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Dodge Ram Transmission Problems



  • The truck has 127,526 on it, we baby it and I swear it acts like the Transmission is slipping. Go down the road, it acts like it slips into Neutral (I can watch the tach meter go way up, but no power, no engine stall, it is like NO Power to drive). Pull over, turn off wait about 5 minutes, restart, put in drive, go about 1 or 2 miles and it does the same thing? Is this a transmission slipping or another possible item? Again we baby this truck and have never had a problem until tonight, no warning, no nothing.
  • I had a problem similar to yours, but mine was shifting strange, I had to let up on the gas to get it to shift. But what I did was I got in touch with these people. You can Email them or call, They new just what I needed to fix mine and it runs like new. Here is a copy of what I put in mine........Along with a video of how to install it at the bottom of the page................................................................
    Product Information
    Product Name Part No. Quantity Item Price Total Price
    Governor Housing Base Gasket 12328B 1 $6.88 $6.88
    47RE Governor Solenoid Borg 12432AB 1 $56.88 $56.88
    47RE Pressure Sensor 96-99 12415B 1 $59.88 $59.88
    Universal Drain Plug Kit 3020S 1 $14.88 $14.88
    47RH / RE Filter Kit (R) 88-97 22011GR 1 $16.88 $16.88

    Subtotal: $155.40
    Shipping & Handling: $0.00
    Tax: $0.00


    Order Total: $155.40
  • I have a 2010 Ram 1500 with less than 20k miles. I feel and hear a bump when it shifts from 1st to 2nd. The dealer says this is normal and nothing is wrong. The bump is intermittent and is sometimes more noticeable than other times. Any direction you could provide that I could share with the dealer would be helpful.
  • You might want to check the post just above yours. About the Cascade Trasmission Parts. post number 1983..............The Governor Solenoid in the factory trasmission gets week and doesn't push enough pressure for the trasmission to work right. This is what I installed.The 47RE Governor Solenoid Borg 12432AB 1 $56.88 $56.88
  • 2001 dodge ram 1500, only 78000 miles on it. Just bought it!!!! Od shuts off and after 10-20 miles the Trams temp light comes on. hit the button to turn od on and nothing happens. Took it back to where i bought it. they put it on a code reader and nothing. driving it back home, i stopped at stop sign and it wont move. i reved up motor and tranny banged and i headed down the road. Whats goin on. only drove it 300 miles and now this! HELP!
  • I have a 2005 Ram with a 5.9 and 93.000 milles with a automatic transmission problem. Can someone help?
    When i put it in drive and pres the accelerator thruck starts in first then into second but if there is any kind of load or a slight incline on the road it jumps back to first and won't come out untill i let off the pedal. I doesn't slip or lose power just wont come out of first . Any one know what might be the problem.
  • Hello Guythunder
    My 2001 Dodge deisel is shifting funny ever since I got it rebuilt a year ago. It keeps jumping beck and forth from 3rd to 4th. You just move the gas pedal slightly and it goes back and forth. The shop I took it to cant figure it out., but sounds like you had the same problem. Jeff ( Hopsmaster )
  • doc41doc41 Posts: 4
    For what it is worth,my 97 dodge ram with 5.9 gas had the trans rebuilt
    I paid 1800.00 for the work. Did not get home till it quit. I put it back in the shop and they put governors in it .
    It still did not work right. I finally got half the money back and took it to another place
    They rebuilt the trans and from that day forward it would downshift at lower speeds 55 or so and down
    We took it back and this guy has done everything he could think of including going and buying a trans and installing it.
    I have put over 150,000 miles plus on this transmission and it still down shifts
    I have had it at two Dodge dealers and they do not have a clue.
    I replaced the ECM,throttle control,power valve and several other items
    It runs fine never stalls and will stay in high at highway speeds ,just down shifts at lower speed if you press the gas pedal to hard
  • Yep that's the same problem I had and the parts that I put in stopped all of my problems. The parts didn't cost much and they aren't hard to install. Did you check out the video I posted along with the parts.?
  • doc41doc41 Posts: 4
    GuyThunder,Thanks for asking. I had this done with the first trans overhaul
    when they towed it back to the shop. I took it to another shop and this guy rebuilt the trans and it continued,He replaced the parts you mention and said that the ones in it did appear to be new and did seem to work but wanted to be sure.
    He gave me the receipt. He went to another trans place and purchased another new rebuilt instead of rebuilding mine or using one from his shop. It still did the same thing. He then took it to two dodge dealers I have receipts for and still same problem.
    I use this guy only,he not only absorbed the bill on all the work on mine he even refunded everything I paid. I have sent him a lot of customers over the last few years . I do think the guy was really stumped on what is causing mine
    We have 4 sons and three have dodges and the parts you mention did fix theirs .
  • Thanks Guythunder, Yes I did watch the video, I think I might try it my self, doesn't look to hard. I'm tired of taking it back to the shop when they can't figure it out. They just gave me two pages of what could cause it but everything I tried doesn't work. I emailed the but I havn't heard back yet. Thanks so much, Jeff ( Hopsmaster )
  • I trying to find out want size is my transmission it is automatic. I cant find the transmission tag on it. 91 dodge truck 4x4 ram 150, 318 engine.
  • I don't know what traney you have, go to google and type in What Trasmission is in a 1991 Dodge Ram 150,318 engine,4x4 And see what you get. Good Luck. I also thought that the people at Cascad Trasmission could tell you.
  • any help is appreciated: my 1998 ram v8 1500 had a trans fluid leak and is very low on fluid. it won't move up the ramps for me to patch the leak in the hose and add more fluid... what would you suggest?
  • guythunderguythunder Posts: 19
    edited January 2013
    I find it hard to believe this question,you said it had a leak.( HAD ) But if your for real, Why don't you try jacking it up and crawl under and do the fix. :sick:
  • i have a 99 ram sport. 5.9l and I went to go start my truck heard a loud click. it sounded like something tinking in a oil pan or transmission as I warmed up the truck I re-started my truck did not hear the sound got on the highway and put it on cruise control at 65 mph and it felt like it slipped in neutral but I can still drive but under 15 mph and it will pop out of 4 low... can anybody give me a idea ??? as it was in cruise control it ttied to keep up but then rpm's just climbed please reply thank you and for the record I just bought it three weeks after this happened ....
  • I'm actually replying to everyone here who has the transmission shift from first to 2nd, then to 3rd, then at low speeds trans can't seem to decide which gear it should be in.
    I have a 1997 Ram 2500 4X4 V10 with the 47RE-HD trans in it. My transmission was rebuilt around 30,000. ago, and while this was being done I was told to inspect my tranny coolant lines and look for a cannister looking thing on one of them. Once I found it I was told to get a peice of hose, cut the canister out and bypass it because this is the cause for the trasmission's low pressure issues that cause them to fail prematurely. As for my trans, it shifts flawlessly and lockup converter enguages at around 45 mph. I get 15 mpg with my V10 on the highway as long as I drive normally, 13 while towing my 21 foot bass boat, and 13 in the city.
    Before removing this cannister type thing (sorry I don't know what it's called) my trans shifted erradically even right after rebuild for a day or so until I found and removed then bypassed the cannister.
    My truck did come from the factory with an external trans cooler mounted horizontally on the drivers side of the radiator but I do not think that makes a difference. The cannister caused pressure loss, which causes transmission issues.

