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Toyota Highlander Tires and Wheels



  • bob259bob259 Posts: 280
    edited February 2012
    I went with the Toyo HT's before I sold my Highlander and they were wearing great, so I would highly recommend you look at those also.
  • grahampetersgrahampeters AustraliaPosts: 1,786

    The trick is not just to have the tyres rotated but to have a regular four wheel alignment about every 15,000 miles.

    I am now on second set of Yokohama Geolander with first set running 60,000 miles. Second set looks good for similar mileage.


  • We will probably go with either the LX 20s (due primarily to their Tirerack rating and reviews) or the Bridgestone Dueler H/L 422 Ecopia. The Ecopia don't have the best reviews but the DO have one thing no other tire has... "5 Years / Free replacement first 3 years" and based on our usage, we will be replacing them about 2.5 years and 40K miles in so that may be a way to get a free set of tires the next time

    I've had Falken's before and they are OK for the pricde but wear fairly fast. The Michelin are expensive and the Latitudes don't wear NEARLY as well as the LTXs so I don't think they are worth those $s.
  • I have 2008 Highlander Hybrid and it came with 245/55 R19 tires. When I go to and put in my year, make and model, it returns 245/65 R17s. Huh? How come? Also, my tires seem to last only two years, whether Dunlop or Bridgestone. All responses welcome.

  • ndabunkandabunka Posts: 24
    19-inch wheels NEVER "came on" the Hybrid version of this vehicle. It was ALWAYS a 17-inch wheel. It sounds like your dealer might have "added" a non-stock wheel.
  • bob259bob259 Posts: 280
    Beg to differ with you but 19" was STOCK on the limited and Hybrids and as an option wheel size from the factory.
  • ndabunkandabunka Posts: 24
    Well, I'll be. You are right. Seems odd that ANY manufacturer would put a HIGH rolling resistance wheel on a hybrid with low rolling resistance tires (LRR) as all it does is make them less fuel efficient. Apparently, Toyota capitulated to the "teenage boy" trend of slapping ever increasing sized wheels on a vehicle so it appears that y">ou are screwed... -best-replacement-tire-.html
  • I have Limited 2008 and it came with 19 inch wheels. Dealership could not would not put these wheels/tires on vehicle due to calibration of speedometer, etc. Furthermore, I discussed this with dealership and Toyota who both said if I were to downsize to 17 inch wheels and tires, my warranty would be void on my 2008 AWD Highlander. Did not know 19 inch tires would be so expensive and HARD to find a DECENT tire. A20's were junk. Now have TOYO Open Country HT with 28K miles on them. Not too bad of wear and I rotate every 6K or so. Might make it through this Spring/Summer in Michigan, but then I am looking for good replacement tires too. NOT TOYO this time though. When I was LOOKING to replace junk A20's, TOYO was about the only game in town offering 19 inch tires. Heard good things about Hankook tires and might give them a try if I can find good sale and/or rebate toward the Fall of 2012. Currently have 60,000 on my 2008 Limited.
  • Yes indeed. Tough to find a decent 19 inch tire. I have 2008 Limited with 6oK on vehicle and will be in market for tires in the Fall no doubt. Currently have TOYO set (again) on vehicle Open Country H/T. Same size as the A20's that were/are JUNK. Had to put another set of TOYO tires on vehicle when it had 31K on original because TOYO was about the only game in town having 19 inch tires. Have heard good results from past posters with Hankook tires. In my area in Michigan, you can find them on sale and sometimes with a mfg. rebate to help take the "sting" out of expensive 19 inch tires. Agree with past poster -- these came STOCK on 2008 LIMITED, period and Toyota and dealership STRONGLY advised against going to 17 inch tires and Toyota said the warranty would be VOID due to AWD and other aspects that were built around having the 19 inch tires and wheels in the first place... Don't mind the 19 inch tires, but darn, THEY are expensive. Had good luck with Goodyear Assurance triple tread tires on a Pontiac Bonneville I had in the past. Quiet riding tires, good in the snow and rain, and got pretty good rolling from them. I DO rotate around 6K, like a religion and getting ok wear from the TOYO tires, but not real big fan of them. Might try the Hankook tires in the Fall of 2008 if I can find good deal with a good looking REBATE. Happy Shopping.
  • Put Goodyear Fuel Max tires on at 32000.Only 9000 miles since but good ride ,quiet and handles well. Has not improved fuel mileage for me but this was only available tire in proper size (19")and at time was leaving on long round trip.
  • nowlennowlen Posts: 35
    edited March 2012
    I posted the following paragraph 5/9/09 - nearly 3 years ago and I still own the vehicle. I have switched between the 17 and 19 inch tires at every season change (6 changeovers so far) and I have had no problems at all. I would suspect it is easier to find the base 17 inch wheels now that that the Highlander has been out for quite a while, but the bottom, bottom line... it is fine to go with the OEM 17 inchers on a HL that came with 19's. And for what it's worth... I replaced my summer 19's with Toyo Versados and absolutely love them.

