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Pontiac Aztek



  • The AZTEK is spelled:

    A Z T E K

    Rather simple.......really.

    By the way the AZTEK is rapidly proving itself as a safe reliable vehicle with few OPERATIONAL issues. In fact the JD Power report states it simply. ULTIMATE CUSTOMER SATISFACTION!!

    In My business...... Telecom!! Customer Satisfaction speaks volumes. The AZTEK delivers FLAT OUT.

    Just take a walk over to the BMW x5 site and listen to those owners bemoan the issues. Not here.

    Quite simply........ A Z T E K OWNERS wear the:

    : ) AZTEK SMILE!!
  • maltbmaltb Posts: 3,572
    Webster still shows it as:

    A Z T E C

    Rather simple really.

  • You have been dancing around the A Z T E K for quite awhile. All the news is postive!!

    Buy one...... Enjoy One!!

    Everytime I drive the A Z T E K I enjoy the experience. That is 13 Months and 25,000 Kilometers later.

    Great vehicle!!

    You to could wear the ;) A Z T E K smile.

    And I know you know how to spell it right!!
  • tc_i_amtc_i_am Posts: 52
    How does 'Customer Satisfaction' = 'Safety' ???
  • The dead and maimed are very rarely satisfied.

    Quite simple really.

    One would think that after all this time you would have found something better to do than come here and bemoan the existence of the Aztek.

    Besides. In a few months the Saturn VUE comes out and that will give you another board to go haunt and bother the owners.
  • The issue of Safety has been debated ad nauseam here. As the results have come in the AZTEK has proven to be a safe vehicle.

    Is it rated as high as a Toyota...... No but I drove Toyota 's and frankly in the category there was nothing priced competitively.

    Customer Satisfaction is very very valid barometer of what real owners think of the vehicles they own.

    They live with they vehicle day in day out. I'll tell you I bought the AZTEK 2001 and a NISSAN SENTRA 2001 (big year for cars here at my house).

    I would RATE the AZTEK 5 Star for Customer Satisfaction.

    But I would not the Sentra 5 Star.

    The AZTEK is simply an outstanding vehicle!!

    ;)....... wearing the AZTEK smile!!
  • Being a strong fan of the AZTEK......I missed the last rally. Won't miss next years!!

    show you the AZTEK ;) SMILE!!
  • tc_i_amtc_i_am Posts: 52
    "bemoan the existence of the Aztek."

    Hmmm... debating the facts is bemoaning the existence? I apologize if the facts bother you. Really.
  • maltbmaltb Posts: 3,572
    keep calling it Customer Satisfaction? It wasn't JD Powers CSI survey, it was their APEAL survey. Before you go dancing in the streets, wait and see what the CSI score looks like.
  • I can't wait til next year's rally. We're gonna have it in Tony's town.

    And I'll be sure to have my "Kiss my Aztek" bumpersticker prominently displayed.

    Oh, my wife has decided that we are replacing her '97 Nissan Altima (a P.O.S. car, BTW) with another Aztek. Haven't decided what year yet.
  • buoyantbuoyant Posts: 128
    That hurt.

    Admittedly, any judgement on styling is completely subjective. But when the votes come in, I bet my boat is full and yours is still boarding.

    Pontiac envisioned selling 60k Azteks a year in the US - uh huh. My local dealer has the same three on the lot that he had in late January - hasn't sold ONE Aztek yet from this outlet.

    The Mini Coopers will have found buyers before they've even been built.

    You're always gonna find a few that think Delta Burke is hot, I'm just not one of them :).
  • lbthedoglbthedog Posts: 198
    They once had their small little island called "ugly Aztek" and they were happy there. Many more were happy they stayed there. That island was taken away from them. Now they roam the board trying to make others as miserable as they are. They cannot tell you why. And you cannot ask. They know more than you ever will. And they are never wrong. But the rest of us will go about our lives and realize that other's choices are just that, their choices. But somebody will tell us we are wrong.

    I'm by no means embaressed to own an Aztek. I have no reason to be. If I spent the majority of my day trying to belittle someone else's choices, then I would definetly be embaressed. No way would I be proud of something that small. Some of you are. I defy you to introduce yourself to others and describe what you do. I will admit that some of my aquantances and I joke about my ownership. We share the humor. They even go for rides with me. It is sort of funny. Can you go to a family gathering and say "Oh yeah, I just spent the last 3 months harrasing Aztek owners on the net". "I post a dozen times a day about it". I bet they are so proud of you. I bet they walk away, real fast. I hope your small band finds another home again. You've really lost your ways. Coming back here really isn't the answer. But for the most part the owners have treated you respectfully. Why can't you do the same?
  • maltbmaltb Posts: 3,572
    that some in your band had to disrupt the isle of misfits and force the hosts to free the evil spirits. Those spirits now roam Edmunds; five times more powerful than before.
  • dindakdindak Posts: 6,632
    All the Aztek detractors always come up with safety and looks. The vehicle is safe or it wouldn't be on the road. Ya, there is a slightly better chance of getting injured but there is also less of a chance you will roll over. It all balances out. As for looks, it's subjective. I'm not crazy about them, but the 2002 is a big improvement IMO.
  • kermitekkermitek Posts: 120
    Hosts - my apologies for posting info similar to my post #2976 which was apparently ignored by some readers.

    tc_i_am - Anyone seeing you repeatedly misspell a car's trademarked name can immediately assess your level of maturity. Perhaps that is your intent and you think it looks "cute"....

