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2010 Toyota 4Runner redesign



  • Sorry to hear so manny folks are afraid of the new design. I personally think it's the best looking 4 Runner yet. I do agree that the V6 only option is a failure for those who do heavy towing...but for the rest of us who only haul small loads or hunting with no trailer, it's perfect.

    I do want to see what the Trail Edition looks like as I don't have $40K to spare.

    Anyone know when the official brochures are supposed to hit the web?

    And sven007 thanks again for the pictures!
  • I love it! My dad has toy '96 4-Runner and i own a '00 Taco, and the style is similar/retro to those years. It is a little big at 189" and 75" wide. I hope the width is including the side mirrors and not the body. People have to keep in mind that Toyota has multiple SUVs, each with a consumer purpose. If you want the looks, efficiency, and carrying capacity; go for a RAV4 or Highlander. If you want to tow, go off the beaten tracks; then get a 4-Runner or Land Cruiser. A v-6 should give it 6k-7k lbs. towing capacity, which is good enough for a 21 ft cuddy cabin. Toyo is probably saving the V8 for the Lexus version, to distance the price gap. This is designed to be driven off the beaten path, not intended to be a soft soccer-mom vehicle or granola SUV. Besides, what the heck is an aerodynamic SUV? People, this is not a Prius! Another good thing about going back to basics is hopefully a lower price tag. The last generation was too expensive for it's ugly interior, probably why the GX470 was so popular. I can see it now, with a pair of sea kayaks of top and a bike rack...
  • Since Toyota is rumored to go with a 4cyl. and an optional V6, anyone have any clues on possible pricing?
  • Got a question. Looking at the new and old 4runners and short/long bed Tacoma 4x4's. I currently drive a 96 Toyota T100 that still purrs like a kitten with 180,000 miles on it. My question is, with new technology lowering MPG all of the time and most large vehicles falling out of favor which vehicle do you think will hold it's value better. Thx.
  • tangmantangman Posts: 127
    Rarely, does the MSRP of verhicles go down. And, since they are producing fewer, the price is likely to go up. Perhaps, the real question is how much.
  • All these rumors...can't wait to see it in person. From the pics...I like it!!!
  • looks nice but wondering if they will make it with a V8..i have an '04 with a V8 and I love it..doesn't make me want to get rid of it if i have to downgrade to a V6. Interesting style. Reminds me of the Scion xB..and i'm not saying that in a flattering sort of way. But I guess that's why Toyota vehicles are made to run, not win any beauty contests. Still it looks more rugged than the older gens (including the 3rd gen which is what i have). Going to have to do a test drive when they come out..the dealership (Hamer Toyota) where i service my suv told me November.
  • nedzelnedzel Posts: 787
    "Sorry to hear so manny folks are afraid of the new design."

    I'm not afraid of the new design. I just don't like what I've seen so far. Maybe it will look better than the pictures.
  • You know, I remember going to a Pontiac-GMC-OLDS dealership to look at new cars. I saw the Pontiac Aztec, and proclaimed to the group of sales people standing in front of the dealership,"That's the ugliest car I have ever seen!" One of them looked at me and shouted back, "Get use to it, this is the design of things to come!"

    Well, we all know how long that lasted!

    The '010 forerunner will probably look better "in person" than the pictures. But car makers (Toyota included) all make design mistakes. Some times they are very costly, witness the 2nd generation of the Ford Taurus (the oval disaster), this cost Ford the number one slot for a family car, and they HAVE NEVER regained the title again!
  • Is it just me or does the front and possibly rear differential seem to be tucked up nicely in the frame creating higher ground clearance? If this is the case the new 5gen is going to to be a great in the snow and mud. The only under carriage view I can see is from the photo leaked by Toyota. ynum=1& y%2FphpThumb.php%3Fsrc%3D%2Fphotos%2Fcontent%2Fmay2009%2F2010-toyota-4runner.jpg-
  • nedzelnedzel Posts: 787
    I don't think it is going to be significantly different in terms of ground clearance than the 4th Generation.

