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    I have an '01 SE 5 spd. with 2000 miles. The last two gas fill ups I've averaged 20 MPG with a 50/50 mix of highway (mountain passes) and city driving. I use 85 rated gas ($1.40) all over 6000 feet. I guess that's pretty good.
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    Where did you buy you K&N from? I'm in the same boat as pathenvy with premium running $2.00 a gallon, I could use any help that I can get.

    Don aka Loboy --- I averaged about 20 mpg on the trip back to California. Unfortunately, now that I'm a 50/50 mix I'm getting about 17. Of course it's a bit confusing because I always forget to convert the km to miles!
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    Jerry, good to hear from you again. I thought you were enjoying your PF so much we wouldn't hear from you again. ;-)

    About the K&N filter, check out their web site: and do a dealer search. I just tried it for my zip and several dealers came up close to me. I may consider changing the stock filter with one after my next oil change.
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    bgritz, 10-15 hp from the filtercharger alone? are you quite sure about that? I was under the impression that there was a modest 2-3 hp gain along with better fuel economy and throttle response. the K&N filter kits (complete intake replacement) could give you those kind of numbers however.

    i think the rule of thumb is that there is a 25% loss of power through the drivetrain. there is a dyno printout of an Xterra on the web somewhere that followed this rule pretty closely.
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    Hey Don,

    It seems like that I fell off the face of the earth, but I'm still here. I've been buried at work--- you got to love those end of the year pushes to boost the final revenue numbers. Oh well, the holidays are close by and I will look forward to taking the PF to Santa Barbara for the holidays. The weather predictions call for 70-72, so I will really get to enjoy the sunroof!

    Hope the holidays are great for you --- Jerry
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    I'm Canuck too, although I live in Orlando,FL year-round. I moved here about 3 years ago from Toronto, Ontario. I do love Canada but I can't afford the taxes that all hardworking Canucks pay so, I looked for job where it's warm and moved down. I can't say that I miss the Canadian winters.
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    Hello everyone, I'm (another Canadian) curious to know more about the auto 4WD system. The dealer in Montreal said that its the same one as in the QX4. I thought it was just an open center differential. Does anybody know about the specifics of the system? I'm looking into buying a new SUV and from having read the hundreds of posts here at Edmunds, its down to the 4Runner and the Pathfinder. The latter seems more appealing given the greaat new drivetrain. Reliability is about the same for both.

    Thank you for any info.
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    I picked up the filter at a local Pep Boys. The parts counter said they couldn't get them for the new engine, so I went over, checked the boxes, and there it was.
    Pathfinder V6/3.5L K&N Air Filter 33-2031-2
    It was $44.95.

    Brian60-Yup, sorry I misread it and was mistaken. Here is what it says:
    "The amount of performance gain varies from vehicle to vehicle. A small displacement four cylinder engine may only realize a two or three horsepower gain while it isn't uncommon for a 350 cubic inch V-8 to gain 10 horsepower or more."
    So maybe 5?

    FYI-Premium gas here in Denver is running from $1.52-$1.78/gallon depending on what part of town you're in.
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    I've been traveled quite often. Gas price for premium on most parts in Southeast is below $1.50. The premium gas price at Costco wholesale and am's club in Morrow, Georgia is $1.34.

    I know some of you have replaced the fog light and worry about making scratches on the black rubber parts. I am wondering have any of you try to get the black pieces out by pushing the back parts of the black pieces out if your hands are small enough to go around the bumper's holes.
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    The K&N filter is the same as the previous year. I got mine at 4Wheel Parts Wholesalers in Edmonton. With the engine being larger, I suspect it will make a fair difference. I haven't used WOT yet so it's hard to tell. It does seem to have better throttle response. I've got 9500 km on mine now, so it's getting freed up pretty well. It's hard to check the mileage because the fuel nossle shuts off at 65 litres (tank holds 80). I always keep a record of fuel and mileage when I fuel it up. The filter's effect may show up in a month or so (added it in November). This spring I plan to do some fuel vapour line work so I can actually fill the tank.
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    Well, excpet you crikey...think they probably converted you by now down there! Well, since everyone's talking about K&N Filters, does anyone know how much they cost up in Canada? And PHIL47, have you had any luck finding accessories anywhere, whether online or at dealer's?
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    Hi I am looking to trade my 99 LE. This has been a great vehicle and we hate to get rid of it, but, ur family has grown and I need a minivan. I have checked edmunds, Kbb and NADA for trade values (ranges from $21500 to $23300). The Pathy is as follows

    LE 4x4
    Heated Seats
    Tow Bar
    Power Sunroof Bose Stereo with CD and Power antenna
    Overhead compass/outside temp display
    auto climate control
    dual power seats
    It is white with grey leather
    26K miles
    Sticker in 1999 was just over $34k I paid $28,600

    The dealer initially offered $18500 for trade and went up tp $19,500 now they wont budge. They say this is a heck of a deal and the trade offer is very generous.

