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Fight for recall of CVT for Nissan Rogues and the like



  • I agree. I purchased a 2012 Nissan Rogue Special Edition. I currently have about 60,000 as I commute daily to my work in the Bay Area. The last couple of months I noticed that I was having acceleration problems. When I was on I5 on my way to Sacramento I noticed the acceleration was really dragging and I pulled over at the next exit. When I took my vehicle to a local dealership I received the same diagnosis that possibly my transmission is going out and it is currently on order. I felt that my vehicle is too new and even at close to 60,000 that there shouldn't be problems with the transmission. There needs to be a recall of the vehicle because of CVT problems. Keep me in the loop as I am ready to provide my input.
  • anybody got any action on this yet?? i called Nissan consumer affairs -- and I'm going to the "independent" Nissan dealership on THursday to have their service manager see if the vibration is normal. its not, i brought it in for a tune up and got it back in worse condition than when i dropped it off, i wish i had never taken it in??

    Are they going to scam me?? are they going to say, these vibrations are normal?

    if anybody knows, is there a range of acceptable vibrating?? like units?? 2in/cm or some measurement??? i want to ask them what the vibrating came back as and where does it say that is acceptable....

    this all makes me sick, like one big cover up, i want to trade this is and get my wife and baby daughter a reliable crossover... how much could i get for a silver 2008 SLAWD all the bells and whistles???

  • Hi all! Reading this makes me a little worried. i have a 08 Rogue we purchased new in 08, has 240,000 miles on it, and has been, regretably "dogged" in its use. We haven't had an ounce of issue out of it besides the rapid deceleration engine "flutter" when we make a suddent stop. We're getting 100,000 miles on the tires, have good wear on the brakes, had to replace a belt which was horrid to get it but we managed it. However, my little skateboard has decided to misbehave lately. We thought it might be in the wheel bearings but they weren't loose since the road noise picked up on the driver's side. However it started vibrating on some turns, and indescrimately on starts. Now we think it may be the CVT having issues. We were just looking at purchasing the '14 since we've had such good luck with this one but now I'm worried that I'm only beginning to have issues with my little skateboard and might be asking for nightmares with a new model.

    We called Nissan about obtaining a factory reman CVT for it, but the person answering was less than helpful, and dealers are closed mouth about them. They refuse to tell you about parts and just want to "look at it". I don't really want some minimum wage paid dealer tech crawling through my car looking for things to fix, I just want a "real" answer. I get the impression dealer service centers are "slimy b***tards"

    So if you are able to force a recall I am all for it.

    *Presently happy and terrified* 08 Owner
  • Wow, I didn't think anybody had more miles on an '08 Rogue than we did. We were wrong ;) We only have 175,500 and last night it stopped moving on the way home. It's not the engine, it runs fine, but it's like the clutch is gone on an old manual transmission. It won't go into any gear, no 'clunk' when you go from park to reverse or drive. After reading all these posts about the "vibration" problems people have had, we never had that until just before it went out of gear and stopped rolling. :p We have dearly loved this Rogue and taken meticulous mechanical care of it. We had planned to trade it in on a newer used Rogue. Good luck to us all! *sigh*

    I am sure most people have seen, but if not this is the document that acknowledges the transmission failure.
  • I live in Alaska and I have an '08 Rogue with 108K miles. It stopped moving on my wife on Monday. The dealership called today and said that it was the transmission and that it was covered under a recall. He stated that it had to have less than 120k miles to be covered. I had never received anything about a recall, but glad it went out on me when it did. I don't think they are advertising it because of the cost to replace them all, and they are hoping you will reach the 120k miles before it breaks. We just got lucky. This has been the worst car, I have ever owned. I have had to have the steering column replaced twice, the hubs and bearings in the front went out at 90K miles. Good luck to everyone, I hope you get some satisfaction.
  • Could you get your dealer to give you some info that is guiding them on recall?
    Nov 14, 2013 (5:28 am)

    ----- WELL, I TOOK MINE IN -------

    and the answer they gave me was your CVT is experiencing TORQUE CONVERTER LOCKUP

    since the CVT has no gears,
    it will sometimes VIBRATE in between what is supposed to be 1st and 2nd gear (1-1.5 RPMs)

    nothing we can do !!! they said.

