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Chevrolet Tracker Maintenance and Repair



  • rgirardrgirard Posts: 8
    I am having problems with the power door lock on the rear door (the fifth door) on my 2003 Tracker. How do I remove the inside plastic trim panel without damaging it? It appears to be held on by some type of metal or plastic clips. Any and all advice will be appreciated.
  • pdpo222pdpo222 Posts: 1
    The rear end is going in my Tracker. Will any other rear end fit it or does it have to be from another 1999 Tracker? Thanks for you time.
  • Sounds like your cv half shafts are split , mine made that same noise and both cv shafts were split
  • What socket or tool do I use to remove the plug of the rear axle to check fluid?
  • dmetzgar1dmetzgar1 Posts: 1
    I've recently purchased An 01 tracker with the roof luggage rack also has the slide rails. My problem is that I didn't receive a key for the 4 locking devices on them. I would like to move or remove them.Does any one know where i might purchase a key to unlock them. any help greatly appreciated. Thanks! D.
  • steverstever Posts: 52,683
    If the rack happens to be made by Yakima or Thule (and some OEM racks are), then you can get replacement keys at shops that sell racks. Like REI, local boating or sporting goods store, or a local truck canopy/accessory store.

    Or try a Chevy parts department.
  • bodallybodally Posts: 5
    DOES a 1998 tracker 1.6 4 cyl. have a timing belt or timing chain ?? some of the poswts I have read are not specific enough. Thanks
  • I have a 2000 tracker 2x4 and recently start to make a noise on the front when the car is on the road at 35 mph and up. I put new tires, change the front wheel bearings (both sides) and noise /“vibration” still. My mechanics have no clued after hours of inspection. Again the problem is when the car is running; the car was tested on the lifting rack and was accelerated up to 60MPH and no noise whatsoever. Only when the car is on the road and the noise feels on the front of the vehicle. I’m wonder if could be a differential related problem. If someone have an idea or have had the problem with successful repairing results, please let me know.
  • tlao1975tlao1975 Posts: 3
    My vibration problem was finally fixed, though I doubt it will be the solution for anyone else. It turns out that when I got my studded tires put on (several months before my first post in this thread), 4 out of the 5 wheel studs on my front left wheel got cross-threaded. So obviously, since my tire wasn't being properly held on by the lug nuts, it was flopping around when she got up to speed and hence the vibration! It also screwed with my steering control when I hit potholes, frostheaves, etc.

    I'm relieved the problem is fixed, but annoyed it took me changing garages to catch such a potential disaster waiting to happen.
  • bodallybodally Posts: 5
    Reading the label on the undeside of hood, for timing spec. The label stated to ajust with the check connector shorted.
    I am not sure where this is and how to short it. do you short it to ground ???????
    any help would be welcomed !
    Thank you.
  • subarumudsubarumud Posts: 4
    Hi there, can you explain what exactly your problem is again, never quite understood your post. Problems putting the tracker on timing or what ?
  • bodallybodally Posts: 5
    All I want to do is check the timing. the label says to short a connector.
    I need to know where the connector is and which wire or wires are to be shorted , and do they mean shorted to ground.
  • subarumudsubarumud Posts: 4
    If your just trying to adjust the timing you need to have the timing gun wires connected to both your battery and number 1 spark plug wire. Found this link to timing a Geo Tracker which is basically the same procedure as what your trying to do.

    Also if your distributor was removed here is the procedure on how to reinstall. Its the closest way i can get to explaining it all.
  • bodallybodally Posts: 5
    Ok I found the connector.. it is under the hood behind the right headlight , a 6 pin connector, you jump between the #4 and #5 slot . timing on 98 tracker is 5 degrees btc.
  • subarumudsubarumud Posts: 4
    Did you get the timing on ok ?
  • I have the same problem, how do you resolve this?
  • Hi!

