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Chevrolet C6 Corvette



  • hjoneshjones Posts: 1
    GM does not offer incentives like you are mentioning for the corvette(2005). I get the "A" plan and did not qualify. If you shop around you can get $2,000-3,000 of MSRP. Kerbeck in Atlantic city will give 2500 off, and I bought my at Maxie Price Chevrolet (Loganville) outside of Atlanta last week for 2k off MSRP and drove home to Florida.
  • starrow68starrow68 Posts: 1,142
    The big discounts went with the end of the '04 model year, which is why I got the wife an end of C5 model. The extra HP wasn't going to make any difference to her, or me for that matter if it's just a weekend and touring car. And as of now I'm finding that keeping a C5 on the track is plenty expensive with just 17/18's and brakes.
    Not sure your ref, to the "A" plan, but I know that getting either GM employee or supplier pricing on C6 Vettes is really hard to do. The $2-3k off seems consistent with what I hear if people do the work, while there are many local dealers still asking for many K over MSRP, I don't get why people pay that. Enjoy the Vette, don't forget to wave and glad to see another smile out there. Did you go through the Forum, Action Center or other web source? Seems like Maxie Price is in the top 5 nationally for deliveries so they work to make a good deal.
    I will probably wait for supplier pricing but I know why it isn't available at this point. The dealer ends up with about $500-600 at the end of the deal and that's about 6k off. Nobody needs to go that low at this point and it is a business, the discounts are as much about moving inventory as doing a favor for a loyal customer.
  • SylviaSylvia Posts: 1,636
    A Chevrolet Corvette: Prices Paid & Buying Experiences discussion has been created. Hopefully more people can join in on the discussion about buying and different purchasing plans on the car.
  • mpuzachmpuzach Posts: 635
    After a lot of thought and wavering back and forth, I've decided to sell the Audi A6 4.2 and get a new Corvette. What pushed me over the edge was an experience I had last night. I stopped at the local dealer on the way home from work; they were closed and no one was around but their only C6 (black/ebony) was outside and unlocked. I opened the door and got in, just sitting there and enjoying how good the car felt. I turned on the lights and admired how nice everything looked. (Believe it or not, one of my biggest reservations about giving up the Audi has been giving up its stunning interior.) The Corvette's interior isn't as upscale as the Audi's (nor is it meant to be), but it's plenty nice and I can certainly live with it.

    Now the only questions are exterior color and transmission choices. The color nominees are LeMans Blue, Victory Red, and Monterey Red. (The interior will be Ebony). While I think the 6-speed manual would be a lot of fun, I worry that in Bay Area traffic it would quickly become a nuisance. If I go with the automatic, I'll order a 2006 as its automatic will be a 6-speed as opposed to the '05's 4-speed.

    I also have to decide whether it will have Z51 or F55. My only concern with the Z51 is whether or not it produces a ride that's excessively harsh. Can anyone here share their experiences with either set-up? Thanks very much.

    - Mike
  • Can anyone suggest to me, options that a new Corvette owner might want. For instance, Z-51 package, or the magnetic control?

  • starrow68starrow68 Posts: 1,142
    Just one opinion but I think the suspension and tranny are linked. I went with a 6sp since I don't do a lot of commute traffic and therefore I got the performance suspension, Z51 with the manual. I just think when I get around to selling that the combination works better together. As it turns out that was the best combination for going to road courses and I do it regularly, any one want to watch at the NASA event this weekend at Sears Point, I'll be running on Saturday?
    For the Automatic, only a 4sp currently, I'm betting that getting the electronic magnetic shock suspension would be the best match for a touring car and probably not even bad for the drags once in awhile. That would not be a car to get out on the road course, I'm guessing, although I've seen several auto's do track days in the past. Pretty hard to match revs on down shifts in an auto.
    As to the Z51 we have it on both our Vette's and the wife loves rowing the gears as much as I do. We have been on trips up to 1400 miles and find the ride to be very comfortable with no undue tiring when doing a long day either driving or being a passenger. I know one couple with a Z06 and a stock suspension coupe and they try not to take the Z06 on long trips having done it once. FWIW
  • Thanks for the information starrow, now I have to decided if I go manual or automatic.
  • swenson1swenson1 Posts: 2