    WTF, before i had the CVT replaced it wasn't vibrating at all!! now with the replacement CVT, you cant even drive it 0-40, it shakes like an '82 DATSUN !!!

    they said some CVT replacements are well built and wont vibrate, but some will and if the car runs fine, we can't get you another CVT under warranty !!!

    seriously???? everyone who has driven my car said this is totally unacceptable....

    NISSAN SUCKS SO BAD. basically its a manufacturers defect, in order to make the car more fuel efficient, they went with the CVT transmission instead of a standard one with gears. they didn't anticipate this vibration in 1/2 of the Rogues to be so bad.

    so the really bad CVTs are in the 2008, 2009 and 2010 Rogues
    newer "3-Step" CVTs are in the 2011, 2012 and 2013 and are a little more quiet.

    even the service manager at the different dealership i went to told me she traded in her 2012 Rogue already because she couldn't stand the vibrations!!!


    is there anything i can do to help lessen "Torque Converter Lockup"??? or should i force them into giving me a 2nd CVT??? that doesn't vibrate??? they said they can't cause the CVT is performing what its supposed to and not to worry about the vibrations, that i would get used to it !!
  • I am an insurance agent and drive A LOT!! I have had 5 Subaru's and have NEVER had any major repair costs. In Oct. 2012 my transmission blew and I found out that there was a recall (Nissan never notified me that there was a recall). If I would have known there was a recall, I would have taken my car in for service. By the time the transmission (CVT) BLEW UP I was 5,000 miles over the warranty extension and had to pay $3,800.00 for a new transmission. Nissan would not stand by their product (even though they know it is a hunk of junk)!!!! Two days ago my rear end blew up and now Nissan wants another $2,600.00 to replace it. WOW!! $6,600.00 in one year into a 2008 Nissan. I hired an attorney today. I have never felt so taken advantage of and will tell EVERYBODY I KNOW what a hunk of junk Nissans are and to NEVER buy one. VERY DISGRUNTLED ONE TIME NISSAN OWNER.
  • I have never owned anything but a Nissan (I have had 2 Altima's, a Murano, a Pathfinder and now a Rouge). I can honestly say that after the issue I have had with my 2009 Rogue and it's faulty transmission I WILL NEVER PURCHASE A NISSAN AGAIN and encourage others to do the same. My pedal just stopped accelerating the other day when I was 100 feet from getting on the highway in Boston. Thankfully I was (barely) able to get my car off to the side before I entered the highway or I may not be alive to type this. After over an hour stranded on the side of the road AAA came and towed my car to a nearby mechanics. After $130 diagnostic fee the mechanic concluded my transmission needed replacing. I AM lucky in the fact that this mechanic took pity on a broke graduate student and researched this a bit. He informed me that my new transmission would be covered under the extended warranty Nissan had extend due to the fact that THEY MANUFACTURED FAULTY TRANSMISSIONS. Nice to know. I then had to arrange my car to be towed to a Nissan dealership to be fixed. The locations around me had 2-3 week waits on average. I finally found a Nissan location relatively close that said they could do it (it just arrived there today, I'm sure they'll try to come up with a reason as to why it shouldn't be covered). This has taken HOURS of my time & energy in the last 5 days not to mention the HUNDREDS of dollars spent on towing (AAA only covered within a 3 mile radius), rental car fees, diagnostic work at the FIRST mechanic and additional parking permits I have to obtain and purchase so that my rental isn't ticketed in my permit-parking only neighborhood. I'm unsure as to WHY Nissan never felt compelled to recall these faulty transmissions. I was feet away from a disaster and now hundreds of dollars in the hole because of THEIR mistakes. NEVER AGAIN.
  • OMG - THIS STORY IS EXACTLY LIKE MINE! My 2009 Rouge stopped accelerating right when I was getting off an exit almost 2 weeks ago- I only have 73K miles. It stopped and like you there were cars getting off the exit too and had they hit me at the rate of speed they were going- I would probably not be here either. I had it towed and stored because it was a weekend to the tune of almost 400.00 and then had it towed again to a mechanic who then called Nissan and found out about the extended warranty that was never told to us! Thankfully my transmission was replaced quickly and for free BUT 400 is gone due to their negligence in letting folks know of the issues. I am submitting my bills to Nissan to have them paid, because of their faulty product!
  • rgehringrgehring Posts: 1
    edited December 2013
    I currently have a 2008 Nissan Rogue which I love. However, when I purchased my car from a Portland Oregon dealership I paid for all the extras. I got additional warranty good through 108K miles as well as tag insurance and every other option a "good" car owner does. Turns out its standard for the CVT transmission fluid to be flushed after 60K miles. I bought the car with 80K miles and was TOLD that they changed the fluid. Turns out they did not... I then have reached 120497 miles on my car. As all of us very cranky Nissan owners who have had issues with the CVT transmission know that there "recall" warranty is only good too 120K. So, I did every step I was supposed to to see if Nissan would still cover my car since I was over the miles by not even 500 miles. I took it to the dealership to have them diagnose it. I spent over $220 on a diagnoses that informed us that we have a leaky seal and caused a loss of transmission fluid. So all we need to do is put new fluid in it, a new seal and we should be JUST FINE TO DRIVE HOME!! Mind you, our drive home is over 100 miles away from the nearest Nissan dealership. We drive to the dealership since they informed us NOTHING WAS WRONG WITH THE CVT and is FINE to take home and we ended up driving 70 miles home and the car stops!!! We called this fabulous dealership and we were informed that we are pretty much S.O.L. Due to the fact that the seal is not a defect but a maintenance issue we will not qualify for a new transmission courtesy of Nissan. I now have to pay for towing on my car AGAIN to have them put in a new seal because they are certain its not the transmission. So what, I now have to pay $500.00 for a part that clearly is NOT the issue and will then again have my car go to hell in a month or so which will bring us right back to where we are now.... WITHOUT A TRANSMISSION!!! I will NEVER buy another Nissan again or will I recommend anyone to purchase one. I'm so disgusted with the company, the customer service and their service department. There is no working with them at all. Please just do a mass recall on ALL CVT transmissions so that we can finally feel as if Nissan is working for their customers not to just screw them over and suck more money out!!!! Damn you Nissan!
  • azores912azores912 Posts: 4
    edited December 2013
    Very sad to say.. I loved my 2008 Nissan Rogue. I guess it's time to join this crowd in these posts and say that I am completely disgusted.

