Chrysler Sebring Electrical Problems

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Shorts, flashing lights, fuses -- discuss these and other electrical issues with your Sebring.

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  • jheikkijheikki Member Posts: 1
    I have a 2001 sebring with the same problem does anyone have an idea :lemon:
  • pauljetspauljets Member Posts: 1
  • doc18doc18 Member Posts: 1
    I own a 2000 chrysler sebring convertible that is doing crazy unexplainable acts! Recently I have experienced the doors and interior lights flashing and locking and unlocking. No mechcanic has figure out the mystery . Also the service engine soon light stays on been reset at least ten times still on. Doc
  • sdriscollsdriscoll Member Posts: 1
    I have a 1999 convertable. Same problem for the last two years. Replaced battery a few years ago and was ok for awhile but after not driving it for a few days it needs the battery charger. Now I have to put it on the battery charger every night to assure a start in the morning. We are replacing the alternator tonight. Hopefully that will work. Very aggravating!!!
  • oldengineeroldengineer Member Posts: 22
    I had a 2001 Sebring 4door that had these same kind of electrical gremlins. Eventually found that the positive battery terminal on the fuse box under the hood was stripped and the positive battery cable was very loose. I put a flat steel washer on to get the nut up above the stripped threads and tightened the nut down firmly. After that the problems disappeared. Hope this helps.

  • he11benthe11bent Member Posts: 24
    A few years ago means it could be the battery again, also clean the battery connections and the other ends of the ground and positive cable ( If you pass the tests below, a bad/dirty connection is probably your problem/u>). Next,(alternator test) a voltmeter on the battery should read close to 14 volts with the car running and everything turned on (AC, headlight, etc.). Third, A meter should read 12.xx volts with the car off and the key out. If it is less than this, then it is (a) the battery or (b) something is draining the battery. I would start by getting the battery tested first. If that is good, start pulling fuses with the meter still on the battery. When you pull a fuse and the voltage comes up, you found the circuit draining your battery. Good Luck.
  • negmmannegmman Member Posts: 1
    We have a 97 Chrysler conv and it appeared the fuel pump went out. I put in a new fuel module and fuel filter and turns out the module bought as new from EBAY was no good and the one year warranty wasn't either.

    I eventually got the car running with the old module and new filter. Now I suspect electrical wiring connections may have been the problem. The conv top will not go down, the windows will not go up or down. Wait a day or two and they may work. Anyone else had this problem.

    Please advise. I am going to again clean the terminals on the battery and battery connections under the hood. I have had the back seat out when replacing the fuel pump and checked the connections and they were good (hot) at that time.
  • sebring5sebring5 Member Posts: 4
    Eventually the cluster stayed dark. I ended up bringing the car to the dealer since my mechanic couldn't fix it. The dealer replaced a module behind the dash and that worked for about a week. Long story short: 4 more trips to the clueless dealer who ended up replacing the entire instrument cluster--cost me $800 and a lot of aggrevation.
    BTW: Chrysler is no longer a member of the Big 3. Once it was sold to MB it's longer a US company. Don't kid yourselves. Only GM and Ford are the Big 2 and at the rate they are going they'll be toast or sold soon enough. Criminal what greedy and incompetent management and unions did to the US auto industry.
  • sjm308sjm308 Member Posts: 3
    I've had the same intermittent problem with my 2003 Sebring
    Limited convertible. Early 2005, dealer replaced the multi-function switch on the steering column. This fixed the problem.
    However, just last night the instrument cluster went dark
    again. This morning it was lit up fine. Looks like it's time to see the dealer again for another muti-function switch replacement. Looks like Daimler Chrysler switch is
    designed for short life.
  • sjm308sjm308 Member Posts: 3
    MSG #579, continued: Heard from dealer service mgr. They replaced the multi-function switch on Monday, 5/22/06. He says problem is solved. He does keep several of these switches on hand because he'll need them during the year. Will not have the car back till next week because the tranny is being repaired so won't have a chance to test cluster lites for a while. Hope all this helps.
  • sabrina21sabrina21 Member Posts: 1
    Problem already so I brought a 2003 chrysler sebring less than a month ago as a young parent I thought it would be safer then my old 2000 chevy cavalier however the first two weeks I have it it spent in the shop between the hyndi shop and chrysler (I bought it from grappone)finally after two weeks chrysler said they had figured out why the dash lights come on and off as they wanted (outside lights worked fine) I was thrilled they said it needed a new multi function switch they replaced it and less then three days later the dash lights are back to coming on and off again I travel alot and with it getting to be winter and darker sooner I want to know that I can see my dash and know how fast I am going espically with my child in the car anyone have any ideas????