    Original post: I own an 08 Sport with the 19" wheels. Although they were hard to locate for a price I was willing to pay, I finally found a set of 17" base wheels on ebay and they were delivered yesterday. I just had Michelin Latitude X-Ice mounted on them and tested them on the Highlander for fit. (I always prep for winter and for years have bought my snow times in the late spring for very low prices - I got these for 45% off). I'm pleased to say there is no problem with fit on the Sport as many have claimed. The hubs, calipers, rotors and everything else that would matter are the same part number except for the strut on the Sport so I had marginal concern. BOTTOM LINE: if you want to put OEM Highlander Base 17" wheels on a vehicle with 19" factory wheels GO FOR IT AND DON'T WORRY ABOUT A FIT PROBLEM.
  • ndabunkandabunka Posts: 24
    It looks like the most fuel efficient tires for our '06 Highlander Hybrid Limited with stock 17-inch OEM rims is going to be the Bridgestone Dueler H/L 422 Ecopia's. These are the truck-rated version of the 422's that have had some success on the smaller hybrid cars. So far, EVERY review has pointed these to be the MOST FUEL EFFICIENT (yes, even more fuel efficient than the Conti LX20s per even Tire Rack's reviews). In addition, it also appears that these are the QUIETEST of the bunch (numerous tests). Granted, Tire rack did say that they like the performance and handling of the Conti LX20's but I also saw a LOT of "horror stories" of poor quality control on those and people having to return to the dealership for warranty work. Now, I generally LOVE Conti tires. Low profile ones are on grandma's Volvo S80 (We call her G-MA!) and I'd have the DWS's on my BMW if they had been available at the time.

    But on this HiHy, we have been through tire after goodyear tire and are (honestly) just tired of being their (un-compensated) test bed for their wear issues. Now, the latest variant HAS lasted 40K miles and could (probably get another 3-4K out of them) which some might say is good but these are a 65K mile tire. GY might even be willing to give us some type of credit for the 2/3rds wear but at this point we are simply ready to PUNT.

    I will come back on here and provide our opinions of the Bridgestone Dueler H/L 422 Ecopia's once we've had a chance to put them through their paces.
  • thl08thl08 Posts: 6
    I also have an 08 Ltd with 19-inch wheels and nearly 53,000 mileage. Drove on the original TOYOs about 9 months (tires still in my garage) while researching other owners' comments of their experience. Replaced the TOYOs with Michelin Latitude P255/60 R19 tires. Smoother, quieter ride; better braking performance; and better rain/wet road performance. Better gas mileage, too, than in first few months, though that could be more credited to the AMSOIL 0-30W 100% full synthetic engine oil I use. The Latitudes are highly rated and I think go to 65,000 miles. With tire rotations and wheel/tire balance done every 5,000 miles and the way they look real good now, they may exceed that 65k. Unless an even better tire for the H Ltd shows up, I plan on replacing with another set of Latitudes. Also read up on the Tirerack web site. Anyways, best wishes on your tire research and decision.
  • thl08thl08 Posts: 6
    First time poking around since 2009: Bridgestone Dueler HL 422 Ecopia may be worth considering. Has it in size P245/55R19; rated "103S", "640AB", and warranted 5 years or 65,000 miles.
  • davem18davem18 Posts: 6
    edited April 2012
    I purchased the Hankook Advantas A/S 19" tires (65k mile warranty) and only got a bit over 25,000 miles on them before they had to be replaced - down to 2/32 and that is not good in Wisconsin winters. I rotated and balanced every 5K miles and kept the receipts. I went the dealer that sold me the tires and they contacted Hankook. I got a prorated deal on same new tires. I hope these do better. The tire dealer said he had sold a lot of these tires and this was the first set to come back. So at least Hankook stood behind the warrant but they did require a copy of all the rotations with date and mileage.
  • donnat88donnat88 Posts: 1
    I just purchased 4 Bridgestone Dueler H/L 422 Ecopia tires for my 2006 HiHy as well. I am not getting very good mileage. How are you doing with yours and what pressure did you set them?

    Thank you
  • capriracercapriracer Somewhere in the USPosts: 874

    It is common for folks to mis-understand the LRR (Low Rolling Resistance) designation It means the tire has low rolling resistance relative to other tires of the same type - meaning the same treadwear and traction ratings.

    There is a technology triangle between Treadwear, Traction (especially wet traction), and Rolling Resistance. In order to get good values for one of those properties, one or the other (or both) of the other properties has to be sacrificed.

    Improvements in tread compounding can change that a little bit - which is what LRR means - but the overall relationship between those 3 things still applies.

    Put another way, you should expect tires with high UTQG treadwear ratings to have worse fuel economy - and tires that give good fuel economy to have low treadwear ratings..
  • 4rohrs4rohrs Posts: 2
    In response to Graham - I had the alignment checked every 5000 miles with the oil changes. And it usually was always out a bit, toeing-in.