    I was driving to work this morning and had it on cruise control. All the sudden the cruise control light that says "set" started flickering,my CVT made a "fluttering" noise, the check engine light comes on and then the car would not accelerate by pressing on the gas as if it almost forgot how to shift. At first, I thought I had put it into Neutral by mistake but nope it definitely was in drive. All the car would do is just rev up it's RPM's if you stepped on the gas and would go nowhere.

    The worst part of this all is that I was in the middle lane on a busy highway at rush hour. Almost got struck by 18 wheelers and several other cars as I could not get my car over to the break down lane. Luckily one of those road side assistance vans pulled in front of me and the man pushed my car a little bit to the break down area. The car still would not move that much. A state trooper had to use his push bar to get it to move. The car runs meaning lights are on fully functional, heat, etc...

    It only has 98k miles on it... And I am well aware of the CVT recall.. As I myself did NOT get a letter either in the mail like some of you. I did bring it to Nissan about 2 months ago and they said that there was nothing wrong with the CVT when I brought it in for the recall.. Hmmm.... lovely.. Now Nissan puts drivers at danger.. AND this is not a law suit.. why???

    I could've gotten killed today on the highway!! $258 later for a tow to the dealer.. 2.5hrs later of the dealership having my car in their possession and still NO phone call to tell me what is going on with it. They also are charging me a $99.95 diagnostic fee for this. Service did advise me that they will reimburse the tow and put me in a loaner car if it indeed is the CVT that needs replacement or if I choose to have the repairs done there...

    Well from reading everyone elses posts here... Looks like mine is doing the same thing. Thankfully I do have an attorney that I can call and see if I can get some help if this turns sour.

    I would NOT recommend a Nissan vehicle to anyone. It will definitely get you hurt or possibly killed. They are not safe. I do not care what improvements they have made in their CVT for the new years of 2013 and 2014, I would still not buy one if my life depended on it.

    As soon as this vehicle is fixed, buh bye it will go. I'm trading this in or better yet just default on my payments and let them repossess this bad boy. I'll just leave it at Nissan. It's too bad as I loved it and never really had many issues only with the CVT and obviously the dealership just doesn't want to take care of it

    I will fight this to the end but no human should be put in danger all because of Nissan not owning up to their workmanship.

