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2013 and Earlier - Toyota Prius Prices Paid and Buying Experiences



  • rzodrzod Posts: 1
    Can anyone tell me (apx) what they are charging for Title and Registration in Southern California?
    I am almost home on a lease based on:

    Money factor of .00150
    Residual of $14,582
    36 months/12K miles

    They are saying 0 down but then they quote me drive off fees of $635 which includes first months payment, title and registration.

    That's where the difference seems to be.

    They keep saying it's $346 but I am getting something closer to $326 per month.

    Please help.

  • In upstate NY. MSRP was 29,210 (solar with floor mats). Price was 28,045 plus tax, DMV fees. It was very difficult finding a prius 3 with navigation and almost all the dealers were quoting msrp with no discount. Lots of prius 2 were available though.
  • In 2007, we bought a 4cyl Silver Camry LE from Claremont Toyota. Our breakdown was:
    - 17,977 LE Automatic (with CF mats)
    - 55 Doc Fees
    - 1487.64 Tax
    - 116 Lic Fees
    - 64 Reg
    - 8.75 CA Tire fees (?)

    Total: $19708.39 out the door

    Please post your numbers when you finalize the deal. Knowledge is power for all of us!
  • Lots of Prius 2 available in Southern CA now as well, since about August. Almost seems like they've ordered too many as inventory is piling up.
  • Try to use TrueCar.com and AOL Autos to get the quotes.
    The prices are much better than quotes from the dealers' internet departments.

    You just need to work hard to make dealers honor the prices you got from TrueCar and AOL Autos. (AOL Autos has lower price quote)
  • I got the OTD price for Prius 2 with Blizzard Pearl is $ 24,700.00 in Southern California. Therefore, I am looking for Prius 3. Will keep everyone updated.
  • torr310torr310 Posts: 41
    edited September 2011
    Many of the dealers still want to sell their Prius at close to MSRP now...

    1) the economy isn't doing well now.
    2) the trend of gas price is not going up.
    3) there are more compact cars with very good MPG that are well-equipped at much lower price. The Prius MPG advantage is not that obvious as before.
    4) For all the above and 2011 model year going to end soon.

    For all the above, do you still feel the price quotes you got from dealers are attractive? I doubt.
  • I agree that most dealers have been stubbornly holding their prices at close to MSRP. This is starting to change for the reasons you've mentioned. Inventory seems to be building on the lots. Also, there are LOTS of hybrid models coming on the market in the next few months e.g. just from Toyota, we can expect over the next 3 months: Prius 2012 revamped, Prius V (wagon), etc. Claremont Toyota locally has started running ad specials for the Prius - something that we did not see over the summer. We're putting off our purchase for a few months and hanging in there. My bet is that the 2011 Prii should continue to drop in price.
  • I am looking for 2011 Prius2 in Chicago or Quadcities area and I need to know the best price if any have purchased recently in this area? I live in Bettendorf,IA and I dont mind going to Chicago if I can save 1000-1500$ than my local dealer price. My local dealer quoted $24969 "outthedoor" price for prius 2.If anyone have purchased recently from this area , please let me know the price. I also appreciate if you can include the %APR on the loan.
  • Hi there, I just got a Prius 3 in Los Angeles area. The total amount paid including tax & license is $25,150 out the door.

    This price includes:
    carpet floor mats
    carpet cargo mat
    cargo net
    rear bumper applique

    ps. special color will add $200 extra.
  • dmckenzie,

    Thanks for the post. Could you break down out-the-door price to
    price paid for Prius 3

    I am in the market for either a Prius II or III in the Bay Area (San Jose), and scouting for best prices paid up here, too.

  • Only negotiated for the Out The Door price to prevent any hidden charge.

    Below are the breakdown:
    Prius 3: $23,760
    Tax (8.75%): $2,079
    License: $155
    Registration: $100
    Documentation: $55
    Total: $26,149

    I negotiated with 4 dealerships online to get this price.
  • I think you can get better price for Prius 2 because I see dealers have the most inventory for Prius 2.

    Good luck shopping!
  • Good price. I paid 23670 for II in michigan which was about $700 less than any other dealer around here.
  • I test drove a Prius III without Navigation last weekends in the SF Bay Area.
    MSRP is ~ $25K, silver color. The next day the dealer called me with "One Day Special Only" deal of $23.5K. Seeing the most recent prices paid on this forum, that seems to be a decent deal to have.