    Whatsoever, since you mentioned the cumbersome notion of "facts" let's take a look at some. You seem enthralled with Toyota so here are some factual data from .

    To level the comparison a little (since the RAV4 for example is in a lower and more deadly weight class than the
    A Z T E K), look at the absolute data from the tests (see for technical definitions):


    make/model - HIC (drvr/pass) - chest - femur - thoracic - pelvic

    Aztek: 685/430 - 57/48 - 268|290/321|270 - 39/75 - 52/113

    Sienna: 468/395 - 43/42 - 266|421/415|847 - 69/49 - 94/92

    2001 RAV4: 525/405 - 52/56 - 217|885/401|419 - no side data.

    [BTW, the RAV4's results were MUCH improved vs the 2000 RAV4].

    From these actual FACTS it is clear the Aztek is superior to both the RAV4 and the Sienna in certain crash results - eg, except for the left side driver femur loads in the RAV4, the Aztek beat the other two in all femur loads. Another example, the driver's thoracic trauma index value is superior to that of the Sienna. Hardly a domination by the amazing Toyota wundercars.

    I looked into the Sienna before we got our Aztek. Chief reasons I stayed away from Sienna:

    1. Styling IMHO is quite boring and anonymous.
    2. Poor value, fewer features (eg, no HUD)
    3. Poor versatility (no camping package).

    Our family sold a 1998 S10 Blazer to buy our Aztek. We got a major upgrade in safety! The Blazer had poor rollover ratings, no side airbags, and very high femur loads in NHTSA testing.
  • noastarnoastar Posts: 108
    Apparently the slew of Aztek haters over at C/D have followed me here. It's the only explanation. It's also very unfortunate. This is why we must force Pontiac to make us a dedicated owner site.


    It is true that the Aztek is a mixed bag as far as NHTSA's tests go. It all depends on seating, but the star ratings ranged from 3-5. Not bad, not great, but not bad. Being the driver I see 3 up front and five on the side just fine compared to the normal 4/4 ratio.

    The IIHS also gave a mixed bag. It was marginal, but lets remember why. An airbag deployed late. These tests all lack one thing. That is reliability. Any statistician will tell you the only way to get reliability is to test and re-test repeatedly to show that results are consistent. With the pricetag so high a pop this isn't economical. As far as I know a single Aztek was smashed into the offset barrier. One car's late airbag is a very poor predictor of another late deployment. If the airbag does go off on time the Aztek would have scored much higher since head trauma as the dummie grounded out into the steering wheel was the only bad factor in the test. Let us remember that these tests do not meet the basic criteria for reliability or validity, they are only slightly educated guesses of a car's actual performance.

    The rollover test is the only one that actually is reliable. The center of gravity is consistently where they calculate it to be. But as for valid... Does it truly measure rollover tendency? This would require real life tests that we will have to wait for. It is one up on crash tests however since it is at least reliable.

    Just think if you were doing a scientific experiment where you wanted to get a statistic for a group of people, say 20,000 (rough estimate of Azteks sold). So you tested a single one. It's like getting a presidential poll for the state of Ohio by asking ten people. It's a bad estimate of the general population. If each time you asked someone it costs 20k though you'd probably suffice with ten. Get the point.

    As for the comments that GM doesn't even care about safety? There is crash avoidance and crash worthiness. GM has standard DRLs which have been shown to reduce accidents. GM was the first to implement Night Vision. GM popularized emergency features such as OnStar. The Aztek comes with Standard Side airbags, a relatively new feature that is not available on some models. ABS and Traction control are also options (possibly standard). Braking times are a wee bit long (around 140ft from 60 or 70 feel free and look these up) compared to things like the Escape and Rav4, though the Aztek is much heavier (Nearly a 1/2 ton on the Rav4). I do remember the Xterra had the longest stopping in its class.

    People argue the facts, but don't quote any. Also just because it was published doesn't make it fact. Please understand what an experiment is before you accept it as gospel. There are things called sample sizes, reliability (all differnt kids of it too), and validity (which by definition cannot exist without reliability first). As a scientific experiment these crash tests would be laughed at since they lack all the fundamental aspects of proving a point. But due to cost it's the best we have. Understand what they are and what their limitations are.

