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Pontiac Aztek



  • kermitekkermitek Posts: 120
    Steve - I will give the ignoring technique a try... and hope the hosts keep up their vigilance for aimless/inappropriate posts.

    That said, I plan to nonetheless continue to refute incorrect, misleading and groundless claims with REAL facts gleaned from actual research and verifiable references. Thanks Edmunds for providing this forum...
  • buoyantbuoyant Posts: 128
    IMHO, nothing beats the smooth ride and easy handling of the 2002 Pontiac Aztek.

    Also, I for one feel that much of this Aztek-basher bashing I've seen on this board lately is very rude, and I'm certain I'm not the only one.
  • kermitekkermitek Posts: 120
    Strange, but I actually look forward to washing and waxing our Aztek GT. In fact sometimes my wife and I have disputes about who shall be allowed to do it.

    Quite a while back someone was asking what people use on their Azteks. I use a California Water Blade squeegee and a towel to dry it. My brother-in-law has a blade too for his pickup, and we have decided the Aztek has good "squeegeebility", IE the ability to be squeegeed, thanks to its surface geometry. I use SOS pads on the white-letter tires, and Armor-All on the cladding and tires. For wax I use Turtle Wax Extreme every couple months and Turtle Wax Express Shine Spray Wax every couple weeks. What do you all use?
  • noastarnoastar Posts: 108
    I wash weekly every saturday morning. I use Turtle Wax Zip wax and a wool mit to wash. Terry cloths are used on tough bug guts on paint and to clean the door jambs. A netted nylon sponge is used on the cladding. Once washed I clean the wheels with whatever's left over in the bucket with a separate netted sponge.

    Drying is done with an Absorber cloth. I'd like to try the water blade, but at $20, they're a bit expensive. The Absorber works great though. I have two, one for door jambs and one for direct paint.

    Every week I also use Turtle Wax Tire Wax on the sidewalls (though I must admit the Uniroyal tires fade and brown very badly even with weekly applications of a very extreme shiner and protectant). I then use Turtle wax hardshell wax on the face of the tire rims (trick I learned that really makes them shine and makes cleaning next week a breeze).

    Waxing is done weekly with Turtle Wax Express shine wax and monthly with Turtle Wax Color Cure (black) silicone/polymer based wax. *Don't forget to wash and wax your door jambs and trunk gutters people*.

    RainX is also a must and applied as needed. RainX antifog is also applied as needed.

    Of course the normal vaccuming, leather conditioner, armoral cleaning wipes, armoral regular shine protectant, and air freshener go in the interior. I also keep an air freshener in the cooler so whenever I open it I get a burst of strawberry.

    One part I am a little curious on is the cladding. I have considered using armorall (I currently use nothing). However applying it after washing would likely be a disaster since effectively applying it without touching the paint is nearly impossible, especially since for a good application of armorall you need to apply a lot and let it sit for a while then repeat. I worry that applying it before the wash (when you can wash excess off the paint) would just get washed off with the carwash defeating the purpose. A gel form would be better, but man you'd go through a bottle a week with all that cladding.

    I've tried Turtle Wax Extreme Cleaning wax and absolutely hated the stuff. The shine is *okay* at best, but it is amazingly difficult to apply compared to synthetic waxes. Buffing requires a brute force that can etch the paint. I find since I wash my car weekly and apply at least a thin coat of carnuba based express wax, a tough cleaner wax isn't needed (even though my Aztek sleeps under the stars nightly). I would recommend formula 2001 ( a turtle wax product) for yours Kermitek since I don't believe they make a color cure in green. Color Cure is basically just 2001, but contains a pigment. For my black Aztek it is just wonderful. Very deep mirror shine and any subtle imperfections or (god forbid) spiderweb marks are covered right up leaving a perfectly solid black surface with no lines. It's also extremely easy to apply and buff off. Just wipe on, wipe off, and quickly buff with a clean cloth. Downfalls are black rags which I dare not put in the washer and black fingernails ( I really must get some gloves).

    One last question before I end this long post. Does anyone have any technique for salvaging buffing cloths that are caked with wax buildup? I obviously won't put them through the wash, but it there a way to clean them?

    Thanx all.

    PS. Does the kickin 10spkr stereo make waxing even more fun! I open all the doors/windows and drop the hatch to hold my beer while cleaning.
  • After reading a few of the Aztek messages, I have to ask... have any of you Aztek owners (I own a TLC) ever met anyone in person who is as openly hostile about your vehicle as they appear to be in this forum?

    Some of these people appear to be mentally ill. Do you feel safe driving your Aztek?

    I suppose you're okay as long as these folks are as cowardly in real life as they are in this forum.

    Bless you.
  • kermitekkermitek Posts: 120
    noastar - thanks for the car care tips. I haven't had the issues you describe with the Turtle Wax Extreme. It goes on and comes off easy. As for Armor-all, try spraying it on a small towel instead of the Aztek, then apply it a 1/4 inch or so below the painted metal. Wax applicators: just toss them in the wash with some towels and let them air-dry.

    riceburnr - Neither my wife nor I have yet met anyone even remotely critical of our Citrus Green Metallic Aztek. If such naysayers were common, our vehicle would have no doubt brought them out. On the other hand, my wife (who drives it daily) has received several POSITIVE remarks from coworkers, strangers and people at the daycare center our kids go to. Even our neighbor likes it, and has told us twice. I'm not in the least concerned about someone disliking the Aztek and displaying their feelings.

