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2013 and Earlier - Audi Q5 Prices Paid and Buying Experience



  • steverstever Posts: 52,683
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  • arm1tagearm1tage Posts: 5
    Wasn't planning on buying a new Q5 but wondering if anyone has had a better offer.

    2014 Q5 2.0T Premium Plus
    Pearl Paint
    Sport Interior Pkg
    19" Wheels

    MSRP $47925
    Dealer offered $42800 inc $1000 Audi loyalty rebate.
    Tax and tags extra.

    That is around $1200 under invoice, think I could get any more off?
  • Sounds like a great deal w/all the options you picked. I just found a web site that doesn't send your name or e-mail address to get quotes. CarWoo I'm waiting for their reply. I'm in CA, where did you get this deal? Internet sales dept?
  • roadrageeroadragee CaliforniaPosts: 111
    You should sign it. That's an excellent deal.
  • Deal was in NJ. Ended up with a 3.0T with an even better discount. 2000 under invoice including 1000 loyalty rebate.
  • heeraheera Posts: 1
    Can you please give the dealer name. I am trying to get 2014 audi 2.0 with navigation.
  • hi..

    Have anyone purchased 2014 Audi Q5 2.0T premium around Cincinnati, OH. What was the price paid. I am looking for one and Audi Connection offered 46,295 plus any applicable tax, license, and fees. This includes Navigation, B&O sound, Advanced Key, a first aid kit, and a wheel upgrade.

    I would only need 2.0 T premium plus with remote start (if available). No other add ons I guess.

  • it was Bell Audi in Edison, you could talk to Adnan who offered the 2.0T deal to me. I ended up not buying from them since they didn't have the right color 3.0T in stock.
  • hey - just bought a Q5 2.0T in NJ for: $42,700 + $300 documentary fees + tax & registration fees (7% + $371)

    OTD: $46.5k

    2.0T Premium Plus
    w/ Navigation

    What do you guys think of the deal?

    Dealer: Princeton Audi
  • Was this a 2014 model?
  • yes. 2014. Metallic paint option - monsoon gray
  • roadrageeroadragee CaliforniaPosts: 111
    Sounds like a great deal. Congrats on your new Q5!
  • Yes it is the drive out price. 46k included title tax registration and everything.
  • $44,974 + taxes and fees was the best i could get on a 2014 Audi Q5 after a grueling 2.5hr negotiation. What do guys think, is this a good deal i could get ?

    2.0T Premium Quattro
    Lava Grey Metallic
    Black Interior
    Ash Interior Trim
    MMI Navigation and Premium plus package
    Premium Audio
    19" x 8.0" 5-arm-star design wheels with 235/55 all-season tires
    Sport Interior Package(Front sport seats with four-way power lumbar adjustments; 3-spoke steering wheel with shift paddles)
    First Aid Kit(free of charge)
    Wheel lock(free of charge)

    TMV of this configuration seems to be around $45,345 :confuse:
  • roadrageeroadragee CaliforniaPosts: 111
    Your configuration should have MSRP near $48.5k. Your price of $44,974 is nearly 7% below MSRP. That's a great deal. Be happy about it.
  • I have to say, responses like that are unhelpful. MSRP is a very unhelpful guideline and often irrelevant. Invoice price is sometimes irrelevant (depending on the car, the current dealer incentives etc etc) but usually a better benchmark.

    Basically, the answer to that post should be... That is still high, I got a much better price... or... I was able to negotiate well and couldn't get a price as good as that. The writer is asking for comparisons to others to know if his price was good. He/she already knows what the msrp is.

    Saying to be thankful for that price is not helpful. One should only be thankful if the price is a good one based on what other savvy negotiators are getting.

    Makes me think the poster is a dealer.
  • Thanks shadowchaser! I have to agree with you.
    roadragee, i am not an unreasonable man. If the dealer had valued my trade-in atleast somewhere near kbb value, i'd have just taken the deal.
    For a 2011 mazd3 in excellent condition(2 new tires and a new battery) with barely 27k mileage the trade-in value was at $15k. :sick:
  • roadrageeroadragee CaliforniaPosts: 111
    edited August 2013

    If you have been keeping up with the earlier posts in this thread, you will find that Audi dealers do not discount much on Q5. Without any set discount one can receive (Supplier program 6%, Employee Program, Military discount, loyalty offer, competitor offer etc), the best deal savvy buyers can expect to get is at invoice pricing. Invoice price on Audi Q5 is typically around 6-7% off MSRP. Most buyers settle for invoice + $$$ (3-5% off MSRP) as dealers are not budging.