    -going back to the shop again
  • dshelbydshelby Member Posts: 3
    I have a '01 Sebring. It has the dash light problem as well as another one. Not only do the dash lights go out unless I bump the signal lever (multifunction switch). The interior sight hardly ever works now and the climate control system is ^&%&^$&$&. If the headlight are on the only thing I get is cold air(a/c). Then if I need the heater AI have to be driving in the daytime cause if the lights are on the heater isnt. So I have a heater, a/c, dashlight and interior light problem. Can anyone help
  • help0813help0813 Member Posts: 1
    I have a '01 Sebring. I have almost the same problem as the person with question #16. My heat control panel does not work when i have my headlights on. When my headlights are on I have no heat(it blows cold air) and the control for which vent the air comes out of does not work. And the rear defrost does not turn on. When my headlights are off everything works. Also when my headlights are on you can hear some kind of noise coming for under the glovebox. Can anyone help!!
  • ree4123ree4123 Member Posts: 1
    Bought a 2001 Sebring convertible a couple years ago. About a year ago the vent started to only work on settings 3 & 4 (5 settings 0,1,2,3,4), and puts out only cold air unless I am accelerating at over 2000 rpm. Rear defrost does not work.

    I recently got my tie-rod ends replaced and when I got the car back the stereo was acting up. Sometimes when I touch the volume knob or hit other stereo buttons the digital display flashes on and off a couple times and doesnt work when any buttons are pushed. The clock goes to 12:00 and the radio goes to lowest possible setting (~530 for am ~87.9 for fm). Sometimes the digital display stay on permanently even after the car is turned off, along with the tiny lights on the equalizer sliders, and the lights on the buttons of my 4-disc cd changer.

    After leaving the car off for a couple days it needs to be jumped. Sometimes the stereo works again.

    I figured the stereo has been draining the battery and is probably the source of the problem, but went to Sears Automotive department to get my battery/tested replaced since Ive had to jump the car 4 or 5 times in the last month, and it's starting to get cold.

    When they opened the hood they said they smelled "electrical burning" and refused to work on it, telling me that I needed to take the car to somebody that specializes in electronics.

    I'm very financially restricted at the moment, and cant really afford to get every last thing looked at/fixed (dealer service prices are ridiculous).

    Any response or advice with my problem would be greatly appreciated :)

  • capt1014capt1014 Member Posts: 7
    2001 Sebring Sedan
    The crusie control and the horn stopped working and the airbag light came on all at the same time. At that very instance there was a cracking and cruching in the sterring wheel area, not the column.

    Any ideas?

