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2010 Toyota 4Runner redesign



  • Edmunds just posted their 2010 review. Other than a limited slip differential, I see no improvement. There will be no V8, the I4 is standard on SR5 models which I'm forced to buy because Toyota is too stupid to sell higher end models without a sunroof, and the window and 4wd controls are poorly placed.

    As a current generation 4Runner owner, I doubt I'd buy another.
  • HI:

    I realy hate the Trail edition look and at the same time I really love the its off road capability. As hunter and currently owning a 1993 4runner sine brand new, I have gone places where others commanly don't dare.

    I would have prfered a Trail edition with SR5 look or limited inside and outside look. The Limited is only offered as AWD,

    Would AWD have a center Diff lock? If so, my gues would be that it would be off road capable as well. I do relaze that it would not be a rock climer but would it be good enogh for hunting adentyres (moose, dear, VERY muddy farms, etc). The limited also have a 20" wheels.

    ALL comments and advise are appreciated.
  • tangmantangman Posts: 127
    Hopefully the trail will offer color keyed fender flares and bumper option for those who have a spouse as part of the decision. And has anyone seen the 2010 pricing.
  • nedzelnedzel Posts: 787
    "Would AWD have a center Diff lock? If so, my gues would be that it would be off road capable as well. I do relaze that it would not be a rock climer but would it be good enogh for hunting adentyres (moose, dear, VERY muddy farms, etc). The limited also have a 20" wheels. "

    Yes, the Limited comes with a center diff lock. Go here:

    Select the album for the Limited Edition. Go to image 37, and you'll see this:

    It has three modes -- 4 hi range, with the center diff unlocked (H4F), 4 hi range with the center diff locked (H4L), and 4 low range with the center diff locked (L4L).

    For offroad use, you'll need to replace the wheels and tires. 20" wheels suck offroad. If you do that, it will probably be fine for your use offroad.

    It won't come with the offroad goodies on the Trail Edition, including KDSS, craw control, and the modified settings for the ATRACS system. Of those, the only one that is particularly important in my opinion is KDSS. KDSS disconnects the sway bars at low speed, allowing the suspension to flex more.
  • Hi Nedzel:

    Thanks for the info.

    I really don’t know enough about the electronic 4x4 features with different setting of traction in compression with a locked 4L found in Limited.

    The dislike on the Trail is not just the color. The rear bumper is nearly absent and looks out of place. Front under body spoiler of 2-3” does not reduce Clarence, but rather covering the guts. Also, deleted running board again exposes the under body for the advantage of couple of inches. I have hit my running board many times and rather have them there than hitting my door. The scoop is not functional and there only for the look. The roof rack does not add any extra functionality.

    All and all, it is a personal taste and it is not for me.

    Wrt tire, the walls are the issue. The 20” doesn’t appear to be very low but not high enough either. Could I simply swap them for a descent off road tire. I usually use Michelin LTX M/S?
  • It looks like they kept the same basic body style except gave it some broader fender bulges. That is how I assume they made it bigger. I was thinking about buying a GMC Acadia because I like the size, but I may hold off.
    I would like to stick to a Toyota but the current 4Runner just isn't big enough for me.
    I would probably go for the SR5 model. I currently have a 1997 with 136K and I still love it. I would probably keep it and buy a new one.

    The current 4Runner is actually smaller in cargo space than my 97. And comparing the cargo size of the 97 to the 2010 it is finally making sence.

    1997 4Runner
    Total Cago Volume = 79.8
    2nd row seats up = 44.6

    2010 4Runner
    Total Volume = 89.7
    2nd row seats up = 47.2
  • I think Toyota deleted the running boards so that rock sliders could be installed, but didn't have production sliders ready for the Sept 24 introduction. Here are a few pics of the Trail grade T4R with sliders on the Rubicon Trail where the teaser photo was shot. I think they just slapped on the sliders from the FJ Cruiser since they look a little short on the 4Runner.

    Also, the Limited will not come with an electonic locker for the rear differential like the one available on the Trail grade. But if you're in Canada (since you posted the Canadian Ordering Guide PDF) you might be able to get some options on the Limited that aren't available in the states. For instance all Canadian 4Runners will get full-time 4WD, while only the Limited gets full-time 4WD in the USA.
  • Thanks sevn007,

    this very helpful. I will certainly not order one till I see it now.

    The pick and features are somewhat different from US to Canadian version. Running board, AWD, engine and etc.

    It appears I will be opting for the SR5 Upgarde or a Limited. I still whish I could have had the Trail with the regular look.

    Thanks again,

  • Hey everyone - I am new to this forum but I had to post this link. I just found videos from ToyotaUSA just added on youtube. They have a video for just about every feature of the new truck and the best thing about it is it is direct from Toyota and should clear up any rumors.