    Merry Christmas to me!
  • Just wanted to give an update on the dealership and the CVT.. They have finally called me after several hours. They have found a numerous amounts of metal shavings inside the tray to the CVT. The belt was still in tact but the transmission is junk. It will be a few days before the Rogue is back to me which I am fine with. They are going to give me a loaner car plus reimburse my tow.

    This will give me the opportunity to shop around for another SUV.

    The point here is that the vehicle was taken in for the recall originally two months ago... and they couldn't diagnose this then?? Obviously these metal shavings have accumulated badly over time. It doesn't make sense why it couldn't have been prevented on the first original recall visit. My life was put in danger this morning and I definitely had an angel protecting. NO MORE NISSANS for me. I hope they have a class action law suit filed against them for endangering peoples lives for their faulty vehicles.
  • They will not replace the transmission without a failure or a noise complaint. You are fortunate that the check engine light accompanied the failure. If you review my posts, before I got rid of my 08 rogue, you will see that they will not replace the transmission without proof of failure. Just remember, you are getting a refurbished transmission, one that had been replaced previously. The best advice I can give you is to get the vehicle back after the replacement, and then immediately sell it or trade it in. The next failure may not be a hard failure and then you are stuck with it. These transmissions have inherent problems with temperature and fluid levels. All it takes is the 10 dollar an hour lube tech to overfill the transmission and you will have problems. I lost $6000 on my rogue, but I won't stop posting on this thread until Nissan pulls their collective head out of their posterior and admits they have a problem that is a safety concern. I am relieved that this situation has not caused losses of life that I know of, but it's bound to happen.
  • Definitely almost cost my life this morning no lie! The car was brought in previously for the noise complaint and they claimed nothing was wrong with it. It did the "fluttering noise", "sputtered" and revved high.

    I wish this would appear on the news so it would make other Nissan owners aware of the car they have or want to buy.

    I'm already setup to test drive 2 SUV's. Honda CRV or a Mazda C5. Need to do more research as I only have 1 life left to live after today.
  • I was driving at 75 mph on the highway and all of a sudden the car loss speed and the engine turn off. Luckily no cars were around me and pull over. I started it right away and was pressing the pedal to the floor and the car wasn't going. After a few tries it gave me enough speed to exit the highway and get home. Also, when I try to go over 60mph the car would idle and when I was going uphill it will do the same. Also the transmission is making a clicking noise when I shift on and accelerate. I was with my family and I'm not driving that car on the highway until they tell me was wrong with it. I'm taking it to the dealer tomorrow morning.
  • Proud owner of a new 2014 Hyundai Tuscon now. NO MORE NISSAN NO MORE ROGUE! I will definitely continue to spread the word on these bad CVT transmissions. Not worth risking your life for a poor product.

    By the way.. VERY useful tip for others who may encounter this down the line with a warranty replacement... Nissan Consumer Affairs DOES NOT reimburse your towing, the DEALERSHIP does!!! Make sure you have a copy of your towing bill when you are getting your CVT Warranty replacement so you get your money back right away.

    It's been a week and I'm still missing my towing reimbursement all because Consumer Affairs and the Dealership are taking me for a ride. Luckily I have Consumer Affairs contacting the Service Manager at Nissan to discuss this and hopefully I'll get my money back before Christmas. Just wanted to share so someone else doesn't have to go thru the headache.

    I traded my Nissan Rogue yesterday and since the CVT replacement, the car does vibrate like crazy like others have previously mentioned. The other issue is that the alignment was WAY off in the rear after the replacement. Make sure you DO NOT leave the dealership until you check your alignment on your car. Save yourself another so you don't have to go back. The car still guzzled gas, RPM's still worked bad, and the car was still a junk box.

    It's nice to have a regular transmission with my new SUV.