    (I have had the clock spring replaced before be cause the airbag light was on.)
  • bvcsurfbvcsurf Member Posts: 4
    I had the same problem with my 2001 Cnv and found the problem to be the white plastic connector on the back of the
    heater/ac knob(choice of ac/heat/floor/vent etc.) I removed the plastic shroud containing the control knobs and with the
    heat and lights on- wiggled this connector to find with a little bit of upward pressure, the heat would return to
    normal operation. I broke a piece of toothpick to wedge the
    connector to make proper contact in its assembly and the heat has been fine( about a month). I'll replace the assembly when I can but I believe that flimsy AC/Heat dial
    connector is the culprit. The damage to the connector may be the result of prior repairs in which the assembly has been disconnected for any reason.
  • bvcsurfbvcsurf Member Posts: 4
    2001 Sebring LXI Conv. Radio/Cassette/4 CD changer
    The stereo functions for varying lengths of time until
    it heats up or another function is actuated ( volume,turn signal, it varies). The sound and radio display disappears and the 3 band equalizer LCD's continually blink. Even after turning the key off, the radio still pulls power from
    the battery and continues to flash. I replaced the radio(found on internet) and after 2- 3hrs of driving/heating up; the problems returned. Other have stated the same problems, but to this date I have not seen any answer posted.
    If anyone has info please post it. thanks.
  • bvcsurfbvcsurf Member Posts: 4

  • thrsmiththrsmith Member Posts: 1
    I have a '98 Sebring JXI (conv.) And today while driving to work, the CD player and radio went dead. the power locks also didn't work. I think it's a fuse, but I don't have time to check right now... also the dash computer (where the odometer is) read "deck." does anyone know what that means?
  • sk8er_torsk8er_tor Member Posts: 4
    I am having the exact same problem with my stereo! Does this mean that the stereo system is dead and needs to be replaced or can it be fixed? Does anyone know? It seems like this is a common issue. :confuse:
  • sk8er_torsk8er_tor Member Posts: 4
    OK, so I went to my dealership and they told me that it's most likely a bad radio. They removed the radio fuse (found in front of the driver on the side of the dash) but the radio was still on. I ended up removing the radio myself as per the suggestion above. My car is out of warranty and the dealership said it would cost me about $950 (Canadian dollars) to replace; they suggested I buy an aftermarket radio.

    Any suggestions before I buy an aftermarket stereo system? Does anyone think I should buy a used one? Do they sell used ones / cheap ones online?
  • missmychevymissmychevy Member Posts: 5
    Been all over the Internet, checking TSB's and trying to find if anyone else has had this problem: When I press the "unlock" button on the remote, the horn begins to blow and keeps on blowing. Starting the car doesn't stop it, nor does repeatedly pressing any of the buttons on the remote. One time it stopped when I turned on the lights, one time it stopped when I opened and then slammed the trunk, tonight it stopped seemingly by itself after about two minutes of blaring. My neighbors love me!! Also, tonight it did something else...the horn began to blow for 30 seconds or so at various times while I was driving. This is the first real problem I've had with this, and I've had it since July '06. Come to think of it, none of this happened until the weather got cold. Hmmm...After reading the rest of these posts, I'm counting my blessings. Oh, and in answer to #23...when the dash reads "deck" the trunk isn't closed completely...or so it is with my car. If anyone has heard of this strange behavior kindly reply to this. Thanks, folks.
  • shana1977shana1977 Member Posts: 2
    Oh my goodness. My 2005 sebring is doing the same thing! It just started 2 days ago. I thought it was the remote at first, but then it started going off as I was driving down the road the other day.
    I called to make an apt, but cancelled when it stopped doing it, but then it did it again today. HELP. I'm a little pissed cause I'm not sure if this falls under the 3 yr 30,000 miles. I don't want to pay a mint for it. Although I think it's terrible for new cars to do this. Let me know if you hear anything.
  • bvcsurfbvcsurf Member Posts: 4
    In response to #25 of 27 by sk8er--- After having problems with my am/fm cassette radio with CD changer controls,(blinking EQ and no sound), I ordered 2 radios from Cherry Auto parts but was disappointed with the used replacements they sent ( 1 worked for 2 mo. & 2nd not at all). I found a site which sells NEW Chrysler radios for the Sebring. "" I ordered the "RBNFlushChrysler am/fm Cassette Upgrade (Flush) (NEW)"
    which arrived within 7-10 days and with delivery the price was $152 bucks. I installed it and have been enjoying trouble free stereo since. It has only been 3 weeks but I have not experienced any of the past symptoms that previously drove me crazy. I purposely left the heater on high/top vents to heat up the unit while driving multiple hours to see if these units would suffer heat damage and go bad. So far so good. I'll post again after a couple of months of use to let you know the dependability . BVCSURF!
  • missmychevymissmychevy Member Posts: 5
    Thank goodness! (well, you know what I mean). I thought I was the only one. I've made an appointment with Chrysler to bring it in next week for service. The woman at the dealership would not tell me whether or not this is a common problem with these cars. She danced all around my question. I'm sure it is. I found a Technical Service Bulletin for an erratic horn on a Chrysler site for a different year Sebring, so it seems that they still haven't gotten all the bugs out. We'll see. I promise to post whatever happens. Good luck.
  • shana1977shana1977 Member Posts: 2
    I feel better knowing I'm not the only one too! ha ha ha.
    So, my car is at the chrysler garage now. They haven't called me yet, so I have no clue what they've found. All I know is that progressively mine was getting worse. I feel like an idiot when it goes off like that. I was starting to feel like I couldn't park it anywhere. I knew my neighbors were starting to not like it, and how embarrasing to have it go off while entering or leaving the parkinglot at work! I'll let you know what my garage does to fix it. All I can say is that it better be included in our 3yr 36000 warranty. Cause a 06, and a 05 should not be doing this. BTW, what color is your sebring? Mine's white with a black top. I know that wouldn't probably have anything to do with it, just curious ha ha ha
  • missmychevymissmychevy Member Posts: 5
    It HAS to be covered under the warranty. This is an electrical problem with the car--obviously a flaw of some kind or a part that has gone bad that should have lasted a LOT longer than it did. They will have one irate Italian woman to deal with if they try to charge me for this.

