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Mazda6 Engine Problems



  • tuscani1tuscani1 Posts: 2
    I have read alot of the posts on here about engine knocking.. I have 2 mazda 6's. one is an 04 with a 4 cylinder engine. I have heard a slight knocking since day one but only when car is cold.. have never had any problems with that car and it now has 168,000 miles on it. the only parts ever replaced on it was the radiator from when a racoon decided to take it out and the alternator. car runs like a charm. It has been so good that when I decided to get a new car I got a mazda 6...( it's a 2007 ) this one has a v6 engine and only has 48,000 miles on it. the other day the engine light started flashing... here is my problem... at 70 the car runs really good.. at 60 it has a shimmy at 50 it feels like the engine is gonna fall out of it. I took it to mechanic and was told that it is lean on idle and it is missing. He didn't want to work on it due to possible warranty issues so I called my brother in law and he seems to think it may be an air leak somewhere in the system.. I forgot to mention also that when car is idle you have to rev the engine before you move it or the breaks don't work right, which indicates air in the lines. Unlike most of the posts that I have read, I don't believe my problem has anything to do with oil. It doesn't burn oil and it isn't losing it. it maintains the oil just fine.. The only other problem I have had with it up to this point is that when I turn the car off it smells like rotten eggs, which I know is an emissions issue. If anyone else has had an engine problem like this that doesn't relate to oil being the issue or the engine being blown, please help me. I can't get a mechanic to even look at it until next week and I need a car for work. Thanks
  • mz6greyghostmz6greyghost Posts: 1,230
    A tip: the next time the engine light flashes, pull over and shut it down ASAP. If the light flashes, it usually means that you're doing more harm than good running the engine.

    As for the "lean" condition and the smell, I'd first double-check to be sure the first set of catalytic converters (attached to the headers) are not clogged. If they are, it's covered by a federal-mandated 8year/80K mile warranty on all emissions-related parts. There could also be an air leak, as you mentioned, but I'd have it looked at before driving it anywhere, just to be sure you don't cause anymore problems.
  • tuscani1tuscani1 Posts: 2
    thanks for the advice... I will have my mechanic check the headers for sure. I am hoping it is just an air leak because I don't have alot of money to pour into a car I am still making payments on.
  • racefanf1racefanf1 Posts: 35
    Time for a refresher. I'm the original author for Mazda 6 Engine Problems. My car was a 2007 Mazda 6I with a 4 cyl 5 Spd. Then engine went at 11,000 miles with proper maint. The dealer clearly was looking for reasons not to cover the problem. I have since confirmed, over and over, Mazda USA has no plans to help any of the many people who have had the same connecting rod problem. Check out the message from the former Mazda Service Manager on my postings. He confirms Mazda knows they have a problem and hopes we don't take action to sue them. My replacement engine blew at 30,000 miles with perfect maint.
  • oceanechooceanecho Posts: 1
    Hi- I'm fed up with MAZDA!!! - and this is coming from a previous miata owner who thought Mazdas were as good as Nissan & Honda!

    My husband's 2004 Mazda 6 died last August of 2010- just 1 week before our wedding! One mechanic quoted us a price of $5400! We weren't going for that, so then we went to another mechanic who specializes in engines....the guy there said he wouldn't even touch it because Mazda 6 engines don't last long and he thinks we should look into another vehicle altogether. The dealership quoted us a price of $5900 for a rebuilt motor! I really think Mazda should own up and pay for at least rebuilding these crap engines!

    Does anyone know how we should pursue a possible class action suit?

    btw-the engine mileage is 93k - but we took it for regular maintenance, oil changes, etc.
  • knight_ruknight_ru Posts: 10
    what was the specific diagnosis? was it the 4cyl or 6cyl?
  • taranalan7taranalan7 Posts: 1
    Hi Mkay,

    I had the same problem. Could you please tell me which dealer you've got your new car?

  • lrotalrota Posts: 18
    It is very helpful if you are more specific.

    Which engine, 4 or 6....turbo or regular engine?
    Automatic or manual transmission?
    What symptoms or other problems did you have before failure?
    What was mechanic's diagnosis?
  • poodog13poodog13 Posts: 320
    What in the world makes you think that a 5+ year old motor with 93k miles going bad is grounds for a lawsuit? It may not speak well to long-term longevity, but there's a reason that warranties exist - and have specified durations. That's how long the manufacturer is willing to stand behind their product. Anything after that, you're on your own.
  • des5des5 Posts: 88
    Warranties are about statistics, probabilities, risk and accounting. It has nothing to do with willingness to stand behind the product. Given an infinite budget, all warranties would be forever. Even Toyota and Honda have warranty budgets, and they spend them. When the manufacturer's kitty runs dry, you can pick up the tab with an extended warranty (i.e. breakdown insurance policy).

    Sure, it stinks when the odds come up short on you, but statisically a few engines out of the thousands built will fail. People are okay with this concept when it comes to winning the lottery, not so much when its your blown engine.
  • poodog13poodog13 Posts: 320
    Not sure I'm getting your point as you start off seemingly contracdicting mine but then close by making another point that supports my original premise. I think it stands to reason that the statistics, probabilities, risk, and accounting actually DRIVES the willingness to stand behind the product. If the probabilities showed that they could remain profitable while offering a 20-year warranty, then they'd be WILLING to do so.
  • des5des5 Posts: 88
    No, what I'm saying is that the warranty term is determined based on the cumulative incremental cost budget for warranty claims, not on the typical or design lifespan of the product. You make it sound like Mazda designs to a 60K mile lifespan and then cleverly sets the warranty at 50K.
  • pmac3pmac3 Posts: 2
    I have the same problem with my Mazda6, 67,000 miles and the engine just died, If there is any news about a class action law suit please post it.
  • pmac3pmac3 Posts: 2
    I have the same problem with my 2007 Mazda6, 67,000 miles and it died.
    Please let us know if you really want to get a law suit going.
  • racefanf1racefanf1 Posts: 35
    I'll restate this original posting. This is my original thread for Mazda6 Engine Problems.