    Good luck everyone and spread the word people! Keep updating!
  • I wish I had ran across this discussion 3 days ago. Was totally satisfied and happily rolling along in my 2009 Rouge SL AWD. I do a lot of driving and have 140,000 almost all freeway, miles on it. Religiously kept up maintenance requirements and always at my hometown Nissan dealer. About 6 months ago, I began noticing a whining noise coming from the front end. As it got louder, I took it two different Nissan dealerships to have it checked out. They both said it was tire noise and nothing to worry about. They may have been right.... but we'll never know for sure. Driving to work the other morning, I accelerated slightly while turning to go up a small, gentle slope hill on dirt road covered with hard snow pack. The car suddenly just stopped moving forward and started coasting backwards down the slight incline even though I was revving the engine and the gear shift was in drive. I was able to coast backward to the bottom of the incline and eventually stop in a flat area. Fortunately, this is a sparsely populated area and there was no traffic to worry about. While waiting for a tow truck, a large SUV came around the bend behind me and while swerving to miss me, lost control and slid sideways over the embankment, coming to rest within 3 feet of my Rogue. We were able to get them back on the road. After a $200 tow to the dealership, I was informed that it was likely transmission failure but they would get back to me. For two days, I heard nothing from the service department but I did receive several calls from the sales department because they "want to help me out" and kept telling me about Nissan now has a lifetime warranty on drive trains. Whoppie Do! Lot of good that does us now. Finally got word this morning from the mechanic that the diagnostics show complete CVT failure and it will need to be replaced at a est cost of $4300 for parts and labor. I have a call in to Nissan Consumer Affairs to see if they will help at all with the repair or replacement costs even though the car is over the 120,000 warranty limit. Based on this experience and all the posts in this forum, I will not ever purchase a Nissan again.
  • I bought a 2013 in May. I had noticed the SUV struggling some like the transmission was slipping. I carried it inot the dealership, they kept it over night and called me the next day saying there was nothing wrong with it. I picked the vehicle up after work, needless to say I was on mmy way to work the next morning went to mash the gas and nothing the vehicle would not move. They have had my vehicle for 3 weeks now and just called to state the Power train control/CVT was bad. I have contacted Nissan Corp and was promised a call by this past Tuesday. Needless to say ya'll have recieved a call more than I have. I will not be buying another Nissan and I will be calling the BBB and contacting my attorney.

  • @jc2010 said:
    I am reading that many consumers are having issues with brand new nissans and their CVT's...inlcuding mine. Just bought a new rogue in April. Drove it from NY to Maine with 1700 miles on it and trouble began. The service engine light came on and we had trouble accelerating...both in drive and in reverse. I believe this is a safety issue and should be brought to a higher level. I heard from multiple dealers that they are starting to see this issue as well, but Nissan doesn't seem to know how to correct it. I am giving them time to correct the issue with my rogue, but if they do not correct it and do not reimburse me for an extra night of accommodations due to us getting stuck in MA on the way home and a rent a car which I am avoiding for right now due to cost, I will be writing to my congressman and to the senate to make them aware of the safety issue this is causing all of us. We lost acceleration power while coming out of a toll on Rt. 95 and when trying to get back onto the highway after filling the rogue with gas, the acceleration was so horrible that I didn't chance getting onto that highway with oncoming traffic...I believe on Rt. 1 in MA. If I was an inexperienced driver or just thought that the rogue would've made it onto that highway, there would've been a major accident causing bodily injury or death to myself and my husband and to all others involved. This is a huge safety concern and I feel we need to ban together to get this taken care of quickly!!! The CVT's, I was told from one of the dealers are on International back order...that in itself tells us something and also, the fact that the warranty for the CVT has been extended from 5 years/60K miles to 10 years/120K miles....that says something else. This is a huge issue causing many of us an inconvenience but also putting us in danger. I've already contacted Nissan NA and Nissan consumer affairs. If I don't hear anything from them soon or if I don't like what I am hearing, I will be escalating it from here. Consumers...let's stick together!!!!

    sounds like the stepper motor in the cvt transmission is causing the incident....a new valvebody for the cvt may solve ur issue.

  • I too like many on this post have fallen victim to the CVT failure. My situation started about September of 2013 when I started hearing a whinning sound coming from the front end. Initially I thought that it was coming from the tires as well. I took it into the Power Nissan In Tempe AZ and I was told that all it need was to adjust the fluid level in the transmission and everything would be ok. At that point I had 90K miles on the car. 4 months later, I started hearing a strange noise when I would begin to accelerate and would go away at about 40 miles per hour. I took it to the dealer yesterday 02/13/2014 and they said it was a CVT failure and received a nice quote of over $4,000 to replace. Nissan service center went as far as to tell me that I could drive it away and I should be okay for a while. Today, 02/14/2014 one day later, I was driving to work at about 70 miles per hour on the highway and heard a pop and RPMs on the car wen to about 4000 and felt like the car was in neutral. Luckily I was able to coast to get off the highway. I called the towing company and was towed back to my house and now have a Rouge as a lawn ornament. I do have a claim into Nissan NA and will update the blog when I hear back from them. By the way, my car has 125k miles at this point.