    I did not jump to that deal since a) I am not in a hurry, b) I am not adequately researching the Prius yet, and c) I am sure if they can offer me that today they can do the same tomorrow and next.

    This dealer has about 20 2011 Prius on the lot, so there is no inventory shortage that I can see. With the way the economy is going, and the 2012 models are coming in, I think I can do better if I can take my time on the purchase.
  • Hi torr210,
    I am in the process of buying a 2011 Prius 3. $25,150 OTD is a good price. Would you be able to tell me which dealership and did you use a car buying program? Thanks.
  • drqchino,

    Do you mind to share what region you are in? If you are getting an identical car (prius III no nav) then definitely you're getting a better deal than torr210 @26k+
  • I am in the market for Prius II (Maryland) and would appreciate for some pointers on a decent price (excluding taxes, title, etc). I started getting quotes only today and so far the best I have got is about $23,500 (this DOES NOT include tax, tag and about $200 processing fee). I don't think this is a very good quote and hence asking,

    Any pointers would be greatly appreciated (and I hope this is the right forum for this question)

  • superman5superman5 Posts: 154

    I am shopping for a 2011 Prius III with no options in socal area. I tried getting quotes using Truecars.com and the best price so far is $23523 w/ destination but before tax and license. The MSRP is $25,280. Is this a good price? Please advise!
  • Hi superman5,

    In norcal (San Jose/Bay Area) I visited only one dealer. The next day he called me back with a "today only" deal of 23.5K before tax, title, and license (TTL). It's silver Prius III without Navigation. I thought it is a good price since truecar.com best quote is around 23.6K.

    For my case, I took my time and did not call him back until that evening. The dealer sale guy said that the boss approved it for today only, and he had to check if it's still good. He did not call me back yet.

    In my opinion it is a good price, if you need the car now. Given the not-so-good economic news lately and the 2012 going to be here soon, I think more (better) deals can be had next month or so,

    Good luck.
  • That price seems high given that people in CA getting offers for Prius III @23.5K (w/o nav).

    Have you checked truecar.com for your zip code? From my experience truecar.com gives the closest/lowest prices people able to get. You may have to negotiate aggressively with 3-4 different dealers to get that price.

    Good luck.
  • superman5superman5 Posts: 154
    Thank you for your reponse. I also saw an ad this weeeknd another dealer advertising $23500 for a prius III w/ NAV. I think they were selling two at that price. Would it be realistic to think I can get the dealer to match that price wit Nav or lower the original quote? I am supposed to be going to the dealer today to test drive and possibly sign the paper. Please advise!
  • That's a reasonable price if the NAV package is included. Did you purchase it? Which dealership? Would you mind sharing the out-the-door price and the breakdown of the costs? Thanks!
  • Is it reasonable to try and negotiate Prius-II for $22000 (plus TTL). I am not sure if any dealer in Maryland will agree for that, but if they do, my OTD will be $23,720. Is that reasonable? Is that too high?
  • aw5135aw5135 Posts: 3
    Hey torr310, Can you tell me where you got 25150 for Prius III out the door? I'm in southern california too and i would jump on the chance for a price like that.
  • saidiadudesaidiadude Posts: 49
    edited October 2011
    Sales figures September 2011. Toyota production is now at "normal" levels but yet sales have dropped. Translation: Look for bigger incentives on Toyo vehicles in the next few months! I had noticed a build up of Prii on dealer lots in September, this article explains it nicely. Dealers will start dealing more aggressively now to get rid of excess inventory.
  • avichiavichi Posts: 22
    Planning to purchase a Toyota Prius used (2009-2010) models, appreciate which model should be i looking at , I have a offer for a 2009 Prius with 29000 miles from a Honda dealer for about 20,500 out of the door.

    Appreciate your feedback
  • superman5superman5 Posts: 154
    The price I was quote did not include nav. I have not purchased the vehicle yet. The price was from Truecars.com dealers.
  • I did not research for Prius II so I can't comment on it.
    I see that truecar.com quote is very close to what Toyota dealer in my area is willing to deal.

    >>>Is it reasonable to try and negotiate Prius-II for $22000 (plus TTL).
    Why not? Try with 3-4 different dealers in your area to see if they would go for it. At the very least you know where the bottom is.