    If you are on this thread, it can be assumed that one has read and researched previous posts in a quest of getting the best answer. After all, in this anonymous postings, everything needs to be taken with a grain of salt. You should do your due diligence comparing various data/answers,

    My comment of 7% off MSRP and "be Happy" is all based on data from previous posts, thus an accurate indication of what people are paying.

    But what can you offer, other than short-sighted criticism?
  • ken117ken117 Posts: 249
    The original poster was asking if his or her deal was the best they could get. No one can really answer that question as there are too many variables and unknowns. Your observation the price paid was a percentage off MSRP which seems a good deal was a spot on response.

    The comment by Shadow was unnecessary and it contributed nothing to the goal of this thread.

    The time to be concerned about the price paid is most effective before the price is paid.

    The fact is most Audi dealers are not willing to negotiate much. They believe Audi vehicles are so special people should be honored the Audi dealer was willing to sell to them. Apparently they are correct as there are many people who are willing to pay a bit more for the German mystic.
  • shadowchasershadowchaser Posts: 94
    edited August 2013
    We must disagree roadragee.

    I will say again.. It is arrogant to tell someone to "Be happy" with what you got.

    Who are you to lecture? One is happy if one gets a good price based on other's experience. What is helpful is seeing other people's experience.. not your lecturing.

    You are either a dealer... or should be one. Why are you lecturing people... and then telling me my posts aren't helpful. My post was clearly helpful to the poster right after me? Yes, I haven't read every single post going back. Does that disqualify me from posting? I think it will disqualify most. This isn't my job... unless I was a dealer. Then it would be my job. If I am a normal user of these forums, then I need the most current info which would generally use the most recent posts. Again, who are you to lecture and tell others how to use this forum?

    No one can really answer what the best deal is.. but they can give the price they got which, if lower than others posted gives a guidepost to someone else. Giving the MSRP as a guidepost is useless when compared to invoice and other people's prices paid.

    What Audi dealers think about their cars is just posturing. They will get what the market bears. They definitely think there is a mystique to these cars and certainly tout that mystique... but prices go with the market. When there is competition, when there are incentives that the dealers are trying to meet etc, the prices respond.
    I have had to pay sticker price on cars when they were selling all they could get (Volvo xc90 during its first year). Later, when the supply increased and there were other similar cars in the market, the prices came down significantly. Same thing with the Honda Odyssey. When they came out several years ago with a bigger design and couldn't make enough, the price was high....and there is certainly no mystique.

    Don't be fooled by radragee (what an obnoxious name). Audi dealers definitely do negotiate. I recieved a very good price, well under invoice on my 2012 Q5 when I bought it in late 2011. They wanted to move those cars and were willing to deal... mystique or no.

    After driving it for 2 years by the way, I am not sure I still agree with it having such a mystique. The 8 gear shifter is often unsure of itself in the low gears with hesitation on acceleration.. or dropping down too fast. I am told by audi that that is how they are designed.

    The brakes squeal like crazy, particularly in the winter. They have worked on them extensively but admit that it is in the design of "high end" brakes. What a joke. They believe there will be a new design to get rid of that problem in future. Meanwhile, my 40 K car makes noise that honda drivers laugh at... and the dealer tries to say that is the sign of a high end car. what bs.

    The controls remain utterly logical but utterly complicated. I still want to push one button for a preset on my radio rather than the distracted push of one button, a roll of a wheel, and another push when I scroll (with my eyes off the road) to the right station. Horrible design. Designing things that are distracting unnecessarily.. is unethical.

    So... trash me because I don't agree we should kowtow to the dealers posturing... or to accepting everything about this expensive car because it is superb "German Engineering"...

    but my point will find resonance in others who experience the same thing.
  • Im in Houston Texas,

    What should I expect to Pay/Lease for a 2014 Q5 2.0 - MSRP Price 47325 - Dealer Discount - 954 = True Price $46371.