    Hope this helps everyone.
    Best regards.
  • We have poured all of our family's money into this truck. Grrrrrr We have a 98 Dodge Ram 1500, my husband had a new transmission put in 2 years ago. The check engine light came on this week (for the hundredth time). The shop is telling us we need a new torque converter pump transducer. This is chinese to me. Can someone please tell me how critical this is if the truck is running fine. And would you just replace the transmission then if you do feel it is needed? :( Please help before we throw even more of our money away. Thanks!
  • I'm not an expert, but I have some experience with the 46RE transmission. You had the transmission replaced; were the cooling lines and cooler flushed and the check valve replaced/cleaned/removed? From a mechanical standpoint, the only thing left after replacing the trans are the cooling components. A clog in the cooling lines, esp in the cleck valve, can cause all kinds of problems in these transmissions. If you do have the lines flushed, make sure the check valve is fully operational before using the truck (I took mine out and replaced it with a piece of hose... I have to wait about 10 seconds at startup when I put it in drive for the fluid pressure to build). A stuck check valve can ruin a trans. If its not this causing the problem, it has to be an electrical/electronic issue.
    Hope you can solve your problem!
  • circuitrydercircuitryder Posts: 30
    edited February 2013
    Were they talking about the transmission pressure solenoid transducer sensor (and governor)? These 2 parts are attached to the valve body and can be removed and gently cleaned - I've done it several times... One of them will get clogged with silt from the torque converter or friction disks and foul up the way the trans shifts. I clean mine with a shot or two of break cleaner, and they have been working fine. But if they are clogging up, you need to know why...
  • Trinazbauer, listen to Circuitryder. It's good sound advice. I guess the cannister thingy I was talking about above is called a check valve? Whatever it is called if your truck has it remove it and replace it with a peice of hose with two clamps on each end (for redundancy). I realize I have a different trans in my 2500 (47RE-HD) but it doesn't matter. I was informed these check valves (cannister looking thingy) clogging up are the cause of most transmission failures on these trucks. After removing mine my trans shifts perfectly. My neighbor has just aqquired a 98 2500 that can't decide which gear it should be in at around 25-35 mph and I told him to do the same thing. After looking under his though it looks like somebody has already removed his cannister thingy (check valve) and replaced it with a hose but with a peice too long and it was kinked. I took the clamps loose, cut it to the right length, hooked it back up and now his problem is also cured. I mention this only to point out that if you remove yours make sure you replace it with the correct length hose to avoid kinks as it is very important the fluid flows freely to maintain pressure.

