 2007 (9:05 pm)
    I went to my dealership today. Had a good overall experience, was treated very nicely, the dealership had already ordered the parts. However , seems like the "clunking" noise that I thought was the front-end-knock issue , is "normal" ABS self check. I only have the issue when i start/restart the engine and back out making left/right turns (not on normal driving/turns etc).

    The service manager gave me a printed Tech Talk monthly issued by Mitsubishi
    It had the following description for my clunking sound
    GROUP 35 Service Brakes : ABS Pump Noise (Update): 2006-07 Eclipse, 2007 Eclipse Spyder and Outlander : ABS System Conducts a self-check to ensure it is functioning properly the first time the vehicle reaches approx 2.5 mph. During the self check, a "clunking" noise will be heard from the right front of the engine compartment. The noise only occurs the first time the vehicle is driven after the engine is started. It will not reoccur until the engine is restarted. This noise is a normal operation of the ABS System. Do not attempt to repair this condition.

    However, my dealership still replaced the bearings etc as they had already ordered the parts. The replacement did not make any difference in the clunk sound though."
    I hope this would help.
  • ricco1 wrote:
    Problem #1 Windnoise, which will be resolved by dealer. I, of course, was the first one to have this problem.

    Please let us know in detail how was this resolved!
  • rcpaxrcpax Posts: 580
    What trim is your Outlander and when did you buy it? Give us an idea from what "batch" your SUV is. From your list of problems, I only have #1 and #5, which are all known issues and my dealer did a nice job of fixing it for good.
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