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Jeep Grand Cherokee Start Stall Idle Problems



  • I have just drafted my email to Mr. Manley.

    I also recommend that everyone file an official complaint with the National Highway Traffic and Safety Administration. I was told that it doesn't matter the amount of complaints they get however, I feel it will make an impact if we do.

    888-327-4236 8-8 M-F Eastern Standard Time or go to to file a complaint.

    I will report back in about a week as my TIPM will be repaired and returned. I will also post a video on YouTube showing the removal and install of the TIPM for those who want to do it. It really is quite easy but you do need an extra set of hands.
  • Here is another story on a Class Action suit underway.
    link title

    Detroit, MI: Further to reports of alleged defects with the Chrysler Totally Integrated Power Module (TIPM) in 2011-2012 Jeep Grand Cherokees and Dodge Durangos and Dodge Grand Caravans, investigations are underway to determine if Chrysler knew about the defect and failed to warn consumers.

    The alleged defective Chrysler TIPMs can cause numerous electrical problems and serious safety risks. Problems range from difficulty starting the vehicles to stalling to fuel pumps not shutting off. Additional the affected vehicles may experience random activation of the built in alarm systems, windshield wipers or horns. The alleged defective TIPMs are so common that the replacement parts are backordered for weeks.
  • I am pleased to report the TIPM I sent to AR Speedometer in Tulsa, OK on November 4th has been repaired and returned, arriving in day's mail.

    I carefully re-connected the wiring harnesses to the sockets as labeled them, bolted in the battery lead, and re-connected the battery under the passenger seat. Then I got in the driver's seat, pressed the brake pedal, said a short prayer for deliverance... and it started just fine!

    I just came back from a short ride after it had been sitting idle for the past 8 days, and all systems appear to be operating normally again.

    Thanks again to Blakeburch and everyone else who posted in this forum to share their experience - I doubt I would have found this solution without it. Much appreciated.

    I'll circle back in two weeks or so.
  • Just a note to say that I put my repaired TIPM in last night and my 2011 JGC is working just fine! No starting issues whatsoever (and I tested it! Many times!), no running fuel pump. And it was SUPER easy! I will try to make a video of removal and replacement this weekend but honestly, if you search for the steps and following them with patience and care, it's not hard at all. I recommend using 2 people, though!

    If you want information on how to get your's repaired (~$300 including shipping) reply to me.
  • Glad to hear it, Trishg23.

    Mine has been in for two days now, and everything is working properly again.

    Now I can go back to work on my '85 CJ7. (It's a hobby, not a project.)
  • I need immediate help and advice on where and how to order/get one and how to put it in. I don't have the $1,300 that was quoted to me this past Friday at the dealership.

    Any direction that you can provide will be helpful and much appreciated.
  • trishg23trishg23 Posts: 8
    edited September 2014
    First, contact Allen at arspeedometer, [Phone number removed] to get info on getting your part to him for repair or visit: and scroll all the way to the bottom to see the cost/order for the TIPM repair.

    Second, park your car in a safe location.

    Third, follow the steps listed for removal and then replacement of your TIPM:
    Tools needed.
    1) 13mm socket with a ratchet.
    1) 10mm wrench.
    1) Small tip flathead screwdriver.
    1) Watch with a second hand or a stopwatch.
    1) Extra pair of hands.

    #1. Remove the negative battery cable found underneath passenger seat.

    #2. Open the lid of the tipm.

    #3. Remove the lead to the tipm (small nut on lefthand side)

    #4. Remove tipm pop in clips on top that secure tipm to the jeep. DO SO CAREFULLY - use a flat head to release all of the clips GENTLY.

    #5. Carefully unplug all of the connections on the bottom of the tipm.(These have gray rotating clips that attached to the plug).They are all color coded/idiot proof to reinstall. There is a small black release in the center push them in with the screw driver then rotate the gray clip downward to release.

    #6. Remove the old tipm.

    ***It helps so much to have one person stand in front of the jeep holding and rotating the tipm and one on the passenger side removing and installing the plugs.***

    To replace the tipm do this in reverse order.

    1. Place your ignition key into the ignition.

    2. Turn the key to the on position for 12 seconds.( I used a stop watch)

    3. Then turn the key to the off position.

    4. Then start your jeep as normal and check all of your functions to ensure normal operation.

    My repaired TIPM has been in since last Thursday and I have not had ONE SINGLE issue! Many thanks to Allen and AR Speedometer!

    Hope this helps. Just take your time, it really is not too difficult.
  • Thank you so much.... I've got a call into Allen and am in process of following your outlined instructions... I will certainly pay attention to the details and hope to share the success story as soon as we can get it done!

  • As idiot proof as the connections might be, I suggest labeling the wiring harness and the TIPM sockets to be absolutely certain you remember which one goes where when you re-install it.