    Have fun!!
  • nedzelnedzel Posts: 787
    Wrt tire, the walls are the issue. The 20” doesn’t appear to be very low but not high enough either. Could I simply swap them for a descent off road tire. I usually use Michelin LTX M/S?
    The sidewalls on the 20" tire are simply too short, IMO. I would NOT take it offroad with 20" wheels.

    If I were to buy a 2010 Limited, I'd either try to get the dealer to swap the 20" rims with 17" rims, or I'd buy 17" rims and sell the 20" rims and tires to someone who likes that look.
  • Every 2010 4Runner in the photos and videos I have seen has a rear spoiler. Also, the brochure on the Toyota website lists this as standard equipment. Although it's a matter of personal taste, I find the rear spoiler to be both ugly and tacky.

    Does anyone know if the rear spoiler is going to be on all new 4Runners? It's hard to believe that Toyota would do this, but as I said above, I have yet to see a photo or video that doesn't have the rear spoiler. This would probably keep me from buying one. To me, it looks like something that should be on a '70's model Dodge or Plymouth sports car.
  • nedzelnedzel Posts: 787
    I believe it is going to be on all 4Runners. It is not listed as optional equipment, all the trim levels on show it, and it hides the rear wiper (which has moved from the bottom of the rear window on the 4th generation to the top of the window on the 5th generation).
  • Toyota has gone the way of the Vensa and eliminated the various option packages.

    Now you get an SR5, Trail or Limited in 2 or 4WD.

    The rear spoiler is standard along with most everything else.
  • qs933qs933 Posts: 302
    Not sure what you mean -- the previous generation 4Runner has always been available in various trim levels with varying levels of equipment. The 2010 is no different.

    That's different from the Venza, which has a single trim level with options grouped in packages. There is no "Limited" Venza. A "top of the line" Venza has a combination of all the available packages (the Premium Package 1 or 2).

    What is different with the 2010 4Runner is that a lot of the individual options have been made standard, especially on the Limited. The 2009 Limited had optional DRLs, moonroof, JBL, etc. The 2010 Limited has just 2 options: Navigation and the 3rd Row.
  • Why does Toyota try to jam down everyone's throat a $%#&* moonroof? I hate them. Destroys roof integrity, many folks rarely use them, take up headroom, cost more, etc.?
  • tangmantangman Posts: 127
    I just compared the 2004 4runner brochure and with 2010 available on Someone please check the math for me, but the 2010 head room is less than the 2004 except in the back of the vehicle, and the leg room is about the same. Also, they only show black, grey, and white as available colors. Blue and red appear to require a special order in the northwest.
  • qs933qs933 Posts: 302
    I don't like the mandatory moonroof either. On the other other hand, it's likely a product simplification move due to the lower volume. Fewer options = less variation. If they didn't make the moonroof standard, I'd bet the other choice was to not offer one at all. I know people who won't buy a vehicle without a moonroof, so either way, someone won't be satisfied. :)

    Looking at the 2009 MSRP in my area (before destination charge), a Limited 2WD V6 is $37.1K with JBL/spoiler/XREAS/DRLs/Tow options. A 2010 Limited 2WD V6 is $37.7K. I would rather have no moonroof and pocket the difference, but the 2010 still appears to be a good value (+SmartKey, +moonroof, +Bluetooth, +iPod port, etc.) even with the takeaways (-LED tails, -locking fuel door, -in-glass antenna).
  • Im not liking this at all though it is better than the previous model. I was never a big fan of 4Runners though. Cant wait to see these beasts on the road. :D
  • I'll second this opinion. The moonroof kept me out of a Sport or Limited model in 2003 bcuz my head touches it whereas my SR5 has plenty of clearance. Toyota could have sold me a more expensive vehicle, but bcuz they choose to option their vehicles the way they do, they lost $10,000 when I bought mine.

    As for the running boards, everyone I know has taken them off. They're in the way for off-roading and they'll mess up a clean pair of slacks on any given day just from brushing up against them exiting the vehicle. Another option I don't need.
  • nedzelnedzel Posts: 787
    The 2010 4Runner SR5 and Trail Edition do NOT have a Torsen center differential. They have the VF2A transfer case. In other words, it is a part-time 4WD system that is not suitable for use on the road. Offroad only.

    This is a major step backwards for the 4Runner.
  • As soon as anyone sees one in person and test drives one - please confirm or deny above statement.
  • tangmantangman Posts: 127
    In the past, you could order a Sport 4-Runner without the moon roof. I did so in 2004. With the new bundling packages, that appears to no longer be an option. I concur that the removal of the center differential, reduces the trail version qualities for on road driving making the SR5 and Trail version a poor choice for most 4-runner customers. How many 4-runner owner rarely use their vehicles on the highway? Very few. So could the strategy be, low price point for advertising a a few truce customer needs, and a $40K plus vehicle for most of the current 4-Runner base. Since they are the only body on frame option out there with newer technology, they may be banking on the increased profits per vehicle.
  • nedzelnedzel Posts: 787
    thammer62: if you read this article, you'll see that it has been fixed: t-4x4-package-sold-in-the-us.html