    Just top up the brake fluid. Works like a charm (be careful to not overfill though)
  • Depending on how high you were hung up, your CV boot may have slipped off. Something worth checking out.
  • nels5nels5 Posts: 2
    I have a manual transmission 4x4 tracker with 2.0 engine. The car squeals from 800 to 1200 RPM
    when I am accelerating (I am in 2,3 or 4 th gear - almost lugging the engine). The squeal
    happens for 1 to 2 seconds then goes away. It only happens at this RPM range. I replaced
    the idler pulley and the tensioner last week and that didn't stop the squeal. I cannot get
    it to squeal if I park the car and rev the engine at this same RPM range so I presume
    it some drive component causing this and not related to the water pump/alternator.
  • I have a 2001 tracker and I go to turn on heater and I have to play with the switch bar (move it back and forth until air goes on and only works when fan is set at high level) to get the air to run for heat or defroster. HELP winter is coming and I need to know my defroster will work! Thanks
  • Have you figured out the problem? Im having the same problem with my tracker. Ive narrowed it to either the pump not producing the required pressure, the hose that runs from the pump to the front axel may have a hidden leak, or the diaphragm inside the front axel may be ruptured. I would be thrilled to hear your solution.
  • I recently acquired a "weezing" sound coming from the front of the engine by the fan belt at idle. Seems to come and go at highway speeds. Belts are relatively new(no cracking). Any suggestions to tell my mechanic? Thanks in advance.
  • nels5nels5 Posts: 2
    I have not tried to remove the fan to see if my squealing sound goes away because it has been raining for 5 weekends here. But on the Suzuki forum someone suggested my squealing sound might be the fan bearings which need to be replaced by two bearings. Not sure if this is relevant to your situation since your noise is a bit different.
    His response was: "there is a bearing for the fan and it could be your problem. it is located on the fan adjuster braket. You need to remove the fan blabe as if you're going to replace the belt and you'll find it behind the fan blade mount. You will need 2 609 R2S bearing to replace the single bearing that is used by mfg."
  • I was also wondering about the front and back handles being the same. I just ordered all 4 new as 4 of mine are bad now. But they only had left and right fronts. Thanks
  • my fiance has a 2003 chevy tracker and the power steering has started going out i have done some routine checks and came up stumped there is a loss of power when driving and seems to get worse the longer you drive it does not return to center when you releas the wheel while turning i have inspected for leaks even thogh the resivoir is full i also jacked up the front and turned it under power and there is no binding or loss of pwer it only seems to have this problem while driving also not sure how to bleed the system as i cannot seem to find a repair manual for this model is there anything i can do short of replacing parts we are on a very tight budget.
  • amby869amby869 Posts: 1
    edited March 2013
    I have a 2003 Chevrolet Tracker. I was driving and everything just turned off and died. My car has been making a rattling sound, it was actually getting louder before my car died. My dad put oil in it and still nothing. We hooked it up to a computer to run the diagnosis test and I think they said it was something electrical. All the spark plugs are still good, battery is good, fuel pump is good too I think, it turns on but it won't turn over. What else could it be? Could it have anything to do with the rattling sound? :confuse:
  • I have a 2001 Chevy Tracker with a soft top. I don't have an issue the the soft top itself (I bought a replacement a few years back. My problem is that my husband and brother in-law broke the plastic framing (I guess?) that attaches the side windows to the car itself. Not sure that is the best description, but hopefully some one can help me figure out if and where I can buy replacements!
  • mcarra1mcarra1 Posts: 1
    I am having similar electrical problems with a 2001 Tracker (2.0L). I have observed the blower fan and parking lights to come on well after the key was removed. These occurences have stopped but I measure a consistent draw of 650 mA after everything is shut off and I have linked this draw to two fuses: the 30 A pink fuse (#4 J/B) under the hood and a 10 A fuse under the dash (#17 Dome). Has anyone found the cause of similar problems or can someone recommend an approach to finding the cause?
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