    I wrapped a piece of masking tape around each wire harness and put another piece on the socket housing, numbering them to match as I took them out.

    My GC is back online for a week now, and still working fine.
  • Hello all,

    I just got back from the Jeep dealership and it seems my 2011 JGC (48,000 miles) has a faulty TIPM. I had my usual mechanic check the problem out prior to going to the dealer and he said the same thing. Symptoms include having difficulty starting, fuel pump not cutting off immediately and randomly stalling while driving.

    My concern is the plan of action at the Jeep dealership. They first told me it would be covered under the power train warranty, then after the diagnostic testing they told me that it would not be. They have special ordered a fuel pump relay kit. My question to everyone is: Does this sound like the right fix for this problem? I have read lots of TIPM related forums and most solutions involved completely replacing the TIPM. Please let me know what you think I should address or do. Thanks in advance.

  • Your symptoms sound very much like the ones experienced in earlier posts. I suggest reading #1179 of 1231 2011 Cherokee no start by blakeburch and the posts that follow. From what's been reported there, it doesn't sound like the fuel pump relay is the source of the problem.

    I had my TIPM repaired by AR Speedometer in Tulsa, OK and my GC has been running fine for the past two weeks.
  • Just a follow-up: I'm two weeks in now without a hiccup; my repaired TIPM is working fine. Thanks again to everyone who shared their experience on this forum; your postings saved me a lot of time and money - much appreciated.

    Y'all have a great Thanksgiving!
  • Trying to find the best way to sell the dealership on replacing my TIPM. It is not consistently failing yet, but i don't want to wait for it to go completely... Any advice? They are trying to diagnosis it, but I will have to pick it up tomorrow if they can't find it at fault.
  • jgc15jgc15 Posts: 2
    I am having the same issue, and I found this website: grated-power-module-tipm-in-2011-2012-jeep-grand-cherokees-and-dodge-durangos/

    Chrysler investigated over defective Totally Integrated Power Module (TIPM) in 2011-2012 Jeep Grand Cherokees and Dodge Durangos
  • One of the more non-pointless reasons to using Social media is to make big business, like Jeep, accountable for their actions, or lack there of.

    When I spoke to a representative from Jeep corporate when asked about why this hasn't been made into a recall yet..His reply "Not enough people have complained yet."

    Solid answer. Let's fix that.

    Go onto the Jeep Facebook Page, (simply type Jeep into the search) this gives you a chance to write on their 'Wall' and let them know your problem, voice your opinion, tell them your unique story and how it has effected you life, your family, and livelihood. They have just under 3.5 million 'Fans' and that, unfortunately, is a much larger audience then the people reading these forums.

    There has been success in doing this in the past. They will most likely take it down within minutes. But i've been posting for days, which means there is someone taking it down, which means someone will run it up the latter after a while because they are sick of taking it down.

    FYI- I have already coughed up the $1,200 to replace my TIPM because i had to go to work. I was then told by the Jeep service manager that I should keep my receipt in the hopes this ever gets recalled. His opinion "They should be recalled because we have 5 others waiting to get the part in from back order"
  • They diagnosed for a day and a half, and told me they were going to replace the TIPM. They also said it would be in by the end of the week and only take an hour to replace... Which is a far cry from the stories I have been reading here and elsewhere, so it seems they are getting the idea... Maybe, we'll see. My symptoms were ignition running for 10 seconds without starting and engine stalling after start. I'm really surprised they agreed to replace it that quickly.
  • jgc15jgc15 Posts: 2
    Posted the message in Facebook and Twitter - I got a reply today from the Admin of the page - you did too I saw on the page - let's hope they will listen.
    Fingers crossed
  • You are far more fortunate than I was if your dealer has the TIPM within a week. My order was in for more than three weeks - and they still didn't have any idea when they would receive it.

    I got frustrated waiting, had the unit repaired, and then cancelled my order with the dealer. They refunded my $500 deposit less the cost of the technician's time to do the initial diagnostic.

    I was OK with paying that much.
  • Best laid plans... Alas it is on back order as well 8-(... But they gave me 5 day rental today. We'll see what this turns in to.
  • I just posted this on Jeep's facebook page:
    "I have owned 2011 Jeep Grand Cherokee since May of this year. We bought it shortly before my wife gave birth to our daughter. This week the Jeep began giving my wife trouble starting. This morning it took her 15 minutes to get it started and then a few hours later she was nearly stranded in a parking lot after it took her almost 45 minutes to get it started. After doing some quick Internet research, I discovered that the are numerous 2011-2012 Grand Cherokee's having faulty Totally Integrated Power Modules (TIPM). The dealer confirmed my suspicions and then proceeded to tell me that it was not covered under warranty and that I would have to pay over $1500 in parts and labor to replace it. I called Chrysler customer service and they told me there is no recall and since the vehicle is out of warranty (approximately 66,000 miles) that there was nothing they could do for me. This is the first Chrysler/Jeep vehicle I have ever owned, and if this is what I can expect from Jeep vehicles going forward it will definitely be the last."
  • The AR Speedometer dude is the bomb. I have had my rebuilt TIPM in for a week now. No problems. The truck starts up just fine, autostart is ok, push button start is ok. I never even called the dealer. 2012 Jeep Grand Cherokee Overland 5.7 LTR