    I've been checking into whether or not there was ever a recall from Dodge over this check valve. Anybody know? If anybody has heard of a recall over this please let me know.

    Thanks in advance
  • my 98 dodge truck didnt have reverse for over a year now after trying to get it out of a snow bank i put it into drive low and it went backwards instead now i have no forward gears but reverse works any ideas
  • At the risk of sounding overly simplistic, it sounds like a shift linkage problem. If it is manual linkage, that would be easy to find and fix . (Bent bracket, worn out bushing, etc.) If it is electrically shifted, it could be a bad wire, bad plug, or bad solenoid. Probably would be worth having dealer scan. I think they charge 1/2 hour their shop rate.
  • ok, my 2000 ram is sitting at the repair shop and nobody has a clue whats wrong. it the 318 4X4 auto.
    I parked it on day after noticing a slight slip in 1st gear. That night it wouldn't work at all. shift it into gear and it would rev to 4k with no sign of catching in gear. Checked fluid level and it was fine. no leaks that i can find. Towed it to the shop with the engine running and the truck in neutral (about 20 miles) once i unhooked it, the truck shifted right into gear and drove fine, it would even break the tires loose.
    Left the truck to have my guy look at it, today it is back to not moving. So what would cause it to work when warm and slip when cold? trying to avoid replacing the trans if i can. I would hate to replace it if its a bad control solenoid or something small and cheap.
  • KCRamKCRam Mt. Arlington NJPosts: 3,516
    Ask your shop to check the pump, cooling lines, and the torque converter. If you're fine when warm, you're not getting the necessary pressure when cold. A good way to test is, let it warm up in Neutral until it shifts properly (as you did when you towed it). Then, instead of shifting to Park and shutting down, set the parking brake, shift to Neutral, and shut off the engine - let it cool completely, then restart and see what happens. If it works from that situation when cold, it's definitely a pressure problem - the fluid flows in Neutral, but not in Park.

    I had a 1996 Ram 3500 Cummins with the 47RE. It had a slight leak in one of the cooling lines, and until I got it repaired, I always had to set the parking brake before shutting down and go right to Neutral upon starting to build fluid pressure.

    kcram - Pickups/Wagons/Vans+Minivans Host
  • I had the same problem and this is what I did. It now shifts like a new trasmission. I odered these parts on line at www.CascadeTransmissionParts,com.....................

    Product Information
    Product Name Part No. Quantity Item Price Total Price
    Governor Housing Base Gasket 12328B 1 $6.88 $6.88
    47RE Governor Solenoid Borg 12432AB 1 $56.88 $56.88
    47RE Pressure Sensor 96-99 12415B 1 $59.88 $59.88
    Universal Drain Plug Kit 3020S 1 $14.88 $14.88
    47RH / RE Filter Kit (R) 88-97 22011GR 1 $16.88 $16.88

    Subtotal: $155.40
    Shipping & Handling: $0.00
    Tax: $0.00


    Order Total: $155.40

    Here is a video of how to replace it.

    Good luck, I also put in a drain plug.........This will fix your tranny.
  • Check your old pressure sensor to see if its screen is clogged. May have worn friction parts in the converter or trans...
  • Thanks for all the help. Local shops have offered no advice except for "replace it". Tried the neutral test. It worked. I'm going to be ordering parts tomorrow. Hopefully get it all fixed up. Also decided to pick up a used trans at a local salvage yard. Going to try and build a bulletproof trans. Gotta love money pit projects.

    Again, thank you all for the help, I will keep you posted on the results.
  • You will be more than happy with the new parts, I also thought that i was going to need to have my tranny rebuilt, but after installing these parts it is like new again. Good Luck. let us know how it goes.?
  • My 2003 dodge ram 1500 4x4 was driving fine till it finished going thru the gears it jerked fast then ran fine till I had to slow down then went thru the gears again after the rpm's leveled it jerked again( it feels like it jumps to neutral then back to drive within a half a second) help?
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