    If anyone has any tips or has successfully gotten Nissan to cover the CVT replacement after warranty of 120K has expired I would be glad to hear from you.

  • I bought a new 2012 Nissan Rogue and just this week started to have issues with only 27k miles. I was getting onto the highway and pushed the accelerator down and nothing happened for 5 seconds. Finally, it started to pick up speed. This then happened again and I brought it to the dealer and explained what happened. He checked the computer and said he didn't see any issues. He then said the same issue needs to be re-duplicated before they can do anything. I told him with twin girls, I don't want to have this reduplicated going onto a highway and then have an issue with a truck behind me..... He said to bring it in tomorrow and they would see if they could figure it out. This is kind of scary. I think a recall is in order. How can we make this happen?

  • steverstever Posts: 52,683

    Recalls sometimes start from the manufacturer but often are forced by the government. They keep track of complaints, especially issues that are safety related - here's where you can file your complaint:

  • bpeeblesbpeebles Posts: 4,085

    @concerns said:
    He checked the computer and said he didn't see any issues. He then said the same issue needs to be re-duplicated before they can do anything.

    It is a sad day indeed when the "technicians" rely so heavily on the computer that they use it as an excuse for good old-fashioned mechanical troubleshooting and problem-isolation.

  • I purchased a Rogue 2013 modle in Calgary this January,I only know my car with CVT after i finishing the purchasing,so i search the web and found many complain about the CVT,now i am very nervouse because this car is my first brand new car in my life and i with my wife saved to buy this car for many years,i planed to use this car at least 10 years or more.
    I do think Nissan will lost their reputation in the future if the CVT have huge problems,they put huge money on the advertisement,but why they not put the money to improve the transmission?

  • I have a 2013 Rogue I purchased last year it has 7900 miles and I am also having problems with the CVT. I live in MI and I took my car to the dealer to find out why my car is driving like a 20 year old car and was told it is the CVT it is a known issue with the Rogue because Nissan changed the CVT bands and in the cold it gets hard and the vibration is worse. I was told to bring my car back in the spring when it warms up, I live in MI it is cold 6 months out of the year. Nissan customer service basically told me the vibration and poor acceleration gives me better gas mileage so deal with it. I have been a Nissan customer for over 20 years and bought this car as my retirement car and to think I am stuck with the vibration really makes me mad. I am very disappointed in the Nissan Rogue, and I would not recommend the Nissan Rogue. RECALL the Rogue.

  • cvtsuckscvtsucks Posts: 2
    I also have had my CVT transmission replaced less than one year old now and the second one has went out the first one went out at 102000 miles. The second one at 134,000 miles. Dealership says it is out of warranty waiting to see what they will do.
  • cvtsuckscvtsucks Posts: 2
    file your complaint with
  • johnc445johnc445 Posts: 1

    Okay, we know that the Rogue, Murano and Altima are all having the same problem with their CVT transmissions and Nissan is not standing behind their cars. From what I read this has been going on since 2008 and they continue to sell them with the same problem, that’s the real crime here (not to make light of the problems that the 2008 through the 2013 are having but they’re still doing it and don’t care). You say to “fight for the recall” well how do we go about that? In my opinion we organize all Nissan customers who have the CVT transmission in their vehicle and we stage a protest in front of Nissan dealerships which will draw all national attention in the media which in turn very well could hurt Nissan in their pocketbook. That’s the only way they’re going to step up and pay attention to what we’re saying. I’m not a computer whiz and I don’t know how to set up a webpage where everybody could come to where we could have a discussion and get things started. I’m willing to step up and help lead if others are willing to do the technical part. By the way I have a 2013 Rogue with 22,000 miles on it and I’m starting to notice problems when accelerating. I’m sure there’s a lot of people having the same problem and they think they’re alone who would be willing to join us to pressure Nissan in doing the right thing.

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