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2013 and Earlier - Buick Enclave Prices Paid and Buying Experience



  • kcoreykcorey Posts: 130
    I sympathize with you. Here in NY, the Enclave is a rarity. I saw my first one, and took a test drive, in May in Orlando, Florida. Here in Brooklyn my local dealer doesn't even have brochures! I ordered mine June 18th from a dealer in Queens. I was told to expect delivery probably about September 1st. I have plenty of lease expires in December. The Enclave is more than a step above the Acadia...I've driven them both. The Acadia is like a no frills version. Have you tried going on GM's website and checking the dealers' inventories in your area? Maybe it's worth a drive to San Francisco to see one. Obviously, the advantage of ordering one is you get what you want, not just what the dealer has. Remember that the Enclave wasn't supposed to be released until they really released it early. Instead of renewing your lease for 6 months, can you just go month-to-month...just a thought.
  • I ordered my Enclave on 4/7 and was told to expect delivery around first week of june. I changed color on order from white diamond to cocoa metallic on 4/18, my dealer said it wouldn't delay the order since a production date hadn't been assigned yet. That was incorrect info. It turns out that the change caused my order to drop back to the beginning of the cycle. My car wasn't built until 7/18 and delivered to the dealer 7/24. I was told along the way that there is such demand for these that the factory can't keep up. I have only seen 3 or 4 on the road.Also I was delayed by the 2 week 7/4 holiday shutdown. I've had the vehicle 2 plus weeks now, it was worth waiting for. I have the AWD CXL, rear bucket delete,sunroof,chrome wheels, trailer hitch, entertainment #1. Received a great price from my dealer in Watkins Glen NY
  • cjb2486cjb2486 Posts: 26
    I was lucky at first and stumbled across a couple of Enclaves when a dealer had just received them and nobody knew what they were yet. Test drove 2 and the dealer even let me take one home to make sure it fit in my garage. However, all the ones I saw were heavily loaded so I ordered a CXL with no options (and not Diamond White either) on 6/2. Today is 8/13 and I'm still waiting. Will try to get update from dealer sometime this week.
  • His system will tell him when vehicle is pre scheduled for production, and when it is broadcast(goes into production). If he wants, he can relay this info to you
  • My dealer in Phoenix can't even get the order accepted and says he has eight others all in the same boat. He said the luxury package is the delay. I'm considering dropping the luxury package to speed things up. Has anybody tried that?
  • cjb2486cjb2486 Posts: 26
    According to the dealer, my Enclave still hasn't been scheduled for production, which means that even if they build it tomorrow, I will have waited for 3 months for it by the time it gets to the dealer. Since they won't be building it tomorrow, who knows what the final wait will be. Anyhow, told the dealer that I will be dropping by on Saturday to see the printout of the order, the code and the priority. I'm assuming that nothing I can do will change the priority, right? Again, I didn't order the white and I have no options on the CXL.
  • Have patience. I ordered 4/7, car built 7/18 del 7/26. I have about 1000 mi on so far, mileage 18-19 city... 22-23 hghwy. Love the car, worth waiting for.
  • The change of color only delayed my order. It dropped to the bottom of the heap.I waited almost 4 months, ordered 4/7, delivered 7/26 to me. I must admit it was worth the wait. I love it! The car is bigger than my Bravada, but 600lbs lighter. Mileage is 18-19 city, 22-23 hghwy. I don't think you can do much but wait. The only thing my dealer could do for me was get a priority on delivery. I had called Buick to complain about delay in production. They were no help other than giving me a free oil change. Anyway, they said that after car was built, inspection and delivery could take 3 weeks. Dealer was able to expedite delivery, car built 7/18, delivered to dealer 7/24.
  • I can highly recommend They gave me prices for a new Enclave as low as $200 over invoice - which is pretty amazing given the demand for this vehicle.

