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Chevrolet Tracker Maintenance and Repair



  • rmk51rmk51 Posts: 2
    does any have any idea if a mid nineties auto overdrive will work with a 1990 1.6 liter 4x4. The tracker I inherited has 40k on it and is red 2 door with auto and air conditioning. the auto overdrives came out in the late to mid nineties and were a toyota trans part number A44DE. I hope Im not dreaming
  • rmk51rmk51 Posts: 2
    I have a geo tracker with three speed auto,can a newer autooverdrize hook up. The motor is 1.6. Its a nice truck 40k \4x4 hardtop
  • I bought my '01 new and have had few problems, now with 155K. The O2 code came on and I replaced both sensors. I also replaced the catalytic converter, also from a code reading. I have had the idle control code come up a few times. After making sure all passages in that system were clear and clean, I've simply disconnected the electrical plug to the tiny motor that opens or closes the bypass passage allowing air intake when the throttle is closed. There seems to be a glitch at this connection. Last time I cleaned the connection as best I could and haven't had a code since. I had to replace the intermediate steering shaft as the small u joint failed. It has the symptom of feeling like it goes from power to manual steering quite quickly. It can be dangerous if that u joint seizes. Please beware. Go through about 2 qts between 5K mile oil changes. Replaced radiator and hoses, front brakes and tune up items. Get some cold start clicking from hydraulic valve lifters for a few seconds once in a while. All in all a good runner. Good luck.
  • I had a similar problem on my 2000 Chevy Tracker, I checked all tire inflation pressure, power Stereen pump, alignment and everything , I discovered that the joints that connect the steering column to the rack pinion were rusted, I searched and will not find everywhere, fit out of a similar size I found in a junkyard
  • Help! I need to change both belts on a 2002 chevy tracker 6cyl (suzuki) w/AC.
    Does the fan need to come out? Do I need to pull the engine? It is very tight in there.
  • cdl2cdl2 Posts: 15
    Power steering pump is working again, but the rack is leaking more than ever. I found a place that has repair kits a while back but can't find it again.

    Any help??????
  • I have a 2003 Tracker with a differential issue - anyone else have that? I hate to think that I have to put $1100 to $2500 - JUST for the part! - into this car! I haven't seen anyone else post this issue on the internet.
    Any thoughts?
  • kids1kids1 Posts: 1
    My brake light will not go off of my 2003 chevy tracker. What could this be. Thanks
  • Bill, I have ordered the replacement but would appreciate the specific instructions for replacing the handle. Can you help me out please?
  • Hello!

    I have a Chevrolet Tracker 2002 and I am looking for the screw cover of the roof rack. The cover that I looking for is the back right one. Can anybody tell where I can find that part?
  • birdman73birdman73 Posts: 1
    edited May 2010
    If you mean the 'brake' light on the instrument cluster, I have the same issue. Regardless of the hand brake lever's position, the light stays on? I found that if you turn the ignition key just a little towards you, but not 'OFF', it makes the light go out. It must be something faulty with the ignition switch & its connection to the emergency brake; not sure.
  • luce28luce28 Posts: 1
    I recently bought a 2001 Tracker with 64000 miles. It had only 1 owner. I LOVE THIS CAR! But the other day I took off and noticed that the speedometer wasn't working. I stopped, mashed on the brake (I don't know why :D) and then turned it back on. It still did work. So I used the "poor man fix". I flicked it with my finger and it popped right up and fuctioned perfectly. This morning, after not driving it for a couple of days, it did the same thing and i did the same thing. Once again it worked. Can anyone tell what the problem might be, if there is one? The tach and everything else functioned normally. If you know the what the problem is, do you know the fix?
  • glen19glen19 Posts: 1

    I recently purchased an 03 Chev tracker XLT and wondered whether its necessary to replace timing parts at 122,000 miles?

    Is this an interference engine?
  • snicholsnichol Posts: 28
    Hi Folks,
    been a while since I posted...
    I saw some posts that I thought that they may need to go back and read some of my old posted messages about the timing chain and can sensor problems ...