    It's easy to criticize something or someone on the web from the safety and comfort of your home. Saying such things in real life would be quite another story for most folks. I've also made a few mistakes, but try to picture myself saying what I post to a real person before I post it.
  • Kiss fan, Hey! How are you doing? Long time no talk to. What ever happened to gonzo? Did he finally wilt from his ridiculous arguments?

    Gotta tell of you, our rally went great. If you sign in to the Aztek Owner's group on yahoo, you can see all of the pictures. It was a great time. It also generated a lot of press and discussion.

    A couple of people made it in a few magazines, and my A Z T E K (Tusk) made it in Auto Week magazine, albeit the last page.

    JD POWERS - AZTEK is Number 1!
    First SUV type vehicle given 4 stars for rollover Safety!

    You Tek Haters- eat your heart out.

  • buoyantbuoyant Posts: 128
    Try soaking your buffing rags for a few hours in a bucket of hot water and laundry detergent and then rinse them off with a garden hose. I usually throw mine into the laundry (a separate load) after that just for good measure (I don't want to put any fine scratches in the paint), but they are usually pretty clean after the soaking.

    BTW, I've found a technique that works for me. I buy those really cheap Hanes sweat pants at Kmart for $6 and use them for both auto cleaning AND buffing (I have established a lifecycle for them). I.e., when they're new, I wear them while buffing and after 6 months, they become the buffing clothes.

    I have not been able to find a material that removes wax easier and shines the finish better than the inside surface of those sweat pants. Give it a try.
  • tc_i_amtc_i_am Posts: 52
    No where does it state (in TownHall terms of use) that comments about any vehicle have to be complimentary. No where. The fact is every vehicle has good points and bad points. The majority of the automotive buying public believes that the Aztek's bad points outweighs it's good points, as evidenced by the poor sales numbers. And yes, price is one of it's bad points in the past.

    And that was another "fact" to add to the collection. More to come.
  • steverstever Posts: 52,683
    Upon reflection (thanks greg), the other post did seem a bit uncivil and an invitation to incite, so I've deleted the thread.

    Vans, SUVs and Aftermarket & Accessories Message Boards

  • exzurexzur Posts: 166
    Thinking of changing my forum's name,,,,,,,,,,,

    to exy_my_name_is....
  • nextmoonnextmoon Posts: 386
    To the owners: When you bought insurance for the Aztek, what was it categorized under? How much more is it compared to a 4 door midsize sedan?

    Last week I was vacationing in Connecticut and came across a red Aztek next to a Rendezvous in a dealership. I asked the people working there and the guy didn't know much and told me a lie that the Aztek was discontinued after '01. So I checked it out on my own. I noticed the vertical piece of glass on the tail gate was not all glass but blacked out several inches on both sides. So you would only see out maybe 80% of the vertical glass of the tail? The glass was highly tinted so I couldn't see much inside. Also I noticed the plastic on the rear bumpers are soft to the touch bends easily and so was the RDV even though the plastic appeared stiffer. Has anyone had problems with these bumpers?
  • Yup. There is some blacking out on the rear glass. I don't know why they did it, but you don't notice it at all from the driver's seat as it only blacks out the very far edges and about 5% of the total rearward viewing area.

    As for the rear bumper being soft to the touch, I don't know. I've stood on mine to wash the rear window and never noticed it to be all that soft. It's the same hard plastic that the rest of the car is armor plated in.
  • sp01sp01 Posts: 81

    Lower than its intro month. Result of 9/11? Doubtful. Was outsold by Rendez by nearly three to one.

    You guys are right: doesn't much matter what type of towel you use...

  • kermitekkermitek Posts: 120
    sp01 - September was not a good month for car sales or retail spending in general:

    There's no logic in saying Aztek sales were poor just because the RDV outsold it. Chevy Silverado outsold the RDV - does that mean the RDV's sales were dismal too? Camry probably outsold Impala - does that mean Impala's sales were terrible? The RDV is in its introduction "bloom", and the Aztek has been out for a year. Plus many Aztek-intenders were no doubt waiting for the 2002 Aztek description and pricing to be released. I won't be surprised if the RDV continues to outsell the Aztek, thanks to its more mainstream styling. So what? I love ours!

    nextmoon - best advice on insurance is call your ins company and ask for comparitive quotes. It's a large function of your location, age, record and mileage. As for the bumpers - like many other SUV's, they didn't do so well in 5-MPH bump tests. However, I saw an interesting result for the 2002 TrailBlazer in that it had zero damage due [in the tester's opinion] to it having a receiver hitch to distribute the bump load. Our Aztek has a 2" receiver hitch...

    Also on the blackout areas - all our late-model cars have significant amounts of opaque areas in the rear windows, for styling reasons and to reduce cooling loads for the HVAC.