    I don't even lock the car anymore...and the thing still goes off as soon as I open the door!

    It was 9 degrees here in Long Island, NY this morning, so I went out about 6:30 to warm up the car. Guess what? Yeah, the horn went nuts again, for about 30 seconds or so (feels like an hour when the neighbors start looking out the windows) and nothing would stop it. Then, as I drove it down the block 15 minutes later, it beeped for about 10 seconds at various times. Other drivers think I'm being a wise guy. Be interested to know what they find. Oh, as to the color: It's burgundy red with a black top. I absolutely love it...or did until now. Keep me informed. Thanks.
  • missmychevymissmychevy Member Posts: 5
    More of an update than a has been at the dealership since Monday. The horn definitely misbehaved just as I hoped it would, but they still have not determined the cause of the problem. Thank goodness I have a second vehicle, since this particular dealership does NOT have loaner vehicles (how bizarre it that?) even if you have to leave the car for an extended period. Anyway, I'll let you know what transpires. Thanks.
  • missmychevymissmychevy Member Posts: 5
    The morning I was dropping mine off I took the video camera out with me so I could tape exactly what happens to show the technician. Guess what? It didn't happen :mad: (of course) but I brought it in anyway and told them to leave it outside overnight and try it in the morning. I went down to the dealership when they opened and stood right there when the tech opened the door. It happened! Not only that, but when it stopped after 30 seconds or so he went to put the key in the ignition and it happened again!

    Anyway, they replaced the same thing on my car as yours (the horn pad/airbag assembly). Of course, they didn't have a black one in stock so I have a tan one on there temporarily. It didn't happen this morning when they opened the door, but they had kept the car indoors in the heated shop overnight! I left it there and told them to lock it up outside and I'd pick it up tonight after 7:00 (this way it will have been out in the cold for about 11 hours). I hope this is the answer. If it happens when I go to pick it up tonight I'll just leave it there again.