    ... concerning these problems, if you do a search in any category with "Trackers" in it and use my name, "snichol", you will see a history about it.
    (BTW, my 2001 Tracker has over 260,000 miles on it right now! ... my second engine, as you'll see in my messages...)
    Hope it helps.
  • lmmaralmmara Posts: 6
    I have heard of a company who makes a kit for installing a VW turbo diesel in Trackers. I think I saw a video of one on U-Tube.
  • oldwolf1oldwolf1 Posts: 1
    I have a hole in my oil pan. What do you have to do to replace the oil pan? Can you just unbolt the mounts and lift the engine? Will this give enough clearance to get the old pan out and the new one in?
  • My speedometer quit workin on my 2001 Tracker today too. I checked the interior fuse box but didn't have any blown fuses. I also checked the engine block fuses and didn't have any blown fuses there either. You might want to check in those 2 places to start off. I'm at a loss with what to next with mine, so if anyone has any ideas on where to go from here please let me know. Thanks!
  • Is the exhaust manifold on a 2000,2.0L Tracker regular steel or stainless? Apparently the mounting bracket bolts loosened with age, and the vibration cracked the exhaust manifold. I would simply replace it, but the cost for this year/model is outrageous for some reason, compared to before and after series. The guys at my shop where I work say they can weld either reg or stainless if I take off the manifold and bring it in, but I will have to pick up some stainweld/nickle rod if its stainless, since they usually only do regular steel and only order enough rod for specialty welding as needed. (Hey, its the economy, gotta cut where you can.) At least the labor is free, or a case of beer Friday afternoon after work, whichever!

    Any info greatly appreciated.Thanks!
  • Is the hole so big and bad and inaccessible that a good grade of engine epoxy wouldn't do the trick?
    I have repaired oil pan punctures before using epoxy with no problem.
  • vanner1vanner1 Posts: 12
    Okay, anyone done an outer cv joint boot replacement on the front axle of a 4wd Tracker? 2000 4cyl 4dr. Looks like it requires removing a whole lot of stuff and much of it might have to be replaced? How much work, how expensive? I can't justify putting that much into this vehicle at this point in its life.
  • blafteusblafteus Posts: 1
    Do you still have the pics of this? I recently had my transmission rebuilt on my 1999 Chevrolet Tracker 2.0L 4x and I wanted the mechanic to take a look at the a/c because it was not blowing cool air. He got it working, however he said I had to keep it on, if I shut it off via the a/c button or turned the fan off completely, it wouldn't work again until I popped open the hood and unplugged and plugged back in the the main switch for it by the fuse block. So clearly I have an electrical problem somewhere. Well I tried resetting it when it died on me at work this week and it didn't work, plus I lost the blower as well, so no cool air and no hot air either.
    The mechanic determined the fuse was blown so he puts in a 25 instead of a 20, which gets it working again. I drive it almost home and I start to lose acceleration power as if I shifted into neutral. I also hear sparking by the fuse box. I immediately shut off the a/c and the car gets power to accelerate again plus the sparking sound stops. The blower is not working again and after hours of having it parked I go to start the Tracker and the engine won't turn over. WTH? Please help on this miserable Sunday morning, I'm ready to buy a new vehicle if I can't get this beast working right again.
  • jimmy96jimmy96 Posts: 2
    I've recently purchased An 01 tracker with the roof luggage rack also has the slide rails. My problem is that I didn't receive a key for the 4 locking devices on them. I would like to move or remove them.Does any one know where i might purchase a key to unlock them. any help greatly appreciated. thanks Jim
  • jimmy96jimmy96 Posts: 2
    Hi I have towed my 01 trackerSeveral times I just ran a short 4 wire extension from the plug in on the motor hometo the end of the tow bar, then ran a long extension wire from the end of the tow bar through the frame to rear of car and up into the Jack compartment and used magnetic lights to stick on top of vehicle.My tracker is a4 wheel drive automatic. so to tow it place transmission in neutral, then place the transfer case in neutral . then place tranny back in park set ignition key to acc.hook up tow bars and go. some people use a seperate brake system but I didn't these cars are so light you don't know they are back there and i certainly didn't have problems stopping it, hope I've been some help Jim
  • vanner1vanner1 Posts: 12
    This info is for the LEFT axle shaft only! The right one involves removing a few moe items to replace the axle so the labor about doubles.

    Found a local tire/suspension shop - part of a Louisville area chain (Ken Towery) - that did the job for $217 and change, got the whole axle overnight and installed it in 20 minutes, with a 1 year warranty. I am pleased!

    The also gave me a heck of a good quote to replace my ac compressor and redo the whole system. I'll post that under another topic heading.
  • vanner1vanner1 Posts: 12
    Shop gave me a really good price for repairing my ac on my Tracker. Compressor clutch crapped out and that means a new compressor on these cars. Quote is for complete "compressor kit" from NAPA that includes compressor, accumulator/drier, oil and refrigerant with labor and a 1 year warranty for $700. I have to take the deal - I love this car too much and can't find any replacement I can live with. 140K miles and I want 60K more, so I'll make the appointment.
  • Very nice! What area is that in?
  • vanner1vanner1 Posts: 12
    Louisville, KY
  • I have a 2003 4WD Tracker with a 2.0L that pretty much needs the same AC system repairs. Do you have any info on who to contact for this?
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