    Any advice or input would be greatly appreciated. I dont know if I ab being taken for a ride. Are KBB, Edmunds, and NADA values over inflated??

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    Just installed the microfilter. No sweat. Took about an 1/2 hour. Just make sure you have a sharp utility knife and yes, you do remove the middle piece. I wasn't sure at first and comtemplated for about 10 minutes. Hope it is worth the investment. Question: Anyone know where I can get the carbon-activated filters?

    own3nissans: Have fun on your trip!
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    We're getting some cold weather in Atlanta (which I love, BTW!) and I've noticed that for the first 15-20 minutes, when I turn the steering wheel, I hear and feel a distinct "POP". Of course, this is the same Pathy that shifts poorly, the steering alignment's been off since purchase a year ago, it has the shimmy and the other morning, I found something leaking out of the engine, so I obviously have a bad one :( but I was wondering if anyone else is having this happen. Just started with the temps under 30. It goes in next week for a long period of time to see if they can fix everything else while I'm still under 12K/12 mos.
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    You must be up north where all that white stuff falls out of the sky. Down here in sunny, but chilly, St. George, Premium is about $1.75 at most stations. I saw it at Costco yesterday for $1.62.
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    Hey guys, I was reading around (like I always do), and I read that the K&N filter doesn't stop enough of the dirt from getting through! That means that you have dirt going into your engine -- not good. What I have heard is that a company called AMSOIL makes a much better performance air filter. I have even seen DYNO tests where the K&N filter REDUCED horsepower! Here, you can check this guys site out:
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    Hey guys, I will be purchasing a new SUV for myself in the next few months, and I'm not sure what I want. I think I'm about 90% sure that I want the LE Pathfinder. My other choices have been the XTerra, and the 4Runner SR5. I'll probably do some light offroading about 3-4 times per year. The main reason I want an SUV is for 4WD. My Nissan 300ZX is a deathtrap on ice and snow... (but is rather fun in empty parking lots!!). Also, I'm wanting something that is luxurious.

    So, if anyone has any opinions for me, please send them my way.

    Thanks a bunch,
    [email protected]
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    I paid around $70 for the K&N in Edmonton. As far as the effectiveness of it, I had one on my 90 4Runner for 10 years with no problems (no dirt seen in intake system and no engine problems). It did/does flow better than stock on both the 90 4Runner and my 2001 LE. This critisism has be going on and off for a number of years now. Expect that site to be terminated (I've seen several evaluation sites terminated by companies threatening legal action over the last year or two - in fact, there is a legal firm specializing in searching the web for such things).
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    I've had to retype this message 4 times because this new software is no good. So, this is the short, short, short version.

    I've probably read the same article you refer to. The guy said the K&N destroyed his vehicle in 80,000 miles. I have a '93 Altima with over 120,000 miles. At least 75,000 of those miles have been with a K&N filter in the airbox and that car still runs better than my '98 Accord with 23,000 miles (funny, my '99.5 Pathy has 23,000 miles, too!).
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    I also do some mild to moderate off-roading 4 to 5 times a year. I have a '99.5 4x4 that I've off-roaded in the rocky Northern Minnesota lakes, the red clay and pine trees of East Texas, and the desert and rock of Big Bend National Park in West Texas. Even with the open read diff, I haven't had any problems. I'd recommend the LSD if you can get it, though. All three of the vehicles you mentioned (Pathy, 4Runner, and Xterra) are capable off-road vehicles, but the Pathy is going to be the most comfortable on-road. That's what I'd go for. I'd buy the Pathy again.
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    I have the same problem too. It does not happens very often. I can hear the popping when I make right turns. Hope this will not lead to a big problem. I did not hear it when it is warm.
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    What is the octane rating for Premium in Denver? I am wondering since you probably don't need it since Denver is a mile up.

  • nismofreaknismofreak Member Posts: 120
    I doubt that the filtration function of the K&N filter is detrimental to an engine. It is better than a paper dry filter. Many people have been using K&N filters with great success. If the filter did indeed destroy his engine (and that can be determine through oil sampling), he should have gotten money from K&N. They have a "million mile warranty" on their products that also include the engine of the car it is on.

    I have never tried the Amsoil but it is similar to the HKS foam filter (in description) and I have heard very bad things about those (foam being injested into the engine)!