    You buy a newer car so you don't have any problems, right? Oh, long as the warranty covers it and they try to make it right I can't really complain, I guess. I'll keep you posted. :) Thanks. Hope yours is fixed, too.
  • sam66614sam66614 Member Posts: 1
    My Sebring Conv. 2002 seems to have appears to be a relay that chatters. That's what the sound is like coming from under the dash right or the center console. Everythings seems to be working right. We just have been able to isolate it to a system. This winter we have had the "Air Bag" light on the dash come on and then go off. This happened for about a month and no problem since. Adjusting the front seat seemed to reset it. Any ideas for the relay chatter?
  • benjaminebenjamine Member Posts: 1
    Everything on Cluster works properly. However illumination for speedometer and other gauges and controls suddenly stopped working (no blinking on and off, just stopped).
    All lightbulbs in panel work fine.
    All fuses have been checked and none open.

    I believe I have narrowed down problem to a module that is attached to back of actual instrument panel (Not the Circuit board)

    Anyone know what this module is called (no printing visible on module although there might be on the underside as I have not taken it off panel) and where one might be able to purchase one besides auto salvage facilities???
  • rm2001rm2001 Member Posts: 1
    I have the same problem with the flashing 3 LEDs on my 2001 Sebring.

    Pulling the fuse (under the hood) for the brake lights stops the flashing. This indicates a short in the wiring between the radio and brake lights. DO NOT drive with the fuse out, you will have no brake lights. I am trying to track it down more.

    This appears to be a common problem. If anyone has additional information please post it.
  • sk8er_torsk8er_tor Member Posts: 4
    My car is a 2002 Sebring.

    It only happens after driving the car about 30 - 45 mins. Then when I go to change the volume, it happens! The stereo system looks like it's dying with the LEDs fading and shutting off, then they come back on.

    What I do is turn the stereo system off immediately and leave it turned off. It blinks for about a minute and then the clock comes on at 12:00. When I shut the car off and wait some time, I turn my car back on and it's fine. The only this is that the clock is now wrong and I keep having to set it to the correct time.

    Sometimes though, it's not such an easy solution. The radio will stay on and you will hear what sounds like the CD motor turning and it will stay on even after turning the car off. The only way around this is to take the stereo system out, unplug the connector from the stereo, wait some time, and then plug it back in.

    It seems like it's overheating because it only happens after driving about 30 - 45 mins.
  • jwsf8jwsf8 Member Posts: 1
    After installation of a replacement battery (by a non-Chrysler garage) I now have the exact same problem with 3 flashing equalizer LEDs on my 2001 Sebring Sedan. They start flashing as soon as I turn the key in the ignition. The CD/radio does not work. Instead I hear recurring/cyclic white sound in the speakers.

    The flashing stops when I remove the brake light fuse (from under the hood) - just like it did for rm2001.

    I would be extremely interested to hear if anyone found a solution to this.
  • markbrazilmarkbrazil Member Posts: 1

    My daughter has a 2002 Sebring coupe that on start-up the hazard light start flashing until the car in warm or the head lights are turned on. I can hear a relay clicking but i can not located it. This started 6-months ago them stopped. Now it has returned....does anyone have any ideas?

    Also the blower only works on high; I would have thought that it was the switch but with all of the electrical issues posted here I am now not so sure. Any advice would be appreciated. thanks
  • sk8er_torsk8er_tor Member Posts: 4
    "Also the blower only works on high; I would have thought that it was the switch but with all of the electrical issues posted here I am now not so sure. Any advice would be appreciated."

    You will need to replace the resistor pack. This is a common issue with the Sebring.
  • sassshootersassshooter Member Posts: 2
    with increasing regularity both my turn signals and the radio just stop working. I go back to normal operation by stopping the car and turning off the ignition. I re start immediately and everything is normal again for several days or several weeks. It obviously is not a fuse. Any help on this? :confuse:
  • jlabarrettjlabarrett Member Posts: 3
    Hello. Just two days, was plugging in my phone recharge cord into the power/lighter module, when radio did just as you describe. No Display, amd cannot turn on or off radio. BUT, 3 amber lights in the EQU stalks of radio blink on and off, and you can hear the slight noise in the speakers.