  • kermitekkermitek Posts: 120
    let's look at the link sp01 provided. The Aztek outsold a surprising number of SUV's: the Land Rover Discovery, Honda Passport, Infiniti QX4, and Toyota Land Cruiser, to name a few.
  • tc_i_amtc_i_am Posts: 52
    ...all those vehicles you mentioned except for the Passport cost more than the Aztek. And I'm pretty sure their production quotas or sales targets are lower than the Aztek's.
  • If i want to drive a sports car i will drive my 1999 Camaro SS 6 speed. Which after 30,000 miles i am thinking of:
    Racing on the street.
    racing at the track.
    Or getting an Aztek and staying out of trouble.

    Just the other night coming home this mustang wanted to play. So i took the corner at 110mph, no problem...except the wife isn't too happy about that as she was in the car. The car did it easily and could have done 130mph around that curve. But sooner or later this is gonna cost me. The Aztek seems like a practical fun vehicle with room for 4 and cargo in the back and reasonably good mileage. Toasting the Porches, Mercedes, AMG, Ferraris and Vipers has been fun (hey if they aren't on the ball...THEY LOOSE!!!) but as i said, sooner or later it will probably cost me. And it's gets 28mpg on a trip! But not much cargo room, and tough for friends to get in and out of. Love the T-Tops though. Argh! Camaro ... Aztek....? Maybe the wife will trade in the saturn! Are these things easy to drive for women?
  • kermitekkermitek Posts: 120
    tc_i_am - just having a little fun with sp01's premise, and enjoying my freedom of speech ;). Note that traditionally Buicks are more pricey than Pontiacs - so can their sales be directly compared?

    ronsexton - Women are heavy buyers and operators of Azteks, from my observations. They know a good value when they see one!

    As for fun, I have a 99 Formula and can relate... It's a blast. My wife however does not like driving our Formula. She does however, greatly enjoy the Aztek! She has told me she particularly enjoys the high, command-position seating and the easy visibility out the low rear glass. We bought a FWD version to save a couple hundred pounds and make it a little more peppy, and put in a drop-in K&N for a Grand Am GT. It moves out pretty good for an SUV! Definitely feels faster than the 98 S10 Blazer we sold. If someone wanted to get serious with an Aztek they could probably install the GM-certified supercharger now available for Grand Am GT's with the same 3400 V6. The red instrument lights and steering wheel stereo controls remind me of my Formula. If you like T-tops, as I do, definitely get the sunroof on your Aztek!
  • In reading this forum i noticed some people hook the tent to the roof rack. Do you get the roof rack if you get the sun roof or are they incompatible?
  • Where is this info?
  • fedlawmanfedlawman Posts: 3,118
    My daily driver is a 1995 Pontiac Firebird Formula with 92,000 miles. I have turned down all manner of replacements (a 2000 Taurus and a 1999 RAV4 lately) because I like driving it too much. Oh yeah, my wife hates the Firebird too!

    BTW, I'm curious about the Grand Am supercharger too...What do you know?
  • exzurexzur Posts: 166
    Quote: "Was outsold by Rendez by nearly three to one."

    RDV's 4,565 to Aztek's 1,877. It's 2.432 to 1. Rounded off to one digit. It's two to one.
  • Requesting of the naysayers to be accurate is like asking rocks to fly.
  • exzurexzur Posts: 166
    They are the remnants of the now dead "ugly aztek" forum. All cars have bad and good points. These people only see the bad ones for the Aztek.
  • I've yet to see anyone actually mention a bad point about the Aztek. I love the looks of the car and know quite a few people who have them that love them too.

    I've only ever gotten two negative statements about my car and one of them was reversed once he got in and saw how much room there was and how well laid out everything was.

    The other was from a moron in a late 70s white station wagon with rust spots on the wood paneling so you know HE knew a good car when he saw it.

    I'm a new homeowner and I'm doing a lot of construction work in my house. If someone could point me to another vehicle that can carry 5 passengers comfortably AND carry 94 cu. ft. of cargo AND be easy to park (guess that excludes the Suburban family of vehicles, huh?) AND be under 30K I'd buy it.

    As it is, my wife and I are looking at buying a second Aztek. And once mine dies sometime in the far future, I'll hopefully be able to replace it with another one.
  • tc_i_amtc_i_am Posts: 52
    "I'm a new homeowner and I'm doing a lot of construction work in my house. If someone could point me to another vehicle that can carry 5 passengers comfortably AND carry 94 cu. ft. of cargo AND be easy to park (guess that excludes the Suburban family of vehicles, huh?) AND be under 30K I'd buy it."

    It's called a mini-van. Several to choose from.
  • Anyone? Anyone?
  • lbthedoglbthedog Posts: 198
    So if sales are the basis for capabilities of a vehicle, Azteks are better than Lamborghinis, Porches and Ferraris. Sold more, must be better. I think some people should be over on the Porsche and Ferrari boards telling those poor deluded people what they are missing. But there's no way that I could express that point as well as our personal expert. You know, the guy who worries about this the most. How about it? You up for the job? Can you do it?
  • Anyone? Anyone?
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