    I have a 2007 4 cyl, 5 Spd Mazda 6. The engine blew at 11,000 miles. and again at 23,000 miles.

    I'm a Engineer and a mechanic. I specialize in FMEA (Failure Mode & Effect Annalysis) Which means I know no Mazda Service Manager can blame me for my engine failure without a tear down for Root Cause Analysis. Period. And Mazda blamed me. They said "your engine compartment is too clean, you must be hiding something"

    I did one more oil/filter change than required.

    Check back on my postings and read the one from the FORMER Mazda service manager on here.

    Edmunds pull my request for all your information to start action against Mazda saying this was not the purpose of Edmunds to begin legal actions.
  • aviboy97aviboy97 Posts: 3,159
    Being that in a court of law, a warranty claim can only be denied if it was proven that the operator caused the warrantied. part to fail, I really don't buy your claim.

    What this service manager supposedly said would never, ever stand up in any legal venue. Although Mazda does not have the best customer service, this claim and reason just makes no sense and is laughable.

    The fact that you have had no resolution to date from something that happened years ago makes absolutely no sence. You know the old saying "there are two sides to every story..."
  • Kirstie_HKirstie_H Posts: 11,042
    Two things we don't allow:
    - namecalling: please don't. It's like a Mr. Clean Magic Eraser for forums posts.
    - organizing legal action: if a lawyer needs to document similar cases, refer him/her to these posts. If a particular member wants contact in any way, they'll have their email address posted publicly in their profile. If not, you're out of luck.


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  • austinsaustins Posts: 9
    That's pretty common. It's generally a good idea to just have a mechanic or your dealership do your regular maintenance since they'll always leave you with a verifiable receipt. They basically want to be sure that any engine or transmission problems weren't a result of you improperly changing your oil, etc. Having it done by a certified technician makes sure that anything that pops up can't be blamed on you. If you want to save money sometimes you can buy your own oil/filter, and see if your mechanic/service manager will do the work for you and only charge you for labor.
  • racefanf1racefanf1 Posts: 35
    How do I block problem people when I'm only trying to help people understand the issues all of us are having with the Mazda 6? I understand people who love their Mazdas would defend and try to, somehow, blame us for this failure, but it''s way bigger than that. It's a huge problem and Mazda lovers mud slinging and and blame pointing other than the true root cause is not helpful.
  • Kirstie_HKirstie_H Posts: 11,042
    We don't have a "block" feature here. We rely on members using their own built-in ignore system, which allows you to scroll on by posts by members who aren't helpful.


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  • "help people understand the issues all of us are having with the Mazda 6?"

    I am not haveing any of these issues on my Mazda6 2006 V6 Sport 5 speed. 72400 miles and still running great. It has been a very long time since you started this thread. Seems there would be a resolution by now.
  • I just had this happen to my 04....62000 miles, engine DONE. what ended up happening with you? Did anyone sue??
  • I found an engine for $1900 plus $700 to put in in. Other than a couple of items it has worked good. Mazda wanted $6000. I will never ever buy a Mazda or a Ford again...period.
  • A few years ago my Mazda 6 blew up desipte perfect maintenance. I bought a used one for $1999 plus $700 to put it in. Discovered an engine seal problem on the new one and it went through an additional 2 water pumps. Currently it works fine, but when I pay it off I will either donate it, push it off a cliff, or set fire to it. NEVER BUY THIS MODEL! IT SUCKS!
  • I sold my 6 - will not deal with Mazda again. I'm not aware of either suits or resolution -- but would participate in a class action if someone has the time and lawyer to initiate it.
  • At 68000 miles my 2007 Mazda 6 was in the shop getting oil change and replacing front light 8 days later engine gone. dealer said the problem was I did not replace the timing chain at 60,000 miles but they never said anything about it needing to be changed. Mazda will do nothing. Sounds like a big problem with Mazda that needs a class action suit. I was going to buy the Mazda 3 for my wife but now I will never buy another Mazda product
  • Like I said earlier in this thread. After 7 Mazdas I too will never buy another Mazda and suggest no one does. Mazda has slipped down a very steep slope to a very bad company with no hope of recovering. My Mazda 6 had only 11,000 miles and had had more than proper maintenance and Mazda said they would not repair my engine becase I did not have my VIN number on my reciepts for oil and filters. Who does that? Weesle words to sherk thier responsibilities.
  • I have a 2006 mazda 6 5 door. It also uses a quart every 1500 miles. It has gotten pretty good maintenance for the 5 years we've had it. No short trips at 116,000 miles. It still looks good. I just bought a new Honda Accord EX-L. No more Mazdas; back to Hondas. The Mazda also sucks air when the gas tank gets to 1/3 full. I hate when the blondes bear down on you in their escalades when that happens. The ford dealer in Enumclaw WA has a very unhappy service department. I thought the new Focus had a crappy transmission. It stumbles when you accelerate from a slow speed as after a hairpin turn.
  • Kirstie_HKirstie_H Posts: 11,042
    Well, I suggest you steer clear of Hyundai too. We just had another member with a warranty claim denied on a blown engine for a similar reason.


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  • dealer said the problem was I did not replace the timing chain at 60,000 miles but they never said anything about it needing to be changed

    Your problem is with the dealer, and not Mazda, since timing chains aren't supposed to be replaced in ANY maintenance schedule that I've seen. Timing belts get swapped out, chains (in most cases) are for the life of the engine. I'd bypass the incompetent dealer and deal with Mazda directly.
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