  • 2011 jeep grand cherokee laredo completely shut down in an intersection. couldn't start it or even turn on hazard lights, is this a problem with TIPM

  • I have a 2011 Jeep Grand Cherokee and lately I've been having trouble with it starting. At first I could remove the starter button and use the key to start it, but now even the key won't start it right away. It takes several tries, while the ignition just turns over, but won't fire. Then finally it will start. This usually happens on cold starts, but the problem seems to be getting worse. I have about 62K on the jeep and bought it used a little over a year ago. The car immediately went back to the dealer for the AC, in which it had taken four trips to the dealer and about 5 weeks overall of them having the car. The dealer did give me a loaner each time I had to take it back, but now of course it's out of warranty with the dealer. Fortunately, I did purchase extended warranty with a deductible of $100.00. Still, I believe I shouldn't have to pay for this repair because it sounds like this is a common and known issue with this particular model and year. I'm going to contact Chrysler and complain about the Jeep. Any suggestions would be helpful, as I've seen many talk about the TPIM.

  • 2000 jeep cherokee 4.0 rough id;e stalling problems. changed crank sensor cam sensor plugs no help

  • I've tried to see if there was a resolution here but didn't see what finally worked for me. So, I had this issue with the rough idle and stumbling issue. For me it was temperature control sensor plugged in to the water pump. Only cost 20 $ at o'reilly auto parts and it was their suggestion too. Smoothed out perfectly and I'm hoping this is the end of it. My daughter said "daddy, I'm scared" when we went for a ride.

  • kyfdxkyfdx Posts: 70,471

    @vantuckyjeep said:
    I've tried to see if there was a resolution here but didn't see what finally worked for me. So, I had this issue with the rough idle and stumbling issue. For me it was temperature control sensor plugged in to the water pump. Only cost 20 $ at o'reilly auto parts and it was their suggestion too. Smoothed out perfectly and I'm hoping this is the end of it. My daughter said "daddy, I'm scared" when we went for a ride.

    Good to hear you solved it.. and inexpensively!


    Prices Paid, Lease Questions, SUVs

  • I own a 2011 Jeep Grand Cherokee Overland with just over 50,000 miles. Bought it new. A couple of months ago I started experiencing start up problems which progressively got worse. If the car started, it sometimes stalled out after traveling just a few feet. It became totally unreliable as a primary vehicle. This past Saturday I dropped it off at a local Chrysler, Dodge, Jeep dealer for service. Several hours later the service department called and said they were successful in replicating the problem and that it is a bad fuel pump. Said it would cost $1,300 to repair. After I gave them the go ahead to make the repair I started an online inquiry into my problem and stumbled onto this forum on Grand Cherokee start, stall idle problems. This was the first time that I discovered the problems with the TIPM. I received a call yesterday to say the jeep was ready to be picked up. It turned out not to be a problem with the fuel pump, they replaced the TIPM and cleaned the fuel injectors and I was charged a total of $1,233.42. I discussed with the service rep what I had discovered online and suggested that since it is such a wide spread issue with the 2011 and 2012 JGCs that this should be handled under either a warranty or recall. He simply replied that he is just a service rep and cannot make decisions like that and that the Service Manager already went home for the day. I have only driven the vehicle twice since last evening and have experienced no problems. However, I have lost confidence in the vehicle and with Chrysler, Dodge , Jeep with how they are handling this situation. What will it take for them to recognize that this is a serious design/production problem that is costing the consumer quite a bit of money? An injury? Death? Class Action Lawsuit? I would like to be reimbursed.

  • @vantuckyjeep said:
    I've tried to see if there was a resolution here but didn't see what finally worked for me. So, I had this issue with the rough idle and stumbling issue. For me it was temperature control sensor plugged in to the water pump. Only cost 20 $ at o'reilly auto parts and it was their suggestion too. Smoothed out perfectly and I'm hoping this is the end of it. My daughter said "daddy, I'm scared" when we went for a ride.

    Another update for me. The issue came back immediately and with more tinkering I discovered that there is a sensor at the throttle body loose. Pretty much a no brainier but it was not found until I wiggled almost every connector under the hood several times. Thought it was worth following up.
    It mystified my mechanic and was nothing more than a few screws. Sure glad I persisted. Good luck friends.

  • steverstever Posts: 52,683

    Now I'm worried that you may have jiggled something else loose.

    (Just kidding. :) )

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