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    This message software stinks. I hate having to retype every time it loses my message. As for your decision, I narrowed my choices to these three also. I decided the XTerra was more within my budget but it was *way* too cheap-looking. The dash setup and the upholstery did not appeal to me. The SR5 is too expensive for the 185hp and plain interior and exterior. It's as reliable as the Pathfinder but didn't have the extras (power seats, performance stereo, etc, etc) that the pathfinder has ... plus ... can you say 250hp?! I'm very happy with my Pathy LE. Mine, purchased in Canada, cost me 3K more than what I would have paid for an XTerra here in the San Francisco area. You *definitely* can't beat that.
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    There was a thread a few months ago in this forum that documented increased dirt flow (via engine oil analysis) through K&N filters (vs stock filters) resulting in reduced engine life.
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    I have had my 2001 PA DE for 3 months now, and I really enjoy the car. The only thing I noticed was that it does ride a bit rough at highway speeds. I have tried lowering the air pressure in the tires down to 30psi, but it did not improve the ride. I realize that this car is a truck, but I have ridden in other trucks that seem to absorb bumps a little bit better. Has anyone else had a similar experience? Any helpful comments would be appreciated. Thanks.
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    Sorry, the spell checker changed the model incorrectly. It should be 2001 PF SE
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    With a slight sigh of relief I would like to report that I recieved my GST refund. I bought a Canadian 01 LE in October.
    It was 9 weeks ago that I sent in my refund forms.
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    I just installed an amsoil filter in my 2001 LEPF. The air filter performance test-SAEJ726C
    rated the K&N filter the worst in filter life and the worst in dirt removal even compared to
    a low quality paper filter. I have amsoil filters in my other 2 Nissns and have had no trouble.
    You might he to replace them in 10 or 15 years. Should use amsoil filter oil,use very little
    some may weep on the filter housing. Amsoil filters are the best.
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    Yep - only when turning the wheels right and only in the cold. I'll let you know if I find anything out from the dealer next week.
  • meca2meca2 Member Posts: 284
    What brand tires are there on your PF? Some tires ride better than others.
    Mine has Dunlop. I run 36 psi in the front and 32 in the rear. The shocks
    could be alittle stiff to control the sway. The ride seems fine.
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    Glad to hear you got the Canadian ST refund. I also had waited nine weeks. For those of you going to Canada to save the money on buying - you will get your tax back, it just takes a while.

    Have a great holiday everyone.

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    I don't love this new software. In the above post the spellchecker changed GST to ST. And my name is Jon, not "on". Oh well....

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    I have a 97 PF SE and I can't find where this whistling wind noise. I pushed the stock rack back, but it still occurs. All my windows and doors are sealed fine. Can it be the bug deflector? Any suggestions? Also, my gas pedal keeps getting stuck. I lubed the throttle cables and the pedal springs, but no luck. Again, any suggestions? Thanks!--B
  • loboyloboy Member Posts: 75
    Steve, was the refund in Canadian funds or did they already converted? Still waiting for mine.

    babble: no whistling wind noise on my 01 LE but I do notice excessive road noise through the rear wheel well on the freeway. More pronounced on the passenger side and especially when raining. Anyone else have a similar situation?
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    I had an 82 Volvo that did something like that when it was almost brand new. It turned out to be a defective front strut. I am not sure about your statement that it happens "when cold" though, as a defective strut would probably do the same thing regardless of temp. (Forgive me here, but in Georgia, you don't know what cold is!!)
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    Oh, I know - we have it pretty easy :) Right when we think we're cold because it's 10 degrees, we watch the news and see -30 somewhere in North Dakcota! Our problem is that we're not prepared - we have very few plows or salt/dirt trucks and of course, no one has a clue on how to drive in it. And our utilities aren't underground so we get pipes that burst and with all the pine trees getting weighted down, they fall and snap the electrical lines. We just ain't prepared down in Jaw-ja ;) I still haven't used my 4WD on anything except the sand at the beach, lol!
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    had the same "whistling" noise w/ my 97 pf. had to have the roof-rack gasket/seal replaced (by dealer). mine was under warranty at the time, so didn't have any charge. think it was a common problem. hope this helps.
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    All this talk about poorer filtration with K&N filters has got me a little worried since I just installed one on my PF recently and intend on driving it into the ground. From the research I've done so far, I have not reached a conclusion either way, but I have found some more fuel for the fire:
    (the second part of the message is of particular interest). This seems more credible than Amsoil's test (SAEJ726C), which is the only widely cited evidence for the supposedly ineffective filtration abilities of K&Ns. The evidence for the contrary can be found on K&N's website ( and in various anecdotal testimonies from automotive enthusiastts.

    One of the main contentions of the anti-K&N crowd seems to be that the K&N allows greater air flow due to larger pores in the filter and thereby allows larger particles to pass by unfiltered, ultimately causing increased engine wear. While this may be true, from a fluid mechanics point of view, it would also be possible to increase air flow by changing the geometry, material, placement, etc. of the filter itself - which is what K&N claims to have done.