    How much lower can a Dealer get to invoice Price?


    Options Below

    Premium Plus Package
    Audi Advanced Key
    Lighting Package
    Auto-Dimming & Power-Folding Outside Mirrors
    Auto-Dimming Interior Mirror w/Digital Compass
    3-Step Heated Front Seats
    2-Position Driver Side Memory
    Deep Tinted 2-Panel Panorama Sunroof
    Power Opening/Closing Tailgate
    Aluminum Trunk Edge Trim & Door Sills
    Audi Xenon Plus Headlights

    Additional Options
    Audi Guard Protection Kit
    Audi MMI Navigation Plus Package
    8-Color Driver Information Display
    Audi Parking System Plus w/Rear View Camera
    Audi Connect w/Online Services
    Bang & Olufsen Sound System
  • roadrageeroadragee CaliforniaPosts: 111
    edited August 2013


    Obviously, you had a problem with a statement I wrote; "Be Happy about it" How is this "Lecturing"? I am merely implying it's a good deal and one should be happy! How is this a bad thing?????

    and WHO"S LECTURING WHO???? YOU ARE THE ONE LECTURING what tone of language should be written here and what a proper response to a question must be.

    and YOU ARE THE ONE TRASHING ME for providing an useful information and explaining a proper background data behind it. Furthermore, you are all getting personal about this, even going the distance by trashing my 'obnoxious' user name.

    I never said Audi Dealers do not negotiate. It all depends on the time of the year, inventory level at the dealers, market value, any sales promotion, location, market of the area, the willingness of a dealer to make you a deal, and so many other factors/variables. Smart, savvy buyers shop around to get the deal that they will "BE HAPPY" with.

    Again, all I have done is providing an information. all based on what people have been posting here. Why? Because I want everyone shopping for Q5 be an informed shopper and get the best deal possible.
  • you can do better, I posted earlier the exact same config I was offered $42800 (including $1000 Audi loyalty rebate). I think Conquest rebate is the same if you currently own BMW, Merc, Lexus, etc
  • just FYI what I paid

    2013 Q5 3.0T Premium Plus
    Monsoon Grey Paint
    $43900 + $200 doc fee + tax (inc. $1K Loyalty rebate)

    Not many 2013 left but I think it was a smoking deal for a 3.0T. MSRP was $48820.

    Happy car hunting!
  • Thanks Guys. I checked with another dealer(B) with this quote and he said outright that he can't match it. Dealer A did mention, if I have own an Audi, he can knock off another $1k as loyalty offer.

    But i am a new owner; seems like I have to wait until holiday season when showrooms are deserted or just go with this price.
  • Hey,

    That is a great deal!! Do you mind posting your salesperson's information, and if the car came with any extra upgrades (Audi guard, wheel locks, etc.)?


  • jlo331jlo331 Posts: 2
    Hi - I'm negotiating price on a 2014 Q5 TDI. The MSRP is approx 53.5. Dealer today told me that he can get me to invoice + 300 - $1000 for customer acquisition. This all sounded good until i started looking at invoices online (building same car/specs). Several sites bring up invoice prices that are about $1500 less than the number I am being told by dealer is "invoice."

    When being shown the invoice at the dealer - am i seeing the real deal? I was told today at dealership that Audi is no longer doing holdbacks.

    I thought I was on the right track...any advice out there?
  • You can verify Edmunds true market value tool; it gives you the option to build the vehicle with the all details and gives you three prices, MSRP, invoice and true market value. Hope this helps!
  • I just need a quick clarification, isnt supplier price a little above the ainvoice price ?
    We finally settled on the price for the following config as supplier price-6%
    2014 Q5 2.0 Premium Plus
    Lava Grey
    Black leather
    Premium Plus
    Audi MMI package
    19.5 inch wheels
    Premium Audio
    First Aid kit
    Wheel lock
    Cargo Net
  • next2000next2000 Posts: 16
    edited August 2013

    I am looking for an Audi Q5 Premium Plus 2.0T in the Chicagoland area.

    Option1: New 2013 Model

    Option2: Used 2011 or 2012 Model with <= 18k miles.

    What should be the best price I can expect from dealers in the Chicago/Midwest region?

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