    If you are not in a hurry I think Toyota is not doing too well last quarter, and given the uncertainty in the stock market & economy, they will be more willing to deal, or Toyota is going to offer some incentives to move car.

    Good luck.
  • I bought a Prius III (with Nav) for $24,750 is MD. Tax, tags and dealer processing fee ($200) are extra.

    Was this a decent price?
  • The incentives have started. In Southern CA, Toyota is offering 0% APR for 36 months on various vehicles (Prius is one of them). Offer ends 10/31 but it wouldn't surprise me if they extended it till the end of the year. 2012 Prius will be in dealer lots in early January, so expect Toyota to ramp up incentives from now till end of December.
  • aw5135aw5135 Posts: 3
    I think thats a good price, I just got a prius 3 in southern cali for $1000 less than that. usually they charge $2000 more navigation.
  • Just got an offer in Maryland for 2011 Prius III white with Navi for $25100 with 0% for 36 months. Is this a good deal? Thanks!
  • If that is an out the door price, it is a very reasonable quote.
  • Quite good compared to what I got in MD itself.

    For Prius 3 (with Nav) I got $24,750 + (Tax, Tags and dealer processing fee of $200) and my interest rate is 2.74%
  • It's not OTD. Which dealership did you get yours?
  • Koons Westminister

    However, since you are getting 0% financing, you numbers look good even if it does not include tax and tags (I am assuming yours include freight).

    As I said my $24,750 included freight, but not tax, tags and dealer processing fee of $200
  • Yes, it includes freight. I'm in Montgomery County. How do you like your Prius so far? It's amazing that it gets 50+MPG.
  • Have had it for all of 4 days now and love it! I live in Howard County and was a hike to to pick up the Prius, but was worth it as I got the best deal there.

    Your deal looks better than mine though. All the best,
  • qtpqtp Posts: 1
    I'm planning to buy a Prius III now. Can you give me the name of the dealer that you got your car from in Montgomery County? So far all the offers that I got for Prius ||| is almost $25000 without any options? Thanks.
  • Hi. I'm thinking about leasing a 2011 Pkg 5, and am wondering about RV and Money factor's on a 3 yr./ 12K per year lease. Also, any idea about upfront costs and how they break down? Thanks!
  • I live in Howard county and work in Montgomery county. However I picked the Prius from Koons Westminister. It was a bit of hike, but I got better deal there than in Howard or Montgomery county.
  • Try Fitzgerald in Gaithersburg. Good luck!
  • hbqiao1hbqiao1 Posts: 3
    edited October 2011
    Pass by a dealer today asking about new Camry hybrid, the dealer offer this price for a base Prius II plus TTL. Kind of enticing to get it. Any comments?
  • Looks decent - if I had that offer last week when I was shopping, I would have bought it
  • saidiadudesaidiadude Posts: 49
    edited October 2011
    Did he give you an out-the-door price? Any other add-ons (mats, etc)? Sometimes they low ball you and add additional fees at the end. One dealer gave us a super low quote (20K+fees) and then tried to add lots of additional fees, including a $600 processing fee. Total ballooned to over $25K when all was said and done, which was not very competitive. Needless to say, we walked. Always ask for the breakdown of the costs and the total price.
  • Just wanted to confirm if an OTD price of $30,950 for 2011 Prius 4 w/ nav is a good deal. I wish the 0% financing was available in our region. Any comments??
  • thanks. I did not ask for the exact OTD price. He told me TTL is about 10%, including 7.75% sales tax here.

    Lots of Prius on lot. I see local ads for $22000 for Prius II. , with "10 available", so it does not look like a low ball offer. May wait some time to see what Prius V look like,
  • saidiadudesaidiadude Posts: 49
    edited October 2011
    I'm in Southern CA also. Lots of Prii inventory at most dealers in LA County. Mostly in Silver, Gray or Black though. Beach and Claremont have had loss leaders in their ads in LA Times. Which dealer had the ad with 20 available?

    See one of my previous posts on exact cost breakdown for a 2007 Camry we bought in '07. I have been using it as a guide to roughly figure out costs on top of the price the dealers have given us. In general, 10% for all other costs sounds about right.
  • I live in Orange county, the Toyota of Orange posted on the local newspaper (Orange County register) of $22000 on Prius II with "10 available. The neighborhood dealer whom I talked to yesterday had black and silver at the $21450 price.
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