    Check out the 2010 BMW X5 3.5 Twin Turbo diesel, 306 Hp, with a whopping 442 ft/lb torque!! 20/26 mpg, and MAYBE MOST IMPORTANTLY wide ample seating with really comfortable supportive seats!! Was just in my brothers '05 4Runner and my 225lbs felt like I was a child seat, no cushioning at all. Plus we are all over each other and still the new 4runner is only 0.5" wider and 1" taller than the current one, this is a truck for 160lb guys!

    '10 twin turbo has a MSRP of $52k, but BMW is giving $4500 rebate on this turbo diesel and gov is allowing $1800 tax credit, so more like $45K w/ 100% free maintenance and b-to-b warranty fo 4 yrs/50k miles, hate to admit it, but I might have out-grown 4runner.
  • nedzelnedzel Posts: 787
    I see no point in a vehicle like the X5. No use offroad. No more room than a 5 series station wagon, but heavier, uses more fuel, and doesn't handle as well.

    I have a 4Runner because I take it offroad. Places where an X5 can't go.
  • tax gredit is not full amount, its an itemized deduction may be $180
  • Realizing this is a 4Runner blog, but Nedzel, wake up the X5 handles like a Porsche and will
    do figure 8's around it, is a whole lot bigger/roomier in every way and gets 5 mpg
    more!!!! 20/26 for the super clean burning twin turbo diesel, 6 second 0-60!, and is Awd and goes great on beach or dirt, you really gonna do jumps in new $40k Toyota, good luck with that!
  • nedzelnedzel Posts: 787
    jtothej: There is nothing that the X5 will do that a 5-series wagon won't do better. The wagon rides better, handles better, and given the same engine, will perform better and get better mileage.

    The X5 is simply not any good offroad. No low range. No ground clearance. And performance tires don't work offroad.

    I'm all in favor of turbo diesel engines. I just see no use for cross-overs -- they don't have the utility of a either a true SUV or a wagon.
  • Your right in regards to the 4Runner's seats...not the greatest. The rest is comparing apples to oranges......
  • where did you here BWM was offering a $4,500 rebate for the 2010 X5?
  • nedzelnedzel Posts: 787
    Unfortunately, the rumor that I'm hearing is that the while the Limited version will have full-time 4WD with a Torsen center diff, it won't be lockable and there won't be a low-range. The other trim lines get a low range, but no Torsen center diff, and thus can't be used in 4WD on dry pavement.

    Is anyone able to confirm that? If so, that would be a huge disappointment to me.
  • Enjoy...found this on-line about 10 min ago

    I'm sold. I will be putting in an order for the shorline blue trail grade as soon as I can. l-grade.html
  • tangmantangman Posts: 127
    The Edmund Link for the full review is bad. I guess we will find the full scoop today or tomorrow with the full release at the Texas State Fair. Hopefully, there will be alot more pictures beyond the limited for the interior. Some post referrence prices and gas milage. Where is that info posted?
  • on/index.html

    have to admit this silver trail edition looks way better in pics than the royal blue and white limited photos!
  • More on the trail version. Looks great in silver too. Can't wait to test drive one in person. on/engine_and_performace_specs.html
  • aspx

    5.9% Annual Percentage Rate Offer. Now for a limited time includes a $4,500 Eco Credit.
    Qualified customers only. Available at participating BMW centers through BMW Financial Services NA, LLC. Applies only to specific models and only for specific model years. 5.9% APR available through 11/02/2009. $19.29 per $1,000. Subject to credit approval. See participating BMW center for details and vehicle availability.

    Eco Credit is a $4,500 credit against the MSRP of the final purchase of the 335d and X5 xDrive35d Advanced Diesel through 11/02/2009.
  • nedzelnedzel Posts: 787
    Looking at the pictures of the Ltd edition that Toyota released today, the Ltd edition will still have a locking center diff and there will be a low range.
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