    I ended up buying one at $1 K over invoice (minus the $1,000 GM discount for owners of non-GM vehicles which means I'm actually paying invoice).
  • kcoreykcorey Posts: 130
    I spoke with the dealer today...I ordered my Enclave on 6/18. He has received an acknowledgement (3000). So, I expect it about 9/15...about 12 weeks, or so,total...about what I expected.
    He thinks that orders placed today will take about 5 months...glad I ordered it in June!!!
  • hdaohdao Posts: 20
    What did small things start going wrong with your SRX? Mechanically, electrically? In fact, Enclave, Acadia, and Outlook seem to use the same engine as Cadillac. They may also use some same components under GM brands. I am looking for my next vehicle just wonder how GM cars reliable this day? THanks
  • kcoreykcorey Posts: 130
    I have owned a Buick Terraza for almost 3 years. I owned an 2002 Olds before that. My Buick has 33,000 miles on it, and anything that did go wrong with it (all minor) were repaired within 1 day under the bumper-to-bumper warranty at no cost to me. If I were not happy with GM, then I'd switch. Before I bought the Buick, I tried almost 30 other "vans"...not just by sitting in the drivers seat (if the driver isn't comfortable then everyone is in trouble), but by sitting in the rear seats. Yes, I road-tested quite a few of them too. Now you can see why I'm buying an Enclave!
  • jpiatchekjpiatchek Posts: 177
    The trip computer on the SRX would never be anywhere near correct, ie, mpg, gallons to empty, fuel used. Sometimes it would say 39 gallons used ( a 21 gallon tank) GM said the knew it but did not have a fix and would not fix it. Had to have all brakes redone at 28,000 miles. It was a really nice car and had much more acceleration than the Enclave and it handled much better, but I just had an uneasy feeling about it. Looking back, probably should have kept it because it was a great value and really handled well. I guess I got mad because Cadillac wouldn't fix the problem. I Thought the navigaion system was no as good as the Infiniti or BMW system. Hope this helps
  • cjb2486cjb2486 Posts: 26
    Dealer happened to call me yesterday and announce that it is now code 3000. Not sure if that is good news or if just means that this is just a new line to wait on. However, dealer says that it should take only 3-4 weeks now until I can take delivery.
  • Finally found one in Northern CA. Wife and I drove and loved. Made dealer an offer the same as I could get from a costco rep. They accepted! Salesman was an older man, knowledgeable, helpful and not pushy. I am not in a big hurry, ordered luxury package that I am reading about in other posts as a delaying item.
    Am wondering about conquest cash. Was told that depends on delivery date, not order date. Confirm or deny?
  • zman3zman3 Posts: 857
    Confirm. It is based on delivery date. I have heard of dealers writing up the paperwork early if the vehicle has a VIN assigned and is in transit however.
  • I am SO angry with GM over the Enclave I could scream! Today is September 4th. I ordered an Enclave on JUNE 14th and the only thing I can find out from both my dealer and GM is that I have an accepted order. No production date is available. That is NOT acceptable to me. It is ridiculous to think that it could take this long and not even have a production date. I ordered the Cocoa metallic color and made the mistake of ordering the luxury package. There is no information of just why this package is hampering production but I would like to know. The lease on my 2005 Rainier is up in mid- October and it looks like if I do not opt to take a vehicle I really do not want such as a Jeep Cherokee or a Honda Pilot I will be up a creek without a paddle (or a vehicle, for that matter.) For those of you who do not have a "constrained" order and you do not have your Enclave yet, look out - GM has added a third shift with 500 temporary workers at the Delta Township plant that produces the Enclave. Yours, as well as mine will be a "training vehicle" for those learning a new job. Even if I get it on time, I can't wait for the recalls to start!
  • kcoreykcorey Posts: 130
    I realize that you're upset, but try taking a few deep breaths. I ordered my Enclave 6/18, and figured it woul take about 12 to 14 weeks for arrival...Sept. 15th to Oct. 1st. My lease expires Jan. 15th, so I figured I have plenty of time. Hey, if the worst thing happens, you can always rent a car for a couple of's not the best thing, but I think it's worth the wait.
    By the way, my sons' lease expires Feb. 20th, and my dealer suggested he place an order now...the waiting time could be as long as 5 months.
    Remember that when the Honda Pilot first came on the market that the waiting time was 6 months, and the dealers didn't even have a model to look at.
    Lean back, have a cold one, it'll be here soon.
  • The only thing I could think of while I'm fuming was to get a GM Mastercard and put everything I could think of on it. With a 3% rebate towards my Enclave in limbo, maybe it will make up for potentially losing the Conquest rebate.
  • I ordered my Enclave CXL with Luxury package, navigation, chrome wheels, sunroof and trailer package on June 15 and it came in on August 27th. They did promise me 6 weeks, but they should be moving pretty fast now.
  • I am looking at getting one of these in the states as they are much cheaper than canada so if you have a luxury one ordered and think wait is too long let me know i may buy it from you
    I would love to know where the best deals are as i am not eager as I have vehicles owned so no hurry.
    anyone ever import one to canada?
    where are these built?
  • Our Enclave was ordered May 23rd and is not received as of this date.
    Latest information indicates a build date this month - or about 16 weeks after order.
    Most of the posts concerning this problem fail to mention the effect of "Dealer Allocation". Order from a smaller dealer - as we did - and expect a longer wait. Order from a high volume dealer and your delivery will be sooner.
    As a Buick owner for over thirty years, we have never experienced this on any order.......but Buick has never had an "Enclave" in their lineup until now.
  • budibudi Posts: 41
    I ordered on 6/14 CXL FWD w/luxury package and I was told a few weeks later that the build date was the week of 8/27. It was built early and I picked it last week. I did not think they were a big Buick dealer but i guess they are to get an allocation, or it could be I was one of the first to special order one. They currently have 8 in inventory waiting for a good home. Let me tell you all it is worth the wait. The seats are very comfortable. I have a keen eye and can not find any misaligned trim pieces and the Enclave has a lot of them. The seats are very comfortable. Dealer gave me the price I was asking plus the conquest rebate.
  • Went to Straub buick/Gmc in New Jersey today. Wanted to order today but dealer would not reduce price below MSRP. I could get $1000 conquest rebate but also really lowballed my trade-in. Is this the market now for the Enclave or have others done better than MSRP lately?
  • selooseloo Posts: 606
    Supply and Demand!

    Read all the posts on this board for some good tips and give it sometime!

    Good Luck.
  • Go through Costco. $500 over invoice in Phoenix, but they didn't have any in inventory. Who knows if the Conquest rebate will be avaiable by the time Buick finally accepts the order. Good luck.
  • Shop for a better deal. I took delivery in July, bought for $200 over invoice, in addition received 1m conquest cash and additional $250 bonus earnings from GM card for having taken a test drive.
  • Is GM offering the GM Employee Pricing on the Enclave? My company offers this and it should be 1% below invoice, plus all current incentives. So, it would be 1% below, plus $1,000K conquest.
  • If the GM Employee Pricing is offered on the Enclave, what percent of the available supply of Enclaves are sold this way?
  • budibudi Posts: 41
    A lot of dealers will not offer GMS pricing on in-stock vehicles, they will probably offer it for orders but only if they have a large number of allotments. If they do not have many allotments they might not order one for you or place you at the back of the line.
    Good luck.
    BTW the Enclave is worth the wait.
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