    Previously it said that all trims got a Torsen center diff. Now it only refers to the Limited as having a Torsen, which is correct.
  • Nedzel:

    I guess that would be different for Canadian version (AWD with center diff lock -Torsen Center Diff) of this SUV as you pointed out to me last week . That may be why it appears contradiction in different articles by Toyota (mixing the two markets)

    However, they cost a lot more in Canada.
  • It is standard in Canada.
  • Just saw the new 4runner live and in colour at an auto show in Barrie Ontario Canada last weekend. I've had 5 4runners in my time. This one is going to be tough to like. It's definitely got FJ features with protruding light fixtures front and back. Much more boxy and utilitarian. Chrome looks like it's been placed for looks as an afterthought. Door handles were plasticy. Headlamps were NOT projector type. The interior is sparse and minimalist compared to Gen 4. The guy wouldn't let anyone in the vehicle so it's difficult to assess legroom, trim quality etc but through the window it looks similar to the 4th gen in that respect. I don't know.....
  • tangmantangman Posts: 127
    On the previous post, which model did you see, the SR5, trail, or limited? Seems like toyota may be cutting on the 4-runner to force that dedicated community to the Lexus GX460 and substantially increase their profits. Basically all data shows the AWD, led tail lights, V8, and projector lights are gone on the Traill (Old Sport model), and the ugly black fender flairs reintroduce from the 2003 days as well as the forced sun roof. I was going to order as soon as I could, being like the previous poster owning 4 new 4runner, but that is on hold since so many of the 4-Runner items I love in the equivalent sport mdoel are now gone. Sure hope others who have touch one for real, can share their impressions on this board..
  • There was no badging on the vehicle as to what model it was. However, the interior seating was beige leather and it seemed to be well equipped so I would conclude that it was a Limited. Interestingly a sticker on the drivers door (at the bottom of the glass) said "Prototype" on it. The new model is definitely more like the 3rd generation in shape (which I don't mind) but when you see one in person it leaves you to wonder what they were thinking. It's just not inspiring enough to get excited about. Jumping to the Lexus is too much of a leap in cost (for me to justify) to make up for what's missing in the new 4 runner and if that's Toyota's game plan then I guess I'll step aside....until they come to their senses.
  • I visited the Texas State Fair last weekend and Toyota had all three models-Silver SR5 2WD, Black Trail Edition 4WD, and a Limited AWD, plus the beat up Silver prototype they tried to kill on the Rubicon and near Moab (I[m pretty sure this is the same vehicle the spy shots caught on the California highway based on the buggy tailights they stuck on it, which made it kind of fun to see).

    My take is that both the SR5 and the Limited have cheap chrome plastic door handles (the Trail has black plastic, but it didn't seem as cheap to the touch as the chrome, which felt like it would scratch or wear easily), and the interior has lots of plastic (it's clearly not a Lexis) but not so much so that it is a big problem for me. The Limited has full time 4WD, and SR5 was a 2 wheeler if I remember correctly. The Trail had KDSS. There was nothing in the interior that really turned me off (I didn't really like the placement of the window switches but it's not that big a deal). I liked the instrument cluster. Certainly the same designer of the FJ took his cues from it, but not overwhelmingly so, and the exterior was much less dramatic in person. The hard edges on the side are a bit softer in person than the photos show as well. The Limited had leather (it was fine). The other two had fabric. The Trail had some sort of water resistant material, but it didn't seem that much differnt from the SR5's. All VIN's showed builds around a little over 100.

    I didn't care for the Limited (go buy a Limited Highlander or Lexus if you want luxury with limited off road ability), and the SR5 can't be ordered with the off road options of the Trail Edition. The Trail, though, is an off road dream machine. KDSS, and a hosts of other off road features make it so. It fullfulls what the 4Runner really should be in the first place. One item I didn't care for is the stupid fake hood scope on the Trail Edition. If it's fake, leave it off for Pete's sake. But you can't. I wonder how much it would cost to buy another hood and have it painted to get rid of it. Yuck.

    Other than that, though, I'd say the Trail Edition should be a winner.

    I note that there were very few people looking at them while I was there, certainly no waiting, and some times while I was there absolutely no one at all other than me looking at any of them. SUV's and high gas prices has a lot of folks turned off these models I guess but I admire Toyota for not killing the model as it fits a niche to tow 5000 lbs loads and as a utility vehicle to haul things with.

    I got a free Toyota Truck Frisbee and tote bag, though, from the Toyota "Live" folks who put on a cheesy 5 minute show. They never mentioned the new 4Runner in the show at all even though it was about 30 feet away, and instead focused on the new Prius (which was not even near the display but rather in a different part of the park with the cars), and the Tundra. I got photos, but the new 4Runner info on Toyota's site is better than what I can provide.

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