    Questions to be answered:
    1. What are the specifics of SAE J726C? (does anyone have a copy?)
    2. Are Amsoil's results verifiable and conclusive?
    3. If K&Ns do in fact offer less filtration capability than competitors - is there a noticeable increase in engine wear?
    4. If K&Ns kill engines prematurely, how is it that they continue to run a successful business and command legions of supporters within the ranks of automotive enthusiasts?

    Happy holidays.

    P.S. Copy your message (highlight text, hit CTRL-C) before you post if you have a feeling the new software is gonna eat it.
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    When my PF was new I also noticed the rear wheel well wind noise. Someone earlier this year posted about an after market sound dampening product. I believe it was a mat that you cut to fit and install under the factory carpet. I don't believe he ever did install it. There has also been mention of after market exterior underbody sealants to spray in the wheel well. I have all but gotten used to the sound. I do agree that road noise especially when wet out is a little high from the rear wheel areas. Maybe mine is less noticeable due to all of the stuff I carry back there for the two kids. Nearing 10k miles and not a single mechanical prob. Yet. I think I could get used to this, especially after owning 3 explodes in a row. Man it sure is nice!
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    Recommended tire pressure can be found at the door jamb. I believe it is 26-28 psi. Hope that improves the ride.
  • meca2meca2 Member Posts: 284
    I found a web sight on the SAE J726C
    I can't say how accurate it is. Steve
  • sanandtonsanandton Member Posts: 342
    Nissan does rec 26 PSI on the tires. I have the Bridgestone Duelers. BTW as another reminder to you guys with Bridgestones, Your local Firestone/Bridgestone dealer should rotated them for free for the life of the tire.
    Anyway, When I took my PF over to have the tires rotated, the local tire guy stated "firestone strongly recommends 35 psi for these tires". This was in the wake of the Firestone Wilderness recall. The ride was better at 26 psi, but I have decided to stick with 35psi.
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    The K&N filters work just fine. They use an oil that you spray onto the pleates in the filter after you wash it. This helps to collect anything that passes through it. It actually collects dust better than a standard filter, it acts like a magnet. I've had the same filter my Toyota 4X4 for 11 years. No problems at all and the engine is in great shape. They are guaranteed for 1 million miles. Not bad. The cleaning kit is inexpensive a lasts a couple of years. You will notice smoother acceleration.

    -Hope this helps
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    Boy is that spellcheck software sneaky or what? It seems to change things that I wasn't even prompted on. That should say "should rotate" not "should rotated". I'll probably be skipping the spellcheck from now on. Please forgive me if I happen to miss the spelling on a fu wurds frum tym 2 tym.
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    I'll be purchasing my PF here in about 2 weeks out of state (in Maryland). I'm an Illinois resident but I'll be living in Mississippi. I want to register/title the PF in Illinois and I have questions about the tax laws.

    I know the sales tax rate is 6.25%, but I also have seen mention of a USE TAX of $1,500 for vehicles over $30,000 value. I can't seem to find any references for this anywhere on the net (including the Illinois DMV web site), and silly me..I just started doing research on how much sales tax, etc. that I'll be needing to pay after my purchase.

    Does anyone know if I'll have to pay both the sales tax and USE tax in Illinois? I'm hoping that the USE tax doesn't apply and that I am way out to lunch, so can anyone confirm or deny this for me?

    Also: When purchasing out of state, I assume I would not pay any taxes to Maryland and that the dealer should supply me with suffecient paperwork to show the Illinois DMV.

    Can't wait to buy my 01' LE...less than 2 weeks to go now (hopefully!)

    Happy Holidays to everyone!
    Appreciate any and all help!
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    I just got a call from my local Nissan dealer (the dealer owner, who I've bought from before) and he told me that in addtion to the $500 incentive already in place for the PF, there is now an addtional $500 available until the end of the month, for a total of $1000!

    I'm pretty sure that this offer is regional (Northeast, I'm in NY) and unfortunately doesn't show up on Edmund's site. Edmund's site, along with other car rebate info sites, is flawed and never really fully up to date.

    Happy shopping!

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    Have just today bought a new Pathfinder LE (take delivery next week). Paid $41,500 including the protection package of undercoating, rust proofing and paint sealant. Did I get a good deal ?
  • tonychrystonychrys Member Posts: 1,310
    Can't say whether you got a good price because you didn't list what options.

    But I can say that you got taken to the cleaners.... undercoating, rust proofing and paint sealant are the 3 biggest dealer scams today. Almost all car manufacturers' present production techniques eliminate the need for these after-market items.

    The Pathfinder is a quality product that doesn't need these gimmicks. Sorry to hear that you paid for them.

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    Can anyone recommend a good dealership in toronto ?
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