    I went with the Continental CCLX20 - 70k. I have nearly 5000 miles on them after a spring break trip to Florida. They feel very nice on the road, great handling, grip, quiet, and I have seen improved gas mileage even in the city.
  • ndabunkandabunka Posts: 24
    We are actually getting better fuel economy out of ours (26.4 & 26.1 MPG on a recent 600 mile round trip). I had the tires @ Toyota factory specs (34lbs) for first leg and @ 40lbs for the second trip and the lower pressure actually appears to have given better performance which I found to be odd but we DID have a head wind on the return trip whereas there was ZERO wind on the way down to the beach so I don't think that the pressure plays as large a role with these newer tires. This means that we got about 1/2 mile to the gallon better with these NEW H/L 422 Ecopia's than we had been getting with the prior WORN tires. Since new aren't as efficient as worn tires, this was welcoming news to us showing that the FE should get even slightly better as they do (eventually) wear in some.

    We previously had the low rolling resistance Goodyear Assurance tires and were averaging around 25.5MPG but those were actually the ones designed for a car instead of the truck because they did not make any "truck" tires back when we had bought those some 3 years ago.

    Ours is a 4x4 Hybrid Limited with every option and we were fairly well loaded with luggage so I'd say that was about as good as expected. This truck has NEVER made the 31MPG that was advertised but has ALWAYS averaged above 25MPG in city or on the interstate with very little difference in fuel economy.

    Note note however: I took it out after the long trip and "played around" with the economy by driving a mix of "under 55MPH" city-type traffic as I do with each set of tires I put on. I was actually quite surprised that by using hyper mile-ing techniques at these speeds that I was able to get the FE up to 32MPG (on the NAVI screen anyway). Whereas with prior tires, I could never get it anywhere over 29MPG so my bottom line is that these appear to be a pretty good choice.

    Oh, one more thing. These are probably the quietest tires that have EVER been on this truck including the prior set of "car tires" that were specifically design to deaden the sound to there is a positive there as well.
  • hlanderhlander Posts: 31
    Wow, mine is 2008 Highlander Hybrid but I never get that mileage even though I always check my tire pressure and put as manual says.

    I always got around 23 miles per gallon and most of my commute is local.
  • polywogpolywog Posts: 1
    I also have a 2005 limited Highlander and had to replace the passenger rear wheel bearing. The dealer was surprised at this also. I went back a few months later for an oil change and they said that they had three more come in with the same problem. Sounds like a common and expensive problem.
  • ndabunkandabunka Posts: 24
    How many miles was your wheel bearing issue? If 150K or so, replacement would be similar to other vehicles so not certain how much of an issue it would be if you trailer heavy or other factors as that would be common on other vehicles under similar use. Wheel bearings are hard or expensive to replace. I did the ones on my '79 celica by myself in a parking lot.

    I also have not seen a lot of others with bearing problems on other forums or on this thread but perhaps I missed a post or two.
  • catcincatcin Posts: 3
    At that time I had under 50K miles.
  • gulfridergulfrider Posts: 6
    I've got a 06 2WD and live and drive in Fla. My first set of replacements were KH16 Kumho Solus and they now need replaced at less than 25k mi. Appreciate any suggestions.
  • ndabunkandabunka Posts: 24
    edited May 2012
    The suggestions are in the prior 738 messages or is 38 pages of recommendations not enough?
  • steverstever Posts: 52,683
    edited May 2012
    A dozen of the earlier posts were about the Kumho Solus and apparently they didn't last long enough in Florida conditions for this owner. Nothing wrong with asking for "fresher" info.
  • gulfridergulfrider Posts: 6
    Unlike some people I don't have the time to read 738 pages on a message board. The ones I did read all had negative comments about many different tires. I didn't see any one tire recommended. I also have a 2WD vehicle and don't drive in snow which most on here do. I thought I'd save some time if someone had a similar vehicle and a good tire experience. With board police like yourself this will be my last visit here.
  • darnyankeedarnyankee Posts: 6
    If you have 19" wheels ( 245/55R19) I have Goodyear Assurance Fuel Max with 12000 miles,wearing well ,quiet,handles well.Rarely drive in snow(central Va.) handles well on wet pavement.Ex upstate NYer who was very used to slippery pavement.
    Fuel max tires did not change mpg.
  • ndabunkandabunka Posts: 24
    You don't have to read the ENTIRE thread. All you had to do was look at the last two pages (or so) and you have specific recommendations (from myself and others). Seems to me like you are awfully lazy asking others to repeat what we have already posted in here. Sounds like you think you are "better than others" and should not have to it's THAT hard. But rather you appear to think that it is the job of others to do the work for you...REALLY? I mean that IS what YOU wrote here, right?
  • ichlichl Posts: 3
    I need to replace tires for the first time for my 2010 highlander after 40,000 miles. Can someone please advise which ones to go for. After researching here for the tire size 245/55-19, I am leaning towards Bridgestone dueler h/l 422 ecopia. Do you guys think that's a prudent decision. Thanks for your time!
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