    DId you ever get any other solutions, other than replacing the radio? ">
  • jlabarrettjlabarrett Member Posts: 3
    Any further luck with this. I am new to site today, and went there for a radio problem that started after inserting my phone charger into power/lighter socket. Now, radio is not wrking, no display, jus the three flashing led's than can be heard in the radio speakers. ">
  • jlabarrettjlabarrett Member Posts: 3
    DId anyone ever get to this for you? I have the same flashing 3 led's in radio, since pushing in my phone charger to the power/cig recptcl, and no radio on / off / displays or time
  • sassshootersassshooter Member Posts: 2
    This is an up date on #42. Just discovered that when the radio turns off and the turn signals don't work that the wipers don't work either. This is a bummer in a rain storm.
  • casamercasamer Member Posts: 1
    We have a 2003 covertible and had it tested for emissions( for our tag renewel) failed due to OBD Code P0601...Internal module Memory check? Does anybody know where to start to decipher this? What I should look into?

    The car has had issues with the air bag light coming on/off over the last several months...could this be related? this has been fixed several times and never lasts....

    Need to repair...Thanks!
  • heather20fanheather20fan Member Posts: 5
    About 6 months ago, the air bag light would go on and off intermittently. Now the brake light and oil light also go on and off continually while driving. The parking brake is NOT on and I check my oil constantly and the oil level if fine. I figured this was an electrical glitch so I wasn't too worried. Well now both the brake and head light on the drivers side have gone out. I replaced the head light 6 months ago, so I'm wondering if this is all connected to the other electrical problems. Finally, my blower control now only works on high. Any suggestions before I take it in to a dealer? I'd rather not give them any more of my money than I have to.
  • brd3brd3 Member Posts: 6
    I just had the blower motor speed control fixed. I read about it on this website and asked my mechanic to replace the blower motor resistor. They did it and it was $ 60 just like the other person that posted paid. It's so nice not to have to turn it on and off constantly when only the "high" speed works.
  • djgriffin1976djgriffin1976 Member Posts: 1
    It means that you should close your trunk. I didn't know my car had a "deck" either.
  • wlonginowlongino Member Posts: 2
    I have a 2002 Chrysler Sebring Convertible, 2.7 liter, and the dealers can not fix my problem. The first dealer had the car 3 different times for a total of 23 days, replaced the speed sensor and the tcm. The second dealer has had the car 16 days, 2 different visits, and has replaced the speed sensor, throttle valve sensor, and the pcm. The speedometer intermittently jumps from 0 - 100, and the repairman said, based on driving the car with his analyzer, the signal going to the speedometer showed the car was traveling over 400 mph and was turning off the fuel supply, and causing the hard shift felt by the transmission. They have checked all the wiring and can not find the problem. This problem occurs at all speeds and may go for a full day or two before it fails. Any ideas would be appreciated.
  • hhillierhhillier Member Posts: 2
    Hello, Did anyone ever find out what was causing the radio to blink and turn off. I have the same problem.
    Thank You, Hal
  • cigga24cigga24 Member Posts: 2
    I just bought a used 03 GTC convertible with 57K on it. I test drove it and everything seemed fine but when i drove it at night i realized there was no lights on the steering wheel for cruise control buttons.

    Does anyone know if there are supposed to be lights for these buttons? (cruise on, set, cancel, resume) Nothing on steering wheel lights up.
  • hhillierhhillier Member Posts: 2
    Hi; I have a 2001 and there are no lights in the steering wheel buttons. Hal
  • cg33cg33 Member Posts: 3
    Regarding "deck", that means your trunk has been released (unlocked). I've done that before where I accidentally hit the trunk button on my keychain and it relased the trunk. You may not be able to tell by glancing at the trunk so try to lift it open with your hands. If it opens, then you did, indeed, release it. Just shut it and the "deck" display should disappear. If that does not fix the problem, then you will have to look into electrical solutions.
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