    I've had the six speed and drive it every day as a business car. I am now getting a 05 with automatic because as you say the stop and go traffic is a nuisance and I never thought I would say that. You mentioned the color "Monterey Red" which is actually "Magnetic Red" and the original color I had and the same as my new one. Maybe you haven't heard but this color and the yellow have been dis-continued by GM. Doesn't make sense to me.
  • swenson1swenson1 Posts: 2
    I have been told that the 2005 colors of Magnetic Red and Yellow have been discontinued. Anyone know why and is there new colors coming out???
  • mpuzachmpuzach Posts: 635
    Thanks for your input. Regarding the colors, you are correct that Magnetic Red has been discontinued, as has Millenium Yellow. No further orders are being accepted for either and production of both will conclude shortly. Beginning May 19th, however, their 2006 replacement colors (Monterey Red and Velocity Yellow) can be ordered on 2005 models, which will be produced through September 8th. I don't know why Magnetic Red and Millenium Yellow were dropped; perhaps demand exceeded supply. Nonetheless, there will be a few 2005s painted in 2006 colors. I've seen samples of both new colors. Monterey Red is darker than Magnetic and lighter than Anniversary Red (as seen on '93 40th Anniversary cars). I'm hard-pressed to see any difference between the two yellows.
  • ruking1ruking1 Posts: 18,562
    I think they change colors just to keep things interesting. Best of luck in your color selection!

    If I were to get a red, the Magnetic Red would rate serious consideration over the "Corvette " RED! It is truly an eye catching color without hitting you between the eyes with a 2x4. :) I don't think I would like the extra janitorial duties however.:)

    I got a Speedway White Z06 . In terms of numbers, they did not sell very well (1/352/5773). But since I do a lot of long distance driving in the deserts, it suits me fine.
  • bigmike5bigmike5 Posts: 960
    Swenson1-If you go to CorvetteConti's site he has paint swatches of the various reds and yellows. My eyes aren't all that good on the reds but I can see a difference on the yellows.
  • duntov7duntov7 Posts: 4

    You'll love the C6. I traded my Z06 on a 2005 silver/cobalt red coupe, and it has many, many improvements/enhancements/differences from the C5. The power "feel" of the C6 is similar to the Z06, in my opinion. I drove the Z06 4 years, and a '98 targa for 3-years, so I know the cars pretty well. I also had a '67 big-block L36 Sting Ray rag...side

    Regarding the Bay-area, I drove the Z06 3,000 miles, along with 25 other Vettes, to venture UP to the top of San Francisco (like BULLITT backwards), to drive en masse down the gorgeous Lombard Street 'corkscrew'....police escort and all...we were an NCRS group enroute to Monterey).

    I chose the Automatic this time for the C6, as it performs very well....can downshift for hills etc if you so desire. I have the F55; it is a versatile and solid suspension. Color choices is VERY personal....go for it. The C6 interior is very well appointed, and is as good as it needs to be, and the improved HUD is tremendous. I may go for Corsa Sports, though.


    - Mac
  • nikbornikbor Posts: 1
    We're thinking of buying a Corvette. Not thinking, we ARE going to buy one. Our question is - should we go with an '04 or '05? We're not sure what current Corvette owners think of the fixed, exposed headlights on the '05. Do you all think that GM did a good thing or a bad thing when they changed the headlights? Do you love it or hate it? We're thinking of the resale value later down the road. We don't know if people out there are not going to want any body style that has the exposed headlights or if that's going to be what sells the car. All opinions and any advice that anybody has to offer would be much appreciated. Thanks!
  • jmessjmess Posts: 677
    I think the styling of the C6 has attracted a wider audience that in the past. The last Vette that ever really had my attention was the 63-67 Sting Ray. Since then I really haven't been a fan. I was all set to buy another Lexus or BMW Sports Sedan until the C6 caught my eye. I really like the exposed head lights, the more rounded shape, the updated interior. After I drove the car I knew I wanted one.