    The only time you should be truly amazed at crash results is if the car bounces off the barriers without a scrach, or explodes into a million pieces. Anywhere between there and it's all just the chance of which car you picked to crash. Perhaps the Hyundai Santa Fe hit the barrier at just the perfect angle in a 1/1,000,000 chance. Since you only crash one or perhaps 2, you'll never know.

    Ahh. I got that outta the system. Please, please, please people... take a basic statistics course before you accept outcomes as being significant. That being said, my dog tooted and it's a wee bit ripe in here so I'm gonna run for fresh air. eww...
  • tc_i_amtc_i_am Posts: 52
    Has the crying stopped yet?
  • lbthedoglbthedog Posts: 198
    Can't think any insults or witty remarks, guess I respect Edmunds as a car site, not a chat room.
  • dindakdindak Posts: 6,632
    Why do you post here if you hate the Aztek so much? Seems like a waste of time?
  • steverstever Posts: 52,683
    If you disagree with a post(s) or poster, it's probably best just to move on to the next message.

    Not to mention it saves on housekeeping chores for your hosts :-)

    Vans, SUVs and Aftermarket & Accessories Message Boards

  • noastarnoastar Posts: 108
    What would be really nice is if people would realize that us Aztek owners have few places to go to actually discuss our car. Those individuals who seem to get thier rocks off by hunting us down and saying the same redundant lines over and over again are hardly telling us anything original.

    The annoy everyone with baised opinion, fabricated facts and quotes, misinformation, and top it off with a touch of rude. I feel very sad for someone who would come into a car site and pull desperately at straws just to get a rise out of people for no good reason. They make unsubstantiated comments and even though we are nice enough to give them a fair argument, please see above, they ignore it and simply go on to post another childish remark.

    After a year why on earth would a non-owner still be visiting a site for a car that has barely sold any units other than to bash the few people that own it. Don't tell me these people are actually keeping up on Aztek news... that they're researching a car that in their opinion is worthless and that is by definition an endangered species.

    Please find something better to do. If you'd like to DISCUSS the car fine, but if you want to come in here and blast it please save your breath.
  • kermitekkermitek Posts: 120
    noastar - I agree with you on a lot of your points, especially:

    1. "Any statistician will tell you the only way to get reliability is to test and re-test repeatedly to show that results are consistent." Exactly. There is always some unknown with just one actual test. Plus, it seems natural that different makes/models could have different amounts of variability among test instances.

    2. I agree on the importance of active safety features like ABS, DRL's, OnStar, HUD, and more.

    3. I am also baffled as to why people would continue to visit here just to criticize and repeat chants. My main theory: the ones who do are envious, and trying to convince themselves they don't want an Aztek. My advice: go test drive an Aztek, join us satisfied Aztek owners in our modern adventure!

    Trailer wiring tip: There is a separate GM part helpful in using an Aztek or a Rendezvous for trailering: a little wiring harness, P/N 15328018, $11 at dealers. It plugs into the wiring harness under the cargo tray area on Azteks with the factory towing package. You will also need a 4-flat or the likes, to attach to the other end of the 15328018 and then plug into your trailer's harness. This harness solves a problem we had previously with our Blazer - corrosion of the trailer plug which was always dangling from our hitch. Instead, the Aztek has a little cap-plug you insert in the jack underneath when not trailering (the 15328018 is removed and kept with your hitch ball and trailer, out of weather). Another handy little Aztek feature.
  • exzurexzur Posts: 166
    Hmmmm..... Different name.

    I should change my name too.

    How about? i-am-exy or exy-the-guy.
  • tc_i_amtc_i_am Posts: 52
    Hmm... for folks who are comfortable with their vehicle purchase, you sure do get defensive when facts are brought up about it.
  • I'm just gonna throw this out there.

    Let's just ignore any posts by pests.
  • No one is insecure we own the vehicle . We live with its merits.

    I know how good the AZTEK is. Safe Comfortable Efficient!! Period..... AWESOME vehicle.

    What you may think based on second hand stuff.....does not fly.

    ;)......... AZTEK SMILE
  • noastarnoastar Posts: 108
    #3031 of 3033 by tc_i_am Oct 12, 2001 (07:55 am)
    Hmm... for folks who are comfortable with their vehicle purchase, you sure do get defensive when facts are brought up about it.


    What facts?

    By the way, do you think the owner of a car that is "good" in your opinion would sit back and not defend thier purchase when a person makes a comment?

    Don't say facts unless you actually present them.
  • steverstever Posts: 52,683
    gregeaston Oct 12, 2001 8:04am

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  • noastarnoastar Posts: 108
    Harder said than done. I see your point, but if this guy is actually trying to make an argument I'd more than love to hear it. If however he's only trying to get a rise out of us I wish he'd go elsewhere.
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