    So I now have a silver one sitting in my garage and just spent most of the day driving it. This is the first GM car I have owned in 25 years and my first muscle car. Calling it a muscle car really doesn't do it justice. It is a pretty refined and comfortable sports car that happens to have a heck of lot of horse power, braking power, and corning power. It is always fun to drive and surprisingly comfortable for long distance runs.
  • starrow68starrow68 Posts: 1,142
    We have two C5's at home and love them both but they are now a generation behind. As to the pop up headlights, just one man's opinion, but they have always been a pain, look lousy when up, create aero drag and they went from high tech to low tech about 20 years ago, most old time Vette drivers never figured it out. Anybody stressed about the open lights is looking for excuses to justify what they have already. The added performance of the C6 over the base C5 is worth some extra $ and if you take a few driving classes you probably will appreciate it more. On the other hand, the low mileage C5's can be a very good deal and the car is a great daily driver as well as a super touring car. It really is too big to be considered a real sports car but it is capable on track, which I do a lot. Which ever way someone goes, they will probably be happy.
  • ndmike88ndmike88 Posts: 155
    If I were you I'd go with a C5 (2004). Read other forums and you will see a lot of people who bought the new C6's are having a lot of problems with them. (first year production I would guess)
    While the lights on the C6 are better, I like the look of the pop-ups. IMHO I feel the C5 was the best looking Corvette ever produced by GM. The final choice is yours. Remember a new C6 stickers at $53,000 for the coupe and $61,000 for the vert. You can buy a nicely equiped C5 for a heck of a lot cheapier price than a new C6.
    But whatever you decide just remember a Vette is a Vette. Hope is helps and don't forget to wave.
  • thegreatozthegreatoz Posts: 39
    manual or automatic

    Don't forget, the 2006 Corvette automatic will be 6-speed.

    Sweeeet! ;)
  • nissan350znissan350z Posts: 81
    Yeah with paddle shift too!
  • mbdmbd Posts: 12
    For 2006 they are eliminating the magnetic red (but they still have the other 2 reds)and the present yellow, but coming out with a different yellow (a little different shade). They are also eliminating the steel gray interior, and coming out with a titanium gray interior (different shade). Also adding a new 3 spoke steering wheel.
  • mbdmbd Posts: 12
    When I test drove the Vette - I noticed it seemed hard to steer. Was this just me, or is it harder to steer than most sports cars? Parking in parking lots felt like I was driving a truck. Anybody else have any thoughts on this? Thanks.
  • starrow68starrow68 Posts: 1,142
    One issue with steering the Vette is tire size. The wider the tire the more difficult is it going to be to steer. Compared to our 98 V90 Volvo wagon which has a very small turning radius the Vette is not as nimble in a parking lot. Then again at speed the Volvo is no where near as precise. Pick your choice. When at the track turning in at close to 100mph can be fun if the car is balanced and you are already back to throttle before you even get to the apex.
  • ruking1ruking1 Posts: 18,562
    Tire size for sure. 2001-2005 Z06 are 265-40-17 fronts 295 35-18's.
  • mbdmbd Posts: 12
    Definitely black top. It looks so much more "stealthy" than the others.
    White with red sounds beautiful, but take a close look at the interior red. Have you seen one yet? It's a little on the muted side, which may or may not be pretty to you. You decide...... you are the one who will be driving it everyday.
  • whm52whm52 Posts: 1
    Have been test driving C-6 Vette and am interesting in hearing about suspensions. Thought the F55 felt really comfortable and refined while the Z51 felt like a washboard. Read many magazine articles saying the Z51 was "compliant", but this did not seem to be the case during test drive. Figured out the only way to be sure was to test them back to back. Am interested in hearing if anyone has done this and what they decided to purchase.

    Also, Nav looks cheap in the brochure and cannot be programmed unless parked. Is it really worth the cost? And isn't Sirius much better than XM?
  • starrow68starrow68 Posts: 1,142
    The real question is what do you want to do with the car? If you plan to
    track it, go with the Z51 and yes it will not be as comfortable on the road
    as the F55. If you have no plans to track it and just want a touring car
    why not get the F55 and be comfortable just about all the time. When it
    comes time to try out a canyon road just switch to sport and stiffen it up
    a little.

    I love my Z51 2002 Coupe and since I track it regularly, wouldn't have
    anything else.
  • jmessjmess Posts: 677
    I have the 05 Nav and it isn't worth the money IMHO if money matters to you. I bought my car off the lot but would never order a car with this NAV system. I seldom use it and the few times that I have it gave me erroneous directions. Nothing like being told to make turns where no road exists and never did. Some report that the current database DVD is about 4 years old which makes navigating in some of the cities interesting.

    Another feature you get with the NAV system is a sterio that won't play MP3 and doesn't have CD changer.

    If you have to have all the gadgets and aren't concerned about what $1600 really buys for you then get the NAV.
  • farscapefarscape Posts: 5
    Why is there a move by most cars to a 3 spoke steering wheel? I found the 4 spokes easier to drive longer distances allowing you to rest your hand bottom center instead of gripping a side and holding your arm up to stay straight.
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    2005 Corvette Convertible: Still blazing after all these years.

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